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  • 14-day free trial without asking for credit cards
  • Highly trusted and secure
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Great customer support
  • Very easy to use


  • None is a highly effective customer support software that can help you automate your customer support. You can work in teams as well, and it is highly reliable. To test the software, you can also choose their free trial for 14-days without giving any credit card information.


Looking for a review 2023, I am here to help you today.

Finding the right customer support software for your business can be challenging. 

Not all customer support software is created equal. Some are expensive and offer little value, while others are affordable but may not have the features you need. is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. Their customer support software is affordable, reliable, and customizable, so you can get the exact level of support you need. 

Let us check out in a little more detail.

What Is makes customer support easier for you. It helps you centralize 1:1 interactions, automate your work, and improve. They offer eCommerce-focused features. Review is a customer support software that makes it easy to automate customer service and speed up response times. With, you can easily integrate your customer support system with your existing CRM or Help Desk system, making it simpler and faster to get the information you need to resolve customer issues. easily tracks customer service requests and helps you quickly resolve customer issues. By automating customer service, you can free up your time to focus on other areas of your business.

What Does Offer?

Centralize 1:1 Interactions – 

Email Inbox: Assist your team in collaborating through a shared mailbox to improve customer communication and efficiency. includes all information about the client you are conversing with within the sidebar, including contact information, prior chats, and even their actions in other applications. Provide customized replies to your consumers depending on it. Offer Email Inbox

Tagging – Tag separate client tickets to classify them and make it simpler for the support staff to resolve them based on category.

Saved Replies – You may construct a library of commonly asked questions and their answers. Add them in only 5 seconds to your chat responses.

Private Notes – Before responding to a client, you may send private comments to your team members to address inquiries behind the scenes.

Assignments – Is your team often unclear about who is responsible for what? makes it simple to delegate emails to various team members. This contributes to reduced misunderstanding and more accessible, quicker client service.

Social Media: Get a robust, centralized helpdesk that allows your agents to provide an exceptional buying experience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other platforms. Offer Social Media

Built specifically for eCommerce stores – When you link your Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento shop to, you can perform impactful activities such as order refunds directly from your helpdesk. Instead of just responding on social media, enable your agents to deliver complete answers to your consumers through social media.

Craft personalized replies in context – Using technologies that allow you to monitor your customer’s communication history across all social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you may send personalized messages to make your consumers feel unique.

Leave the fuss of remembering social media credentials – With’s integration with your social media applications, your agents may immediately respond to queries from any social media account without requiring login credentials from your social media manager.

Live Chat: Facilitate client discussion by including a support center directly into the live chat widget. Provide them with all the information they want from the same resource. Offer Live Chat

Give customers a choice – is an all-in-one query generation and resolution tool for businesses. Give your consumers several routes to reach you with questions.

All-in-one support tool – Do not worry if you cannot contact the client through live chat; instead, handle the customer’s inquiry in detail using Desku’s email queue.

Talk to the agent through Live Chat – Allow consumers to contact you through Live Chat if they cannot locate the information they need in the Knowledge Base.

Make Self-Service help center fun! – In addition to providing article sources, embed videos, photos, and other valuable connections for your consumers.

Go ahead with the instant answers – Customers searching from a previously visited website may be simply directed to relevant information and resources to prevent getting trapped with inquiries.

Chatbots: Create sophisticated chatbots without writing code with No Code Chatbot Builder, a conversational bot for engaging with consumers, collecting leads, and receiving feedback. Offer Chatbots

An omnichannel experience – The Chatbot from is compatible with several platforms. Your gathered data and discussions may be seen in a centralized location.

Component Reusability – Your guests have distinct requirements. To accommodate their diverse needs, branch conversational flow using circumstances.

Preview and Deploy – Test the bot’s integration on the chosen channel before going live. This helps to ensure that your bot is operating just as intended.

Conditional Branching – The essential aspect of client interactions is communication. Create and deploy various conversational methods to accommodate multiple audiences without writing a single line of code.

Get Started in Building Bots with Absolutely no code! – Their bot builder allows you to develop conversational bots using You do not need technical knowledge to install these bots on various channels. Utilize curated templates to extract pre-made scripts and include them in your bot-building process.

Knowledgebase:’s knowledge base is mainly built for high-quality client self-service and ensures a minimum of 33% decrease in support volume. Fewer interactions and more client satisfaction is a win-win situation for everyone. Offer Knowledgebase

Optimized for search – Their knowledge base software has a sitemap that was automatically produced. Additionally, you may configure SEO parameters for each post.

Built-in SSL – Offer your consumers relief and tranquility with the SSL support option that is accessible for free on all websites.

Work on all devices – Your consumers can find answers on their PC, tablet, or mobile device, regardless of location.

Gain insight from Beacon activity – You may monitor which doc articles and web pages your clients read to see trends. Use these insights to revise articles in need of fresh content.

Give support options in Docs – Assist your clients in contacting you through email or chat directly on your Docs site, so they can continue to use the knowledge base.

Distribute help articles throughout your site – Using the Beacon assistance widget, you can instantly handle commonly requested issues by exposing knowledge-based articles. It decreases the number of incoming emails containing frequent inquiries.

Design Articles At Lightning Speed – They facilitate the addition of photos, text, hyperlinks, videos, and tables to articles. Then, you may choose categories, connect relevant articles, and add SEO-related information.

Automatize Your Tasks-

  • Rules: Provide customized information depending on event triggers. Quickly provide clients with every delivery, tracking detail, and other pertinent data.

Automatize Your Tasks Rules

  • Declutter the mess and increase productivity – Spend less time caring for your consumers by maintaining a consistent vigilance. To discourage unwanted e-mails and messages, customers’ resolved inquiries should be marked as closed, and the workspace should be kept basic and uncluttered.
  • Let them save time for you! – Save time by automating routine query-related chores. Returning loyal consumers will have greater expectations, and you must be prepared for their impulsive responses. It is essential to prioritize based on the nature of consumer inquiries and to automate repeated answers.
  • Simply automate your repetitive messages – Deliver vital information to your clients and generate automatic answers by combining macros and rules. You may establish unique rules based on the specific message sent to each Shopify client. Sending the right message at the right moment demonstrates to your consumers that you are attentive and accessible.
  • Self-Service: Offer your consumers prompt responses and complete website optimization. Easily handle everyday operations, like product cancellation and refund requests, to boost your productivity and provide the best client experience possible.

Automatize Your Tasks Self-Service

  • Customize for the best experience – Display essential information throughout your self-service experience. Use default parameters such as order shipping status and other order information. Permit your consumers to initiate returns or cancellations if the conditions are met. Delivers a reasonable service.
  • Quick Replies – Customers will always value prompt responses to their inquiries; thus, enables you to connect without feeling like you are engaging in a protracted, artificial dialogue. Simply provide your name and email address to get immediate confirmation.
  • Save time and focus on growing business – Be accessible to your clients when they need you, but refrain from interrupting your support personnel with inquiries such as “Where is my order?” Effortlessly handle regular processes like product cancellation and refund requests and easily elevate your efficiency and deliver the best experience to your clients.
  • Macros: Deliver the brand’s confidence in your message by developing pre-written replies with the brand’s voice and personality. In Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, and WooCommerce, you may additionally customize the variables based on the customer’s order information.

Automatize Your Tasks Macros

  • Right trigger action for the workflow – Utilize the macro to automate as many tasks as possible to maintain a seamless workflow. Automate the assignment of tickets to support agents, add essential topics or tags, and complete typical requests so you can concentrate on expanding your community.
  • Ever heard about the “response” library? – Aren’t you bored of giving consumers the same responses every day? Simply create your library with a macro to send it by choosing the stored response. Prepare answers to frequently asked inquiries about purchase information and shipment status. Select the applicable macro from your collection when responding to tickets.
  • Get faster responses by unifying your brand voice – With Macro, you can keep your responses intact and include customer-specific data while delivering them to individual clients. You will not have to modify information by continuously copying and pasting various tabs.

eCommerce Focused Features – 

  • Views: Increase the efficiency of by completely customizing its views. Manage your tickets according to the preferred languages and topics. Create an argument for rapid action on priority tickets with no additional work.

eCommerce Focused Features Views

  • A workspace that fits with your team! – Employed a dedicated agent or chat representative for your clients? Permit your agents to quickly evaluate the pertinent queries and forward the rest to their coworkers. With the dedicated view, you can help your team achieve more efficiency and fewer changes. Permit your staff to excel at what they do best in addition to other channels.
  • Do not start all over again! – Each ticket requires extra attention; thus, do not feel overwhelmed; instead, group the tickets depending on language, topic, and urgent priority. Half of your tickets are covered when you check in for the day, and half of your tickets are covered.
  • Take it is easy even in urgency – Yes, consumers want their full attention and occasionally prompt responses as well! Do not delay and waste time on such inquiries; instead, build a view for rapid response on priority issues without further work.
  • Order Management: provides your agents with the most excellent tools to organize store items and propose them to clients based on their needs without leaving the helpdesk interface.

eCommerce Focused Features Order Management

  • Surely secure platform for your eCommerce store! – Integrate your shop with to enable your support agents to respond to consumer inquiries without revealing their credentials. The most secure method for answering consumer questions.
  • Efficient order management with Macros – Macros in are more than just a pre-programmed template since they initiate fundamental processes such as processing refunds and generating or canceling orders. This helps to expedite responses and actions for typical customer activities.
  • Create, refund, or cancel orders all in one place – eCommerce integration allows you to create or cancel orders from a single tab. Perform many actions to resolve consumer inquiries without having to switch accounts.
  • Customer Sidebar: Display the most relevant information about clients from several eCommerce platforms in the sidebar. Support agents may modify their approach and get a deeper understanding of their clients by seeing the customer history directly from the sidebar without navigating between tabs.

eCommerce Focused Features Customer Sidebar

  • Not satisfied with the present sidebar? Just drag & drop! –The drag-and-drop editor allows you to enter just the information necessary for your team to show it, making it easy for support agents to see the required bar.
  • Create EVERYTHING using Desku! –Create orders, handle refunds and product cancellations, and integrate with a third party from a single location. Activate your helpdesk software under one roof!
  • No need to open the other tab! –Support agents may modify their approach and get a deeper understanding of their clients by seeing the customer history directly from the sidebar without having to navigate between tabs.
  • Multi-Stores: Manage many shops from a single helpdesk and communicate with customers over all channels. Manage your many shops under a single helpdesk. This will allow your agents to concentrate on various operations from a single dashboard, rather than switching between tabs and applications.

eCommerce Focused Features Multi-Stores

  • Prioritize with the help of automation – Utilize their automated workflow solutions that distribute tickets to the appropriate individual or team based on customer inquiries and topics.
  • Organize tickets according to your preference – Arrange the views according to your preferences for the brands, channels, consumers, teams, and anything else. This allows you to browse and organize in a manner that suits your needs.
  • Add your multiple stores – Manage your many shops under a single helpdesk. This will allow your agents to concentrate on various operations from a single dashboard rather than switching between tabs and applications. Collect brand-related inquiries and prioritize resolutions under one roof.
  • Support Performance: View the volume of your tickets from several channels. Facilitate your planning by analyzing efficiency measures. In addition, record the time support agents spend delivering the solution to clients.

eCommerce Focused Features Support Performance

  • Study the ticket flow ratio – There will be days when the volume of client tickets is much higher than on other days. Determine when the maximum number of tickets or queries is received. Optimize your resources by analyzing the heat map, so no consumers are left unanswered.
  • Know your average response time – Every customer issue requires a unique approach for resolution. It facilitates the management of the average resolution time supplied by your support representative. If necessary, direct your support staff to make adjustments and flood your tickets with 5-star ratings.
  • Efficient Key Metrics – Count on every effort in addressing consumer inquiries. How many messages does it take to close a single customer ticket? What is your initial response on social media? Obtain all the information from the potent instrument of measurement. For Whatsapp

Create a comprehensive customer experience by presenting your items to clients on WhatsApp and assisting them in making a purchase. For Whatsapp

Managing client discussions does not need complex processes and route builders. Create easily automated operations that enhance the WhatsApp customer experience.

You can increase brand recognition and revenue by reaching out to your consumers with targeted and efficient communication. Many agents may work together using a single Whatsapp number to provide superior customer support.

Send automated communications to users whose shopping carts were abandoned to recoup lost purchases. Give them timely encouragement to complete their purchase. Including alluring offers in cart-abandonment emails has worked wonderfully for firms. For Shopify & WooCommerce For Shopify allows you to access the order history of a client when a ticket is created. This expedites resolution without the necessity for copying and pasting or tab flipping.

With, you can create a tailored customer experience by using existing information such as the client’s name, shipping address, and much more.

It can not get much easier than this!’s helpdesk allows you to modify delivery addresses and order amounts, and even give a partial refund without switching between several tabs. With, you can automate up to 22% of your routine processes, such as sending out updates for frequently asked topics, locating recent purchases, etc. For WooCommerce

By meticulously studying return policies, tracking updates, etc., they assist you to discern the meaning and objective of each letter. These assists support agents in prioritizing tickets based on urgency Best Features

  • Multi-store connection: Desku allows you to link all your shops to it. This will enable you to consolidate all your shop tickets into a single location for easier access. It also expedites the dispute settlement procedure.
  • Support and revenue statistics: The all-inclusive helpdesk from can monitor support agent parameters such as ticket volume, response time, and resolution time. Utilize this data to optimize your revenue tactics.
  • Intent and sentiment detection: Identify client intent such as a refund, exchange, or shipment utilizing Desku’s inbuilt analytic capabilities. This allows you to set up automated responses and create tickets.
  • Auto reply: Create a highly personalized answer to frequent inquiries such as “where is my order” by automating up to 22% of support interactions with Desku.
  • Macros: Create templates for queries that are commonly asked. Utilize specific data variables to formulate the best appropriate response, then store it as a macro for easy reuse.
  • Social media posts and ads: Integrate your social network accounts so that you can reply to messages, comments, and inquiries from a centralized location. Provide your clients with the finest service possible!
  • Ticketing system: Using their ticketing system, you can centralize all of your customer communications. You may allocate tickets to several service agents for expedited query responses.
  • Live Chat: Convert site visitors into clients by facilitating a natural conversational flow through live chat choices. Utilize their finely honed agent interface to participate in discussions automatically. Pricing and How To Buy Guide

Here are the steps that will guide you through the process of signing up for a free trial. 

Step – 1 Go to the official website of from here. Click on ‘Start Trial. Pricing and How To Buy Guide step1

Step – 2: Fill up the details asked for, check the boxes, and click on ‘Register’. Pricing and How To Buy Guide step2

Step – 3: Click on ‘Let’s Get Started’ and keep using and understanding the platform better for 14 days. Pricing and How To Buy Guide step3

Here are the pricing plans for – 

The best part is, that there is no credit card required to start using their free trial for 14 days. That is a good enough period for understanding the platform. Pricing Pricings

Why Do I Recommend

  • Consistent Support: Let assist you through every stage of your customer outreach journey, ensuring that your investment yields the highest possible return.
  • Transparent Pricing and no hidden charges: offers the optimal mix of services at no additional expense. Enterprise tools are difficult and expensive to deploy.
  • Scale to support millions: Even when you expand your firm to millions of clients worldwide, provide the greatest customer service possible. Make client interactions your forte.
  • Increase productivity by 52%: Automate repetitive processes, link them with third-party integrations, and increase support agents’ real-time productivity.
  • Get started in minutes: is as easy to use as an email inbox. You can get started in minutes without dealing with significant technological issues.

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Conclusion: Review 2023

Overall, is an excellent customer support software that can help businesses manage customer interactions more effectively. The software offers a wide range of features and options to suit the needs of any business size or type. In addition, integrates well with other popular programs, making it easy for businesses to use the software immediately. Customer support is available through online chat and email, which makes getting assistance easy and convenient. Also, they offer a 14-day free trial without asking for credit card details. 

Overall, I highly recommend as a customer support solution for businesses of all sizes.

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