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In this article let’s do Digital Ocean VS Cloudways Comparison to find out the best web hosting providers But before talking about anything else, let us see what actually is a web hosting provider. We see a variety of different websites on the Internet. But how do these websites come over the internet? 

Web hosting provider does the job of bringing the websites over the Internet. It allows any industry, individual, or company to post their website or web page on the internet. It provides one with various technologies, features, and tools that are needed to post one’s website on the Internet and to make it visible to the whole public. These websites are not stored on a regular computer but are actually stored in a server. 

Suppose anyone wants to view your website. All they have to do is to enter the li k of your website on their browser’s search box and it will connect their browser to your server and then will take them directly to your website. So this is how web hosting providers actually work. 

Some obvious features that one can expect from any web hosting provider are email accounts, website building tools, websites, databases, and FTP file uploads. 

Now that we know what web hosting providers are, let us look into some of them. There is a wide variety of web hosting providers available but how will we know which one is the best and the most suitable for us?

Today we are going to look into two of the most famous and popular web hosting providers. They are Cloudways and digital ocean and are literally recognized as the beasts of their domain.

Hosting can be done in various ways. Shared hosting and regular trading hosting are some to name. But nowadays people are more willing to launch WordPress sites that are easy to make and for these kinda websites word press hosting will be the best for you. Cloudways and Digital Ocean are two really known and recognized names in this industry. 

We will be discussing the differences, pros, and cons of these two web hosting providers and thus will help you decide which one will be the best and the most suitable for you guys. So let’s get started!! 

Digital Ocean VS Cloudways Detailed Comparison

Cloudways Overview

Cloudways was launched in the year 2009. Its main headquarters is situated on the island of Malta, Mediterranean. Other than that it has its offices in Spain and Dubai as well. They are known to deliver a fast, reliable, and hassle-free word press cloud hosting and that too at a pocket-friendly price. The users of Cloudways are fully satisfied with their services.


It not only helps to launch your website but also to manage it throughout the time it’s working. Other than that they offer you an expert panel that has various professional experts that help guide you through the business, give you the best if suggestions, and overall help you take your business to the peak. 

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Digital Ocean Overview

The Digital Ocean was launched in the year 2011. It is a clouding company based in new york. It has more interest in providing its services to the developers rather than the business owners. The Digital ocean works in a way that is a little different than the way Cloudways works. They take you directly to the source themselves rather than pairing up with other cloud servers like them.


The thing that makes it popular in the WordPress sites having high traffic is its speed and performance, its efficiency, and the way how it offers an endless supply of advanced server resources.


Both of the given web hosting providers offer a variety of hosting solutions. And both of them are cloud-based this making WordPress sites easy to make and unique in itself. The difference between simple hosting and cloud hosting is that when we use cloud hosting, rather than connecting to a single server, it connects you to all the available servers. In order to get the best performance and efficiency, the network connections are switched according to the load on each server in order to have the best option. Other than the above benefit one more thing is that cloud hosting is way more scalable. You get to see an entire network of cutting edge services. 


The hosting services provided by Cloudways are really easy to use and understand as well. It can even be done by a fresher. One more thing is that as it uses a variety of servers it also uses the digital ocean server and same data center.

Cloudways- Server Size

So they end up being pretty much the same in this regard. Scalability really creates a difference because just in case we want more bandwidth, storage, or processing power we can do this by simply switching the servers. 

Digital Ocean

The Digital Ocean can easily surpass anyone when it comes to speed, scalability, or outright performance. But managing the features and cloud hosting options provided by the digital ocean is a little tough.

DigitalOcean- Sample Nodaje

You get various different choices when you want to choose the size of server droplets, the bandwidth, and more which in turn results in you completely customizing your website according to your needs and requirements. 


The winner of the battle of hosting options available is Cloudways Even though both of them offer a wide range of options and features, the only thing that makes Cloudways a step ahead is its ease in managing and handling different features and tools. 

USER SATISFACTION ( Digital Ocean VS CloudWays Users Experience Compared)


 In order to review and examine an affiliating software in addition to examining the reviews given by the experts, we should also try to find out the reviews of common people using it and other companies as well.

The review that we get is always mixed. After reviewing people’s comments on different social sites we came to the conclusion that Cloudways are getting around 65 good comments and 35 bad or average comments out of a total of 100.

Also, it offers a 24 *7 customer care service and provides it from mail, calls, live training, and tickets as well. The response time is also quite rapid and the consumers are satisfied with their service. Find out great deals on cloudways here.

Cloudways- Features

This information can help you make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret later. The engagement of people in this plugin platform is comparatively less.


In order to review and examine an affiliating software in addition to examining the reviews given by the experts, we should also try to find out the reviews of common people using it and other companies as well. The review that we get is always mixed. After reviewing people’s comments on different social sites we came to the conclusion that the digital ocean Is getting around 85 good comments and 15 bad or average comments out of a total of 100. Also, I’m ordered to solve customer’s queries they have posted various articles, videos and also offer live training for their consumers.

DigitalOcean-– Kubernaters

Other than the internal support, they also offer online support to their consumers and they can avail of this support to discuss at 

This information can help you make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret later. 


When we look at the customer service support of both Upcloud and Vultr, then both of them provide brilliant customer service and that too on all possible le services like call, live training, messages, tickets, and more. Also, the response time is nothing of them is excellent. This, looking at both of them one can not decide which one is better and therefore there is a tie between both of them on grounds of customer service and support.

SPEED AND PERFORMANCE Auto-Renewal ( Digital Ocean VS CloudWays Speed Comparison)


Speed and performance are the two main things that shod must be taken into consideration while choosing a word press hosting provider. Consumers really want rapid access and quick loading of the page. Cloudways boasts to provide one of the fastest speeds in the whole industry. And it can load a site within the time period of 500 milliseconds. In order to make this happen, they use high tech data centers with cutting edge technology. 


The digital ocean also is no less than Cloudways. Its time period is also around 500 milliseconds. In order to make this happen, they use high tech data centers with cutting edge technology. It is not just a fast provider but also a highly reliable one which one can trust on. 

DigitalOcean- Create Droplets


Both the providers are equally good in their performance and speed. It is difficult to choose one from them both and thus we choose both and it is a draw. 


Data centers play a really important role in whatever hosting service it may be. Because the data center is the way by which visitors connect to the WordPress site. 


Cloudways has a wide reach and has access to more than 60 data centers. These data centers are located throughout the world. All of this is possible due to five hosting partners of Cloudways.  With the help of its data centers spread worldwide, it can cover every possible region or city and has the best coverage. 


Digital Ocean also has its data centers spread all across the world. Some of its main data centers are located in North America, Europe, and Asia as well. Its reach is all round the world. 

DigitalOcean- Data Center


The winner in the field of data centers is Cloudways. It is because it has a wider reach. Also, Cloudways have various servers including that of the digital ocean along with many others. Thus Cloudways are a better option in terms of data centers. 


Both Cloudways and digital ocean are designed in a way to support the WordPress websites in the best possible way. They have its features designed in such a way that it provides seamless performance and speed to the word press websites. 


Cloud ways offer a speed that can compete with lightning and its services are really very reliable as well. The security offered by it is also world-class and its codes are difficult to break. It also offers one press installation so it helps reduce your time and effort. Thus your site can be formed within no time using Cloudways


Digital Ocean is also a lot similar to Cloudways. Its loading speed is faster than everything and it is highly reliable. It offers a strong security system and the main thing is that the security is managed by the platform itself and you are left hassle-free.

DigitalOcean- MAnage Hosting


It also offers one press installation so it helps reduce your time and effort. Thus your site can be formed within no time using the digital ocean. 


Both of them are equally well in terms of managed WordPress hosting. And it is really hard to select one out of them. Thus both of them end up getting a draw in relation to managed WordPress hosting. 

PRICING PLANS  : Digital Ocean VS CloudWays Pricing Compared


Cloudways offers its consumers with a lot of different pricing plans to choose from. They are 


The first pricing plan costs around 10$ /month or 0.0139$/hour. It includes DO hosting charges and comes with 1 GB ram, 1 core processor, 25 GB of storage, and 1 TB of bandwidth. 

The second pricing plan costs around 22$ /month or 0.0306$/hour. It includes DO hosting charges and comes with 2 GB ram, 1 core processor, 50 GB of storage, and 2 TB of bandwidth. 

The third pricing plan costs around 42$ /month or 0.0583$/hour. It includes DO hosting charges and comes with 4 GB ram, 2 core processor, 80 GB of storage, and 4 TB of bandwidth. 

The last pricing plan costs around 80$ /month or 0.1111$/hour. It includes DO hosting charges and comes with 8 GB ram, 4 core processor, 160 GB of storage, and 5 TB of bandwidth.


Digital Ocean comes with a wide variety of pricing options for the customers to choose from. They are – 

DigitalOcean- Pricing

The first one they have to offer is of 5$/month. This package of 5$ includes 512 MB of memory,  a processor of 1 core, a disk if 20 GB SSD, and also 1 TB of the transfer. 

The next one they have to offer is of 10$/month. This package of 10$ includes 1 GB of memory,  a processor of 1 core, a disk if 30 GB SSD, and also 2 TB of the transfer. 

The first one they have to offer is of 20$/month. This package of 20$ includes 2 GB of memory,  a processor of 2 core, a disk if 40 GB SSD, and also 3 TB of the transfer. 

The first one they have to offer is of 40$/month. This package of 40$ includes 4GB of memory,  a processor of 2 core, a disk if 60 GB SSD, and also 4 TB of the transfer. 

Other than that digital ocean offers various other pricing plans based on cloud, management, web development, and more. One can also form a personalized plan for themselves which is a great option. It  can prove to be really beneficial at times. 


Even though both of them offer a wide range of pricing plans and all of these are definitely a steal. These pricing plans are really affordable according to the services they provide. But if we compare, the pricing plans if both of them it will be really difficult to choose one from among them. But keeping in view the wide variety of plans if digital. Ocean, it may be a winner. Even though the cloudway offers various plans with a wide variety of servers to choose from including the digital ocean, no one can still beat the amount of server power one gets if it goes directly through the digital ocean. And this server power is really very incredible. 

Thus the winner in the battle of pricing plans is the digital ocean. 

PROS AND CONS of Digital Ocean VS CloudWays



  • Free trial
  • – Offers one-click installation
  • – 24*7 live chat and customer support 
  • -WordPress migrator plugin
  • – control. The panel is really easy to use 


  • easy to use user interface 
  • – developer-friendly tools
  • – great documentation and support 
  • – great community and support 



  • sometimes there is an error in launching the MySQL manager 
  • – no email hosting 
  • – lacks file manager 
  • – bigger server means a bigger fee 


  • occasional service outages in deployment services 
  • – slow response at times 
  • – DBaaS options too expensive
  • -Need better increments for virtualization

FAQs on Digital Ocean VS CloudWays

👉How good or bad is cloud hosting?

What Cloudways really does is give you access to modern cloud servers (DigitalOcean, Amazon, etc.) — which are cheap but unmanaged — and adds a managed layer, so you don’t need to be a wizard on the command line to configure/reconfigure the server. This essentially comes in the combination of 3 core services: Automated setup of cloud server A control panel to help you manage some basics (install applications, add users, manage services like caching) Technical support There are some add-on features like CDN. At the end of the day, the most important feature is probably the third: if you’re not a geek, and you learn how to ask right, they’ll help you whenever you have a problem or need to accomplish something the control panel/basic config doesn’t cover. Cloudways is a great route if you’re done with old-style shared hosting for you or your clients, but you aren’t a server-admin-geek. The main downside that I’ve found after a couple of years is that to accomplish this all in a simple way, Cloudways doesn’t give root (or ‘superuser’) access to your server (which, remember, is a 3rd party server at Digital Ocean, Amazon, Vultr, etc.).

👉Is Digital Ocean a good option to start?

At DigitalOcean we use KVM for virtualization and you get full root access so you can easily install Django, PHP, or any other application/framework that you use for development. We also provide a console so that you can access your virtual server through the control panel if you happen to miswrite a firewall rule or somehow else lock yourself out. Our focus is on performance and ease of use. We use only SSD drives which improves performance since disk IO is the usual bottleneck at most cloud providers. We also heavily invest in making the platform easy to use, which means that creating a virtual server is just a few clicks and our usual deploy time for a new server is under 55 seconds, so you don’t have to wait minutes or longer to get your virtual server online. Because we bill by the hour and our smallest server at 512MB costs less than $0.01 cent per hr you can actually signup, use the service for a bit and test things out, and not even incur $1 in fees.

👉How do you change the IP of a droplet on the Digital Ocean?

Every droplet always has a different and unique IP address. If somehow your IP address is blocked or you are getting any error you can create a new droplet and transfer your data from your existing droplet to a new one. But this required a bit of technical expertise to do that. I suggest you configure your DO server by a third-party company such as Cloudways. They offer DigitalOcean droplets with multiple new features that you won’t get if you buy directly from the Digital Ocean. They managed your server completely. Few features I’ve mentioned below: Easy DNS Management 1-Click Advanced Server Management Easy Application Management Easy SSL Installation & Auto-Renewal App Backup Support All five are quora links only

Testimonials: Digital Ocean VS CloudWays

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Conclusion:  Digital Ocean VS CloudWays Comparison in Detailed 2023 

Cloudways and Digital Ocean, both of them are two of the web hosting providers which are to die for. They are unbeatable in their domain. And the task of selecting one from among the both of them is a really difficult one. Both of them are super-fast, reliable, and really secure as well. While in some areas Cloudways score better in others it’s the digital ocean. On the one hand, where the cloud way is easy to use and set up on the other hand, the digital ocean is really affordable and has vast features. 

If we go through the study of these two in detail in terms of pricing & ease of use , then the winner will be one. And this one winner is CloudWays. Thus, the winner if the battle is one and only CloudWays!! 


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