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Best DesignCrowd Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2023: Get $50 off


Business Card for just $59

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About DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd, a community design service launched in 2008, has created a prestigious community of more than seven lakh designers. Everyone is ready and waiting to create a logo for you. But do you make the logo you need?

The answer to this last question is no. Only you can do it. For answers to other questions read on …

DesignCrowd does it all: logos, business cards, t-shirts, website design, cartoon character design, and even envelope design. (We always have to go beyond our physical forms, traditional mail still exists).

The full list is very extensive, so it can be assumed that DesignCrowd can design anything but a skyscraper plane for you – at least a non-functional aircraft.

Only The Best Freelance Design - DesignCrowd

The site is available in English, French, Spanish, and German. The DesignCrowd documentation does not mention the languages ​​that can be supported in the logo text. However, one customer service representative said that all languages ​​could be supported, and I saw logos with the letters Cyrillic and Arab.

Freelance Logo Design Web Design Graphic Design DesignCrowd
Freelance Logo Design – DesignCrowd

Key Features: DesignCrowd

Several project proposals

More than half a million creative freelancers work in DesignCrowd. With this number, companies can be sure to receive quality suggestions. The number of drafts received can be more than 50, giving you a wider choice of options.

Refund warranty

DesignCrowd designers always work to make customers happy. However, in the event of a problem, employers will be reimbursed for the total amount. This ensures that designers work as well as possible and that work posters receive only high-quality products.

Customized results

When publishing work on DesignCrowd, employers must publish a draft job. This gives the self-employed a clear idea of ​​what the employer wants so that they can customize the finished product. Job posters can even give feedback on your selected designs or be picked for better polishing.

Get inspired by beautiful design - DesignCrowd

Fast reaction time

Employers have the opportunity to set deadlines for the submission of drafts. You have three options: 3 days, 5 days or 10 days. The longer the submission date, the more design proposals can be submitted. This gives them more choices, so they are completely satisfied with the design. In addition, they may even demand improvements to the winning design.

Good value for money

With DesignCrowd, companies can save valuable financial resources. The platform allows them to set their own budget starting at $ 99. This allows them to stay within the constraints of their financial constraints and receive impressive design suggestions.

Financially savvy

Organizations can rely on DesignCrowd to give them astounding plans that are fitting to their spending plan. They can set how much each task will cost, beginning from $99, which will guarantee that they will get great proposition affordable for them range.

Cashback include

One way that DesignCrowd rouses their consultants to guarantee that they produce excellent work is the unconditional promise for the businesses. In the event that businesses don’t get the plan they need, they are qualified for a full discount from the stage.

An immense number of recommendations for an undertaking

There are over a large portion of 1,000,000 inventive consultants working on the stage. The sheer number of clients and the proposition to choose from are sufficient to ensure the nature of the plan that the business would be happy with. Each venture can get more than 50 propositions.

Custom fitted plan

Before a task can be posted on the DesignCrowd, bosses should initially give a planning brief for their venture. Thusly, intrigued specialists will have a reasonable thought of what to make precisely.

This can likewise help them in fitting the plan to the client’s inclinations. Furthermore, after accommodation, the banner can give input to their shortlisted plans with the goal that they can be worked on further.

Pricing of DesignCrowd 

Different Pricing Plans Offered by DesignCrowd

There are four different pricing plans available on the DesignCrowd website: Basic, Pro, Team, and Agency.  The most basic plan costs $69 (USD) per project (for logos, websites, and business cards) and gives you one idea from each designer.  The Pro plan costs $199 (for logos, etc.) for five ideas from each designer.

The Team plan costs $399 (for logos, etc.) for 15 ideas per project by up to 5 designers.  Finally, the Agency plan costs $1,099 (for logos, etc.) for 50 ideas per project by up to 5 designers.

Pricing Plans Breakdown Information

All plans come with the following features: The first round of revisions is free; unlimited rounds of revisions are included in all plans; you can communicate directly with your designer through the site; you can receive final files in one of five formats (Layered PSD, Vector EPS,

Layered AI CS5.5, Editable JPEG or PNG); all logos are original and copyright free; your logo will be designed in accordance with your instructions; links to the site’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy are included on each page.

The more expensive plans give you more designs from more designers.

Other Payment Options

You can pay for your project by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.

DesignCrowd Website Reviews [written in a third-person perspective] Overall, the pricing plans are pretty decent, especially considering the quick turnaround.

Custom-designed logos from big-name designers and agencies can cost tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes hundreds of thousands.  DesignCrowd’s most popular plans ask for a small fraction of that, and you get plenty of designs within days.



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Amazon Mechanical Turk 

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DesignCrowd’s Alternatives 

1. 99designs

99designs review -Logos Web Graphic Design

99designs is a website where users offer services and compete with each other to customize an existing design or create a new one according to the needs of the customer.

This site emerged as a market leader by building its business through social media and word-of-mouth marketing.  It represents a part of the larger trend toward crowdsourcing as a way to leverage multiple ideas and specializations.  This model has been used not only in business but also in software design as well as other aspects of life such as cooking, barbershop music, and others.

99designs was founded by designers for designers and businesses that need something designed, but it’s easy enough for anyone to use.  Companies can post a design job with their specific needs, and designers around the world will submit designs in the hopes of winning the project.

The site is free for companies who need something designed; instead, they pay $199-$499 when choosing a winner.  For this money, they not only get the rights to the design they want but also a guarantee that their final work will not be copied by anyone else.

They set the price for the designers’ final work, and the chosen winner is free to resell or reuse their design.

background information about 99designs & companies using services

99designs was initially designed as a tool for hiring graphic designers because of their own difficulty finding quality freelance designers who were willing to work on short turnaround time projects.

From there, it grew into an international community that supports more than just graphic design; users can purchase video animation, web development, logo design, and other services.

The site finds its success through social media and word-of-mouth marketing .  Their Facebook page has over 1 million likes, and they expect this number to grow even more after awarding $1 million in cash and prizes for their 99designs Contest .

public opinion on the matter

There is a public consensus that crowdsourcing has been good for those who need work done.  Businesses can find specialized help at affordable prices, and designers can build up their portfolios.

Interestingly enough, some people also like it because it allows them to be more creative as they delve into untraditional projects.

There are many companies offering services on the site; customers post jobs ranging from $100-$10,000 , and businesses typically pay between $199-$599 to receive their final design products after choosing a winner .

2. Amazon Mechanical Turk 

Amazon Mechanical Turk  (

MTurk), including key features and how it is used; reference to recent Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ruling that prohibits companies from taking advantage of MTurk workers who do not understand whether they are employees or contractors

The Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) online service exists as a marketplace where “requesters” can post jobs, and “Workers” can browse and accept them.

A Requester posts a job by setting the price for work, choosing a HIT (Human Intelligence Task) type, and listing the guidelines for performing the job.

A Worker then selects a HIT, performs work on it in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Requester, and submits his/ results back to Amazon’s servers.

If a Requester sets a specific time frame for a Worker to complete a HIT, then the worker has that amount of time to complete it. After that time is over, if the Worker has not completed it he/she will be locked out of all further tasks from that Requester.

In order to ensure Workers are actually human and not bots, each MTurk job must be accompanied by an “Assurance” questionnaire which can only be accessed by clicking on a link provided in the job details.

Once the task is submitted back to Amazon, they run its contents through their ‘Relevant Results Test’. This test checks if the responses produced meet certain criteria based on what a human would do versus a computer script.

For more information about this process, please see Amazon’s article ‘Is Mechanical Turk (MTurk) Crowdsourcing Artificial Artificial Intelligence (AI)?’ A Worker receives his/her pay through either Amazon gift cards or direct deposit to his/her bank account.

At the end of each week, Requesters are required to submit payments for work completed within that week along with a 10% commission fee (on top of the payment amount).

Once the filing has been approved by Amazon, MTurks residing in the US can expect their money within 36 hours via direct deposit. Those residing outside of the US will receive their payment on Fridays weekly via an Amazon gift card.

Mechanical Turk was founded by Amazon after it bought out its first company called ‘Terrasklik’ in 2005. The website was launched in November of 2005, however the concept dates back to 1999 when Amazon started selling products online.

The internet’s popularity grew exponentially after that, so it became apparent that small businesses would need help managing their websites and marketing campaigns.

Mechanical Turk provided an opportunity for companies to outsource tasks they were not able to do themselves or did not have the resources available to complete themselves.

It also provided part-time employment opportunities for many people who might not otherwise be able to find one due to location restrictions (for example, staying home parents).

Another benefit is that it allows companies access to a global workforce at an affordable rate (workers are paid anywhere between $0.05-$ per task) relative to hiring full-time employees in the US.

Workers are able to choose when they want to work, how much they can work, and on what type of tasks they’d like to complete (more about MTurk HITs below).

Information about using Amazon Mechanical Turk is readily available on their website, so there isn’t much technical information available besides what has already been provided by Amazon themselves.

For more interesting facts however, we did some ‘googling’ and found some pretty awesome stuff along with some concerns.

3. Taskrabbit


Taskrabbit is a task managment application that allow user to choose from a list of popular chores and errands, connect you with a skilled Tasker and Tasker arrives, completes the job and bills directly in the app.

driving force behind

The driving force behind this start up is to help people use their free time to do more stuff they like doing. This includes socializing with friends or pursuing their hobbies.

People who use this service are typically working all week long and would rather spend weekends having fun instead of doing chores around the house.

So it becomes difficult for them to find time during weekdays to get everything done since they’re busy working all day long. And that’s where Taskrabbit comes in.

how it works

Users can explore tasks offered by Taskrabbit or post their own task for someone else to complete. When a client posts his task, the app will then search through its database of Taskers which is made up of skilled professionals who are reliable and trustworthy.

They have all been verified by the company’s background check system so users know they don’t have to worry about anything when getting help from them.

Afterwards, clients will choose their favorite Tasker among those presented based on price range, local

tion, ratings etc… Once the user has chosen the perfect candidate for his errand, he can chat with them to set an appointment accordingly. Then the two parties meet up at a time that works best for them.

The Taskers are typically very courteous and friendly, so don’t expect them to be snobby or stuck up. They know that they are there to help out with errands that would otherwise take their clients an eternity to complete.

Afterwards, the Tasker will send a picture of the finished job as proof of completed task before billing it on the app itself.

The main control panel of the application allows you to view your current active tasks, check which ones have been completed by Taskers and access your personal account panel where you can see more details about your activity log within the app.

It also includes some statistical information such as how many times each task has been viewed etc…

benefits of using Taskrabbit

The main benefit for clients is that they get help with the errands and chores they often dread having to do.

It becomes a breeze for them to quickly post a task request on the app, receive bids from trustworthy Taskers and pick one of them based on their price, availability etc…

Once the client has picked his favourite Tasker, he can chat with him through the application before setting an appointment accordingly. Afterwards, there’s nothing left to do but relax while your new personal assistant carries out all the tasks you don’t feel like doing.

Taskers also have several benefits when deciding to use this application as their means of making money.

Conclusion: DesignCrowd Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Overall, our criticism of DesignCrowd is positive. The number of designers alone is a tremendous benefit, as you can access more talent and faster customer response. They offer a wide range of design types, and you can also work individually with a designer instead of competing. The prices are also tempting as they offer more options than many other similar sites.

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19 thoughts on “DesignCrowd Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2023 : $50 off”

  1. I was recently looking for a logo and DesignCrowd had the perfect solution. They were able to connect me with great designers and I loved how easy it was to communicate my needs and timeline so they could tailor the design accordingly.
    My only regret is that I couldn’t select designs from more than one designer because three of them were absolutely perfect!

  2. The best way to visualize your book is with a good cover. But who has time to design one themselves? Design crowd does! I’ve used them for six different book covers, and have had excellent results. It’s easy too– just upload the first paragraph of your novel or best-selling memoir to receive dozens of pre-designed covers within hours (the process usually takes no more than seven days). Plus, there are plenty of illustrators you can request repsend designs if they’re not quite what you’re looking for. Such quick service! The designers are eagers to please every customer; they often will work around my input on details like color palette or font—they know their art better than me anyway, so it makes sense

  3. Design crowd provides a great service to those such as entrepreneurs or even freelancers who need design services for their company. It is hard to hire the right designer and I’ve faced this problem many times before, but Design Crowd took some of that stress off my shoulders by providing me with the opportunity to go through portfolios without I having to do all of that work first and then be disappointed because they can’t handle what we’re looking for on their end. With one bid too low and one too high, Design Crowd takes it in stride and does an excellent job at finding someone on our budget! Thanks for coming into fruition; we highly recommend you try them out if you are in need of any kind of graphic design assistance

  4. DesignCrowd has a great process for customers! You get the opportunity to create a brief and then review designers. They even go as far as inviting you to be a “judge” in case your creator doesn’t work out. Never concerned about not having enough time? Their staff always gets back to you in a timely manner, with more design options than promised – who doesn’t love that!? It feels good when one can rest assured they will have something completely original. That’s exactly what DesignCrowd provides because from the many candidates I reviewed, it was difficult narrowing down my choices to just 1 design concept.

  5. I LOVE DesignCrowd! They get my stamp of approval. Not only do they have a variety of talented designers I can choose from, they also have a wide range of choices in every category. And the best part about it is that if you need help with your project brief, their staff will write one for you and send it to the designer as well as provide feedback on what should be done to improve your product or service before going live.
    That’s why I highly recommend doing business with this company because it takes the stress away from having to put something together yourself and creating a design out of thin air not knowing what resonates with customers these days. When people work hard, shouldn’t they know their efforts are seen?

  6. I just love DesignCrowd! It’s an easy way for users like me to find a price-conscious designer who will do exactly what we need done without having to worry about managing deadlines or asking for changes after completion, which can make design tasks more costly and time consuming. Designers quickly respond, you have multiple designers from which to choose as well as many different designs, and there’s no pressure as you’re not obligated by any one person! In my experience working with two great designers from here who provided professional work perfectly timed, affordable prices

  7. DesignCrowd is a great site for any company looking for help with logos. Designers from all around the world work on your project until you get something perfect! I am so happy to have found them and they helped me get my business up and running off the ground. Thank you design crowd!

  8. DesignCrowd is an online marketplace for crowdsourcing design services. It’s a great way to save money and get the perfect designer to help with your project. Whether you need graphic design, illustration, web design, copywriting or something else DesignCrowd makes it easy to find the perfect person for your project at a price you can afford. You can even indicate what deliverables are important before starting work so there are no surprises about what will be offered after payment has been received.

  9. DesignCrowd’s website is easy to use and offers a variety of skilled designers. I was able to find exactly what I needed – at an affordable cost, too.
    The DesignCrowd interface makes it simple for me to create a brief that fits my needs then invite the designer who offers the best quality for that price range into the project. The website also has plenty of designs available which give me unique options without being overwhelming.
    Trying out this site will help you get your design projects done quick!

  10. DesignCrowd is the fastest, easiest way to start creating book covers. The results are always professional and impressive. Best of all, you can get an Illustrator delivered in under one week to match your idea or vision perfectly. Better than any DIY service out there!

  11. “I used Design Crowd to develop a business logo and I received a professional logo at the end of the process. It was very easy to use and I received many responses from designers from Day 1. The designers were very responsive and interactive with my requests for changes/revisions. I’ll definitely be using design crowd again in the future!”

  12. Let’s talk about DesignCrowd. I’ve used them for six book covers, with excellent results. The project is always completed timely, under a week, and with my input. I’ve been able to use the same illustrator for each cover which is available to use on demand. Calls are answered within minutes by a real human no menu to scroll through or call backs to wait on! Fantastic service!

  13. DesignCrowd is a platform that connects creative people with business owners. We offer our users the opportunity to turn their ideas into reality, while making it easy for businesses to get what they want. Whether you’re looking for an original logo, website design, marketing material or need some graphics created – we’ll help make your idea happen!

    DesignCrowd offers a range of creative professionals from across the world and keeps everything simple and straightforward by only charging after work has been delivered based on time spent per task. Designers can upload samples of their work free of charge so you can see what they have done in the past before deciding who will be best suited to take on your project.

  14. DesignCrowd is a great website for developing your company, art or app logo. You can get started today by entering the contest on Design Crowd’s homepage! We have designers from all over the world following us on social media who are waiting to help you develop an awesome logo. Once you win, you’ll have access to tons of different design styles and colors. There are some great people on this site so check out their work! Your billion dollar idea could be just one click away–with more than millions in prizes up for grabs!

  15. “A job well done, DesignCrowd!”
    Finding the right person for your project can be difficult. Who to hire? How much should you spend? What will they do for me? The best place to start is guessing what type of design work you’re interested in and then browsing professionals with similar past experiences, portfolio styles, ratings, rankings, comments…anything! It’s almost like scrolling through an online dating site—ick or interesting! I found my guy (or girl) really quickly on here because it was so easy. After submitting my brief and adding notes about how I liked to work, I was flooded with design submissions within hours after the launch time had closed. And that idea list came crashing down as not one single designer hit

  16. I’ve been working with DesignCrowd for two weeks now and I have to say, they have been way better than what I anticipated.
    Their process is simple and straight-forward so it was easy to get a designer on board with my project.
    One of the things that caught my attention right away about this company is how many options there are! No more going back while frustrated due to one or just a few designers who respond fighting for your service while not being quality designers. After getting several quotes from their team of talented qualifying professionals, deciding which design would work best out of those was a difficult choice but in the end it definitely wasn’t hard at all because these guys always do them justice. If you want some new logos

  17. DesignCrowd does exactly what it says on the tin. You upload information about your needs and submit a competitive marketplace to produce designs for you free of charge. Designers are available 24/7 so you’ll have no trouble getting feedback in the quickest amount of time!

  18. DesignCrowd has a great idea of what the customer needs. They will find someone to design your logo, poster, shirt, etc…themselves. The selection is huge and there’s no more worrying about boring or overly cheesy designs that you can’t escape from. They care about their customers and it shows on every project every time!

  19. DesignCrowd was the perfect way to get me the creative services I needed for my personal design project. The web interface makes it easy to find someone who suits your needs, and at a price point that doesn’t break the bank! Thanks DesignCrowd!

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