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These days one of the major concerns in a normal workday is the battery life of your phone. Many a times it happens that you are expecting an important call or message and your phone runs out of juice.  It becomes frustrating doesn’t it?

Today we use our smartphones for all sorts of purposes. Calling and receiving calls has become the function everyone takes for granted. Photography, listening to music, surfing the internet, online shopping, gaming, online social media and other innumerable functions are now available at the palm of your hands.

And we have not lagged behind in taking advantage of these technological advancements to their full potential.

But this has taken a toll on the hardware of your phones. You see a machine cannot be a perennial source of work. It requires maintenance, upgrades and most importantly care-taking. Nowadays, heavy usage of phones results in diminishing battery lives. Many people complain about batteries getting drained in a matter of power.

DU Battery saver app

In a mad scramble for solutions we have started carrying multiple batteries, using power banks and what not. But that is not the solution we need. We need a maintenance tool which ensures efficient performance of our batteries and makes sure that they are not overused. I was looking for such tools on the internet and luckily enough I found one. The name is DU Battery Savers. It comes from the highly reputed app developers known as DU app studios.

DU Battery Saver V3.0

DU Battery Saver V3.0 - – by DU Apps Studio

I have to tell you that I was quite impressed by how it managed by battery power

It claims to be the world’s leading battery saver and android power doctor & manager. I have to say that by looking at the way it performs the fact might be true. It is a free battery saving app that makes your battery last longer. I will verify the fact that it can increase your phone’s battery life by 50% in the case of both android phones and tablet.

It is certainly a very simple and easy way to keep your android phone in top condition and maintain its battery life. This way you will always have a smooth working phone when you need it. It offers protection against poor charging, battery draining apps, and overlooked device settings which overuse your battery.

It offers a PRO version too which guarantees a 70% increase in battery life. Impressive but sadly it comes at a price. But the free version is also good enough. The smart pre-set power management modes, one-touch controls and healthy charge stage features, solve battery problems and extend its life by leaps and bounds.

I like it because of the huge advantage it provides to me. I never have to lose important calls again, never have to worry about unwanted programs running in the background. It’s a certain kind of reassurance as I have one less thing to worry about every day.

Let’s see about the most powerful features that this app provides

DU Battery saver battery best saving app

  • Instant solutions: You can instantly find and solve battery problems with the optimize button. It is quick, simple and saves a lot of time and effort.
  • It is very convenient. The home screen optimise widget allows you to stop power consuming unwanted background apps with just one click. That’s increased battery power at the go.
  • Efficient: With its smart pre-set battery power management modes you create your own optimization to ensure high performance.
  • Multilingual: It supports a lot of languages and easily available anywhere and accessible at any time.

The list does not end here

It provides you with an exact estimate of your power thus giving an Accurate Status about how much battery charge you have left with a detailed analysis of your android apps and hardware. It provides you with details of your battery power level by percentage or by time remaining. This means that you can analyse the performance better and know when to charge and when not to.

If you get the pro version of the battery saver then you get some definite added bonuses like

  • Intelligent mode switching
  • Auto-clear apps
  • CPU frequency (for rooted device)

I am certain that DU battery saver will increase the power and performance of your phone and its battery like no other tool on the market. I can confirm it because of my little experiment which I did to see how efficient the app was. After using it myself and seeing a certain rise in my battery life, I recommended the app to some of friends and some of my work colleagues. The results were amazing. 95% of them saw a definite increase in their battery power.

That is when I was confirmed about the guarantees and promises made by this app.

Nowadays, optimizing and maintaining your phone and its components is of utmost importance. This is because we use them heavily for all sorts of purposes. So I suggest that you download the app  now, see this video to know its functionalities in detail and start maintaining taking care of your phone.

Download the app here: 


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