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Digital Ocean has revolutionized the way teams and individuals host applications and other web development projects.

It’s a novel kind of hosting that eliminates the need for you to manage your development infrastructure via the use of strong and dependable cloud hosting. Additionally, Digital Ocean has made this one-of-a-kind style of hosting more inexpensive. Why, therefore, would anybody need Digital Ocean alternatives?

As is the case with the majority of technology-based systems, some customers want a reduced price, larger storage, or unique features. That is why I compiled a list of the finest Digital Ocean alternatives currently available.

The most dependable alternatives provide a special kind of cloud hosting designed for developers. Some are less costly, while others are just “different” from Digital Ocean, the industry standard.

As with the Googles and Microsofts of the world, discovering new applications enables a less cookie-cutter answer, and, of course, competition is a good thing.

6 Best Digital Ocean Alternatives in 2023

1. Cloudways:

Digital Ocean Alternatives- Cloudways Review

Cloudways is my first Alternative because it has an intriguing business plan that seems to cater to a very specific demographic of people.

The firm does not have its data centers and instead relies on the cloud infrastructure of a variety of third-party hosting providers to supply its services. Although this is an uncommon model, it works rather well.

The firm seems to place a premium on simplicity and ease of use, which makes it an excellent alternative for novices. Cloudways provides a slew of features with all of its subscriptions, although at a somewhat higher price.

The lowest package available here is $ 10 per month, which is a little more than what Digital Ocean charges. However, since the hosting is handled, $ 10 per month is rather reasonable.

Cloudways pricing plans

You receive everything from managed backups and free SSL certificates to 1-click applications, dedicated firewalls, SSD storage, and free site migration. Additionally, the organization offers 24/7 customer service by ticket and live chat, which gives them an edge.

Cloudways also provides global coverage, since it has access to over 60 data centers.

Cloudways’ success is entirely due to the relationships it has established over the years. The firm collaborates with five major cloud providers, including Vultr, Linode, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud, as well as Digital Ocean itself.

Cloudways leverages these firms’ infrastructure and adds its services to the mix to sweeten the sale.

The primary advantage here is that you can use the robust cloud infrastructure provided by companies like Digital Ocean even if you are not a developer since Cloudways manages everything for you.

On the flip side, you’ll spend far more than you would if you signed up directly with one of the company’s partners. At the end of the day, you do get excellent value for money.

Cloudways is an excellent Digital Ocean competitor with one possible drawback – its price. However, if you don’t mind the expense, I fully suggest it since you receive a lot of fantastic services in exchange, like 24/7 live chat, which Digital Ocean does not provide.

2. SiteGround:

SiteGround Dashboard


Siteground is a viable alternative to Digital Ocean for both developers and non-developers. The firm provides affordable shared hosting, robust dedicated servers, excellent reseller hosting, and a variety of VPS hosting options.

You certainly have a variety of alternatives, and the company’s costs are often rather affordable.

Subscribing to a SiteGround shared hosting plan will cost you between $ 3.95 and $ 7.95 per month, depending on the package you pick. While shared hosting is inferior to cloud hosting in certain aspects, if you’re just getting started, you don’t need a VPS right away.

Additionally, SiteGround’s shared hosting plans include a free website builder, an SSL certificate, unlimited MySQL databases, daily backups, and email accounts.

The company’s cloud hosting options are largely aimed at companies, and the costs reflect this. Having said that, if you can afford it, the company’s cloud hosting is worth it.

You would not need to be concerned with any technical concerns, since the hosting is completely controlled. Additionally, you’d have access to some excellent advanced capabilities such as automatic scalability and the opportunity to host other people’s cloud accounts on your own.

SiteGround utilizes multiple electrical systems to guarantee that downtime is kept to a minimum even if one of its data centers has a power loss.

Although SiteGround’s geographic coverage is not nearly as extensive as that of Digital Ocean, the firm does operate servers on three continents and uses NGINX web server technology in conjunction with the Cloudflare CDN to provide lightning-fast loading speeds wherever you are in the globe.

Another significant selling point for SiteGround is its superior customer service.

The firm provides help 24 hours a day, seven days a week through tickets, live chat, and phone. The fact that you can contact support agents through so many channels is always a plus in my opinion, even more so when you consider how polite and educated SiteGround’s support professionals are.

I suggest SiteGround to anybody seeking an economical Digital Ocean competitor that provides both shared hosting and quality managed cloud hosting with a slew of good features.

SiteGround is not the cheapest cloud hosting option available, but you do get a lot for your money if you manage a company or an online shop.

3. A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting magento hosting

If you’d rather not bother with the technical details, you may choose A2’s managed VPS hosting. Prices here vary from $ 25 to $ 50 each month, and you can pick whether or not to include root access as well.

In terms of shared hosting, the entry point is now $ 2.96 per month. On the other hand, A2 also provides dedicated servers for a somewhat higher price, but you do get what you pay for.

Similar to virtual private server hosting, consumers may choose managed or unmanaged dedicated servers. Naturally, managed ones are more costly, but A2 takes care of all the hard work for you.

One of the most intriguing features that distinguish A2 Hosting from the competition is its return policy. Unlike the majority of large hosting companies, A2 offers an ‘anytime money-back guarantee’ on all of its hosting services.

There are a few drawbacks to this approach, but it generally works as claimed.

There is nothing to complain about in terms of customer support and features. You may contact support personnel through ticket, live chat, or phone, and the official website also has an excellent FAQ section.

Some aspects stand out. Several examples include free website migration, a complimentary SSL certificate, configurable hosting packages, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, a site accelerator, and turbo mode.

When it comes to unmanaged VPS hosting, A2 is competitive with Digital Ocean’s rivals, plus the firm provides so much more. At moderate costs, you can obtain anything from shared hosting to dedicated servers, and some of the features are unique.

4. InMotion Hosting:

Inmotion Hosting

While InMotion is not the cheapest DO option available, the firm maintains an excellent combination of pricing and functionality. Indeed, the primary reason InMotion’s pricing is somewhat higher than normal is that each hosting package delivers exceptional value.

I’m referring to unlimited storage, a complimentary SSL certificate, a comprehensive security suite, domain emails, one-click backups, virus protection, and a 90-day money-back guarantee, to name a few. And that’s with the most basic package.

InMotion’s shared hosting plans range in price from $ 6.99 to $ 12.99 per month. Although the entrance point is somewhat more than that of other less expensive Digital Ocean options, the price difference between each tier is just $ 3, making it quite simple to upgrade when the time comes.

Unlike many other providers, InMotion’s shared hosting plans feature a robust website builder, marketing tools, and strong eCommerce connectivity.

Because the company places a premium on WordPress support, those who enjoy working with the CMS will undoubtedly appreciate what InMotion has to offer.

The provider informs you upfront about the maximum number of monthly visits that your plan can support and provides a number of handy tools, like a WordPress-optimized stack and the BoldGrid WordPress plugins package. Additionally, for a one-time fee of $ 99. InMotion will build you a custom WordPress site based on your specifications in just two days.

InMotion’s scalability system is one of the simplest I’ve ever seen. Once you’ve outgrown shared hosting, you can immediately move to a WordPress-optimized VPS plan and subsequently to a WordPress dedicated server.

You’re not interested in working with WordPress? There is no issue. Additionally, InMotion provides managed virtual private server (VPS) plans and even cloud virtual private server (VPS) packages.

The cloud VPS plans are quite comparable to those offered by Digital Ocean in terms of pricing and specifications, but you receive a few extra handy services.

If you’re ready to spend a little extra, you may go for a managed virtual private server (VPS) package rather than a more hands-off approach. Managed VPS packages have access to both cPanel and root.

InMotion provides strong dedicated servers that readily compete with Digital Ocean’s virtual machines for really large websites and organizations. Individuals that buy one of the higher tier servers get lifelong savings, making this an excellent long-term investment.

Finally, InMotion provides a selection of Business hosting packages targeted at start-ups and quickly developing enterprises.

Despite its heavy emphasis on WordPress and shared hosting, InMotion is an excellent Digital Ocean rival that also provides reliable cloud hosting and dedicated servers. Although its rates are somewhat more than normal, the firm provides more than enough amazing features to warrant the charges.

5. Bluehost:

Bluehost overview

For some time, the firm has been the most popular web hosting service in the globe, and it is an excellent match for both newbies and experienced. If you’re considering signing up with a service but are unsure which one to choose, Bluehost is usually a secure bet.

Bluehost provides some of the most affordable shared hosting plans available, starting at only $2.95 a month (literally the cheapest host, there is no cheaper good alternative to Bluehost).

Bluehost Pricing

Additionally, the organization offers a very affordable $ 5.45 per month deal for those in need of additional resources, as well as a more expensive $ 13.95 per month bundle that contains some fascinating additional features.

With all shared hosting plans, Bluehost includes a slew of freebies, including domain names, domain protection, SSL certificates, and marketing credits. Additionally, some subscriptions include spam specialists, automated backup tools, and dedicated IPs.

The service offers a range of VPS options that may compete with Digital Ocean. These plans are somewhat less resource-intensive than those offered by DO, but Bluehost contains a slew of additional fascinating features.

Among other features, Bluehost enables customers to scale up their servers’ resources as needed. However, if you want more resources immediately, you may always choose one of Bluehost’s dedicated hosting plans.

If you want to develop a WordPress website, you won’t find a better supplier than Bluehost. In 2021, the firm is still the preferred supplier of WordPress, and I don’t believe that will change very soon.

Bluehost boasts a great WordPress integration and numerous hosting options tailored exclusively for people that want to work with the content management system.

Alternatively, you might choose one of Bluehost’s eCommerce plans, which are likewise built on WordPress and provide the complete set of functionality available via the WooCommerce plugin.

Additionally, the service provides managed WordPress hosting, which simplifies the process of putting up a new website for novice customers. By subscribing to one of these options, you’ll have access to everything you need to get started with WordPress.

This contains a one-click installation for the platform and a staging environment, daily scheduled backups, a marketing center, and malware cleanup, among other features.

Bluehost is not a direct rival of Digital Ocean since it does not provide conventional cloud hosting. However, you can get anything from shared hosting to dedicated servers at very low costs right here.

Not only that, but Bluehost outperforms them and the majority of other hosting companies in terms of customer assistance. Thus, this is a viable option for Digital Ocean.

6. Vultr:


Vultr has long been a competitor to DigitalOcean, offering a roughly comparable set of services at a lower price.

The service is dependable, simple to administer, and leagues ahead of what DO provide in terms of area coverage. Unlike its primary competition, Vultr has a very easy user interface and allows customers to install a range of helpful applications, including the ever-popular cPanel.

Vultr’s $ 50 giveaway demonstrates why they are one of our favorite Digital Ocean alternatives. After all, they believe in their goods enough to provide a “near-free” trial of their premium service.

Vultr is often cited as one of the top Digital Ocean alternatives, and for good reason. While the two firms provide essentially comparable services, Vultr outperforms its immediate competition in one critical area: pricing.

Although you’re getting a very basic computer for that amount, $ 2.5 per mo is an excellent starting point for anybody starting a new website or blog.


Vultr’s scalability means that you may quickly change to a slightly more costly bundle for a few more dollars if your site begins to get significant traffic. Surprisingly, Vultr provides a $5 tier that is similar in characteristics to the one given by DO.

The clear user interface makes it simple to manage teams of sub-users, establish API keys, and set IP whitelists, among other things. In summary, you can control almost anything connected to your servers via a single site.

Not only that, Vultr’s control panel is fully compatible with all devices, allowing you to effortlessly install and manage servers using a tablet or smartphone.

Vultr’s great geographic coverage is one of its primary selling factors.

The corporation has a global network of 16 data centers located on four continents. It’s usually a good idea to get a virtual machine that is situated as near to you as possible, which is why having so many places available is advantageous. By contrast, Digital Ocean now operates just eight data centers.

Vultr offers SSD storage in all of its products to guarantee optimal speed and employs an intelligent cloud architecture to assure 99.9 % uptime. According to my experience, downtime events are quite infrequent at Vultr, which means that you can anticipate your service to be operational almost 24 hours a day.

Along with superior speed, the provider excels in terms of simplicity of use, owing to its one-click install programs. Vultr enables you to quickly and easily build up anything from WordPress to Minecraft servers.

FAQ’s related to Digital Ocean Alternatives

👍Is Digital Ocean trustworthy?

With a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee, Digital Ocean is one of the most dependable resources accessible. When combined with a high degree of security and data protection, it's easy to see why this platform has so many customers.

🙌 Is Cloudways easy to use?

Cloudways is a cinch to use. Creating websites and installing applications is as simple as a few clicks. WordPress, Magento, and other applications may be installed automatically. If you have an older website, Cloudways can assist you with a speedy migration using the custom plug-in.

🙋‍♂️ Is Cloudways managed?

Cloudways is a managed hosting service that places a premium on simplicity and speed. Cloudways manages all aspects of server administration for you, from basic server and application deployment to continuous server maintenance, so you can continue to concentrate on expanding your company.

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Conclusion- Top 6 Digital Ocean Alternatives 2023 

The list of alternatives to Digital Ocean above was produced after completing comprehensive research on its rivals in the cloud hosting industry at the time.

This list will undoubtedly assist you in selecting the most appropriate cloud hosting company for the deployment of both personal and professional projects.

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