Why Should You Attend DMSS Digital Marketing Skill Share Event 2019?

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This year’s theme “Digital Mindfulness” accompanies the participants during the 3 days of the DMSS, can be animate in workshops, networking sessions or in the organization of the conference: environmentally friendly and centered in meaningful relationships.

DMSS is an event for marketing professionals, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs who share their knowledge and skills to excel and grow in the race.

Do not confuse this with one of these typical events. I’m impressed with the way content is taught and learned. They are real people who share their experience and knowledge about their activities. I have shared some of the conclusions of the second part of this article.

DMSS - Book Tickets

There were workshops on topics such as SEO, social networking, marketing funnels, as well as speeches from business players like Google, Hootsuite, WWF International, and others.

Workshops were also organized on the things we need in our daily lives to improve our productivity and our physical and mental condition.

The event was held in Bali, one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world, and was loved by digital nomads, business people, and travel enthusiasts. The event started from 1 to 4 November 2019.

There are an optional network update and a vacation event called Networkation where you can decide to spend three days in a villa with digital retailers and like-minded entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and skills.

DMSS Digital Marketing Skill Share Event 2023: Why Should You Attend??

WorkShop And Agenda

The DMSS conference will open this year in Bali with more than 30 international speakers giving the most valuable advice.

Conferences such as DMSS are deliberately exclusive and accessible only to a few participants. However, we offer you 2 free tickets in advance!


Their maximum performance experts bring science-based best practices to keep you motivated and energized with full energy, emotional and mental strength. You will also do yoga, Crossfit, ice baths, leadership and mentality training and much more!

Network While Holidaying

Add to the image the relaxed atmosphere of your five-star holiday in Bali and you’ll be totally on the nets. It is much easier for people to make real connections with each other when they feel relaxed and happy.

The pressure of typical networking nights is offset by the atmosphere created by exotic vacations.

In addition to the seminars, there are also surfing, spas in the spa and parties on the beach.

Such events are a gold mine for anyone who wants to get in touch with the right people. What prevents you from doing the same.

DMSS All-Conference Details With Price

1. Conference + 1 Workshop + Networking Day

Sale: $677

Save money with Their combi-ticket and get the full DMSS experience. Choose which workshop you want to attend on the next screen.

Day To Attend: Friday, 1/11 – Monday, 4/11


2. Day Conference

Sale: $347

Gives access to 40 Plus talks and all social events
Day To Attend: Friday, 1/11 & Saturday, 2/11

DMSS - Overview

3. SEO Workshop

Sale: $217

4-hour hands-on, advanced SEO workshop with Their experts to improve your SEO performance


4. Funnel Workshop

Sale: $217

4 hour hands-on, advanced Funnel Workshop with Their experts to optimize your business funnel

Day To Attend: Sunday, 3/11 2PM – 6PM

DMSS - Companies speaking

5. Networking Day

Sale: $217

Get close with Their speakers and join Their high-level discussions and network in Their private beach villa. Includes meals, transportation, and all activities.

Day To Attend: Monday, 4/11 10AM-10PM

Marketing Speakers At DMSS

DMSS - Ryan Bell

Ryan Bell

Media Strategist – NASA JPL

About the Speaker

Ryan Bell creates colorful strategies in media. He’s formed communities and worked with companies from BMW to The NFL and built interactive strategies, workshops and social engagements with Obama’s White House, NATO, SXSW, and Twitter. Ryan works at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, is on the executive board for The Television Academy judging The Emmys and works with influencers, musicians and artists in Los Angeles to create the most compelling stories on social.

DMSS - Gary Illyes

Gary Illyes

Chief of Sunshine and Happiness – Google

About the Speaker

Gary Illyes is a webmaster trendsetter committed to creating a better search experience for users by helping webmasters create awesome websites. If you’re not concerned with data to find ways to improve search on the Web, Gary contributes to the Webmaster Central blog and helps users debug their sites on the Google Webmaster Forums.

Prior to joining Google in 2011, he taught online journalism in Romania and abroad. He was a technical advisor to several leading media companies and spent his spare time in online forums to help webmasters solve news and Web-related issues. She studied computer science at the University of Phoenix and holds a degree in Journalism from the Ady Endre College of Journalism in Romania.

DMSS - Roger Graham

Roger Graham

Head of Asia – Hootsuite

About the Speaker

Roger Graham is Asia Manager for Hootsuite Media Singapore and has more than 20 years of senior management experience in business development, digital marketing, product marketing and products.

Graham, who is responsible for growing the company in Asia, is focused on expanding the business portfolio in existing and emerging markets, expanding the team and developing and deepening strategic partnerships contributing to the Hootsuite ecosystem.

Roger is passionate about digital innovation, entrepreneurship and often advises young companies. He speaks at conferences on digital marketing and digital marketing. In his free time, he plays ice hockey or goes to beautiful beaches and lively cities.


DMSS - Andrea Vahl

Andrea Vahl

Speaker, Author, Strategist – Andrea Vahl Inc

About the Speaker

Andrea Vahl is a Facebook Advertising Expert, Consultant, and Speaker and is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies and her newest book is Facebook Ads Made Simple.She was the Community Manager for Social Media Examiner, one of the most influential social media news sites, for over 2 years and has appeared in top lists on Entrepreneur.com and Inc.com.She is also a stand-up comedienne.

DMSS - Paul Ramondo

Paul Ramondo

CEO – RamondoMedia Pty Ltd

About the Speaker

Paul Ramondo is a renowned speaker for digital marketing, blogger, Facebook advertising and the founder of RamondoMedia. A digital store working with clients such as Porsche®, RedBull®, Choice Hotels ™, Boral®, and Australian Sports Nutrition.

In addition to managing RamondoMedia, Paul teaches entrepreneurs how to generate leads and sales with Facebook ads and the digital marketing hoppers of their e-learning business: Funnels101.com.

DMSS - Ashley Ward

Ashley Ward

Founder & Digital Marketing Specialist – Madhouse Marketing

About the Speaker

Ashley Ward is the founder of Madhouse Marketing, a San Diego-based digital marketing agency specializing in content marketing and social media.

Speaking both internationally and in the United States. Ashley holds regular workshops and lectures at conferences such as Pubcon, BrightonSEO, SearchLove, Digital Summits, Global Retail, and Sydney’s prestigious SMS.


dmss digital marketing event


Conclusion: DMSS Digital Marketing Skill Share Event 2023 ??

One thing is for sure: If you ever feel that your work is becoming drab, visit Bali and visit DMSS for a new dose of inspiration. The people here will show you how to lead a free life that is not so common in this digital age.

Bali as an island is full of charismatic people who are not very different from you. They follow the Rule of life without the boss and do whatever you want to do. These will only be words for you until you learn them.

If you’re a merchant, blogger, or a person who leads a sustainable life, you can stay in Canggu (book through AirB & B) or enjoy DojoBali, a shared workspace that also offers a shared life. , Rent a bike and experience the streets of Bali as a resident.

Bali, however, is relatively cheap in terms of rent and food. You can literally spend the day and night in shorts and T-shirts. If you live in cities, you can understand your freedom.

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