DSers Review 2023: AliExpress Official Dropshipping Partner (Worth it ?)

Have you ever ordered things on AliExpress and wished to make it more efficient? After this DSers Review, you will see that this is just what DSers offers us! It allows us to place various orders on AliExpress with a single click. As compared to other platforms that provide drop shipping, I found DSers to be the best of the lot. Especially since features like the Management of Order and Suppliers are integrated into it. Intrigued to know more? Then let’s find out!

DSers has comprehensively assembled experiences from Shopify to create a seamless user experience. The platform has assisted users in processing and shipping millions of products. Now, DSers has expanded into WooCommerce, to give it a further edge over its competitors!  

Bottom Line: DSers is a robust tool which helps you to import products from Aliexpress and sell them online without any hassles. It is one of the official dropshipping partners of Aliexpress. Get Started With DSers NOW.

The best thing I found about this brand is how easy it was to use. Plus, when it comes to the things you get to use here, you can expect a lot of fruitful benefits to reap! The automated tracking feature has turned out to be a great key ingredient in the recipe of success, for me! 

With the help of this exceptional tool, I was able to deal with numerous stores with a single account, and put in different orders on AliExpress, in a single click! Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Well, there are a lot more features that DSers has to offer, so let me tell you all about them!  

DSers Review: In A Nutshell

Conventionally, order management is time-consuming and tedious. To address this issue,DSers was launched. Its mission is to allow businesses to enhance their marketing and promoting techniques on a single, merged platform.  

The best part, in my view? It offers a ‘forever free’ version! The platform enables businesses to gain higher profit margins, with handy features, such as price screening, managing multiple items and orders, and group processing. 

It is always helpful to have a couple of features that you almost cannot find anywhere else. Something like the automatic updates regarding inventory and mapping makes the top of the list! 


When demand from the eCommerce platforms, such as WooCommerce, is increasing rapidly, DSers are helping drop shippers deal with their orders and the products they are selling by building an innovative and effective dropshipping platform, with integrations across major platforms, the recent addition being WooCommerce. 

In its essence, DSers is a tool that bolsters individuals and businesses and gives drop shippers a place to process requests effortlessly. It integrates seamlessly with e-commerce giants Shopify and WooCommerce as well. In simple words, it is a platform that vehemently encourages drop shippers to increase their business incomes. That’s a humble percept, isn’t it?

Why Choose DSers?

I had an amazing experience using DSers and I feel that DSers is an ideal platform that provides an array of features that make the dropshipping process smooth sailing. The features that I’ve listed above have all proven to be very useful across various stages of the dropshipping business, from adding new products using the Chrome extension to processing bulk orders and syncing inventory lists.

In the past, the only problem that I had with DSers, was that it didn’t offer integration across a major e-commerce platform, mainly WooCommerce, but the platform has recently changed this. With the WooCommerce integration, along with Shopify, DSers, certainly has the edge over its close competitors, in my opinion.

My experience with DSers was great, and I’m sure that you, too, will have a memorable experience using the DSers platform!  

DSers Basic Features 

DSers offers some exceptional features, making it a popular platform amongst existing users. The best part is that you will not be restricted when you are utilizing the services. Absolute convenience at your disposal! Here’s a fun fact: DSers can save over 97% of your ordering time! 

Dsers- Key Features

Well, that was a bonus for me, for I would have wasted all that time managing all my orders! In a nutshell, it made my work easier and more effortless. After all, it understands the value of your time! Let’s take a look at some of the features offered, shall we?

Order Management  

With the click of a button, you can now handle an array of orders simultaneously without fretting. That means all that energy and time spent in placing orders individually each time can be saved! Whew! A great relief for me! Over hundreds of orders, processed in a few minutes! Now, who doesn’t want that?


Variants Mapping 

Adding variants is now an easy task; all you have to do is add suppliers, and you are good to go! Now, discovering suppliers and connecting them to your products is a seamlessly easy process.

Shipment Settings 

You can modify the transportations modes and create a detailed billing amount based on the country charges and fee. This made it simpler for my clients to comprehend information regarding what criteria the payment was based upon and pay accordingly. It also made my life hassle-free, as I didn’t have to conduct a separate search for the country shipping rates.

AliExpress Whitelist 

Are you tired of finding those endless restrictions upon the number of orders? The search is over because DSers has no limitations upon the order quantity. So, the decision making task is no more stunted by the arduous list of restrictions imposed! I was able to place all my orders without issue. 

Multiple Stores Manager 

Are you confused with multiple stores sprawled across multiple accounts? With this exciting feature, all your stores can be clubbed and handled using a single account. This strategically facilitates and organizes your work.  

Supplier Management 

This enables dropshippers to include various suppliers for just a single product. But don’t worry about excess products. The substitute suppliers are only activated when your main supplier runs out of the product. You’ll never be out of stock, ever again! 

DSers-Automation-order-Supplier management

Product Importer 

This is a simple chrome extension that lets you easily import product from AliExpress to your store so that you don’t have to toggle from one window to the other to manage products.


DSers comes with an automated message sender for all the AliExpress sellers so that you have one less worry on your hands!  


Tracking is a pivotal element when maintaining an eCommerce business. I am pretty sure that your buyers like to be able to track their orders. However, with WooCommerce, you need to install extra plugins to forward the tracking URL to your clients.

DSers, once again, does a great job of saving your precious time and money by providing a feature that automatically syncs the tracking URL in the emails sent to your buyers. As such, your customers can always keep an eye on the transportation information anytime they want!

Price Monitor 

With the price monitor, you can get instant alerts from AliExpress regarding price fluctuations, which helps you modify your strategies and tactics. For me, this was a welcome feature, as I didn’t have to monitor pricing changes continuously.

Split Products 

With this innovative feature, you can easily split your products into multiples, based on varying aspects such as color, price, and several other features!

DSers-Automation-order-Bulk Order

Hide Products 

Well, suppose you have a product that you aren’t managing on DSers. What do you do then? I found that this feature was highly useful, as I could hide the products I was no longer managing through DSers, and seamlessly manage the rest, with no obstructions. 

Supplier Optimizer 

This brand new feature helped me find the best suppliers for particular products that I was selling. Lifted a burden off my hands if you ask me!

Inventory Monitor 

With this handy feature, you can directly sync the AliExpress product inventory with no issues. This gives you crucial information, so you can always keep track of your stock and not run into any issues. Improvise and overcome, I must say! 

Multiple Languages

Have a multilingual customer base? Well, don’t worry, for English, Portuguese and French are currently supported DSers, and more will be added soon!

These were all the features offered across all the pricing plans of DSers! Now, let’s see the features offered in the Advanced and Pro versions. 

Advanced Features

BOGO or Bundle Mapping

Want to get more sales? Well, providing an incentive to your customers can do the trick! The ‘BOGO’ option, or Buy One Get One option, lets you effectively manage these options and scale your revenues to their fullest potential. All I had to do was click a few buttons, and the power of automation took over for me! 

Advanced Mapping 

Want to track down the variants of your product in another destination? The advanced mapping feature makes it super easy for you to do so! 

Automated Inventory Updates

This advanced feature syncs with your AliExpress inventory so that your product descriptions and prices are automatically updated, without you having to lift a finger! 

DSers Pricing| How Much Does Dsers Cost?

It is free! Yes, you read that right, DSers offers a ‘forever free’ version of their platform, which encompasses the basic features offered. But, let me not beat around the bush, DSers also offers two other price points, apart from the free version, according to different product limits, store limits, and advanced features. 

Dsers - Pricing

All the pricing plans seamlessly integrate with popular e-commerce platforms, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Let us see the different pricing plans! 

Forever-free, Basic Plan

With this plan, the features included are:

  • Supplier Optimizer
  • Synchronized PayPal account tracking
  • Chrome Extension 
  • Multi-language support
  • Automated Pricing
  • Import Lists
  • Bulk Orders
  • Automated Tracking Number
  • Shipping Method Selection in advance
  • Basic Mapping
  • Hide Product

The products are limited to 3000 per account, and you can only manage three stores with the free plan. This is a great option for beginners, to get a grip of their platform and those who do not have many stores to manage. 

Advanced Plan – $19.9 / month or $190.8 / year 

In addition to all the features included in the free version, this plan offers the following advanced features: 

  • Advanced Mapping
  • Bundle Mapping 
  • Automated Inventory Updates
  • Affiliates 

This plan is suitable for users who want to automate their business on a medium scale. In this pricing plan, the products are limited to 20,000 per account, and you can only manage ten stores. 

Pro Plan – $49.9 / month or $478.8 / year 

The DSers Pro Plan offers everything that the basic and advanced plans offer. This plan’s added advantage is that you can have 75,000 products and can manage up to 25 stores using a single account. This plan is the perfect fit for drop shippers who want to scale their business and reap more benefits. 

DSers is a platform that believes in providing great value at minimum costs. When you subscribe to the annual plans, you will be saving some cash. 

DSers Pros and Cons

Nothing is perfect, and every platform has its positive and negative aspects. So before deciding whether or not DSers is the perfect fit for your business, let’s have a look at the pros and cons list. 

DSers Pros

  • Cost-effective– The platform has different price points to suit every business’s needs, from a free version to a Pro version. 
  • Easy to use-  DSers, is super easy to use, and every feature comes with a handy set of guidelines.
  • Time-Saver– From a single source, users can handle multiple stores and products with great ease and efficiency. All it takes is a few clicks!
  • Unlimited Orders– This had to make the pro list, according to me! You can manage unlimited orders, no strings attached. 
  • Delivery Tracking- From processing to packaging, get to know the exact status of your delivery! 
  • Shipping Method– Users can choose their preferred shipping method in advance.
  • Automation- The plethora of automated features offered on DSers, made the entire process of drop shipping super smooth-flowing and hassle-free for me. 
  • Multi-Language Support– As the platform offers support across various languages, it is quite convenient for businesses that have a wider customer base or for those who want to expand their reach. 

DSers Cons  

  • Currently only offers support across WooCommerce and Shopify.
  • There is no US product database. 
  • When compared to alternatives such as Dropified, the paid version of DSers is quite expensive. 

Customer support 

I would like you to take a moment and think about a situation where you are facing an issue, have a deadline to worry about, and a lot of pent up work with no one in particular to help you. 

You use Google and why not figure out a way but you just don’t have so much time. So, in this case, wouldn’t it be better to have someone you could contact? And someone who can deal with your problem for you? 

Right? This is exactly why a good customer support system is essential. You need someone to rely on in times of need. 

Luckily, DSers offer three ways in which you can have a proper conversation with their support team. 

The first one being an old-fashioned email that literally never proves to be useless. The email id of this brand is mentioned on their official web page. 

The second method being live chat where help is just a single text away! You can use this option for instant reply DSers will provide 24/7 live support in 2021!

Then comes the third and final way, our dear, sweet FaceBook! You can just follow their FaceBook page to stay updated and get answers to some really common questions. 

Testimonials: DSers

Dsers - Testimonials

Quick Links:

FAQs On DSers Review

👉How can I use DSers with Woocommerece?

WooCommerce offers a DSers plugin, which makes it super easy for you to reap both the platforms’ benefits and increase your profits!

👉How can I access customer support on DSers?

Customer support can be accessed through their online chatbot, through email, or by following their Facebook page, which offers the latest updates on DSers.

👉Are DSers transactions and payments secure?

Absolutely! All online payments are completely secure and follow strict checks and protocols.

Conclusion: DSers Review 2023

When it comes to processing and managing orders and products, the first name that comes to mind is DSers! It has been a great service to those who wish to order more than a single item on AliExpress! 

You will notice the large number of features that have been built into this brand to provide you with one of the best companies out there!

Features like the management of suppliers and orders make the overall management a piece of cake! While a feature like tracking can make keeping a record of things easy. 

The cash you have to spend to get access to this brand’s uses isn’t a lot either. Although, when you put it against a competitor, you may find this brand to be slightly expensive. 

The number of orders you can place at once is limitless! 

Also, you will notice that the customer support team provided here is immensely sweet and friendly. This makes it easy to contact them whenever in need. 

And for those of you who cannot talk all that well like me, we always have the option of an email! 

So, go crazy and happy shopping! 



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