Dealify Review 2023: Does It Really Offer The Best Deals? Dealify Lifetime Deals & Discounts

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Ease Of Use


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Affordable & Lifetime Deals
  • Best for Growth Hackers
  • You can run your own deal. by submitting your products
  • 20% Affiliate Commission
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee 
  • The No. 1 Deals Platform for Growth Hackers🚀 Deals
  • Save up to 95% From lifetime software deals


  • Not have a variety of Deals
  • Few payment methods 

Price:$ 49

In this post, we have shared Dealify Review that will help you learn all about Dealify. So let’s dive in

Do you own a small startup and want to purchase new software at cheap prices?

Is your business under some financial crunch and you are looking for a platform that brings you the best low-cost deals on software and services which you can purchase?

Are you a growth hacker, looking to scale your business and earth higher revenues?

Bottom Line Upfront: Dealify is the deals platform for Growth Hackers which offer amazing deals to their customers. Dealify finds and shares the best Growth Hacking tech-deals via their platform. With our discount offer you can save up to 95% on different tools with Dealify.

(Dealify Lifetime Deals & Discounts Save Upto 95%)

If yes, then here we are here to enlighten you about ‘Dealify’. A really cool and dependable deals platform that curates the best and most cost-efficient deals on various online tools, apps, and software that you can use to effectively grow your business without having to spend too much!

About Dealify Review: In A Nutshell 

Dealify is considered by numerous users and market experts as the leading deals platform designed for small businesses, startups, and growth hackers who are looking forward to pushing their businesses and experiencing growth through cost-efficient strategies. Founded in 2018 by Tom Van Den, Dealify is arguably the best platform that brings you the best exclusive deals, offers, and discounts, on several leading software and apps. The platform is a favorite among marketers, growth hackers, and founders. 

Dealify - Overview

Dealify was created with the objective of helping small businesses and startups avail the best and cheapest deals on various online tools, apps, and software so they can effectively grow their businesses without having to spend too much. Apart from this, Dealify also helps companies with business ideas in providing valuable assistance for achieving faster and sustainable business growth.

Dealify – Quick Details

Here is a quick overview of Dealify consisting of some basic information that you must keep in mind. 

  • Name of Company: Dealify
  • Founder: Tom Van Den Heuvel
  • Year of founding: 2018
  • Supported Payment Methods: MasterCard, VISA, PayPal, American Express, etc.
  • Affiliate Program: Up to 20% Commission (Revenue share model) 
  • Affiliate Payout (Minimum): $50
  • Customer Support Email: [email protected]
  • Website (Official): 

What makes Dealify the best platform for getting great deals?

When you search the internet for platforms or apps that offer you attractive deals and discounts on several products, software, applications, plugins, extensions, etc. you will come across numerous websites that claim to provide cheap and authentic deals on several products. Now the issue here is that though the discounts and offers will seem very attractive, it has been often reported that many of the websites are fake and quite often their claims are not legible. However, Dealify is one of the rare and genuine deals platforms that bring you the best and amazing deals, often providing lifetime access for every product or service you purchase from the platform.

Dealify is not only known for offering amazingly attractive deals, but they also guide their customers in scaling their business by providing proper assistance, thus making it easy for newbies, growth hackers, and small startups to learn and understand faster how to scale their businesses without having to invest too much. 

Dealify Features 

Dealify curates all the legible A+ deals for customers looking for some specific exclusive offers. The platform only endorses exclusive products and services which the developers actively use themselves. The majority of the deals promoted by Dealify offer lifetime software deals and subscriptions that allow you to save up to 99%. There are also several monthly subscription deals through which you can avail huge monthly discounts on popular A+ tools 

Dealify - Features

Dealify is a platform made by Growth Hackers for Growth Hackers, hence they know exactly what kind of products/software their target audiences need and the kind of deals they are looking for. Dealify is different from websites which are offering similar deals and discounts, as the platform was primarily developed to help startups and small businesses to achieve faster growth and profits through attractive lifetime deals curated and promoted by Dealify for users.

Here are a few of the most popular and effective features that make Dealify the most reliable and dependable deals platform in the market right now.

  1. Get Software Deals for a Lifetime!

One thing you need to know about the deals being promoted on Dealify is that these deals are exclusive deals and are also actively tested by themselves to check the authenticity of the deal. One of the best things about purchasing a deal from the platform is that if you purchase any software deal from Dealify, then you will get lifetime access to that particular software deal, meaning you will not have to renew any offer or pay any kind of recurring charges or subscription fee. So this is a major perk of purchasing deals from Dealify! 

Dealify - engage

  1. A Growth Hacker’s Paradise! 

Are you under some financial crunch and have less money for growing your business? In that case, you must be looking for low-cost strategies and solutions that help you promote your brand and enjoy a profitable business journey over time. If that is the case, then Dealify is here to help you out. Dealify provides the perfect platform to all those users and companies who are looking for reliable and cost-efficient strategies to grow their businesses. 

  1. List your product for free

Another very good thing about Dealify is that you also have the option to list your product or service on their platform absolutely for free, and this option applies to all kinds of users. All you need to do is visit their official website and click on the ‘Submit your product’ option on the top header.

After that, you will be redirected to a page where you will have to fill in your name, your email address and then write a brief about your product under the ‘Your Message’ field. Then hit ‘Send Message’.

Dealify - Deal

Your product request will then be processed by the Dealify team and you will be intimated about the product upload via email.

Once your product has been uploaded on their platform and you have begun running a deal for it on Dealify, you will get access to detailed insights and suggestions on how you can improve your product.

  1. Running Deals on Dealify 

If you have a product that you wish to promote and wish to generate more leads and obtain higher sales through them, then Dealify is the right place where you can list your products. Dealify boasts of a huge network of customers and also has tailored campaigns that allow businesses to grow their customer following and eventually revenue by effortlessly promoting their products on Dealify. A good thing here is that the platform does not have any absurd or cringy commission rates. Their sole objective is to provide the opportunity to maximize your profit through the products. 

Dealify Dashboard

If you want to run a deal on Dealify, then all you have to do is submit a product on the platform. You can do this easily by just tapping on the same “Submit Your Product” button you see on the top navigation bar which you use for listing your product on Dealify (As mentioned earlier). Once you click on that, you will be redirected to a contact form, where you will have to fill in some of your details like name, email ID, and the information of the product you wish to promote on Dealify. Dealify will process your request and then respond to it 24 hours. 

5. Chrome & Firefox Extension

If you really keep looking around for deals and discount offers for various software and products, then you would never want to miss out on any juicy offer that rolls out from the developer’s end. If you are in love with Dealify and appreciate what they are doing for you, then you can always stay on the hook with any deal notifications that they promote. So, if you wish to stay up to date with the hottest deals, then we recommend you try the Dealify Chrome Extension. 

Dealify - Firefox Addon

The Dealify extension for Chrome and Firefox is free to download from the browser’s app market. The extension can be used for lifetime without any kind of restriction or cost and you will stay alerted about all the latest deals on Dealify. Using the Dealify browser extension will also get you access to some exclusive cool freebies and discounted product pre-sale offers. Not just that, using the extension will also get you a chance to avail a variety of deals from Dealify, Stackcommerce, SaaS invaders, AppSumo, etc. 

What Deal Platforms Are Listed In The Chrome Extension?

The chrome extension designed by the Dealify team lists all the deals from Dealify and AppSumo. The extension also shows a curated list of exclusive deals from Producthunt, numerous Facebook Groups, Stacksocial, F6S Deals, and more that are tagged as ‘growth hacker-proof’.

Is The Lifetime Deal Alert Chrome Extension Free?

Dealify - Pricing

Yes, the Lifetime Deal Alert Chrome Extension is fully free.

Affiliate Program

Dealify also provides users a chance to have an extra stream of income and earn up to 20% commission from every single referral you make on their affiliate program. The affiliate program allows you to earn a decent amount of revenue and the payments are made after every 3 months (90 days). A good thing is that you can also request for an early payout by simply dropping an email to the customer support team and they will pay you the due amount as per your manual request. 

However, if you wish to receive payouts from the Dealify Affiliate Program, then you need to meet the eligibility criteria points mentioned below. 

  • You need to earn commissions by referrals to authentic people.
  • You need to refer your links to at least 5 people.
  • You need to have at least $50 as a minimum balance in your account to request Dealify for a payout. 

The best marketing practice you should have as an Affiliate to stay in the good books of  Dealify would be to refer the Dealify affiliate links only with your friends and legit customers through your brand’s social media handles email lists, and also sharing the links on your YouTube videos. You can also promote the affiliate links through a  blog post on your website. To make things even more effective, we recommend you shorten the affiliate links by simply using link shorteners and earn more through the referrals. 

So, if you are indeed planning to purchase some deals from Dealify, then it would be a wise decision to also sign up to the Dealify affiliate program.

Affiliate Program Payment Details

If you are purchasing some deal on Dealify and want to do a payment, you will have to share your Credit Card or Debit Card details to ensure smooth and automated payments. Dealify’s Affiliate Program currently supports the following payment options:

  • MasterCard/VISA
  • American Express
  • PayPal 

Please note that the minimum amount you need to have in your account to get a payout is $50. 

Money-back Guarantee – Requesting a refund

Dealify is true to their effort when it comes to bringing you the best deals as well as when it comes to purchases and refunds. Dealify currently offers a 30 days money-back guarantee which you can avail of by requesting a refund within 30 days of making a deal purchase. All you need to do is fill out our refund request form and your money will be refunded to your bank account within 5 working days.

3 easy steps to get your refund

  • Visit the Request a Refund’ page on the Dealify website
  • Fill in the required details in the contact form
  • Your request will be submitted instantly, and the refund amount will be processed and credited into your account within 5 working days

Dealify Pros & Cons

Dealify is one of the best and most reliable deals platforms designed for growth hackers who are looking for stable cost-efficient strategies to scale their businesses. With all the being said, Dealify is a platform that boasts of a bunch of advantages but also does have a few disadvantages. Here is a quick list of the pros and cons of Dealify that we think are significant enough to be pointed out. However, please note that the pros and cons of any platform depend on the requirements and experiences of the user, so what we think is a demerit, might not be an important demerit for you and vice-versa. 

Dealify Pros

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Affordable & Lifetime Deals
  • Best for Growth Hackers
  • You can run your own deal. by submitting your products
  • 20% Affiliate Commission
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee 

Dealify Cons

  • Not have a variety of Deals
  • Few payment methods 
  • Blogs section in the knowledge Base has very less articles

Testimonials Of Dealify Review

Dealify - Testimonials

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 Conclusion: Dealify Review 2023 Dealify Lifetime Deals & Discounts

As mentioned multiple times earlier, Dealify is indeed one of the best deals platforms you would currently find in the market. It is the ideal platform for people who have some financial restrictions and are in search of low-cost growth-hacked solutions to grow their business. Dealify offers one of the most reasonable deals which are pretty affordable and are also scam-free and devoid of any fraudulent outcomes. It is a platform made by Growth Hackers, so they know exactly what kind of products/software their target audiences need and the kind of deals they are looking for.

The deals that are displayed on their website for purchase are valid for a lifetime, making it a hot choice for users, growth hackers and businesses who want to grow their businesses by promoting their products on the platform. When it comes to trust factor and reliability, you can be convinced that all deals on Dealify are genuine and authentic as the platform only endorses exclusive products and services which the developers actively use themselves. 

So, if you are on the lookout for the best deals platform for buying attractive, cost-efficient deals and offers on software and application, then Dealify is definitely the best solution for you!

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