Digital Vidya Python Data Science Course Review 2023: Is It Worth??

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Data Science has become an integral part of many industries where understanding data outlook is important. In fact, the demand for Data Scientists has seen a growth of over 400% in India, according to a report by Economic Times. 

The Python Data Science course by Digital Vidya helps learners build a strong foundation on the concepts of Data Science. Digital Vidya is considered as one of the top Digital Marketing & Data Science training institutes in Asia, and that is primarily because it bridges the gap between practical training and technical learning. 

This mix of practical and technical knowledge is exactly what top companies are looking for in Data Scientists. Let us discuss some of the top points that make a Data Science training at Digital Vidya worth your time.

Digital Vidya Python Data Science Course Review 2023:

Advanced Career Path

Almost every industry needs a Data Scientist today. The demand for Data Scientists is increasing, and a formal certification can help you advance further in this field. Almost every industry across the globe requires data scientists in some capacity. 

Digital Vidya Python Data Science Course Review- Digital Vidya

A data scientist is a multi-skilled professional who also needs statistical, programming, and data-storytelling skills. Some of the basic skills required by all data scientists are knowledge of Python, data analytics skills, statistics, and familiarity with programming languages, all of which can be obtained with a Data Science course by Digital Vidya. Springboard also offers reliable courses and certification programs that you can rely on. Check out Springboard review here. 

Top organizations like eBay, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft are also constantly on the lookout for skilled Data Scientists. That’s not it, many start-ups and SMEs are also in need of Data Scientists to get their processes up & running and with clear insights. 

The Curriculum of the Data Science using Python Course

The technologies in Data Science continue to evolve & various developments in the field of Data Science is witnessed on a regular basis.

Digital Vidya Python Data Science Course Review- Curriculum Data Science

Taking the dynamic nature of Data Science Industry into consideration, Digital Vidya offers an updated Data Science Course Curriculum that incorporates all the recent trends & updates.

The course curriculum is thoughtfully designed to give the participants an end-to-end understanding of Data Science.

  1. Introduction to Data Science
  2. Python Programming
  3. Scientific Computing with Python – Numerical Python (NumPy)
  4. Introduction to Pandas
  5. Data Visualization
  6. Matplotlib and Seaborn
  7. Advanced-Data Analysis using Pandas
  8. Statistics
  9. Machine Learning

Other Offerings

  1. Introduction to Tableau
  2. Python Programming Foundation
  3. Statistics Foundation
  4. SQL Foundation
  5. Data Science using R

Certified Trainers

Learning under experts in the field is the best way to get the most out of any training, and the trainers at Digital Vidya are not just practitioners but industry veterans too. For instance, Ganesh Naik, one of their trainers, has led training sessions at ISRO, Intel, CISCO. Another trainer, Vaishali Garg is a Data Scientist at Facebook.

Digital Vidya Python Data Science Course Review- Certificate Trainer

Digital Vidya hires trainers only after they pass a very strict onboarding process. Their rigorous onboarding process has been the main strength of their training in terms of quality. Many of the Data Science trainers at Digital Vidya hail from Europe & America. 

Hands-On Learning

Weekly assignments also help keep students in the learning loop, allowing them a chance to put what they were taught to practice.

At Digital Vidya, learners get over 100 hours of hands-on assignments, including assignments in Data Cleaning and Analysis using Pandas, Data Visualization, Exploratory Data Analytics mini-projects, Machine Learning, and Basis of Python. 

Apart from these assignments, every trainee has to successfully complete one Capstone project as a part of the certification. Such a project will give learners the opportunity to apply all the skills they obtain during the course in real-life scenarios. 

Digital Vidya Python Data Science Course Review- Pricing Plan

There are four such Capstone projects: 

  1. Natural Language Processing
  2. Healthcare Analysis
  3. Bank Marketing
  4. Deep Learning-Based Project 

Of these, Natural Language Processing is the most-used within the realm of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science across various industries.

While completing only one project is mandatory, the more projects that learners solve, the more skills they can gain.

100% Interview Support 

Digital Vidya has produced many capable professionals, and many of their alumni are placed in renowned organizations, and they also assist students throughout the placement stages.

Digital Vidya Python Data Science Course Review- Interview Support

By having a dedicated Placement Cell, Digital Vidya offers 100% Interview support to all the participants who successfully complete the Data Science Course.

Learning Management System (LMS)

The Learning Management System is another great benefit of the Data Science course at Digital Vidya. LMS is a learning technique that allows students to continue learning outside of the classroom, too. 

Learning Management System includes PPTs, discussions, quizzes, self-help guides, and Q&A forums. This feature is only available for registered students, which means that there is guaranteed privacy for everyone involved.

Data Science Tools and Languages

The course familiarizes you with some of the top tools used by Data Scientists that will make your learning & understanding of real-time challenges in Data Science better.

Digital Vidya Python Data Science Course Review- Tools and Language

  • Python Language: Python is the most popular programming language used by Data Scientists everywhere. 
  • R Language: Another useful language is R, especially for statistical computing in data science.
  • Jupyter Tool: This is an open-source application containing visualizations and narrative text.
  • Kaggle Platform: This online community for Data Scientists that is owned by Google. It’s a great way to practice and take mentored competitions.


After the participants successfully complete the Data Science Course Digital Vidya offers them with 2 exclusive Data Science Certifications in association with VSkills.

Digital Vidya Python Data Science Course Review- Certification

  1. Data Science using Python Certification – On successful completion of the course (offered by Digital Vidya)
  2. Data Science Certificate – After successfully passing the VSkills examination (offered by VSkills)

Students Review:

Students Review- Digital Vidya Python Course

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The Data Scientist course at Digital Vidya gives a thorough understanding of the data concepts and can be taken by anyone. But, I recommend you take the course if you have a B.E/B.Tech/MCA/MSc degree.     


So, how do you get the Data Science certification? Once your registration is complete, you will get the participation details for your instructor-led sessions. The course includes training, assignments, and projects, and once you complete all three, you can appear for the Data Analytics exam. 

Check out the course here! 

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