Debutify vs Debut Theme 2023 Which One Is The Best & Why?

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There are plenty of Shopify themes available for use on the market. Among some free having exquisite and unique features are Shopify Debut Theme and Debutify. Both are FREE for use with Debutify offering premium plans for a reasonable price. Both claim to be the masters in conversions. But, is it true?

Honestly, we’ve had the blessing to use both themes and we’re not going to say that even one of them lies below par. Both themes are excellent and are available for FREE.

However, there are certain distinct features that necessitate a fair comparison. So, in this theme review, we’ll share some rich features of both themes that make them a commendable option for a variety of e-commerce users. So, follow along.

Debutify vs Debut Theme 2023 Which One Is The Best Shopify Theme For Conversions

The Debut theme is an excellent choice for product listing. This Free Shopify theme allows you to include a product search option to facilitate your customers. You also have the category menu element that allows your customers to surf through various categories seamlessly.


Another delightful feature of Debut is that you can include customer testimonials on your site. I believe this feature is not available with all the themes. Customer testimonials may be posted on separate pages enclosing a picture from your customer.

Magnifier Option

The Debut being a basic e-commerce theme offers a simplistic design. It has a magnifier option on the product’s page. Your viewers can easily hover on an image and zoom in on it.

The magnifier feature has become the standard of product pages for many e-commerce stores now. So, it’s nothing new. Plus, you get the same thing with Debutify as well. The real benefit of the magnifier feature is with product images of small items such as key chains etc.


Since Debut is an elementary theme, you also have a section to include blog posts on products, instructions on their use, and much more info to drive conversions. However, this doesn’t sound like a standout feature as you can find it with every other Shopify theme. 

In contrast, Debutify has a premium design to offer, there’s no doubt that your blog posts section will appeal more to the user.



We wonder what excites you to surf through a store. Its visual appeal, doesn’t it? Colorful and sharp images that fit ideally in the page communicate a robust brand image.

Images are often great-looking with both Debut and Debutify. However, you may find a tiny problem with images on Debut, when your user opts for a mobile view for the same page.

Users on Debut have expressed discontent on images often spreading out of the allotted section. If you’re Okay with your visitor scrolling to the sides and top and bottom to view images, then you may do just fine with Debut.

Choice for Newbies

Debut, as the name suggests, could be a great choice for young entrepreneurs looking to do something big in e-commerce. It has all the elementary features to help you create a store on a simple, decently stylish design. Since it is available for free, it may be an attractive option for newbies.

On the other hand, Debutify theme has a feature-rich package and an excellent design on offer to help you create an e-commerce store leaving your visitors marvels at the unique design and user-friendly interface. However, if you’re looking to set up a basic store, you might just do fine with Debut.

Real-time customization

Real-time customization is common with all themes. The fact of the matter is Debutify allows extensive customization of elements, whereas Debut having a decent layout, facilitates limited customization. So, in our opinion, you may want to pick Debutify if you’re looking to customize as per your specific needs.

Featured products section

Over the years, the featured product section has found to be highly effective in drawing the attention of visitors and turning visits into conversions. 

The featured products section on the homepage is available with both Debut and Debutify. This fascinating feature even though common with most themes, works equally well with Debut and Debutify. There’s no major difference. So, this time, it’s really a tie.

Debutify-Featured Product Section

Product Filter

The product filter feature also comes with the Debut theme. In our personal opinion, the product’s filter and Responsive web design are the top notch features that qualify Debut as a fine choice for newbies. The product filter is a premium element of the Debut theme.

However, the theme hardly allows having a vast collection of products on your search. This is where Debutify comes in handy. If you’re a large store with hundreds of brands, you should rather be eager to spend some chunks to get a Debutify theme.

Social Media Buttons

The Debut theme offers a variety of social media buttons on the footer. The placement of these buttons is common among top Shopify themes. 

Social media presence builds authority and trustworthiness. You may want to include these. In comparison, Debutify looks to be a step ahead in this matter.

Debutify does not only have a social media presence, but it also has sharp, quality images coming from its Insta Feed on its site. Instagram pictures reflect a strong brand reputation. So, Debutify overpowers Debut in social media integration.

Live View Add-on Feature

The live-view add-on feature is a killer add-on for Debutify. This feature is a standout as it creates a sense of urgency for the customer to react momentarily. 

Debutify-Live View Add-Ons

The live view section does not provide an actual count of users. However, it is a conversion-oriented add-on and could be easily installed with premium Shopify themes. Unfortunately, if you’re a Debut fan, you can’t get this feature.


Debutify in comparison to others is considered one of the best in terms of conversions. 

Multiplying conversions is easier with Debutify than Debut (or with any other Shopify theme). An extensive range of add-ons adds premium value to the theme, thus making your job easier. 

We personally think Debutify even though comes at a price, could be great for conversions, especially when you have to generate quick results. 

Debutify-High Converting Funnels

Plus, Debutify also works smoothly with design-orientation and adjusts perfectly with various platforms. It has a load time of only 3 seconds, which we believe is super-fast to fight the problem of a high bounce rate.


This is often the final ground where customers make up their minds. Debut is Free and could be a decent choice for starters and small businesses. 

However, if you’re planning to explode into a giant e-store with a massive inventory, then Debutify may be the real deal for you! We’re not saying this out of favoritism. Debutify has a fee. The price for a basic 3 feature plan starts from $19 a month. If you’re fascinated with add-ons you may try the Hustler plan with 28 premium add-ons for $47 a month.


If you’re already a growing business, then I suggest you look at the Master plan for $97/month. The premium add-ons have all the potential to get you conversions.

The good thing with pricing is that if you’re willing to pay in a lump sum for a year, you get a 40% OFF. We would rather pay in a lump sum for such a saver.

Customer Support

Even though we initially said Debut could be a fine choice for newbies, you may want to reconsider a little since installing and getting support 24/7 is not easy with Debut. However, the Debutify team is almost available at every time to help you learn the settings and develop your site without much hard work.

Besides, we believe that the Debutify premium feature is expensive. However, if you compute the costs of getting an app to install and connect with an elementary theme to enhance functionality, you will learn that Debutify premium costs the same. We say it’s faster, premium, and clearly a better choice.

Debutify-Customer Support

Conclusion: Debutify vs Debut

In conclusion, Debutify’s premium add-ons, support, high-end design, and user-friendly interface clearly make it a commendable choice against many themes for converting big.

Price:$ 19
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