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Customer Service
Inventory Management


  • Inventory Management
  • Product Tracking
  • Integrates with all Platforms
  • Pay-as-you-go Pricing
  • Multiple Warehousing
  • User friendly dashboard
  • Dropshipping Automation
  • Streamlined Acconting
  • 15-day free Trial
  • Multichannel Ecommerce Software Integrations


  • Customer Support is for limited hours
  • UI needs improvement

Price:$ 60

In this post, we have featured Ecomdash Review. Ecomdash is one of the most popular solutions for small and medium businesses looking for a fully functional inventory management system. It combines a web-based inventory management platform with order management and shipping management capabilities. The platform was specifically designed for small retailers and online retailers who sell their products through various channels.

Bottom Line: Ecomdash accelerates and simplifies inventory management processes by allowing users to synchronize their inventory levels across multiple channels and configure their inventory rules for each channel. By integrating with major online markets such as eBay and Amazon. Ecomdash provides marketers with a complete view of all aspects of their operations and instant access to data from online sales channels, suppliers, and distribution centers. Get Exclusive Discount On Ecomdash NOW. 

I have shared a detailed review of Ecomdash below with discount coupon codes.

Best Ecomdash Coupon Codes 2021

Ecomdash Review May 2021: Is It the Best E-Commerce Plugin? (Here’s Truth)

Ecomdash is one of the best inventory management and order fulfillment platforms for E-commerce business owners. It is fairly useful for businesses using platforms such as Amazon, Etsy and eBay. Read the detailed review for ecomdash with all its benefits and features below.

Watch the video below for ecomdash introduction: 

ecomdash - Overview


Over the last couple of months, the Ecomdash development team has focused on improving our user interface, adding 2-day shipping functionality for Walmart sellers, and more. Here’s a list of their most significant updates.

  • Improved UI: Their team will continue to release new updates to our user interface. These changes will focus on improving the experience of their customers, while simplifying the layout. Here’s a quick demo of the newest changes.
  • Walmart 2-Day Shipping: To help their customers take full advantage of the Walmart integration, they’ve added the ability for users to tag their products with the Walmart fast shipping tag. Adding this tag is similar to Amazon’s Prime tag, and will help their customers increase conversions on the popular marketplace.
  • New Deliverr Integration: Similar to FBA, Deliverr offers a more affordable way for customers to fulfill their multichannel orders. Deliverr worked over the past couple of months building this integration for their customers.
  • Improved Listing Functionality: To improve the listing process for our customers, their team added a failed listing view. This view is a great way for users to locate any new product listings that weren’t successfully approved by the sales platform. Ecomdash users can view why it failed, correct any of those issues, and then resubmit the listing for a much faster workflow.

What are the ecomdash Benefits?

ecomdash is a great asset management application that streamlines inventory operations, especially for small and medium businesses. Designed to help small and medium retailers to fully control their inventory. Finally, ecomdash offers the tools that help businesses become more productive and sell more.

The platform also includes warehouse management capabilities, including the automation of basic operations to reduce the time spent fetching, processing, and formatting sales order information.

For e-commerce agencies, ecomdash is a perfect option to handle the sales transactions of its customers. With its features, Ecomdash can easily manage background operations through a single centralized management application.

Ecomdash New UI Overview

Inventory Management and control: ecomdash can meet complex inventory requirements that allow users to uniquely track SKUs, UPCs, ASINs, and more. and define each product as needed. This gives the user great flexibility in listing products in different distribution channels. You can benefit from a unique mapping system that automatically tracks a product to which different SKUs in different markets can be assigned.

Listing Services: ecomdash offers its users a free SEO tool. This allows the user to list his articles more quickly in more distribution channels. By taking advantage of this flexibility, you can easily increase the number of distribution channels and get more locations to list your items.

Price: ecomdash is an affordable option that evolves with your customers. They pay only for what they use, so seasonal customers do not have to worry about being locked in a package all year round. Ecomdash also offers full fledge services such as unlimited sales channels, free support, and no transaction fees.

The provider has also partnered with Pitney Bowes to provide a powerful online shipping solution. All ecomdash users receive a free Pitney Bowes account with an annual value of $ 180.

What are the ecomdash Features?

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ecomdash review dashboard ecomdash reviews pricing

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  • Multi-warehouse inventory management: With ecomdash, the inventory management becomes breeze. You can easily track and sync all your products across all your sales channels managing all at one place. Whenever the inventory goes out of order, you will be notified in advance. The products that are delivered will be given  different identifiers so as to map them on the basis of expiry, serial numbers and other fields.
  • Sales Order Management: Manage overselling by using the sales order management. Your sale records are automatically added to the QuickBooks online or you can also create the sales receipt. If you are an Amazon FBA seller, then you can easily reroute the sales order from your sales channel to the Amazon’s website for faster fulfillment.
  • Purchase order management: Similar to the sales order, there is a purchase order management that enables you to quickly create new orders and send them to the suppliers. In the dashboard, track the order by entering the tracking details of the purchase product. You can also calculate that how often you need to re-order the new products once the stock is filled.
  • Multi-warehouse Dropship Management: One of the reasons that I prefer ecomdash is because it automates the dropshpping tasks for all kind of platforms; eBay, Amazon, Shopify and others. You can easily manage the suppliers by prioritizing the right supplier for Dropshipping.
  • Shipping Management: Ecomdash also takes care of your shipping needs. It keeps and gives you the data of the shipped, unshipped or the cancelled orders. Fully automated shipping gives you more time to focus on selling. It lets you manage multiple carriers such as FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS. It also saves you a lot of money by saving the cost of printing the shipping labels.
  • API capabilities: If you are a tech savvy, then you can easily create the powerful solutions to manage your business using our easy API. You will be featured in the ecomdash app store for the app that you have created.
  • Mobile app with barcode scanning and generation: The mobile app makes your task even easier by providing the barcode scanning and generates the printable receipts as well.
  • 40+ Reports (restock forecasting): ecomdash creates the quick and detailed reports for your inventory and all the sales and purchase that you have created. With the quick reporting feature, yo can quickly track and estimated the cost associated with your current inventory. You ca also get the forecast of your inventory in advance so that you can quickly determine that when and how much should you purchase.
  • Listing tools: The listing tool lists the product quickly and create the inventory. Use the bulk editing functionality to quickly list 250 products at a time. Create new or manage existing products with multiple variants for Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Walmart etc.
  • Low Inventory Email Alerts: ecomdash quickly notifies through the email if you are low on inventory.
  • FBA Management: If you are an Amazon seller, then you can easily manage the selling using the FBA management. It tracks the individual products and kits by integrating it with your Amazon Warehouse. If you need shipping labels for your prime orders, ecomdash prints them for you. Integrate your warehouse in countries like India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Spain and Italy.
  • Integrations: You can easily integrate your account with the third party software. ecomdash integrates seamlessly with a number of  platforms such as Amazon, Rakuten, Magento, Shopify, 3d cart, ShipStation, and various others.

ecomdash Integrations


ecomdash integrations

What Problems Will ecomdash Solve?

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  1. An affordable solution with responsive service

Earlier, a customer spent about $ 800 per month on inventory software that was rated as “flawed.” With ecomdash, she spends $ 250 a month, getting the same inventory features as her previous software and the ability to list free products for her integrated distribution channels, Grouping, and built products.

The over-selling of products does not worry him anymore, because Ecomdash automatically updates the number of its products in all channels. Ecomdash eliminates inventory management and all that this customer needs to do is press Sync.

  1. More channels mean more sales

Before registering with ecomdash, an online toy store was only sold on Amazon, eBay, and its own Shopify website. Since the introduction of inventory and ordering software, this retailer has added three new distribution channels. By simplifying complex inventory processes and automatically managing quantity updates, Ecomdash can sell to more markets in just a few clicks and manage all of its business from one centralized screen.

ecomdash coupon 7

You no longer have to connect to each distribution channel individually, saving time and stress. This toy supplier is not the only customer adding new distribution channels.

On average, 24% of ecomdash customers can add new websites or websites if their inventory processes are automated and secure. As they were able to place their products on more virtual shelves, the toy business has an estimated 40 to 60% increase in sales.

  1. Easy to manage and list products

Suppose if a customer is an eBay seller and energy seller also she sells on her Shopify website and in a retail store. It was inefficient and boring to manually enter lists in each of their distribution channels and not be able to manage inventory among all.

With Ecomlister, ecomdash product referencing tool, you can quickly edit and download your ads in any of your distribution channels, including your physical business database.

ecomdash review with discount coupons

The ability to link your sales in physical stores to the inventory in your online sales channels allows you to record accurate stock levels around the clock, seven days a week. 3250% investment since using ecomdash to streamline and automate your warehouse and product enumeration processes. Your eBay sales also increased $ 5,000 a month after implementing the software.



ecomdash offers five packages that provide the right amount of features and functionality at the right price. Users lose money through the functions they use. Each plan also includes a 15-day free trial for those who want to test how Ecomdash takes their business to a higher level. Here you can find out more about Ecomdash prices.

When you purchase the yearly plan, you can save 20% on your Yearly plan

Low Price – $60/month 

  • up to 100 orders per month

Starter Kits – $90/month

  • up to 500 orders per month

Red Set Grow – $135/month

  • up to 1,000 orders per month

All Systems Go – $190/month

  • up to 3,000 orders per month

Cha-Ching – $250/month

  • up to 6,000 orders per month

Cha-Ching Master – $350/month

  • up to 10,000 orders per month

Pros and Cons


  • Inventory Management
  • Product Tracking
  • Integrates with various platforms
  • Multiple Warehousing
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Dropshipping Automation
  • Multichannel Ecommerce Software
  •  Practical Features To Expertly Manage Your Business
  • Streamlined Accounting


  • Customer Support is for limited hours
  • UI needs improvement

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FAQs On Ecomdash Review

✔Is Ecomdash good?

According to various users Ecomdash is a really great platform for inventory management for ecommerce sellers. It offers features like order management, dropship automation, FBA management, and much more.

🔥How much maximum discount can you get on Ecomdash?

You can get up to 50% off on Ecomdash. This discount offer is only applicable for the first month of the subscription. You have to use the code “ECOMDASH50” to avail this offer.

✅Does Ecomdash offer any free trial?

Yes, Ecomdash offers a 15-day trial to their new users. To avail the free trial, you need to sign up on Ecomdash and choose a plan.

😎Does Ecomdash offer money back guarantee?

If you are not happy with their services then you can ask for a refund and they will do thorough research. After that they will issue you a refund to the same account which you used to purchase their services.

Final Verdict: Ecomdash Review | Ecomdash Discount Coupon 

Ecomdash is a cloud-based inventory management system that integrates standard inventory management with order management and shipping management functionality on one platform designed for small and medium retailers who sell online through multiple channels.

We are aware that you are really satisfied with the product if you decide to buy purchase software. That’s why we have developed a behavioral customer satisfaction algorithm that captures customer reviews, comments, and ratings across a variety of social networking sites. The data is easily digestible. With this information at your fingertips, you need to make an informed buying decision that you will not regret.

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This was our detailed ecomdash review with discount coupons 2021 inventory management and order fulfillment software for E-commerce. Get your coupons and start with a 15-day trial now…


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