EasyTranslate Review 2023 : Is It the Best Translation Management Platform ?

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User Interface


  • Translator Matchmaking
  • EasyTranslate Academy
  • Great Integration
  • Easy to get started with EasyTranslate
  • More than Just Translation platform
  • Build for Developers
  • Custom Translation flow


  • Not that I came across till now

Price:$ 34

When working on a tiny part of a project without knowing what’s going on in the larger picture, the knowledge is frequently left out of the final output, which demotivates staff and reduces productivity and workflow.

These issues can be handled by implementing a translation platform and building a constructive collaborative relationship with your translators and your company.

It significantly reduces their workload, giving them more breathing room and increasing their productivity. In times of emergency, a decent translation management platform may act as your partner and save your back.

So, if you’re seeking software that includes all of the tools you’ll need to create a top-notch translation of your projects, look no further because we’re about to talk about one in particular that we believe is the finest option for you.

What is EasyTranslate?

EasyTranslate Review

EasyTranslate is a translation management platform that offers a lot more than just translations. It is entirely aware of all the complexities involved in translation. They aid you in laying a solid foundation from the ground up so that you may communicate with people all around the world without difficulty.

It offers a variety of features to its users, including Translator Matchmaking, Machine Learning, Custom Translation Flows, EasyTranslate Academy,  and more. It enables them to produce top-quality translations possible by maximizing the efficiency of the instruments at hand. It also comes with a slew of plugins that allow you to effortlessly connect to other systems, which include WordPress, Shopify, Magento, EPiServer, Zapier, Shopware, etc.

What’s inside EasyTranslate?

EasyTranslate offers a variety of services to its customers, which we’ll go over in detail below, along with their benefits and costs.


Language-as-a-Service-EasyTranslate Review

This solution serves as the backbone of your translation workflow, making it more fluid and efficient. They look after all of your projects and ensure that there are no customer service concerns. All parts of the process are centralized within their platform, and you have full access to all of their capabilities so that you can consistently communicate and deliver your material around the world.

Key Features

  • Translation Process: This feature increases the speed at which you translate through seamless on-point communication that is automated between your team handling translations; in addition, you may leverage integrations and plugins with your final goods.
  • Personalized Team: Without any outside intervention, individually choose every single team member individually. After you’ve chosen your desired team, you will be able to bring them on board and get to work instantly. The integration of Artificial Intelligence into your translation team provides them with suggestions that can assist them in making your project translations more efficient and timely.
  • Customizable Platform: EasyTranslate gives you a platform that can be totally customized to meet your company’s demands. This allows you to maintain your organizational structure while translating. To guarantee that everything follows your internal organization, you can adjust the user and account structure.
  • Automatic Translation: The platform provides you with editor access, allowing you to make direct changes and tweaks to the translation memory. All of the adjustments are then remembered for future projects, making it easier for your team to comprehend your language preferences. Everyone involved in the project saves time as a result of this.

Translate Yourself

Translate-yourself-EasyTranslate Review

Let’s say you want to use the platform’s translation management system to work on the translations yourself. It allows you to see firsthand how to transition between a professional platform and in-house tools. It provides you with access to all of their editing and machine translation tools, allowing you to save time and enhance the quality of content you create. All in all, it allows you to multiply your production by a factor of ten.

Key Features

  • Machine Translation: All your texts were automatically pre-translated using AI technologies. This allows you to bypass all of the procedures and go straight to the review stage, where you can work on your voice tone and language preferences.
  • Translation Memory: This feature ensures that all your previous translations are automatically saved and then stored in their database, ready to be used and reused whenever the need arises, such as when a text segment reappears in a new project. You’ll never need to rewind and fix anything because everything is managed perfectly.
  • Translation Flow: Providing your in-house translators with access to the platform reduces their total workload. Your translators can bypass these stages and focus on other important areas of your translated content if they use all of the above-mentioned technologies.


EasyOrder-EasyTranslate Review

If you want one of the quickest and most dependable solutions that are straightforward and robust in managing your translation assignments, EasyOrder is the ideal tool for you. The program has been designed to take care of all of your project-related needs and concerns.

Key Features

  • Easy Fix: You can email your file to EasyTranslate and thereon, their team will manage everything regarding your project if you wish to take a day off from translating. They’ll keep track of everything about your content, from accountancy to your line of business. Everything will be taken into consideration in order to provide you with the finest translation possible. After you’ve sent your translation, you can sit back and relax, knowing that they’ll take care of the rest and contact you when it’s available to download.
  • Translator Matchmaking: Artificial intelligence (AI) is always on hand to help and give you customized solutions. When you submit a project, you will be quickly matched with the best translation for your content and data. You must first upload your file and then wait for the tool to compile a list of potential translators for the project.
  • Intra-industry Specialization: All of EasyTranslate’s translators are aware of the necessity of project management and a thorough understanding of specialized areas’ terminologies. This is why each of them specializes in a specific area and possesses all of the necessary experience to supply you with the greatest possible material. They are perfectly thorough with all of your company’s issues and have a wealth of cultural, linguistic, and technical knowledge which may considerably assist you in achieving your objectives.

How does EasyTranslate Work?

Account structure

When you create an EasyTranslate account, you’re creating an area that you may share with each department and team member you choose. Each person who has access to this area is referred to as a user. The structure gives you greater flexibility and allows you to tailor your account to fit your own organizational structure.

You can create as many sub-accounts as you want within your parent account. Different departments, themes, or clients can be represented by them. Each account and sub-account has its own translation team, billing system, projects, and price list, none of which are shared between accounts.

User structure

A user is someone who has access to your account or subaccount. Your company determines the permissions and roles allocated to each user. This can be completely customized to make project management easier. You can customize each user’s access points and set different criteria for them.

Separate billing methods and projects can also be set up for each user. The Team Admin position can be assigned to as many users as you like, allowing them to manage users, billing methods, and sub-accounts. You can have faster access to projects and information by adapting the platform to your internal structure.

EasyTranslate Academy

Your team of translators will get the knowledge and comprehension they need to master your localization assignments with EasyTranslate Academy. The academy helps you by educating and testing your translators on your material and processes, as well as keeping them up to speed with their internal technologies, through Academy.

They make sure your brand universe is effectively represented, from textual instructions, guidelines, and brand education movies to audio/visual content, so your team has a holistic knowledge of your demands.

EasyTranslate Academy is more than a knowledge library; it allows you to track each member of your team’s performance and familiarity with specific topics. Your joyful staff of translators will deliver better quality translations in no time, with all the support they require!

Test Translations

Test translations will assist you in narrowing down your choices and selecting the finest matches. The program examines the style compatibility, communication form, and general quality more closely by conducting test translations.

They employ a defined technique with an objective assessment to do their test translations, allowing them to determine suitability and benchmark across client areas and language combinations.

These assessments are also carried out on a regular basis with all active translators beyond the initial onboarding procedure, to ensure high-quality performance throughout their relationship. Each translator is given a sample text to translate and is asked to describe the exact linguistic tactics employed, as well as their methodology and approach.

This data demonstrates both performances and thought processes, and it is critical in establishing a translator’s aptitude for a specific assignment.

Term Bank

You can use a term bank to ensure that your style preferences are respected throughout your projects and that your tone of voice is maintained between languages. Share your favorite terms with the term bank and improve consistency across all of your projects.

This is the most important tool for terminology management, and it usually consists of a list of industry-specific and product-related phrases that are unique to you and your company. The term bank is your personal lexicon that the translator can use.

Seamless Integration Options

EasyTranslate also takes the game a step further by allowing users to integrate with leading third-party apps and platforms to ensure seamless management of content data and enhanced functionalities in translation flows.

WordPress Plugin

With the plugin service, you can now translate your WordPress site directly from the back end. Customize your workflow by selecting your own options, then set the wheels in motion with a single click, and their platform will begin the translation process automatically. Once the translation is finished, it will be quickly integrated into your WordPress page.

Create an automated translation process directly from your WordPress dashboard. The setup is simple and anyone can do it. Once EasyTranslate is installed and configured in WordPress, you may create your own automatic procedure.

The plugin can translate everything from your pages and blog posts to your menus and footers. It’s quick and easy, and the translated material appears exactly where you want it once it’s finished.

Shopify plugin

Connect EasyTranslate to your Shopify store so you can get translations right from the backend. Your translation process will become significantly faster, allowing you to devote more time and resources to growing your company. Find EasyTranslate in the Shopify marketplace and build up an automated workflow to automatically translate your new product descriptions, landing pages, blog articles, and more based on your preferences.

You may use the plugin to discover text that hasn’t been translated yet in your webshop and start the translation process with only one click! Make sure you’ve turned on notifications so you’ll know when your translations are ready to go live on your website.

Connecting Shopify to EasyTranslate is a quick and uncomplicated process that requires no coding or technical knowledge on your part. Simply go to your Shopify marketplace and select EasyTranslate, then define your own specifications for what should be translated and when. After that, you’ll be ready for a rapid and automated process.

Magento plugin

With the plugin service, you can now translate your Magento eCommerce site directly from the back end. Customize your workflow by selecting your own options, then set the wheels in motion with a single click, and their platform will begin the translation process automatically.

Once the translation is finished, it will be quickly inserted into your Magento page. By providing localized content for your global audiences, you may easily expand your business. To send and receive translations instantaneously, connect EasyTranslate to your Magento eCommerce website.

Right from your Magento account, you may set up an automatic translation process. The setup is simple and anyone can do it. Once EasyTranslate is installed and configured in WordPress, you may create your own automatic procedure. The plugin can translate everything from your pages and blog posts to your menus and footers. It’s quick and easy, and the translated material appears exactly where you want it once it’s finished.

Zapier Plugin

Zapier allows you to connect EasyTranslate to your other apps in a seamless manner. There is no need for advanced technological understanding; the procedure is simple and basic. Locate the source text for the apps you want to connect with. Then establish your own parameters, deciding what should be translated and when it should be done.

The material will be downloaded, translated, and then deposited in the requested location automatically. Make sure you’ve turned on notifications so you’ll know when your translations are finished!

Increase your multilingual content across your channels without spending resources on manual activities or developers with Zapier’s over 3000 apps. The various API configurations are completed for you, so no coding is necessary on your part.

Instead, concentrate on distributing multilingual content at scale and ensuring that the correct message reaches the right person at the right time in the appropriate language!

Shopware plugin

By localizing your webshop, you may sell your products on a global scale. To send and receive translations instantaneously, connect EasyTranslate to your Shopware eCommerce website. Ensure that your online customers have the greatest possible experience by providing multilingual content that is automatically localized and updated as needed.

The setup is simple and anyone can do it. After you’ve installed the EasyTranslate extension in Shopware, you may create your own automated workflow. The plugin allows you to translate anything from your product descriptions and landing pages to your menus and footers. It’s quick and easy, and the translated material appears exactly where you want it once it’s finished.

Episerver plugin

Obtain global success swiftly and without adding to your workload! Their easy integration will make it easier for you to provide localized content to your global audiences. Connect EasyTranslate to your Episerver site and receive and send translations in real-time.

Set up an automatic translation procedure in your Episerver platform to handle your translations. The setup is simple and anyone can do it. Once EasyTranslate is installed and configured in Episerver, you may create your own automated procedure. It’s quick and easy, and once it’s done, the translated text shows exactly where you want it, freeing you up to focus on other things.

EasyTranslate app

Install the EasyTranslate desktop app to have rapid access to the platform. The app function is simple to set up and serves as a shortcut to your account and projects within their platform, allowing you to check them at any time, both online and offline. This tool, in addition to being incredibly user-friendly, allows you to set up notifications so that you can keep track of the status of your translation projects at all times.

Our project management platform and communication with your team of translators are just a click away with the EasyTranslate app, allowing you and your internal team to work more efficiently and effectively.

How much does EasyTranslate cost?


EasyTranslate solutions are divided into three packages as discussed earlier; EasyOrder, Translate Yourself,Pricing-EasyTranslate and Enterprise. While the details of the solutions are pretty expansive and this article will never seem to end if we begin listing down the entire thing for you, but we have summarized the details to let you have an idea of what you’ll get and at what price. 

Easy Order

Price: €0.10 per word 


  • Supported language pairs: Top 50 
  • Minimum payout: €30 Per task
  • Chat/email support

Translate Yourself

Price: €29 (Monthly) and €348 (Annual)


  • Language pairs: Up to 3
  • All languages supported
  • Monthly word limit: 30,000 (Machine Learning)
  • No. of users: Unlimited 
  • Access to Translate yourself
  • Access to Machine Translation
  • Augmented Machine Translation
  • Translation memory
  • Term bank
  • Access to Plug-ins
  • Editor access
  • Chat/email support


Price: Custom Price Quote (Price per word starts from €0.05)


  • Language pairs: Up to 3
  • All languages supported
  • Minimum payout: €5 Per task
  • No. of users: Unlimited 
  • Unlimited Usage with machine learning
  • Access to EasyTranslate Academy
  • Access toTest translation
  • File import setting
  • Sub-accounts
  • User permissions
  • Personalized team of translators
  • Machine translation
  • Editor access
  • Custom translation workflows
  • API Access
  • Access to Plug-ins
  • Custom Integration
  • Contact translators directly
  • Chat/email support
  • Phone Support
  • Augmented Machine Translation
  • Term bank
  • Translation memory

Benefits of using EasyTranslate

  • The prices are reasonable.
  • The service is prompt and flawless.
  • Customer care is always there to assist you with any issues.
  • It makes use of AI and machine learning.
  • It is capable of handling your entire project.
  • Project managers are advantageous.
  • There’s no need to move back and forth in the procedure.
  • The project is completed in just a few days.

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A Quick Overview

EasyTranslate is the leading Language Solutions Platform, where all of your company’s language demands are fulfilled with smart, efficient solutions that are custom-made for you and all in one place.

They employ artificial intelligence to assist you in finding the best translators for your projects. The right matches will be targeted by the recognition system. Using an e-learning platform, you can train and onboard your own staff of skilled translators. Share information, videos, and rules with your team so that they can get started on your material and maintain style and terminology uniformity.

Overall, you’ll have access to cutting-edge technology to ensure that your translation needs are met quickly, simply, and affordably. The many Language-as-a-Service quality features will not only save you time and money but will also improve the quality and efficiency of your projects.


You should have a better sense of what EasyTranslate has to offer after reading the entire review. An all-in-one suite software that handles all of your translation needs can be quite beneficial to your success.

Allowing your team to handle all of these duties via automation and machine learning will save you a lot of time that you can put towards other elements of your project. As a result, we strongly advise you to contact them if you are having difficulties with your project.

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