Dropified Pricing 2024:🤔 How Much Is Dropified Monthly?

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In this guide, we will delve into the pricing details of Dropified, providing you with a clear understanding of the costs involved in accessing its powerful features.

Dropified offers a range of pricing plans designed to cater to the diverse needs of its users. The pricing of Dropified can vary depending on factors such as the plan you select and the features included.

So, let’s dive into the details of Dropified Pricing and uncover the endless possibilities that await you.

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Dropified Overview – All You Need To Know Before Buying

Dropified is a dropshipping program in the simplest terms. It simplifies the lives of drop shippers by allowing them to create a shop inside the program, connect with suppliers of the items they’re searching for, and then find things to sell.

You can accomplish all of this without having to worry about inventory storage, shipping, or packing since these are all handled reliably by Dropified.

You also do not have to pay any upfront costs for the inventory; as a result, you may first concentrate on the suppliers of the items and carefully source them.

Dropified claims that its technologically superior facilities may save consumers up to 20 hours per week. To make use of this feature, all you need is an e-commerce business and a Dropified account.


That’s all; you’re now prepared to investigate the prospects presented by Dropified. Dropified connects Woocommerce, CommerceHQ, gear bubblePRO, and Shopify, the world’s most popular e-commerce platform.

Additionally, the integration is quite straightforward, as Dropified mixes with any of them in as little as three minutes to get the required outcomes.

Dropified integrates with a variety of delivery providers, including Aliexpress. Once your product is imported from Aliexpress, it will appear in the inventory list with the product’s photos and other pertinent information.

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Dropified Pricing:


They have three plans to offer –

dropified pricing

1. Dropified Pro

    • Price: $924 per year
    • Monthly Orders: Up to 500
    • Features: Includes basic features for small-scale dropshipping businesses.

2. Dropified Elite

    • Price: $2,844 per year
    • Monthly Orders: Up to 2,000
    • Features: Designed for more established businesses with a higher volume of orders.

3. Dropified Enterprise

    • Pricing: Custom quote based on specific business needs.
    • Monthly Orders: 2000+
    • Features: Tailored for large-scale enterprises requiring advanced capabilities and higher order volumes.

Monthly Pricing Information

  • Monthly Pricing Option: Starting at $97 per month.
  • Other Plans: Dropified also offers additional plan options with different price points and features, including:

1. Launch Plan: $97 per month

2. Grow Plan: $197 per month

3. Scale Plan: $397 per month


Does Dropified offer a free trial?

Dropified offers both a free trial and a free plan, each with distinct features to cater to different needs in dropshipping:

Free Trial

1. Duration: Dropified provides a free trial for users to test its platform. The exact duration of the free trial isn’t specified in the sources, but it typically allows access to most of the features available in the paid plans.

2. Features: During the free trial, users can explore various functionalities of Dropified, including product importing, order fulfillment automation, and use of the integrated image editor.

3. Purpose: The free trial is ideal for users who want to experience the full range of Dropified’s capabilities before committing to a paid plan.

Free Plan (Research Plan)

1. Name: The lifetime free plan offered by Dropified is known as the ‘Research Plan’.

2. Product Limit: Users can research and save up to 500 products. However, it’s important to note that while you can save these products, you cannot import them to your store under this plan.

3. Features: The Research Plan provides access to basic features like the Dropified chrome extension and dashboard. It’s suitable for conducting product research and getting a feel for how Dropified can streamline the dropshipping process.

4. Ideal For: This plan is perfect for individuals who are new to dropshipping and want to explore product options without any financial commitment.

What Is Included In Dropified Pricing?


1. Dropified 3PL: Complete control over your items’ delivery processes. You may either print shipping labels yourself at highly reduced prices or they can link to the third-party logistics company of your choosing. This implies that inventory management, warehousing, and fulfillment all occur automatically and under your complete control.

2. Sales Channels: Connect and sell your items on sales channels like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Facebook Marketplace, and Google Shopping, all managed and controlled from one location, using Dropified Sales Channels.

3. Profit Dashboard: On a single page, see all of your store’s sales data and immediately get a sense of your business’s pulse.

4. Swipe Box Headline Generator: Instantly swipe proven headlines for use in your advertising, sales copy, and promotions with the Swipe Box Headline generator.

5. Customer Service Playbook: Excellent customer service is crucial for repeat purchasers since it results in an exceptional client experience and positive evaluations. This advanced playbook assists you in following a proven strategy, training personnel, and setting a high bar for what you anticipate from the start.

6. Sub Users: Add your team (employees, contractors, or other individuals) to Dropified and manage their access to certain sections.

7. Custom Product Boards: Custom Product BoardsTM enables you to easily save killer goods you find to Dropified product boards with a single click, similar to how you would use Pinterest.

Custom Product BoardsTM enables you to easily save killer goods you find to Dropified product boards with a single click, similar to how you would use Pinterest.

8. Advanced Bundles: Without the need to acquire separate software, combine numerous goods to create bespoke product bundles.

Combine various amounts and items into unique and innovative offers such as “Buy one, get one free” or “Starter Kits” to boost average order values and outperform the competition.

9. Google Product Feed: Create optimal product feeds for Google Shopping without the need to purchase additional applications. Retarget potential customers and highlight your greatest goods to increase sales!

10. Facebook Product Feed: Create optimal product feeds for Facebook Dynamic Product Ads without the need to purchase additional applications. Retarget potential customers and highlight your greatest goods to increase sales!


Is Dropified Worth The Price?


Yes, Dropified is definitely worth the price. Here are some of the reasons that make Dropified worth its price –

1. epacket, shipping, and returns:

Dropified never instills a sense of helplessness in its users. Dropified assists you in speeding up the profit-making process by using the packets system.

This strategy enables you to easily delight your consumers. Dropified, in collaboration with its suppliers, guarantees that your consumer never needs to worry about shipment.

Returns might be a pain point for you and the provider, but with Dropified, you can define your return policy in plain language for your consumers.

This aspect effortlessly increases the confidence and dependability of your e-commerce businesses among your clients.

2. Seamless integration with Zapier:

Zapier is critical software for every businessperson. Dropified interacts seamlessly with Zapier. Zapier connects business people to business applications, software, and technologies that make daily life easier.

It enables you to automate your company and manage to account efficiently as you explore new revenue streams.

This application assists you in saving time and money when it comes to calculating and paying your taxes. Dropified is, without a doubt, one of the go-to solutions for you as a result of this app connection.

3. Easy automatic profit margins:

While selling a few items and defining their profit margins and price is simple, it is not so simple when selling a large number of products.

If you supply the Dropified app with information about the margin, it will take care of the rest. Using this software makes it simple to sell in quantity.

Simply enter the custom profit margins in the details and settings section, and you’re good to go. Dropified’s fascinating features assure that you’ll like it for the technological breakthroughs it brings.

4. Auto product price and availability sync:

Dropified keeps you out of trouble. This feature exemplifies that. With auto product pricing, you can be certain that if your supplier raises the price, you will not lose any orders from your clients due to this incredibly beneficial feature.

With availability sync, you can avoid mistakenly selling a product that is no longer available from your source.

Dropified’s availability sync function ensures that you never face shame. As a result, it keeps you informed about everything, ensuring that you remain current and competitive in the e-commerce industry.

5. Product image customization:

They claim that visuals are critical when it comes to persuading your consumers since an image speaks a thousand words. As a result, with simple upload and full editing tools and settings inside the software, Dropified takes care of everything properly.

You may even choose to remove photographs from Dropified at will. With high-quality photos, you can concentrate entirely on enticing clients to your business, while Dropified supports you throughout your e-commerce journey.

6. Dropified Chrome extension:

Dropified has made every effort to ensure your satisfaction as a client. It has made every effort to maintain relevance in the market for e-commerce businesses. Dropified’s one such endeavor is to have a Chrome plugin that simplifies and streamlines your life.

You can simply log in and search for additional products from anywhere and at any time with the Chrome extension. Are you in the midst of a hectic meeting?

Simply click the button included in the Chrome extension to begin conducting your e-commerce company. This feature is very beneficial for anybody considering starting an e-commerce firm.


FAQs On Dropified Pricing

✔Is there a free version of Dropified available?

Yes, Dropified offers a lifetime free plan called the ‘Research Plan,’ which allows users to research and save up to 500 products.

👍What are the main features available in Dropified's paid plans?

Paid plans offer advanced features such as automated order fulfillment, bulk order processing, an integrated image editor, and access to the AliExtractor for product research.

👉Are there any setup fees or additional costs with Dropified plans?

Dropified does not charge setup fees, but it's advisable to review their pricing page for any additional costs or fees that may apply to specific features or services.

💯 What is the Dropified refund policy?

Dropified offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their pricing plans. If you are not satisfied with the platform for any reason, you can cancel your subscription and get a full refund.

💰 What is the best Dropified pricing plan for me?

If you are just getting started, the free plan is a great way to get started. If you are selling a moderate amount of products, the Standard or Premium plan is a good option. And if you are selling a high volume of products, the Enterprise plan is the best option.

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Conclusion: Dropified Pricing 2024

As you can see, Dropified has a lot to offer users. It is an affordable platform with a variety of features that make it an attractive choice for online businesses.

Dropified offers various pricing tiers, including a lifetime free plan for product research and a free trial to test its full capabilities.

While it excels in offering functionalities like bulk price editing and a profit dashboard, users should be aware of the limitations in the free plan, particularly regarding product importation.

Ideal for both new and experienced dropshippers, Dropified provides a user-friendly platform that streamlines the dropshipping process, making it an attractive choice for those looking to efficiently manage and grow their online stores.

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