Easy Blog Networks Review 2022: Why I Use It For My PBNs ?

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Ease of Use
Value for money


  • Completely natural hosting profile
  • PBN hosting on the best cloud hosting providers
  • 1-Click blog install
  • 100% FREE site migrations
  • Time-tested safety
  • Zero Footprints
  • Low Deindexation Rates
  • Perfect pricing policy for PBN of any size
  • Daily backups


  • More pricing options needed
  • 7-day FREE trial only

With Easy Blog Networks, you can build your private blog network with ease. You will not have to worry about maintaining a large private blog network.

Price:$ 69

Have you been looking for a safe and effective way to diversify your PBN hostings?

You are trying to build a large private blog network, but you are struggling with the process of getting your blogs hosted.

You are not sure which hosting company is best for you.

Look no further than Easy Blog Networks. They have made the entire process easy for you.

Today I am going to share one of the best PBN hosting networks, I am using currently for my PBN blogs and this network is working amazingly for my PBN’s. Want to know which network is this? EBN: Easy Blog Networks

Check out featured Easy Blog Networks Review that includes detailed insights of its pricing, features, functionality and more. So let’s get started here.

Easy Blog Networks Review 2022: Should You Go For It??

Easy Blog Network: Overview

Easy Blog Networks is one of the best ways to safely and effectively diversify hostings for your large private Blog Network. Easy Blog Networks allows you to bypass the traditional way of creating a private blog network by handling the entire process.

The user has to find and register own domains but after that one will handle the web hosting and removal of footprints.

easy blog networks review

Easy Blog Networks is not shy about their mission – they build, host and automate blog networks. Easy Blog Network set out to solve problems with setup, maintenance and security of your PBN. They offer everything you need to build, host and manage your own private blog network.

The traditional way of creating a private blog network (PBN) is to find an expired or expiring domain name with high trust flow, domain authority and page rank and then register this. Then setup web hosting with a particular company, add the content and start linking back to money site before link building PBN.

It also helps to build a blogging network without any footprints in a matter of minutes their system manages it on complete autopilot. When an online business is concerned Easy Blog Networks is the way to go.

Easy Blog Networks is a hosting solution designed specifically for PBNs. Apart from a protection against a possible Google de-indexing, it offers automation tools that make a life of PBN webmasters easier. If you have several pbns, then buying and maintaining so many hosting accounts to avoid footprints for your pbns could be a pain.

Easy Blog Networks (EBN) does a wonderful job by randomizing each of your website on a different host.

The best part is they have automated daily backups for free.

Easy blog networks currently have over 5000 happy and satisfied customers over the years. It offers multiple services starting from PBN (Private Blog Networks) hosting and its complete hassle free maintenance.

What is a private network of blogs?

A private blogging network (PBN) is a collection of domains that you own. It’s possible to use free blogs like Tumblr, WordPress.com or Weebly, but domain names typically include .com, .net, .org and countries like .co.uk or .co. NZ.

A PBN consists of expired domains. This is a domain name owned and owned by another person. The website was equipped with high-quality content. It’s possible that the webmaster has run a massive campaign to create links and create many backlinks from other sites that have attracted visitors and possibly even sales.Easy blog network review- Easy HTTPS Setup

For some reason, the webmaster has decided to reject the domain name. Maybe they are dead or have lost interest.

When a domain expires and undergoes a three-month trading period (in which the owner can re-register), it is again publicly available. Everyone can register for an annual registration fee of about 10-15 US dollars.

Once you’ve bought a domain name, it will be hosted and added to the site content. Then you’ll add links to your Money sites and transfer authority to your sites, which will help position your keywords in Google.

You need to know a lot of important information about private networks of blogs and the purchase of appropriate domains, website configuration, and content management.

How to use Easy Blog Networks?

To work with EBN, you need to find and acquire a high-quality domain for your private blog network. This is a complete topic in itself, but you want to look for a high metrics domain in a trust flow, a domain authority, and a page authority that has recently expired or is about to become available.

Easy blog network review- AtMail Mailbox

There are several resources to find these areas. You can find my guide to finding these domain names here.

If you have found a suitable domain name, you can register it with a registrar such as Namecheap, Godaddy or Name. Keep in mind that if you want to leave a minimum of footprints (traces of a private network of blogs), you must use other registrars.

Easy blgo network review dashboard

The article told me that it is good to have a maximum of 10 domains with different WHOIS information per registrar. You can use the services of e-mail senders to not enter your own address. Also, do not use the free private whois registration in all your domains.

The dashboard of Easy Blog Networks 

Easy blog networks review pricing features

Easy blgo network review dashboard

On the dashboard, one can see a table with their blogs and their important metrics:

  • status of the blog – deploying, deployed, etc;
  • a network each blog is on (a network is like a niche);
  • IP address;
  • index status of each blog: check pending, indexed, de-indexed, etc;
  • blog health;
  • DA, TF;
  • the date when each blog was added;
  • Login button for the WordPress login;
  • Info button to see a page with the detailed blog info.


One of the new features recently added to the Easy Blog Networks is Blog Health. It is also available on the dashboard but here on this page.

It takes care of things like-

What areas of the blog you need to work on? When was the last post published? How many pages & posts does the blog have, is it enough? Does the blog have any not found indexed pages? Blog Health gives answers to all these questions.

Having a blog looking like a normal natural one is an essential requirement to avoid penalization – and the blog health helps with it tremendously.

How You Can Set Up A New Blog With EBN?

First, click the “New” button in Control Panel and the “Add Blog” screen appears. The first steps are pretty straightforward and require placing the domain name without Http: // or www. You can then choose a custom blog network or use the default network. I leave all standard network blogs.

Easy blog network review- new blog

Second, add the title of your blog as it should appear in WordPress.

The next step is to customize the installation of WordPress. Now, if you’re building a private network of blogs, make sure you change those options for each blog. It makes no sense to install the same standard add-ons and themes for each PBN.

Create a slogan that matches the theme of the site or title of your choice. Add a random topic or have EBN do it for you. Then you have to disable comments, link notifications from other blogs, clean up Hello World, and select Yes. Blank pages are then added to Contact and Privacy for quick customization.

Then you can select some random add-ons that you want to install. My favorites are Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, Auto ToS and SEO Friendly Images.

Easy blog network review- new blog setup

The last step is required only if you purchased the Content Module ($ 10 / month), which allows you to choose the content style that will automatically be generated for the blog in question. Every few days, the content is automatically generated and displayed in WordPress as a new publication. You can publish your blog posts automatically or manually.

Easy Blog Networks Trusted By SEO Expert like Charles Floate: Easy Blog Networks Reviews

Best PBN hosting Easy blog networks

Pricing Plans Offered By Easy Blog Networks

Pricing plans start at: $29/mo (10 IPs)
Price for 50 IPs: $99/mo

Easy Blog Networks Review- Pricing

First sign up for a plan, the price starts at $35 per month for the basic plan which includes 10 blogs. This works out to be $3.50 per blog which is very competitively priced given how much it costs to host blogs with other shared web hosting providers.

All plans offer a $7 trial for the first 7 days depending on the special offer currently running.


Easy blog networks reviews on Facebook
Easy blog networks reviews on Facebook

Easy Blog Networks Hosting

Easy Blog Networks is the only provider that transparently shows who stays and there are some of the best hosting providers like Digital Ocean, Linode, Rackspace, Amazon Web Services, LiquidWeb, etc. Currently, they offer up to 500 unique IP addresses in more than 100 data centers in the English-speaking world.

If hosts do not provide their own name servers, they often use common DNS hosts such as NS1, ClouDNS, and so on.

They only host WordPress blogs, which will be a problem for anyone restoring Archive.org sites to HTML.

Their plans start at $ 29 for 10 blogs. Unfortunately, they are regularly closed and you need to register on their waiting list to receive a registration link.

PBN hosting Reviews Easy Blog Networks

Easy Blog Networks Security

Easy Blog Network has no fingerprints and makes hosting blogs efficiently. The system is regularly audited for print impressions and security vulnerabilities. The Simple Blog Network currently offers 500 unique IP addresses for more than 100 data centers. All IP addresses come from legitimate web hosting companies like Amazon, Digital River, etc., and they have built-in security features.

The platform also supports HTTPS / SSL, the most advanced web security features on the Internet. Therefore, if you use this platform to create or manage a website, you do not need to use VPN software to hide your identity.

Easy Blog Networks Transparency

Easy Blog Network provides transparency by indicating the IP address of the hosting company, which is not defined by any other company in the blog network. They offer different IP addresses and also show the details of the hosting provider.

Details about IP, DNS providers and hosting providers are available in the panel and are easily accessible. This avoids having to visit your registrar to configure name servers. It even has an automatic configuration of the name server and is easy to use.

Easy Blog Networks Blog Safety

Several third-party studies conducted on the Easy Blog Network have confirmed that the de-indexing rate of blogs configured through the platform is lower than that of other competitors. EBN platform offers impressive support for WordPress blogs. However, they do not support standard HTML sites. Your blog is absolutely safe as the platform assigns random IP addresses and usernames to your blogs over the network.

Easy Blog Networks Pros & Cons

Easy blog networks


Even though EBN is a very complex project but it has managed to pack all that immense power into a user-friendly interface that’s an absolute pleasure to user.

  • One-Click WordPress Installation: Some people find software installation a difficult task. With Easy blog Networks, it’s amazingly easy. The interface is extremely user-friendly and lets you set up your blog without any professional help.
  • Security and Performance Optimization:  It stays secured against brute-force attacks, SQL injections, and other hacking attempts. The basics of updates and backups are taken care of as they are backed up, in the case of any problems, everything is restored back to normal.
  • The system has been well-thought-out from the beginning and there are many measures taken to position EBN as the best service in this space.
  • Easy Blog Network set out to solve problems with setup, maintenance and security of your PBN.
  • Support is fast and responsive and the system continues to be developed with new time-saving features added on a regular basis. The technical support responds within a couple of minutes and without any further ado solve your problem with ease.
  • EBN backs up all my blogs on a regular basis. No other hosting services provide this feature; instead, you have to install some third-party plugins by paying a hefty amount. The daily backups provide a sense of assurance that, everything is safe no matter how precarious the upcoming time is.
  • EBN creates randomized emails to use as forwarding addresses instead of the original addresses. This is an important feature as securing your IP address and email is the best way to defend your blog from hackers.
  • EBN is completely economical.


  • Not suitable for mini-PBNs since the minimal number of blogs to host is 10 and it is priced accordingly.
  • EBN doesn’t allow the hosting of illegal topics, hate speech, gambling, and adult content; which completely makes sense in my honest opinion. To drive traffic to their blogs, some may want to use adult content or something inappropriate which is uncalled for.
  • Its tools still may have some faults, as it is new in the market but not critical ones.
  • Limitations on IP Selection, one can purchase a maximum of 50 unique IPs.
  • EBN advises not to use high traffic blogs (up to 10,000 visits) or demand any kind of custom installations.

With a few cons, that don’t even amount to much against the pros Easy Blog Networks


Easy blog network review features

Starting on September 1st, EBN will adjust prices for all the plans and will shut down some plans and roll out new plans. The average price increase will be 20%.

The price increase is caused by a significant improvement of the Easy Blog Networks infrastructure. Now it will allow to offer up to 500 unique IPs. It’s a tenfold increase from current limit. This is a great improvement for all users; in fact, the feature has been in request by many clients since long time. Apart from the upgrade, each regular user will be kept below 5% of the total IP pool.

Everybody who has one of the old plans will also receive this upgrade that will allow to have up to 500 IPs. If you have been planning to upgrade your existing plan, it is better to do it before the end of September to get an advantage of the old cheaper pricing.

If you wanted to buy a plan from Easy Blog Networks, better do it now before the end of September.

The more blogs you host, the cheaper the price will be per blog. This makes the EBN price competitive with the one dollar hosting – if, of course, you need at least 10 blogs. Easy Blog Networks meets all the imperatives and does so with flying colors. Easy Blog Networks is a perfect platform for hosting your blogs or private blog network.

You can get started with a free trial and 10 blogs costs $35 per month which is only $3.50 per blog.

Their impeccable automated system has impressed me the most; easy to use, pragmatic and safe for private blog network hosting. If you’ve thought of starting your own private blog network or hosting multiple websites then have to try Easy Blog Networks.

Easy Blog Networks Alternatives

  • There’s a few other providers that provide a similar service to easy blog networks including Bulk Buy Hosting. They are slightly cheaper than EBN and rather than using dedicated server hosting, use reseller accounts with cheap shared hosting providers such as JaguarPC, Bluehost, GreenGeeks, Hostnine and Hostgator
  • Done-For-You PBN
    Basically, they build a PBN for you. It will include domains for DA of 10+ that are manually checked for spam and custom blogs that look completely natural. If you have any custom requests, they can be fulfilled, too.

The more blogs you host, the cheaper the price will be per blog. This makes the EBN price competitive with the one dollar hosting – if, of course, you need at least 10 blogs. Easy Blog Networks meets all the imperatives and does so with flying colors. Easy Blog Networks is a perfect platform for hosting your blogs or private blog network.

You can get started with a free trial and 10 blogs cost $35 per month which is only $3.50 per blog. Their impeccable automated system has impressed me the most; easy to use, pragmatic and safe for private blog network hosting.

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FAQs on Easy Blog Networks Review

🔥What is Easy Blog Networks?

Basically, Easy Blog Networks is one of the best ways to safely and effectively diversify hostings for your large Private Blog Network.

💵What is Easy Blog Networks Pricing?

The pricing plans offered by Easy Blog Networks is flexible and affordable. The Basic Plans start at $69/Month where you can start like $2.39 per blogs. Also, they offer 7 days Trial right for $7.

✅Is Easy Blog Networks Reliable?

Yes! you can just give them a try. As we have also tried this platform worked quite well for us. Just give it a try for $7 for 7 days..

Easy Blog Networks Testimonials:

Easy blog networks hosting PBN

Easy Blog Networks- PBN Network

Over To You: Easy Blog Networks Review | Should You Buy Easy Blog Networks?

If you’ve thought of starting your own private blog network or hosting multiple websites then have to try Easy Blog Networks. I have been using EBN for the past 6 months now and I am really happy with their services.

Support is quick and they are ready to help anytime if you face any problem with your PBN’s. Give it a try and you will not regret it.

Did you like this Easy Blog Networks Review? Share your experience of using Easy Blog Networks in the comments below.


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