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Ecom Turbo Theme

Overall Verdict

eCom Turbo is an online platform specifically designed to allow Shopify store owners to create high-quality themes for their online stores. All themes created using this platform can be uploaded to the Shopify store which enables you to customize all aspects of the design of your new site with ease.

Out of 10


  • The Easiest Way To Create Beautiful Online Stores
  • Boost Conversions
  • Incredibly Fast Theme
  • Free Ecom Course
  • Customize Everything
  • Built In Scarcity Timer
  • Custom Clean Footer
  • Increase Instagram Profits


  • More pricing options needed
  • Updates are slow from the theme founder


Price: $ 97

Welcome to my eCom Turbo Review.

Running an eCommerce store is hard.

You have to constantly worry about your store’s performance, and you’ve got a lot of competition to deal with.

You’re a Shopify store owner and you know that you need to increase your conversions, but you don’t know how to do it.

You’re not making any money because your Shopify store is not converting at the rate you need.

Solution: eCom Turbo will get you better conversions with less work and time.

E-commerce has grown rapidly in the last 5 years and is arguably the hottest and happening form of business in the internet industry today. The rapid advancement in internet technology in just half a decade has led to the sudden and massive success of e-commerce businesses.

Bottom Line Upfront 🥇

I love this Shopify conversion theme and its performance.

eCom Turbo aims to boost conversions and sales. Its strong built-in apps save you from monthly app payments. This cuts costs and streamlines your business.

As the top Shopify conversion theme, eCom Turbo stands out. Its improved look and functionality improve your consumers’ shopping experience, increasing conversions and income.

eCom Turbo transformed my Shopify store. This theme makes purchasing easy for consumers with its clear navigation and beautiful product pages. More sales, happier consumers.

As of 2018, some of the richest, successful and profitable businesses in the world are e-commerce stores and websites. It is the most successful online business module today. If this statement doesn’t convince you, then check out the success of Alibaba, Ali Express, Flipkart, eBay, and of course AMAZON!

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Let’s get started with eCom Turbo Review in detail with features & pricing. 

My Payment Proof for Buying eCom Turbo Theme

Ecom Turbo Review Discount coupon

eCom Turbo Theme Review 2024

– Boost conversions with the best Shopify conversion theme on the market.

– Save money on monthly fees and boost conversions with the best Shopify conversion theme on the market.

– Boost your Shopify sales and revenue by converting more customers online.

– No Need To Install and Configure Apps and Extensions with eCom Turbo Theme.

– Optimized for Mobile Sales, You Don’t Need to Install Any Apps on Android or iOS devices.

Ecom Turbo Review

Now creating e-commerce is no more a tedious task, courtesy of Shopify, which is considered the best E-Commerce Platform that helps you create your online store in just a few clicks and then sell products online, on Facebook, or in person.

Ecom turbo theme

Now successful Shopify stores require a high-converting theme to capture as many sales as possible and drive down advertising costs. But the reason why many stores fail very often is that they use themes that are designed by companies who don’t even run Shopify stores and have no experience running a Shopify store!

So if you are fed up with dealing with poor quality themes which are no more driving concerns for you, then you should read this post carefully to learn how you can create your own Shopify theme that drives more sales right from scratch.

Add built-in apps and great features using eCom Turbo, a surprisingly useful and high-converting theme platform!

About eCom Turbo: Best Shopify Theme For Drop Shippers?

Ecom Turbo Review

eCom Turbo is an online platform specifically designed to allow Shopify store owners to create high-quality themes for their online stores. All themes created using this platform can be uploaded to the Shopify store which enables you to customize all aspects of the design of your new site with ease.

eCom Turbo is touted as the leading platform for creating a high-converting theme in the world. Themes created on eCom Turbo can be customized as per the needs and feelings of the store including Text colors, header colors, Installing your logo, currency converter, and countless other features. In simple words, eCom Turbo is the easiest way to create beautiful Shopify Stores, Boost Conversions and Skyrocket Profits.

Features and Tools

eCom Turbo is more than just a typical Shopify theme designed by software. The developers made use of the most cutting-edge apps and tools to build them directly into eCom Turbo. The final product not only boosts conversions but also saves you a considerable amount of time and money as well!

ecom turbo theme feature

  • Email Collector

You can use eCom Turbo’s native eMail Collector tool to capture those leaving customers through fully customizable popups and turn them into sales. In these popups, you can give out enticing discounts and collect leads at the same time. You can customize the popups like you want by changing colors, text and whatever you want to boost sales and leads for future promotions.

  • Built-In Scarcity Timer

 Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme Discount Coupon Code 100$ Off Hurry Up Limited Time Offer   Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme Discount Coupon Code 100$ Off Hurry Up Limited Time Offer

Countdown timers are a very common fit when your business is about to hit a milestone or you are running some limited-period discount offer or flash sale. However, with eCom Turbo, you no longer need to download or integrate third-party timer apps. eCom Turbo comes with a built-in scarcity timer which lets you trigger the minds of your customers by offering something for a limited time to boost sales.

This is kind of a psychological game since the fear of missing out on something amazing becomes a great trigger that will push costumers to buy on impulse. You can use this tool to create scarcity and urgency without touching any code. Plus, this feature is fully customizable, with the ability to change the color of the progress bar and the bar shadow.

  • The Cash Boosting Upsell

 Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme Discount Coupon Code 100$ Off Hurry Up Limited Time Offer

This tool offered by eCom Turbo is considered a MASSIVE conversion booster! You can use this tool to collect more profit with a cart to checkout upsell popups. General trends show that visitors are more likely to buy an upsell right after the cart and right before the checkout. Taking advantage of this trend, you can get really specific and offer related products and easily increase profits by up to 25% once you switch this on your Shopify stores.

ecom turbo

  • Custom Clean Footer

Ecom turbo footer

A clean and well-organized theme is more likely to generate more sales! This is primarily because customers tend to get lost and distracted if your store poses cluttered and confusing footers, and this may result in you losing sales.

Adding a nice clean footer template gives you more chances of getting more sales and better conversions! These footers are completely customizable and you can also use the standard Shopify footer if you want.

  • Super Clean Call To Actions

Ecomturbo sales

Another MASSIVE conversion booster for your web store can be creating beautiful and completely customizable call-to-action buttons under your collections right on the homepage. Even a simple color or text size change can boost sales. You can customize everything you want, including the product price and title. Thus you have complete control over your pages.

  • Urgency Sales Ticker

Sales tickers are said to create urgency more than any other tactic. You can use eCom Turbo’s native sales ticker to show people that things are selling on your site. The fear of missing out will always boost conversions and increase sales. This feature is 100% customizable and you can change whatever you like including the border, colors, etc.

  • Increase Instagram Profits

Ecom turbo sales booster theme

Instagram is the most commercially active social media platform after Facebook and features a massive amount of brand promotions every now and then. Over 60% of failed Instagram promotions usually have a theme that didn’t work very well on mobile! eCom Turbo is designed for Crispy Instagram profits by creating effective promotions with a sticky add-to-cart button.

  • Simple Easy Trust Badges

Trust is known to be a HUGE conversion booster so you can play on this aspect by uploading a trust bar with multiple badges or one single badge at a time to change site-wide. Doing so would ensure that you won’t have to add them to your products every time! The size of the badge will determine how they sit so you have control.

  • Profit Boosting Cart Buttons

Cart buttons play a major role in boosting conversions and driving sales. You can use eCom Turbo to change the size and color of your buttons for ultimate testing.  The checkout button can be customized, meaning that you get full control over your store’s sales funnels and stop losing sales. The platform also has another button above the cart that can be toggled on and off.

ecom turbo theme tools

  • Customize The Homepage

An attractive homepage that flows with your entire store is the face of every online store. eCom Turbo gives you the ability to change text color and move everything around to let you create a beautiful homepage.

You can also change the colors of everything on the product pages. It’s important to create a homepage that has the ability to BOOST CONVERSIONS!

Benefits Of Using eCom Turbo

Ecom Turbo Testimonials

eCom Turbo is trusted by Over 4,000 Shopify users to boost Sales in their stores. All these stores have designed themes exclusively using this platform to make more money and save over $1,600 a year in in-app fees. eCom Turbo is the leading platform for creating a high-converting theme in the world and holds several benefits for its users.

  • Fully Custom Homepage

ecom turbo homepage

You can use eCom Turbo to design a homepage that flows with your store and fits your store, making it look amazing! The platform gives you the ability to change your layout and even change the colors of your titles and prices to whatever color you like!

  • Conversion Boosters

Ecom turbo shopify theme review

The developers behind eCom Turbo have worked long nights to build specific conversion-boosting themes that increase revenue on your store instantly. Thus saving you money on app fees and simply helping you make more money.

  • Incredibly Fast Loading

Ecom turbo theme speed

The faster the Store loading, the more likely are your chances to dish out more sales. Customers tend to get impatient if your web store takes time to load up, and this will have a major impact on your sales and you may end up losing up to 40% of your sales. eCom Elites was designed with super speeds in mind and make sure that any kind of web store you own boots up as soon as your brand name is clicked upon.

  • Free eCom Course & Support

eCom Turbo boasts of a super responsive support team, and you are also given unlimited access to their members who have explanatory videos and tutorials showing you exactly how to set up the theme. Furthermore, the developers have also added in some free eCom training and free theme support forever!

eCom Turbo Plans And Pricing

ecom turbo theme price

eCom Turbo has been developed to deliver both functionality and affordability. Keeping that in mind, the developers officially created a perfect balance between features and pricing to make eCom Turbo the most cost-effective conversion-boosting Shopify theme in the market. The developers currently offer 3 different packages for customers to choose from.


Price: $97 (one Time Payment)

**Special Pricing Normally $147


  • 1x Shopify Store
  • Instant Access
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Lifetime Support
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Full Theme Training
  • Bonus eCom Training


Price: $127 (One Time Payment)

**Special Pricing Normally $197


  • 3x Shopify Store
  • Instant Access
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Lifetime Support
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Full Theme Training
  • Bonus eCom Training


Price: $147 (One Time Payment)

**Special Pricing Normally $247


  • Unlimited Shopify Stores
  • Instant Access
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Lifetime Support
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Full Theme Training
  • Bonus eCom Training

14-day money-back guarantee

Ecom Tubo Moneyback

All of the eCom packages mentioned above are backed up by a 14-day money-back guarantee and rock solid refund policy. If you use eCom Turbo and somehow are not satisfied with the performance or services, then you can simply contact their support team and they will be happy to give you a complete refund.

eCom Turbo has the best customer support possible and caters to all requested refunds as long as the reason is genuine and within their refund policy. However, you may visit the eCom Turbo official website to learn more about the software, its features, pricing, and more.

eCom Turbo Customer Reviews &  Testimonials

Ecom Turbo Testimonials

Ecom Turbo Alternatives

1) Booster Theme

Booster Theme is the ideal solution for designing and styling your Shopify store with attractive layouts and elements that captivate your clients, as well as building sales funnels that deliver more conversions to your business. It covers all sorts of theme designs linked to your items if you’re selling them.

booster theme 2

Now, with the Booster Theme, it’s simple to set up a store in no time, so you can focus on selling your products. The Booster theme comes with a variety of marketing tools to help you set up your store the way you want it. The Shopify Booster Theme review covers all of its features and tools, so you’ll understand how it works to boost sales for your business.

The Booster Theme has a lot of features, and in the 5.0 version, they added new ones like product page design, new product reviews integration, improved testimonial section design, new sales notification design, new action bar on the home page, new header style, currency converter integration, new header strip functions, and new badges on the collection & portfolio pages.

The Shopify Booster theme is preferred because of its ease of use, features, amazing designs, easy marketing, funnels, and the fact that it saves you time so you can spend it selling things.

booster Shopify theme for Dropshipper

When we use the Booster Theme, we can easily design the store we want utilizing the design tools it provides. Kitchen, Home, Snowboards, Bike Shop, Yoga Store, CBD Shop, Pet Store, Coffee House, and Jewellery Store are among the themes featured in Booster Theme. Check out Booster Theme Reviews.

2) Debutify

Debutify is a fantastic Shopify theme that was created with the goal of increasing conversions and improving the overall performance of your website or online store in terms of navigation and speed. This theme, which comes in two versions, Debut-Light and Debut-Default, is suitable for selling a wide range of products, regardless of catalog size.

The theme is extremely multifunctional and includes a range of features, making it a popular choice among e-commerce companies.

Debut-Light has a clean and light design that is ideal for any online business that wants to show off a lot of product detail. Debut-Default, on the other hand, beautifully displays the items and the brand that uses them.

Debutify customize

When hovering over an image, it allows visitors and consumers to get a closer look at any additional product details. Debut-default is ideal for stores that sell products that are utilized on a daily basis.

You may sell anything from anywhere in the globe with the Debutify theme.

Debutify has you covered whether you need a general store, a one-product store, or funnels. Its website style and design allow you to personalize the theme without the need for professional help.

Debutify features and pricing

When compared to other free Shopify themes, Debutify offers a large number of design possibilities. You can edit your site’s product page, the home page, drawer menu, footer menu, and navigation menu by going to the theme settings tab on the dashboard.

Debutify, unlike most free themes on the internet, is simple to install and personalize on your website. To install it, simply input the URL page of your website and log in.

Debutify Theme Reviews 

Debutify Vs Ecom Turbo

3) Shoptimized Theme

Bradley Long, a conversion rate expert, designed the Shoptimized Theme. He works as a consultant for a number of worldwide firms, assisting them in achieving their goals and increasing their online store conversion rates. He also has his own Shopify stores that he manages.


Bradley has been in the e-commerce sector since 2005, and his knowledge of customer psychology has helped him identify what works and what doesn’t, leading him to develop a premium theme that is designed for increasing conversion rates.

The Shoptimized Theme is well-known for its adaptability to a variety of niches, goods, companies, and audiences.

Shoptimized is built to meet Google’s Mobile-First criterion, which helps it rank higher in Google and other search engines.

The mobile-first user interface improves the user experience and leads to improved success with Facebook Ads and other promotions, resulting in lower CPC, CPP, CPM, and other metrics.

It also eliminates the issue of a high bounce rate because the page loads faster, keeping your visitors on your landing page longer.

Several elements in the Shoptimized Theme are meant to improve conversion rates, average order value, audience confidence in your store, and gather information from visitors to advertise to and persuade them to make purchases and discounts.

Shoptimized - Pricing

However, some of the above capabilities are not available with free themes, so you’ll need to install third-party free or expensive apps to get the most out of them. It can even make your business appear unorganized, as each app is created and designed by a separate software developer, resulting in a unique user interface.

Shoptimized Vs Booster Theme 

FAQs on eCom Turbo Review

Will there be theme support?

They offer something no other Shopify theme has ever done. A full membership area with training videos and support. Every video has a comment section if you need help. You will also get across to a Facebook group full of eCom tips.

How do I receive my eCom turbo refund?

A 30-day money-back guarantee is included with eCom Turbo. If you try out eCom Turbo and don't like it for whatever reason simply call support during the 30-day trial period and they'll help you out.

Is there an affiliate program at eCom Turbo?

Yes, On Zaxaa, you can apply to promote the theme.

Is eCom Turbo capable of increasing sales in my store?

Yes, the theme is built to increase conversions by providing a variety of scarcity and optimization options. It also loads quite quickly.

Where can I buy eCom Turbo?

You can purchase it from the official website, but first read this review to determine whether it's the suitable theme for your company.

What is the price of eCom Turbo?

It currently costs $97-147, depending on your budget and requirements.

For whom is Ecom Turbo designed?

Ecom Turbo is for everyone who sells things on Shopify. If you don’t like scarcity timers, don't use them. If you don't like email popups and sales popups, don't use them. However, you'll appreciate the theme's speed and mobile optimization. You will also save money or time if you use the recommended apps included with this theme.

Is ECom Turbo Worth Buying?

So, my final thoughts are really positive. The eCom Turbo theme has been one of my favourites, and I used it on both of my Shopify sites. The fact that so much of the theme could be customised, and that it came with so many features and apps meant I didn't have to pay an extra $100+ a month was a huge selling point for me. Also, there is 30-day money back guarantee available.

👉What exactly is eCom Turbo?

eCom Turbo is a Shopify theme that can be customized without touching code and is built to increase profit.

✅Do I get updates with this theme?

Yes, you get lifetime updates with the theme also share your views on future update modifications if you want any.

➡️Can I use the theme on multiple sites?

You are allowed to use the theme multiple times once payment is done.

🚫Do I need to change any code?

You do not need to change any code.

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Conclusion: eCom Turbo Theme Review 2024

From my personal experience, eCom Turbo will increase store authority, win over more customers, and sell more products. Countdown timers, scarcity timers, and trust badges are just a few of the many tools that eCom Turbo offers to instill a feeling of urgency and trustworthiness in your site’s users and encourage them to take action.

In addition to its conversion-enhancing features, eCom Turbo provides first-rate help from friendly, helpful staff and frequent updates. The people at eCom Turbo are committed to giving you the finest possible support and keeping your online shop up to date with all the best practices in your field.

In my opinion, eCom Turbo is the best option for Shopify store owners who want to take conversion and profit optimization to the next level.

eCom Turbo equips you to build a top-notch store that attracts your ideal customers and generates outstanding results thanks to its pre-installed applications, top-notch design, and ongoing support. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by to take your Shopify business to new heights with the greatest conversion theme on the market, eCom Turbo.

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  1. The best thing I like about Ecom Turbo is that it provides with fast loading!!
    Loading time is one of the most important factors that influence your conversions. People don’t tolerate slow websites anymore, and if your store loads too slow, you’ll lose visitors and sales.
    eCom Turbo is designed with super fast speeds in mind, loading 50% faster than comparable Shopify themes. Indeed, I myself have noticed that eCom Turbo is as fast or faster than almost every Shopify theme available.
    Also go and grab your coupon code and get the benefit yourself!!

  2. I’ll tell you how ecom turbo has helped me in several ways! Like
    》It boosts conversions nicely.
    》It’s extremely affordable for what you get.
    》Loading time is very fast.
    》It saves you a lot of money in app fees.
    》One payment gets you unlimited stores, support & updates.
    I’ll highly recommend using ecom turbo coupons through this website, it has benefited me a lot!!

  3. eCom Turbo is promoted as the main stage for making a high-changing ecommerce store on the planet. Ecom stored made on eCom Turbo was can be redone according to the necessities and sensations of the store including Text tones, header tones, Installing your logo, cash converter, and incalculable different highlights.

    In straightforward words, eCom Turbo is the simplest method to make lovely Shopify Stores, Boost Conversions and Skyrocket Profits.

  4. I would describe Ecom turbo as the easiest way to create beautiful Shopify stores, which in turns boost conversions, and earn incredible profits.
    With ecom turbo you don’t need any third party so there’s no additional fees required which helps you save a lot of money.
    In the end I would just say that If you’re an ecommerce entrepreneur who is serious about growing your store, eCom Turbo is probably the best theme investment you can make.

  5. I’ll describe ecom turbo as the easiest way to create beautiful Shopify stores, boost conversions, and skyrocket profits.
    It is specially designed to maximize the conversions of each visitor that comes to your store. It uses many techniques to achieve this.
    eCom Turbo also acts as an all-in-one solution for Shopify store owners, with the most effective, cutting-edge apps already built into the theme. This allows store owners to save over $2500 per year in-app fees that they would otherwise be faced with.

  6. eCom Turbo is an incredible subject yet there is a few things that do should be refreshed. For instance when refreshing the subject it would be extremely useful in the event that you didn’t have to refresh the whole site once more.

    Likewise extra highlights like a single tick upsells, custom page formats and Facebook bot reconciliations are absent.

  7. It is safe to say that you are searching for an incredible, high changing over and simple to alter, Shopify topic? Ecom Turbo is the most ideal alternative for it!

    With Ecom super the topic stacks extremely quick for sure which will help with your page load times.

    You can likewise incorporate fulfillment ensures, free transportation, ensure boxes and an entire scope of web-based media profiles.

  8. eCom Turbo is a great Shopify theme that furnishes clients with a group of highlights that would regularly be bought separately. With quick burden times, portable streamlining, and straightforward customization, you can make the ideal subject that offers the best client experience to assist with expanding changes.

  9. eCom Turbo is an online stage explicitly intended to permit Shopify storekeepers make great topics for their online stores. All topics made utilizing this stage can be transferred to the Shopify store that empowers you to tweak all parts of the plan of your new site easily

  10. Ecom turbo is a comprehensive ecommerce platform that helps you to have full control of your own online shopping store. It offers with great varieties of themes that can be used further, it has also helped me in boosting my sales

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