Debutify Vs Shoptimized 2024: Which One Is The Best & Why?

In this post, we have featured Debutify Vs Shoptimized that includes an in-depth comparison of these two Shopify themes.

According to research, there are more than 500,000 active Shopify stores. This figure is enough to prove that Shopify is quickly becoming the online seller’s ultimate favorite.

Every store owner wants a high conversion rate for their online store. But sadly, this isn’t always the case. There are many reasons for this. Some websites are not mobile responsive, while others are lacking in terms of design. 

So what you can do as a Shopify Theme store owner is to select a theme that is inclusive and offers the best value for your money.

Debutify and Shoptimized, both are highly popular Shopify themes that give online sellers complete control over their shop management and selling activities. 

Bottom Line Upfront: Debutify is a free Shopify theme and it is considered as the highest converting theme because it has better mobile responsiveness and add-ons to boost conversions. Shoptimized is also a Shopify theme that offers similar things as Debutify but the features of Debutify are much better than Shoptimized. So I would recommend you to prefer Debutify over Shoptimized.

We know it could be challenging for you to measure the pros and cons of each theme separately. That is why we have put together this comprehensive theme review to help you understand what platform deserves your attention in 2020.

Debutify Vs Shoptimized: Overview

Debutify Overview

Debutify is a popular Shopify theme that has been introduced by Ricky Hayes, who’s a well-known 7-figure entrepreneur and a YouTube influencer.

This theme comes with a wide range of user-friendly features, including currency conversion, sticky add to cart feature, newsletter popups, and more.


Unlike other expensive Shopify themes, Debutify is absolutely FREE to use. Yes, you may have to invest in one of the available premium packages if you’re looking for advanced-level features, but the free package is enough to help you get started.

 Shoptimized Overview

Shoptimized is another equally beneficial Shopify theme that offers amazing features to the Shopify store owners. 

This theme was introduced by Bradley Long, who’s popular because of his extraordinary conversion techniques. 

Shoptimized Overview

This theme is simple and includes many design and conversion boosters that one can use to upgrade the storefront. 


Debutify is a one-click Shopify theme. When you visit the official Debutify website, you’ll find the downloadable link for the free package on the home page. 

The download will start immediately, and you can start using all of the features without any delay. 

Even if you choose the premium version, the add ons will seamlessly integrate into your store without any difficulty. 

Shoptimized, on the other hand, also comes with an easy installation process. In fact, the installation process is more or less the same as Debutify. 

Debutify Vs Shoptimized Features


Once you have downloaded and installed Debutify, you will quickly know that this theme is very easy to customize. With Debutify, you can experiment with your creativity and take complete charge of all the design elements present on your website. 

Optimized for All Niches

Whether you have a cosmetics shop or you deal with kid’s clothing, Debutify can accommodate your needs without much difficulty. The basic layout and customizable features enable store owners to optimize their stores regardless of their niche. 

Design Options

When compared to Shoptimized, Debutify offers a wide range of color and design options. The best bit? You can make all of your desired changes by using the settings tab on your dashboard. 

Debutify - Product

User-Friendly Experience

Debutify is designed to deliver the maximum user experience. Unlike other free to use Shopify themes that generally are quite limited in terms of functionality and performance, Debutify offers you a guaranteed premium user experience without spending a dime. 

If you’re a new store, Debutify’s free package includes almost everything to help you get started. Also, you can get your hands on the premium add ons by paying a little additional money per month. 

Cart Functionality

Debutify is the only Free to use Shopify theme that includes the maximum number of cart functionality features. 

With Debutify, you can insert the ‘Add to cart’ button’ under each product so that customers can add their favorite products to the cart while shopping. 

Debutify - Cart CountDown

The premium Debutify versions enable store owners to include large and visible ‘add to cart’ buttons under their products on different landing pages. 

Upsell popups are another interesting premium Debutify feature that helps store owners do smart targeting. You can even choose the timing and frequency of your upsell popups. 

Product Tabs & Videos

What we loved about Debutify is that it enables store owners to embed YouTube videos and product tabs on category pages. 

Simply add specific and relevant product information under the customization settings, and you’re good to go. 

Live Sales Alerts

With Debutify, you can showcase alerts about ongoing sales in your store. Since many customers abandon their carts because of a lack of trust, this factor can encourage them to make a purchase and complete their transactions. 

Newsletter Popups

Debutify theme enables its subscribers to create an extensive email list by providing them with an option to display newsletter popups. 

Estimated Date of Delivery

With Debutify Premium, you can show your customers the expected date of delivery. By doing so will help your brand portray its professional image in front of the customers. 


The FAQ section is one of the key elements of e-commerce stores. Getting them done by a pro can be an expensive affair. But with Debutify Premium, you can easily generate a custom store FAQ without any difficulty. 

Chat boxes

Debutify also enables you to integrate a chat widget to your store so that you can maintain effective communication with your buyers. You can also customize the chat boxes on your website for better results. 

Shop Protect

You get a variety of security features when you invest in any of the premium Deutify plans. These features provide your store with the utmost protection and security against data theft and misuse of personal information.

Debutify - Sales

Regular Updates

Last but not least, you’ll get regular updates that will help you expedite your selling journey and grow. 


Top Menu Customization

With Shoptimized, you can customize your top menu to be as uniquely adjusted to your store’s needs as possible. You can include any of your preferred sub-tabs to go under this menu. 

Shoptimized - Features


Shoptimized also allows Shopify store owners to edit a huge banner on their homepage. You can add separate tags with each collection to make them look more identifiable and customized. 

Products Page

Similar to collections, you can also add images to each product category page with appropriate tags to make the filtering process more stress-free for your customers. 

Shoptimized - Social Proof

Countdown Timer

Shoptimized features a countdown timer tool that creates a sense of urgency for the buyers to complete their purchase once they have added their favorite products into the cart. 

Currency Switcher

The currency switcher is another useful tool that enables you to change the currency of your store based on location. Notably, Shoptimized has this feature included in their premium plan, while Debutify offers a similar feature for free in their free package.

Shoptimized - Currency Switcher

Personalized Product Badging

With Shoptimized, you can sell your customizable products at higher prices. 

Debutify Vs Shoptimized Pricing

Debutify Pricing

Both Shoptimized and Debutify come with FREE versions. Debutify’s paid plans start from $19/month, while you have to pay $89/month if you choose Shoptimized for your online store. 


Debutify’s Starter, Hustler, and Master plans are priced at $19/month, $47/month, and $97/month respectively. There are numerous features and premium add ons. 

They offer 24/7 Facebook support (that covers video/live chat). You would be entitled to receive a product research tool, integrations, and advanced courses if you invest in the Master deal. 

Shoptimized Pricing

Shoptimized - Pricing

Debutify Vs Shoptimized Testimonials

Debutify Customer Review

Debutify - Testimlonials

Shoptimized Customer  Review

Shoptimized - Testimonials

Conclusion: Debutify Vs Shoptimized 2024

Both themes are affordable and value-driven. Both of them do not require coding or experience. Both of them are incredibly easy to install. 

But, if you start comparing the features of both themes, it is pretty evident that Debutify has a lot to offer to its users. 

Debutify is an all-inclusive option that includes almost everything you need to set up, run, and expand a Shopify store – be it customization, security, design elements, conversion tools, or more. 

For us, Debutify is a clear winner. But, we would suggest you try free versions of both themes to see which is the right option for your online store.

We wish you all the best!

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