DesignMantic Review 2024+(Discount Coupon 50% Off)

Choose from thousands of logo designs and a DIY feature that lets you personalize the creative process. Design your logo until you are satisfied with the results by searching for and customizing a series of models.
DesignMantic is also compatible with those looking for the “Do it for me” option, which offers a fully customized and complete design.
If you want to save a few bucks with a DIY logo or just pay for the professionals to manage, the designer of the DesignMantic logo offers both services. Small businesses can save their brand’s budget by investing a few hundred dollars so a professional can create a logo.
If you want more creative control, you can use the creator of the DesignMantic logo for free. If the results are right for you, you can pay $ 37 to download the logo files.
DesignMantic offers a comprehensive design and customization service that goes beyond the logos. The company provides comprehensive branding services, including website design, business cards, letterheads, social media headers, email signatures, envelopes, emails. Shirts, monograms and even wedding cards.
DesignMantic Review

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Customers can use their service through the website or download DesignMantic mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.
Read Our Detailed DesignMantic Review and get more information about the application.

Let’s get started,

DesignMantic Review 2024: Is It The Fastest Way To Design Logos?

Detailed About DesignMantic Review

DesignMantic is a free logo design software that offers a wide range of creative designs, colors, and fonts for companies that want to familiarize themselves with their new corporate identity.
DesignMantic Review -try it now
With the Logo Maker, customers can safely choose their company logo from a variety of variable parameter design options. Designing a logo has never been so easy and customers can design their logo the way they want it before they buy something. They are based in Pennsylvania, USA.

How does it work

This company has been working hard to create an extremely simple process for designing a new logo for your business or startup. First, just send the name of your business and click “View my free designs.”
You will then be redirected to your gallery, where you can explore your options and choose from many icons that you can customize for your business. Once you’ve found one that works, you can change it to make sure it fits your needs.
DesignMantic Review - how to design logo
You can customize it by industry, add your slogan or slogan and then update to show more specific designs, or you can search for specific keywords like “speech bubble” or “green tree” if you already have something in mind
Once you have found the logo you want, you can click on it and customize it with colors, rotations, text and size changes.
If you are not sure whether you have completed your design, you can add it to your wishlist or, if you are satisfied, just download it.

DesignMantic Features Review

The attraction of DesignMantic is its simplicity. However, it has enough features to compete with other DIY logo design services, such as B. essential personalization elements such as business cards and clothing as well as personalization services and social networks.
DesignMantic Review -design portfolio
Better yet, a useful video shows all its features in less than two minutes. Here are more DesignMantic features that I like:

Additional elements

You can add up to two icons and five lines of text to your logo design (without the name of your company). Many companies limit the icons to one per logo and three lines of text, including your company name, if you’re lucky.

Non-Profit Discount

Non-profit organizations such as hospitals, schools, and non-governmental organizations can benefit from a free logo. Just fill out a form and someone will contact you. Discounts beyond free design are not mentioned on the website.

Wedding invitations

DesignMantic creates unique monograms and wedding invitations. The wedding monogram editor is similar to the logo editor. A monogram takes just minutes to design and transfer invitations that you can customize and then buy.
DesignMantic Review - wedding card design

Ease of Use

DesignMantic has the fastest DIY design process I’ve found. Just click the logo design button and start exploring the drawings. Enter the name of your business to preview your unique logo and select your industry to refine the results.
After selecting the logo of your choice, click on it to access the edit screen. You can add text and forms, including:
  • basic forms
  • clipart
  • lines
  • similar to the Nike logo
  • Decorative element
  • symbols
You can have up to two form elements and five lines of text in your logo. There are also the Cancel, Reset, and Reset buttons. You can change the colors and even rotate elements.
DesignMantic Review - show my design free
If you prefer a professional designer to create the logo for you, DesignMantic will direct you to an associated design logo service.

Design options

DesignMantic offers hundreds of design options in more than 30 industries. At only $ 29, they are one of the most profitable design options currently available to startups. The free tool for creating logos allows customers to immediately see the design of their logo before they buy it.
You are the first and only developer of the custom HTML 5 logo and have a team of dedicated full-time project managers to help clients find the right design for them.

Printing services

Currently, they offer the following printing services: business cards and stationery, clothing and accessories, wedding invitations, marketing materials, and other promotional materials. This makes them a more complete design option for companies who want to develop their products quickly. Business design and brand identity.
DesignMantic Review - perfect theme

Turnaround time

They offer a very fast response time for logo files in two days, and customers can expect their products to be printed within 10 to 12 business days. In addition, they offer a full money-back guarantee to guarantee a fast, unique logo product that always exceeds expectations.
They are constantly updating their selections to make sure the design logo options are as up-to-date and up-to-date as possible.

DesignMantic Review ( Terms and conditions )

The contractual information and the process behind the site are clear and everything you need to know is easy to find on the Frequently Asked Questions page and the full Terms of Use for this service.
These two sections contain all the important information on prices, reimbursements, fees, security, specifications, concepts, and revisions. One of the key elements of the contract that needs to be considered is that a lottery will be closed once you have paid it.
DesignMantic Review - custom design
Once you have paid for the final design, the revisions will be considered a completely new design and the price will be calculated in this way.

Customer service

DesignMantic has some references from satisfied customers, including their quick and professional answers. Achieving this level of security is important to logo design websites because much of the work is done by the customer and the designer rarely meets in person.
Telephone support is only available during business hours, 5 days a week. However, you can always contact DesignMantic via the contact form via email on the website. The customer service team reacts quickly.

Design process

The DesignMantic DIY Logo Designer website promises to be quick and easy to use. There are 4 clear and guided steps to create your perfect logo. So you can easily search for different categories and sort the logo designs by sector, letters, shapes, and designs.
DesignMantic can boast of having the perfect logo in minutes, but the time required of course depends on how often you want to change a logo element. Once you’re done, you can download the full design files and use them right away. You can change your logo in DIY Builder as often as you like.
DesignMantic Review - recent work
After you have paid for it and downloaded it, you have to start from the beginning of every change and pay a second time.
The custom design takes more time than the DIY designer because you must first set your price for the contest and publish a creative summary to assist the designers.
The Operation page guides you through the process each step of the process. Design proposals arrive in a few hours, but you have 7 days to request changes, send comments, and choose a design delivery. Then you have another 7 days to make a final choice between the proposals.
You can request an unlimited number of reviews as long as this is the case within 7 days. Once the contest is over and you have paid for the design, the changes will be billed as a completely new design application.

Portfolio / experience

DesignMantic’s DIY logo designer presents a broad portfolio of logo design elements that you can easily explore. The choice of templates, symbols, fonts, shapes, and colors is virtually unlimited. This makes it a great choice for those who want to explore options and have a variety of options.
DesignMantic Review - website design template
DesignMantic Custom Design Arm is managed by ZilllionDesigns, which employs more than 100,000 talented designers. Neither the DesignMantic website nor the ZillionDesigns website has any information about the designers behind the logos, so there is no way to know the designer’s experience.
That is, when you buy a logo, what counts is the product that you can see for yourself rather than the qualifications that are required for the creation.

DesignMantic Pricing Plan : DesignMantic Discount Coupon 50% Off

Prices DesignMantic is based on the types of products: logo ($ 37 / design), printing services ($ 9.99 to $ 270.99, depending on the type of material, quality, and quantity), website ($ 9.99 / month) and custom Design ($ 87 to $ 599). / Order).
DesignMantic Review - premium packages
The DesignMantic tool is free and the user pays when he wants to download or print his design.
The printing services DesignMantic cards ($ 29.99 to $ 59.99, 250 to 500 parts), ($ 9.99 to $ 17.99, depending on size and color), headers ($ 21.99 to $ 270.99, 10 to 1,000 contain pieces), Envelopes ($ 64.99). 155.99 USD, 100 to 500 pieces) and booklet (29.99 USD to 199.99 USD, 25 to 500 pieces).
DesignMantic Review - website design price
As mentioned above, users can use the tool for free. You can choose your design from a variety of predefined templates, customize it to your liking and play with styles and fonts. Users only buy a pattern if they like it and want to print it out.


Your website indicates that the designs created on your site were ultimately created by your customers. A customer who wants to download and pay for his logo is interpreted by the company as an indication of his complete satisfaction. Therefore, DesignMantic declares that all sales are final.
If you continue to request a refund, a company representative will determine whether the final artwork is unsatisfactory due to a technical problem on the site and whether it can be corrected by off-line corrections. Otherwise, at this time, a refund will be made at the Company’s discretion.


Although this company does not currently have many customer reviews, the few available ratings appear to be very positive for the company’s products and customer service.
In fact, DesignMantic seems very interactive with their customers online, answering any critics, either positively or negatively, allowing them to thank for their comments and offering advice on how to handle their problem if they encounter any problems.
DesignMantic Review - mobile app
This is a good sign for a dedicated company that cares about the experience of its customers.

Competitors and Alternatives?

Many other online businesses, including, want to help users with their logos, headlines, and other basic design and branding needs, and offer their customers much cheaper options than hiring a professional agency.
If you have experience with this company or its products, leave your comments on DesignMantic below.


The desire of DesignMantic to be a quick fix for any low budget business is obvious. And I think it’s great that you make an effort to support charitable organizations. Keep an eye on your services and let DesignMantic take care of the art.

Pros and Cons

DesignMantic Review Pros

  • Easy to use, regardless of your ability
  • The fast design process with the intuitive design editor.
  • Affordable price
  • Non-Profit Discount

DesignMantic Review Cons

  • Only PDF, PNG and JPG files are specified
  • The designs are not exclusive.


Conclusion: DesignMantic Review 2024 | Is It Worth? DesignMantic Discount Coupon 50% Off

DesignMantic is an excellent option for companies that are just starting to position themselves and need a clear and clear logo for a very reasonable price. They offer so many options that those seeking help should find something to use on their website.
The lack of rights to your logo, however, causes many companies a big headache, and this problem seems to distract many potential customers.
More established companies looking for more complex designs or designs that are better transferred from one medium to another may not find the ideal option in DesignMantic and may want to go to a company that has the ability to further customize the logos. search.
We recommend DesignMantic to anyone looking for a basic logo design for new businesses is important for Online Branding. They offer a professional look at an excellent price.
Clear and accurate information from DesignMantic is critical to the smooth customer experience.
The fast and efficient DIY tool provides excellent feedback on customer service and is a quick way to get your own logo.
The Custom Logo Design Contest option is an additional benefit, such as: For example, direct access to a professionally designed logo at a reasonable price.
Want to try DesignMantic for yourself? Try it today to choose the perfect plan for you. Also, Share DesignMantic review in the comment section.
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