Downstream Review 2024: What Is Jungle Scout Downstream?

Downstream Review

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Robust, robust, and designed expressly to suit the demands of Amazon suppliers, they enable companies to scale expansion while enhancing ROI and operating efficiency rapidly. Operational efficiency allows you to achieve campaign objectives with less effort and time.

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  • Competitor Intelligence
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  • Seller Central Data
  • Vendor Central Data
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Looking for an unbiased Downstream Review? We got you covered today.

Amazon Advertising is a complex and often overwhelming platform. Knowing where to start, what tactics will be most effective, and how to track your results can be challenging. 

Without the right tools and guidance, it can be challenging to make the most of Amazon Advertising. You may not know where to start, what tactics will be most effective, or how to track your results. 

Downstream Review

Downstream is explicitly designed for businesses looking to get the most out of their advertising on Amazon. Their team of experts will help you understand the platform, create a winning strategy, and track your progress to see exactly how well your campaigns are performing.

Oh yes, Downstream is a part of the Jungle Scout family, which is considered the best Amazon seller software and product research tool.

So let us check out Downstream in detail. 

What Is Downstream?

Robust, robust, and designed expressly to suit the demands of Amazon suppliers, they enable companies to scale expansion while enhancing ROI and operating efficiency rapidly. Operational efficiency allows you to achieve campaign objectives with less effort and time.

Downstream Review

Downstream’s machine learning engine optimizes your ads automatically based on relevant parameters, allowing you to set your KPIs while their computers take the wheel. Understand the channel as a whole, not just individual campaigns.

Shelf Intelligence enables you to monitor market positioning, acquire insight into the competition environment, and identify search activity patterns. Their suggestion system provides sophisticated campaign modifications to optimize your channel efforts.

Major Features & Benefits of Downstream

  • Partners in Your Success: They care about the success of your Downstream experience, from onboarding to learning new features. They have remarkable customer service.
  • Help & Support: Their devoted support teams are there to assist you in getting started Downstream and to answer or resolve any technical concerns.
  • Secure Data Storage: Downstream safeguards your data from when you allow us access, preserving it in perpetuity and providing you with access to it so that you may do long-term forecasting.
  • Team Roles & Permissions: Robust administrative controls allow you to govern the manner and location of data sharing.
  • Universal Account Portal: Downstream enables you to import all your accounts into a single, unified interface for administration with authorization restrictions.
  • Quick Filters: Find what you’re searching for quickly and simply with comprehensive filtering by labels, performance levels, countries, campaign kinds, and other criteria.
  • Bulk Editing: Effortlessly modify campaigns and keywords with bulk editing features.
  • Historical Data: Access growth year-over-year, historical trends, and other valuable data beyond Amazon’s 90-day limit.
  • Harmonized Currencies:  Utilize normalized currency conversion indicators to evaluate performance across marketplaces in a unified perspective.
  • Global Support: Globally assist Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands suppliers and sellers in the United States, Europe, Japan, Canada, India, Australia, and Mexico.
  • Extended Attribution Windows: Explore various attribution models and windows for Sponsored Ads beyond the defaults.
  • Product Ranking Insights: Determine where your items rank compared to rivals and which levers to pull to enhance your brand’s visibility on Amazon’s digital shelf.
  • Detailed Metrics and Labels: Evaluate performance indicators at the brand, keyword, and ASIN (SKU) level, or add custom labels to segment your data in the manner you like.
  • Shelf Intelligence: Gain an understanding of your market position and search activity patterns.
  • Custom Reporting with Dashboards: Export and download snapshots and bespoke reports that may be readily analyzed and shared with stakeholders and leadership teams at any time interval.
  • Shelf Planning: Downstream will automatically alter your campaigns to attain the desired “digital shelf” for a particular search keyword. Protect your brand keywords and guarantee that your items are seen for brand-critical search phrases.
  • Keyword Harvesting: Automate the identification of new, successful keywords. Set metric criteria and precise text targets to automatically locate essential search phrases that align with your company goals.
  • Dayparting: Ads should be scheduled to run at the most reasonable day periods. So that you never run out of money during peak conversion hours or when rival budgets are depleted, allocate and regulate spending down to the hour.
  • Goal Seeking: Automate your expenditures depending on your profit objectives. Set a target RoAS or ACoS; their machine learning algorithms will optimize your ads and keyword bids to maximize your KPIs.
  • Sales Maximization: Maximize sales while maintaining advertising budgets. Achieve your budget goals on time, every time, and guarantee that every dollar spent contributes effectively to growth and profit.

How To Start Using Downstream?

Go to the official website of Downstream from here, and click on ‘Pricing.’ 

How To Start Using Downstream

Scroll down, and you will be asked to fill up some details. Fill them up, check the boxes, and click on ‘SUBMIT.’

That is it. They will soon contact you. 

You can also choose to click on ‘REQUEST A DEMO.’

Downstream request demo

Here too, you will be asked to fill up the details, check the boxes, and click on ‘SUBMIT.’ They will soon contact you and give you a demo. 

Tips Before Launching an Amazon Ad Campaign

Here are some of the questions you must ask yourself first before launching an Amazon ad campaign – 

  • Is it an Add-on Item?

Add-on Items on Amazon are often low-priced (less than $10) things that can only be dispatched with purchases containing at least $25 worth of Amazon-shipped items. These might impede sales for buyers seeking to buy a single item priced at less than $25. Instead of promoting Add-on Items in AMS campaigns, prioritize higher-priced items to generate a greater RoAS.

  • Is the content clear and accurate?

Excellent content increases your SEO and lowers the sales barrier. Check the names, descriptions, videos, and photographs of the products. Provide specific, informative, and user-friendly product information to encourage shoppers to spend more time on the Product Detail Page.

  • How many positive reviews does the product have on Amazon?

Products included in AMS campaigns must have at least 15 reviews with an average rating of at least 3.5 stars. For advertising around shopping holidays, this should be 4.7 or above to stand out.

  • Am I winning the Buy Box?

Winning the Buy Box indicates that when a customer hits the “Add to Cart” button on your Product Detail Page, the default action is to purchase from you; they may still buy from others, but this requires an additional click. Spending your Amazon ad money to drive people to a Product Detail Page on which you have not earned the Buy Box will result in a substantial drop in return on ad spend (ROAS).

  • Is there enough inventory on Amazon?

Verify you have adequate goods available for sale before the beginning of the campaign to prevent having to halt and restart AMS campaigns, which will limit traffic to your Product Detail Pages and sales. To guarantee maximum relevance, you must certify that the product has been in stock for the previous 30 days.

Why Do I Recommend Downstream?

  • Get expert support you can trust: Downstream by Jungle Scout offers a team of eCommerce professionals well positioned to assist you in achieving your objectives on Amazon and Walmart. 1.8 billion data points support their proprietary algorithms, and they continually develop success-enhancing features.
  • Manage and safeguard your data: Control how your team members access campaign data with governance and user restrictions at the enterprise level. Because your data is irreplaceable, it is stored securely from the first integration day.
  • Focus on what matters most: The channel insights and customizable dashboards provided by Downstream transform raw data into information, allowing you to feel confident in your channel strategy and devote your effort where it matters most.
  • Automate ads and move more products: Their AI-driven automation works around the clock to achieve your goals, making your advertising spend more intelligent and competitive.

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Conclusion: Downstream Review 2024

Here ends my review for Downstream by Jungle Scout. Downstream is something you must consider for Amazon and Walmart advertising. It is a part of the Jungle Scout family, so it has some potential and can be trusted. 

They don’t have a pricing option on their official website, but you can ask them for a demo or simply contact them for prices. 

I sincerely hope this article helped. Please let me know in the comment section whether you liked Downstream or not. 

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