Dropfunnels Review 2021: Is It Worth Your Money? (Why 9 Stars)

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In this post, we have featured Dropfunnels Review that’s Included insights features support, pricing, and pros and cons, And more.

There are many customers out there who require varied products and services, hence the need for Dropfunnels Review. They vary from customer to customer according to their needs, money availability, and so on. These days of globalization have made the customer have a variety of brands to choose from.

Thus it becomes essential that companies need to do their best to attract customers to stay in the competition. They need to be vigilant and co-operative for the customer to stay loyal to his/her company. So, now that we have understood how important the customers are to the companies, the companies need to advertise and grab the customer’s attention to make them buy their products.

What is a Sales Funnel?

In an online marketing arena, it may sometimes happen that a certain website isn’t able to make any sale online. This brings in the need for a marketing strategy to help people move up the economic ladder. In simple words sales funnel is a road map designed for buyers that they unconsciously follow when shopping online. 

This is done in a few easy steps. The first step is to make the public aware of your product through advertisements. The next step is to grab the attention of the audience. This is done either by persuading them to buy some entry-level goods so that they can try their products, or promoting different offers and support facilities.

After a buyer seems interested in your product you can fuel their decision by providing more offers and discounts. After this the product is purchased, the payment is made and the customer is satisfied even though the purchase is done, the quality of the product provided plays an important role in the retention of the customer

What Experts Say About Dropfunnels:

What Experts Say About Dropfunnels

“I’ve spent over $500,000 building custom software platforms, and anyone can now access the same level of technology in just minutes. That’s just one reason why DropFunnels is now my default recommendation for any digital business.”

Mike Dillard, MikeDillard.com

DropFunnels Review: In A Nutshell

Companies need a medium through which they can promote their products and can get the required information to reach a customer. This is where DropFunnels comes into play. DropFunnels is a website, which is a sales funnel, a website maker, and also has an SEO blogging platform that can be used to bolster your customer base.

This can be a make or break for certain businesses that are emerging and want to increase their customer base and revenue.GrooveFunnels is a similar funnel builder like DropFunnels, that offers add essential and advanced featured to create powerful sales funnels on the go.

DropFunnels is an all-in-one website, having a sales funnel and website maker designed by Jordan Medirich. As mentioned above it also comes with an SEO blogging platform that replaces the old methods of promoting businesses such as email marketing and telemarketing.

 Dropfunnels Honest Review - DropFunnels

Apart from this, one can utilize its vast and extensive collection of features such as websites with widgets, sidebars which will give an edge over other websites.

Though most of these features are available on other websites,  one can safely say that DropFunnels has an upper edge over the others as it is newly established and the company trying hard to keep its customers satisfied.

If you are using other sales funnel websites, I would recommend you to use this website (They also offer a 14-day free trial, as on 21/08/2020). So you can check it out and see if it fits your needs and requirements. This flexibility is not provided in some of the other funnel building websites.

Who created it?

Jordan Medirich designed this amazing all-in-one software. He is a first-class affiliate marketer and a funnel builder. He used to work with ClickFunnels and gained a lot of experience there. Though he was talented, he could not satisfy himself with the limits of Clickfunnels and was tired of building sales funnels over and over again.

These issues frustrated him and he wanted a change. And thus we came up with the idea of DropFunnel. He added more features to the still existent features of ClickFunnels and fashioned this marvelous software.

 Why DropFunnel?

DropFunnel assists you to make your official business website, promote it, and excel in your sales. It has an efficient infrastructure for WordPress and provides whatever is best for your business.

Launching an online business is no longer a desire with DropFunnel. A website sort of brand gives the impression of your products and services in the minds of the visitors. If the website is attractive enough, with interesting features, visitors tend to spend more time exploring the products and might even buy products.


The very first to show off your products is by displaying them in a very vivid and systematic way. If you don’t have any technical knowledge whatsoever, you can still start with the easy drag-and-drop page builder. They provide more than 90 pre-made templates to choose from. In no time you can have your website made and start a new genre of business.

Can you imagine your funnels boosting up to 10times better than what you normally get? DropFunnel claims to make it possible. You can add sales funnel seamlessly by the means of DropFunnel’s “Funnel Flow” feature. You can bring in, split, or set up funnels from the very start, and notch the best results. Not only adding, but you can also divert funnel paths or remove pages according to your wishes and requirements.

The actual growth in online business from organic traffic and an SEO blogging platform helps you to reach up to more number of audience. Your website gets featured in the topmost searches of every search engine.  Your SEO blog advertises your brand. DropFunnel helps you create a blog with ease, without employing technical advisors and developers. You can even enjoy creating a blog if you have the skill and love for creative writing.

A business is mostly dependent on its sales. Usually, it takes time to increase sales and build an extremely worthwhile product. DropFunnel with its simple integration has removed all the hurdles to help anyone with whatever skill set they have. Now you can add products to your websites and sales funnel with minimum to no effort.

 Who is it for?

DropFunnel is an excellent option for beginners who have just stepped into the online forums. This software makes sure that they do not have to look somewhere else, to serve different purposes. DropFunnel doesn’t even draw a lot of money from your pockets.

It stands out as a perfect choice for creating a basic yet classy website. If you are more interested in the sales funnel, you have the liberty to go forward with it even with ease.

But once you start using, you might never want to turn back. It is not only a one-stop destination for beginners, but also small businesses, start-ups, bloggers, online shops, and entrepreneurs.

What can you do with DropFunnel?

Now many of you might be thinking, what does Drop Funnel help you making in? DropFunnel is a versatile software that allows you to build your own webpage, entire sales funnel, membership sites, courses hosting and custom check out.

When they say, they help you to create so much, they are not making any falsify claims to attract customers. They set their limits by competing and compiling the perks of various other software and plugin available in the online conclave.

The basic difference here comes within the blog section, as they are unable to go head to head with WordPress for SEO purposes. Many online entrepreneurs and marketers were happy to switch over to Drop Funnel for its multipurpose features, all in such a limited amount.  It is the ultimate choice of the most digital marketer using the online marketing systems to bloom with flying colors.

DropFunnels: Features

For a WordPress website, you might even consider only buying DropFunnel. It has no head aching complex coding and a lightning-fast speed along with Drag and Drop builder. It is massively scalable and has many unlimited and unique features. It endeavors to bring in the singular features of different websites like ClickFunnel, LeadPages, Katra, Builderall, etc.

Your Funnels Are LEAKING PROFITS And You May Not Even Know It- Jordan Medirich

Unlimited Landing Pages And Sales Funerals

With DropFunnels you can be sure, you will be accessing unlimited destination pages and sales funerals. Comparing to other Software, where customers have to continuously upgrade to keep on creating more sites

DropFunnel is just efficient for designing marketing funnels and customize it according to your necessity.

It can be done in 2 simple steps:

  1. Choose your Design
  2. Naming it.


You can use the features of templates for creating blogs, sites, checkout pages, lead creators, video sales lettering, and registering for webinars. You can even add lesson templates and course index pages. You have an option for templates, complete funnel, or even bring in CF marketing pages.

Drag and Drop Builder

As a matter of fact, DropFunnels was not made by any singular input from a programmer or web-developer. That simply suggests, when they say you don’t need any tech professional, they execute it. Their website is the sole proof of their functionality and credibility.

This page builder is used for producing your blogs and sales funnel. It is very similar to BuilderBeaver ( a renowned WordPress page Builder Plugin) and uses templates to integrate various other widgets. As already mentioned, it provides over 90+ Drag and Drops Builder modules to choose from.

Unlimited Membership Sites and Courses

If you have the rare talent of recording courses as well as interested in membership sites for your courses, services, or offers, etc. They allow you to integrate the integrated traits of a sales funnel and membership sites.

Creating a membership site is also as easy as any other. You start by giving a name to your site, and then you coin a URL for your membership. At last, it is only you who has to choose the last type of membership site. It doesn’t matter if you want a basic or advanced version, the steps above are all the same.

Unlimited Blog Posts

If you want to put up any type of blog, or have been thinking of creating multiple blog posts then here you are! DropFunnel provides standard blogging features and sets up  Hosting and WordPress Websites, you need not worry about that. Though you will not go amiss of a slight hint of sales funnel here too.

It doesn’t matter if you are starting a business from scratch, a blog helps you to advertise, explain, and promote your products. With DropFunnels, you can be creating unlimited blog posts. All these features are backed up with advanced SEO benefits, it becomes extremely useful for beginners.

Built-in Link Tracker

DropFunnels facilitates you, a built-in link tracker to keep a check on your performance. You can easily monitor sales and leads on your website, and have the liberty to ask for any report or record you feel necessary. Their tracker helps you check the number of clicks your link gets.

It is very easy to set up. All you need to do is add a source URL and destination URL, and then just choose the action and redirection type. If you want you can also keep some setting on default for the ease of it.

Others Feature Dropfunnels

There are several other features listed down below:

  • Choose your Professional Theme Designs
  • Stripe integration for Easy Payments
  • Form and Reform Domain Mapping
  • SEO Framework
  • An Efficient Menu, and many more

DropFunnels: Affiliate Program

 Affiliates who are approved earn 30 % of the recurring commission on whichever maybe the plan they refer to at DropFunnels. Affiliates also have contests such as the special affiliate contest in which some affiliates who have done exceptionally well are facilitated and are given certain incentives for their work.

Before the commission payout, a minimum of 100$ USD should be earned by the affiliate by themselves through total commissions. Commissions will be given to the affiliates on the first day every month through a payment method they have also approved of.

DropFunnels - Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate cannot give their account for the money transfer. If found to ignore this particular rule, it is considered a case of thievery and the affiliate will thereby be expelled from the DropFunnels affiliates program and all the unpaid commissions will remain with the company and not be given to the affiliate following ill conduct.

An affiliate is not required to become a user of the software but that’s highly recommended so that your members are given the best help when you are needed to assist them.

DropFunnels Vs ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels: Overview

 ClickFunnel is a landing page builder and creates a sales funnel, helping you to grow your business on a global level. ClickFunnel is online marketing software. Since its initial days, it has been people’s favorite as it helped its users grow and earn more and more profit. It basically converts site visitors into customers.


In 2014, when it started it was said this would revolutionize the online marking system and an era marking the uprising on online marketing. It was founded by Russell Brunson. Brunson was already famous for his creations and earned a lot from Clickfunnel and other marketing adventures. He even experimented with email marketing for some time but eventually came back to mastering Sales Funnels.

How does it compare to ClickFunnels?

 Both these pages are used for page building. On comparison before the two software, it is found that these two hold much difference. The DropFunnels has as their primary editing tool, Beaver Builder and it is created using WordPress because of which they have optimized speed and SEO.

It has optimal speed and therefore they can use only one of it per account so that the SEO can function at its highest level. ClickFunnels is completely working on optimizing and making sales funnels. ClickFunnels permits multiple users to join at the same account. Their account is much more simplified as compared to that of DropFunnels. Many features aren’t there on ClickFunnels

Both these give practice to their customers to use their pages. However, DropFunnels does not provide any extra practice for the marketing process to do this whereas ClickFunnels provides more free training programs through FunnelFix.

Where pricing is concerned, DropFunnels is a better choice if your investment is going to be small. ClickFunnels has two annual options that are both much more expensive than the packages offered by DropFunnels but on the brighter side of things, you will be able to access the free training program on marketing that is offered by ClickFunnels through FunnelFix.

DropFunnels: Pricing

Drop funnel permits the user to have a free trial of its features for 2 weeks, therefore, letting the user try and decide for himself/herself if this software caters to their every need. However, if it does the pricing package is as follows

DropFunnels- Pricing Plan

Starter Plan

To reap the advantages of the starter version and access to the basic features you have to pay  $49/month. This is the lowest rate that DropFunnels offers. With this basic version, you get all the core features. You have no limit on the number of pages and products you add.

You have a wide range of choices for different templates in a well-organized template library. It comes with a built-in drag and drops template builder and up to 10,000 visitors per month.

If you are a little doubtful and yet you are determined to try it, this is the best price you can go for.

Pro Plan

With plus subscription at the rate of $149/month, you enjoy the features of the starter version for up to 1 professional website. This plan best serves businesses that generate a revenue of 50,000 per month. It has an efficient customer support and management system and brings up to 250,000 visitors per month.

Agency Plan

This is the most popular subscription among the clients of DropFunnel. It empties only $ 249/year from your pockets and wrenches out the best for your business.

you enjoy the features of this version for up to 10 sites. This provides unlimited features for each account you design. You want to keep your work simple yet extensive you can certainly go for this

In the long run, the sum of money invested is completely extracted through business profits.

Although the price is higher than most people expect it to be, this software has many more features to offer and therefore will save you the trouble of having to go through another phase in searching for the tools separately and purchasing them for a higher price altogether.

These are also considered reasonable prices since they provide a sales funnel builder, blog facilities, link tracker. The standard plan is recommended to anyone new in business and is looking to start a business from scratch.

If your brand is well established, then the higher plan that is the premium brand is recommended. If you plan on opting for the 14 day/2-week free trials, there is also a bonus bundle presented to you as a perk.

DropFunnels: Pros and Cons

Let us have a look at the features which make DropFunnels a great choice, and those features that are hard to navigate about:

Pros DropFunnel

  • As the popular software, WordPress was used to build DropFunnels, it has a phenomenal page speed, which acts as a bonus, compared to its competitors. A faster loading speed only equals a higher probability of higher sales!
  • This platform is a cost-effective option, especially for beginners. Its features enable you to achieve a high level of efficiency, without the requirement of purchasing additional plug-ins or tools.
  • If you are not sure whether to spend money on DropFunnels, or not, you can explore the features available by signing up for the all-inclusive, free 14-day (two weeks) trial period.
  • With DropFunnels, you have the freedom to create as many landing pages and funnels as you please to. You also do not have to worry about the hassle of managing all of them! The SEO framework of the platform will be your helping hand to enhance and handle all of them easily.
  • Easily keep track of your links and analyze their click-stats using their link tracker. As this is inclusive in both the packages and is not an extra payment, it is definitely a bonus!
  • The SEO framework, lets you manage your digital marketing needs on the same platform, saving your valuable time, otherwise spent on navigating between the two.
  • Wouldn’t you like an incentive to earn an additional income? By promoting DropFunnels online, through affiliation, you get to make a few extra bucks!
  • Gone are the days where you have to stress over keeping track of all your sales payments! You can easily do this on DropFunnels, by integrating the payment processors.


  • For beginners in this field, and for those used to plugins, the interface can get tricky or complicated, as currently there are only limited pre-built templates.
  • Only a single domain is allowed to be associated with a single account. Additional domains will have to be purchased from an external site.
  • As of now, DropFunnel is not integrated with any of its email autoresponders. All you can do is, you have to connect one of your email marketing tools with DropFunnels. This allows users to attach an email marketing tool of your choice with all requirements.

FAQs Dropfunnels:

👉🏻 Is the trial period absolutely free, and are there any limits?

Yes! DropFunnels has a free, all-inclusive trial period of fourteen days, which will help you decide whether the platform is right for you or not. After this two-week period, you can choose from the standard or professional plan. If you decide to not go ahead with DropFunnels, the subscription can be canceled with the help of their customer service.

👉🏻 Should I pay for a Domain?

This is completely up to you. You will be assigned a free subdomain (sitename.dropfunnels.com) as soon as you create your account. If you want to use your own domain instead, you are free to buy it from another website and link it to the platform.

👉🏻 Do I need any additional plugins or add-ons while building my blog or sales funnels?

Not at all! You cannot add any plugins to DropFunnels, even if you really want to! The platform is supposed to offer all the tools necessary to build your blog, without the need to splurge your hard-earned money on additional plugins which will just slow down the speed of your site.

Can I link a subdomain to my DropFunnels account?

Yes, if you only want to use DropFunnels for funnels or subscriptions, you can definitely do so by linking a subdomain.

What autoresponders are integrated with DropFunnels?

Some of the autoresponders that integrate seamlessly with DropFunnels are AWeber, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, Constant Contact, Ontraport, ConvertKit, Drip, GetResponse, Mailerlite, SendinBlue, and ActiveCampain.

How many domains am I able to add with DropFunnels?

Each account can be linked to only one domain.

Testimonials Dropfunnels

DropFunnels- Testimonials

How Dropfunnels Helped Smart Marketers: Thoughts

DropFunnels Testimonial - Maxime W.

DropFunnels Testimonial - Michael Hale

DropFunnels Testimonial - Carly Eldred

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What Peoples Say About Dropfunnels On Facebook:

Here’s are the thoughts of some of the current users after they made the switch to dropfunnels.

Dropfunnels review and facebook testimonials

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Conclusion: Dropfunnels Review 2021 

With a strong edge over its competitors, DropFunnels appeals to customers as it combines the structure of WordPress with an SEO framework. Instead of spending extra time and money on additional plugins, which may not necessarily work well along with the existing site, DropFunnels offers a plethora of built-in features at your disposal to build your business.

You now have the flexibility to give maximum focus to building your brand as you do not have to devote resources to understanding the complicated world of digital marketing. The best part of it is, you have more to put in your pocket, and a lot less to spend on complex sales software. It’s easy, hassle-free, and gives you all the features that you could imagine!

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