Dropified Vs Oberlo 2024: 🚀Which One is the Best ? (#1 Pick)

Here I’ll have done the Ultimate comparison between Dropified Vs Oberlo 2024, step by step. 

Choosing a trustworthy supplier and a dropshipping platform that is suited to your needs is one of the most difficult aspects of starting a dropshipping business.

Users typically compare Dropified and Oberlo while deciding between the hundreds of available drop shipping sites. What exactly are Dropified and Oberlo, and how are these two platforms distinct from one another?

Let’s take a look at how these two options compare against each other.

What Is Dropified?

Dropified Review: Dropified Vs Oberlo

Dropified is a successful dropshipping tool that helps businesses save time and money by linking them with suppliers all around the world. Dropified allows you to open a new online business, find suppliers, and start fulfilling orders immediately. Rather than wasting time and energy on mundane tasks like sourcing, stocking, shipping, and packing, merchants can put their whole attention on expanding their customer base.

Currently, Dropified allows dropshippers to quickly and easily import items from dozens of online retailers, including eBay, AliExpress, Etsy, Amazon, Walmart, SammyDress, Overstock, Wish.com, and many more. One of the following e-commerce systems is required for your online store to function properly.

  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • CommerceHQ
  • GrooveKart

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What Is Oberlo?

Oberlo : Dropified Vs Oberlo

Since its debut on the Shopify App Store in 2015, Oberlo has been a leader in the dropshipping applications industry. Thus, Oberlo is only available to those who utilize Shopify. If you’re not utilizing Shopify but would like to utilize Oberlo, you should switch to it.

Like Dropified, Oberlo allows you to quickly and simply integrate products from AliExpress into the Shopify store and send them directly to consumers.

Dropified vs Oberlo: Features Comparison

1. Pricing

Fortunately, retailers may use Oberlo’s Starter plan without prepaying or providing payment card information. Unfortunately, there would be limitations on your use of the instrument.

Oberlo_101 - Pricing

Oberlo’s Basic plan is available for $19.90 per month, while the Pro plan may be upgraded for $79.90 per month if you’d want to make use of more of the platform’s features. These two premium packages provide upgrades above the basic “Starter” plan: Captcha solver, affiliate tracking, order fulfillment monitoring, bulk ordering, tracking of individual orders, and variant mapping.

Dropified pricing plans

Directly in opposition, Dropified does not provide any zero-cost options. A 14-day trial period is included in all three of its pricing categories from the time you sign up, create an account, and enter your payment details. After the trial period expires, Dropified will begin charging you based on the chosen pricing plan. Cost-wise, the Builder plan will set you back $47 per month, the Premier plan will set you back $127, and the Supplements on Demand plan will set you back $197.

If you’re willing to devote yourself to the service for a whole year and have a decent savings balance, you can pay annually instead. Saving $96 per year is possible even on the most affordable plan by paying for it all at once. When comparing Dropified with Oberlo, this is a major advantage of Dropified because you cannot make an annual payment in advance with Oberlo.

2. Customer Support

While comparing Dropified and Oberlo, Oberlo provides more comprehensive and flexible support choices. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Oberlo at any time through email or live webcast. You can send a message and expect to hear back from someone shortly. Contrarily, you can only reach out to Dropified’s support team during business hours.

Dropified and Oberlo have the same goal of empowering their clients to achieve lasting success in the dropshipping & eCommerce sectors via the provision of useful and actionable data and tools. Oberlo’s dropshipping and promotion hubs, free ebooks and analytics hubs, podcasts, and video courses, for example, offer a thorough introduction to the subject. You may find helpful videos regarding the Oberlo platform, branding, marketing, and optimization on the Oberlo YouTube channel.

3. Product research

Choosing the right items and suppliers is the most important part of starting a dropshipping business. It’s important that the product you decide to offer is in demand, has great ratings, is lightweight, and can be shipped cheaply and profitably. There are several considerations to make. Before selling anything, you should do your homework.

By forming a partnership with AliExtractor, Dropified was able to give its merchants a significant advantage against Oberlo in the form of free access to AliExtractor’s product search engine. Users of Oberlo, meanwhile, must rely on AliExpress’s already-present statistics and click on each product to access the data in its entirety.

There is a lack of transparency about important metrics on AliExpress, such as suggested retail price, expected profit, cost, and revenue. AliExtractor is a paid add-on for Oberlo that costs $29 per month if you wish to utilize it.

4. Options to import products

Which one is better, Dropified or Oberlo, for importing items into your store?

Both Dropified and Oberlo offer Chrome add-ons that make it easy to import items from third-party marketplaces like AliExpress. You can only access the add-ons on the desktop Chrome browser. Finding profitable goods for your company is as simple as using the internet.

You may use Oberlo to import items into your online store by having vendors add them to an “Import” list. Meanwhile, Dropified sellers have a few choices. Save for later and have it sent to my shop.

Analyze the differences between Dropified and Oberlo, two popular dropshipping platforms.

When it comes to finding and importing items into your online store, both Oberlo and Dropified provide free Chrome extensions which make it possible to do so. The Oberlo Chrome plugin only supports AliExpress imports, but Dropified supports hundreds of marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Etsy, Walmart, and more.

The ability can import thousands of items from many more sources is a major benefit, especially when the prices of goods on AliExpress appear to be decreasing in competitiveness. The United States is attractive to many retailers due of its sizable consumer market and Internet-savvy population. Therefore, while setting up an online shop, merchants may avoid the high shipping costs and lengthy delivery times associated with importing from China by sourcing and selling items from U.S. suppliers.

5. Product Customization

It’s rare, as a retailer, that you’ll retain every piece of information about a product after importing it from a site like AliExpress or Amazon. It might be that the suppliers overstuffed the title with keywords, or that the product image proportion is off from what you’d want to see in your shop. It’s possible that some of the specifics are irrelevant in this circumstance. As a result, after importing items from marketplaces with Oberlo and Dropified, you’ll need to make some adjustments to the product information.

What Oberlo allows you to do:

  • Replace the current product name and description.
  • Product customization is possible by editing available options.
  • Rebalance the ingredients.
  • Modify categories and label products.
  • Make new groups using products.
  • Select the photographs you want to use for your product.

Dropified allows you to modify the following information:

  • Price
  • Description
  • Compare at price
  • Type
  • Tags
  • Weight
  • Vendor name
  • Variants (add/delete)
  • Product Title

In addition, Dropified has a powerful picture editor, but Oberlo does not.]

6. Order fulfillment

In order to automate the dropshipping process, this is essential, as merchants must constantly access AliExpress to modify customer profiles. If hundreds of requests come in every day, it will take a decade to do those little tasks.

Both Dropified and Oberlo include an “Auto Place Order” button, which is a big help. When using Oberlo, you can buy a single item or many goods at once.

Starter members, on the other hand, don’t have access to one of the most useful features: the option to make bulk purchases. You can complete your orders on AliExpress. By selecting “Sync this page” or “Sync all orders,” orders can be recognized as complete in both the Oberlo and Shopify admin.

By picking many orders in one go, you may use Dropified to make background bulk purchases. One of Oberlo’s features is the ability to create and sell Item Bundles, however, it does not support the automated placement of orders for these bundles. While doing so, Dropified allows stores to automatically arrange bundles.

They are able to concentrate more time and effort on giving outstanding service to customers since they don’t have to deal with the time-consuming and error-prone job of placing and handling orders for several suppliers supplying a large variety of items.

7. Marketing

Bring in vendor feedback on your products.

It’s common knowledge that consumers are more likely to buy a product after reading positive feedback about it online. Dropified makes it so that you do not need to start building customer reviews from scratch.

However, using Dropified, you can effortlessly import reviews from third-party marketplaces like Amazon and AliExpress to your online store.

When using Oberlo, sellers will notice that “Import Reviews” links have been added to all products. All you have to do is click it, choose the import criteria, and wait about a minute.

The tool will automatically import all of the ratings and feedback from your AliExpress store into Shopify.

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Conclusion: Dropified Vs Oberlo 2024

Oberlo appears to be a good option if you are a small business or if you are beginning an eCommerce firm as a service weapon to your day job. Using their free tier incurs no financial obligation and eliminates the need to worry about hidden fees.

To sum up, Oberlo appears to be a suitable option if you are just getting started with eCommerce, or if you’re a small business with no plans to expand. Keep in mind that Oberlo has a cap on the number of orders you can make in a given month; if this isn’t an issue for you, though, utilizing Oberlo is a no-brainer.

Dropified, on the other hand, is the superior option if you want to take your dropshipping business to the next level because it includes so many more useful tools.

Dropified’s Builder plan is ideal for startups, and you can always upgrade as your company expands. This gives you room to grow when you’re ready to expand your operations.

With any luck, you’ll be able to select the best dropshipping service by following the above-described steps.

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