Don’t Neglect These 8 Things If You Are Using Quora In Your Social Strategy

Quora is a question-and-answer social media platform that has taken the world by storm since 2009. People like it because most of its members are real people with experience in different fields of life; not spammers or unidentified user accounts.

The site has gained immense reputation as one of the few social media platforms one can always visit to do good research. If you’re a marketer, you can take advantage of the booming Quora wave to stamp your authority and gain immense popularity by answering some Quora questions that have one or two things to do with your niche. Here’s how marketers can use Quora to get social.

Quora In Your Social Strategy

1. Monitor the impact of your answers

Quora has a new Statsfeature that offers writers (or marketers for that matter) an in-depth look at their impression on readers. This ingenious feature shows growth over time in relation to specific Q&A posts.

One can choose from four different time periods last 7 days, last 30 days, last 3 months and all the time to get an idea of how many up-votes and views their responses have earned. A quick look through these stats tells you which avenues can give you the most exposure. After all the whole point of participating in Quora QA sessions is to influence people and build a marketing front.

2. Proofread and edit your answers

Our brains know exactly what we want to say, but it’s not always that easy to express it flawlessly. You need to proofread your answers to ensure that grammar is perfect and that there’s no ambiguity or redundancy in your language use. Besides that, you need to re-edit it to ensure it’s easy to read and impressive to the eye. Quora provides a variety of text editing tools that one can use to enhance readability.

3. Images enhance readability

Human beings are naturally wired for images. According to data from Skyword, the more multimedia you include in your press material, the more views you’re bound to get. When it comes to Quora, you can use a photo (normally appears in thumbnail) to entice readers to click through and read your answer. This in turn makes you more popular and enhances your marketing efforts.

4. Be among the first ones to answer

Don’t wait until it’s too late to answer questions you have a good answer for on Quora. Why is it advisable to do this? For starters, the question will still be fresh in the askers mind. Besides that, you might be lucky to get the asker to engage you further because he is still eager to learn more (at that point). This means more up-votes and better marketing fortunes for you.

5. Don’t limit your options

The more your answers are read, the bigger your fame and the better your marketing chances get. Consider linking your Quora account with your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to allow for easy sharing of your answers. Immediately you’ve answered a question, an update will be pushed to your other social media account. This way you can draw even more traffic to your answers on Quora.

6. Play by the rules to avoid answers being hidden

There are three reasons why an Quora answer may be collapsed


(b)Moderators have suggested answer improvements

(c)The author has not yet verifies their real name on Quora.

To avoid the first problem, be sure to post useful answers that address the needs of your audience. For problems (b) and (c), check your notifications regularly to address any issues with your account.

7. Provide reference for statistics mentioned therein

Referencing wherever appropriate is highly recommended on Quora. It gives your readers an avenue to gauge your arguments and gives them the confidence that you’re an ardent researcher and well-informed. The norm is to simply paste the link where you found the material and Quora will automatically shrink it so it doesn’t crowd the space.

8. Being genuine is key

Overall, the ingredient to successful marketing on Quora is to be genuine. Always provide meaningful answers, ask thoughtful questions and support useful answers through voting. Strive to build your profile as a thought leader so people can start believing in you and taking your opinions as nothing but the truth. If you appear spammy or fake, not many people will want to be associated with you.

Over to You

These 8 tips will enable you to professionally benefit from using Quora. Most importantly, remember that you can further amplify your marketing potential on this platform by respecting the entire Quora community. All the best!

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