DuckDuckGo Usage Stats 2023: Who Uses DuckDuckGo The Most?

In this article, we will discuss DuckDuckGo Usage Stats 2023

If you’re new to DuckDuckGo, we’re an Internet privacy firm that enables you to effortlessly control your personal information online, with no compromises.

They operate a Google-alternative search engine at and provide additional apps and extensions to shield you from Google, Facebook, and other Internet trackers wherever you go.

It may surprise you to hear that they have no idea how many people use DuckDuckGo! It makes sense, though, when you consider their Privacy Policy: they do not collect or exchange personal data, including the connection of searches to persons, and therefore they have no means to count people accurately, even anonymously. They may, however, speculate intelligently.

The Numbers Today

Since they do not track users, it is hard for them to know exactly how many people visit their website each month; however, they may make an educated guess based on the number of queries they receive each month.

You may ask how they can count searches without tracking individuals. Since searches are not associated with particular users and are therefore anonymous, they do not know who is conducting these searches; they just know that they have occurred.

They may estimate the number of DuckDuckGo users by dividing our monthly search count by the average number of searches per user on other search engines that track their users.

The average number of searches per person each month is approximately 30, or one every day. Obviously, some individuals conduct many more searches than others; yet, this is the reported average.

In any case, if you adopt these estimates, the population (as of November 2020) is roughly 80 million!

DuckDuckGo Usage Stats

Key DuckDuckGo Usage Stats 2023

  • The total amount of DuckDuckGo searches surpasses 71.9 billion.
  • Every day, DuckDuckGo processes an average of 98.79 million search requests.
  • DuckDuckGo holds a 0.6% portion of the global search engine market. In the United States, it maintains a 2.45% market share.
  • DuckDuckGo is the second most popular mobile search engine in the United States.
  • There are 124 employees at DuckDuckGo.

Privacy is Mainstream

This big amount demonstrates that you are not alone if you desire greater online privacy. One-fourth of US adults, according to a survey they commissioned at the end of 2017, are concerned enough about their online privacy to take major measures to safeguard it, such as utilizing DuckDuckGo.

It should no longer come as a surprise that nearly a quarter of the population behaved in this manner, given the prevalence of increasingly intrusive advertising, catastrophic data breaches, and intensifying regulatory scrutiny. Privacy is not a subculture; it is mainstream!

After Cambridge Analytica was able to readily download the sensitive personal information of around 90 million Facebook users in March 2018, they conducted a second survey to determine how this incident affected public awareness of the need for enhanced online privacy.

About half of those surveyed who were aware of the Cambridge Analytica scandal were more likely to seek out tools and services to protect their online privacy (51.12% +/- 3.12%).

In other words, the portion of the population that cares about safeguarding their online privacy and actively takes steps to do so is likewise expanding significantly.

The virtually daily reminders that personal information is not secure online have brought privacy to the forefront of mainstream audiences’ minds, sending more and more individuals to DuckDuckGo in quest of tranquility.

Reflecting these shifts in public sentiment, they reported at the start of 2018 that they increased 55% in 2017 and surpassed 20 million private searches each day, and they continue to grow.

DuckDuckGo App Downloads

Android and iOS applications are available for DuckDuckGo.

In February 2021 alone, the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for iPhone users was downloaded 400,000 times.

Android application is increasingly downloaded. During the previous month, it was installed 800,000 times. The total number of downloads surpasses 10 million.

The DuckDuckGo app has received a cross-platform average of 4.85 out of 5 stars across the App Store and Google Play.

How many people use the DuckDuckGo Chrome extension?

DuckDuckGo offers mobile web browsing apps for iOS and Android.

In February 2021 alone, iPhone users downloaded the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser 400,000 times.

Downloads of the Android application are growing. During the preceding month, 800,000 copies were installed. The number of total downloads exceeds 10 million.

The average rating for the DuckDuckGo app across both the App Store and Google Play is 4.85 stars out of 5.

More Education is Needed

Their objective is to establish a new standard of online trust through the privacy tools provided by DuckDuckGo – the anonymous search engine at and their apps and browser extensions that protect your privacy while exploring the web.

Despite growing awareness of privacy issues and actions individuals can take, a significant number of individuals continue to place their privacy at risk or browse with a false sense of privacy. There are a number of reasons for this, including relying entirely on Do Not Track surfing settings and incognito browsing mode, neither of which provide much privacy protection.

They’re also attempting to educate consumers via their blog, social media, and a privacy “crash course” email in an effort to dispel these misconceptions and reach more people.

The Internet shouldn’t seem so weird, and achieving the online privacy you deserve should be as easy as closing the blinds.

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