The Economist GMAT Review 2023 What Does Economist GMAT Tutor include?

Economist GMAT

Overall Verdict

Through Economist GMAT online course, the students can easily prepare for the examination anytime anywhere as the course is accessible from smartphones, laptops among many other electronic devices.

Out of 10


  • 70+ Score-improvement Guarantee
  • Digital Subscription to The Economist
  • The Economist GMAT Tutor’s online learning platform uses innovative technology
  • GMAC® practice tests
  • Video lessons and an AI-powered practice system prepare you for the Quant and IR sections.
  • Live 1-on-1 tutoring sessions
  • Expert assessments
  • Ask-a-tutor questions
  • The Premium plan includes enough credits to redeem 4 essay reviews, and the Genius includes enough credits for 6 reviews
  • Excellent, flexible program
  • Try GMAT Tutor FREE for 7 days with no commitment


  • Success guarantee is not available in Quant plan
  • Newbies might expensive
  • No Unlimited essay marking


Price: $ 539

Looking for The Economist GMAT Review ? I got you covered today.

Are you looking for the best way to prepare for a GMAT?

You’ve been dreaming of a better life. You want to go to a top MBA school and make your mark in the world. And then you take the GMAT and find out you’re not as prepared as you thought.

It hurts knowing that you’re not ready for the GMAT. The stress is making it hard to concentrate at work or school.

You need an expert GMAT tutor who will help you understand the test inside and out, and who will give you guidance on how to study efficiently. That’s why The Economist GMAT is here to help you. 

GMAT is one of the most popular entrance tests amongst people who are about to finish their graduation. So, you know you’re not the only one to make this Google search. When you search online for GMAT tutors, one of the very first name is The Economist and there is a reason behind it that we will unfold in this Economist GMAT Review.

There are quite a few options out there for preparing for GMAT online but a lot of people have chosen The Economist and there are various reasons. It’s good at a lot of things and quite mediocre at others. The key to finding the right tutor is seeing what fits your style of learning and not just blindly following what others do.

Bottom Line Upfront :

Online GMAT prep from The Economist Includes practice tests, thousands of practice questions, and interactive lessons. Their all-inclusive plans are customisable to your individual learning style through their credit system. You can easily personalise your program by redeeming credits for the services you want and need most: Economist GMAT have 1-to-1 tutoring sessions, GMAC official practice exams, and more—with no additional books or study guides needed. In all prep programs offered by The Economist, GMAT Economist offers a score guarantee if students don’t improve their score by 50 to 70 points (depending on the plan), students qualify for a full refund.

With Economist GMAT you can enjoy unlimited access to the platform’s videos and tutorials for the duration of your plan. Stay motivated with their engaging and interactive video teaching approach, with professional support available 24/7 to help customise your plan and guide you in your journey toward your target GMAT score. Try Economist GMAT   for free.

Economist GMAT Tutor student's score

Check out my Economist GMAT Review and know why this course is worth it.

The Economist GMAT Review 2023

A technique of teaching or learning works for a lot of people but that does not mean that it necessarily works for you as well. Like I said previously, you need to find out if it really works for you or not because GMAT will be one of the most important tests that you take in your life, and it is crucial that you do really well in it to get into the College that you want.

The Economist GMAT Tutor have a very peculiar style of teaching and it can really be a hit or miss in a student’s case, completely depending upon how they like to learn things. But there are a few things worth checking out before you make your decision that can help you come on top of this test.

Do you know how you like to learn? If you do, this article will make the decision quite simple for you. If you do not, I will try to make the decision as easy as possible.

About The Economist GMAT

Economist GMAT Tutor uses the latest tech available to help you find a way to overcome your weaknesses in the prep. The idea is to use tools like Artificial Intelligence to identify where you might fall short and on these areas of weakness to ensure that you give the test your best shot on the day of examination.

Economist GMAT Review

The company has tried to keep things as simple as possible to keep the entire process intuitive but this is also quite a bit of hit or miss depending on the student. Overall, the company has given its best shot to help students (and they should, considering how much they charge you for the prep but we will come to that) and the only thing that remains to be seen is if it is compatible for you.

Pay close attention to this article because it can help make or break your career. Now let us dive into it and find out if you should choose it or not.

Teaching Style Followed by Economist- Adaptive Learning

The Economist GMAT Tutor have a pretty unique style of teaching and it can be quite polarising among students. We have been used to quite conventional methods of teaching and this is slightly out of the box and thus can feel uncomfortable at the beginning but be assured that the company has your best interests in their minds when they design this for you.

The Economist GMAT teaches you using chat bubbles which are continuously monitored by their AI system in the background. This AI system records every conversation and uses it to help alter the course to find your weakness and focus on it and if you want my opinion, it works very well.

Learning technology by Economist GMAT

It was able to find my weaknesses instantly and started to focus the course on it so it gets better at it with practice. As soon as I started getting better at it, the focus shifted to my other weaknesses. So, it is quite easy to say that it works very well.

My Experience-

If you are not a beginner and know the basics, or at least are aware of them, the AI can help you become better at sections that you don’t know too well but if you are a beginner, the system gets confused as to what it should focus on.

You need to judge your position before you make a decision about using Economist. The bubble-like teaching style also makes it feel more friendly but only to a certain extent. After a while, it tends to get monotonous and can be really discouraging when you are preparing for such an important junction of your life.

How Much Time do you Need to Invest in a GMAT Course?

For GMAT, students start preparing about a year in advance so that it gives them enough time to understand the types of questions in each section as well as to solve enough of each type in order to get better along the way.

The Economist GMAT Tutor offer two types of plans. One which can help you get ready for the test in about three months and the second one which can help you ace the test in six months. Both these types of plans take into consideration that you have already understood the basics and have spent some type practicing it and thus aim to complete your prep in three or six months.

If you follow the course well from the beginning to the end, the time that you invest in the course is totally worth it. You can increase your score in the mock tests that the course includes by up to 70 points which can make a huge difference in your career.

The Economist backs up its claim of increasing your score by up to 70 points by throwing in a money-back guarantee. Their guarantee depends on the type of package that you choose, and we will get to it, but it promises that your score will increase between 50 to 70 points depending upon the package you choose.

A lot of the students looking to learn online choose to go with Economist simply because of this money-back guarantee that they offer which not only shows their confidence in their course but also offers a protection net for the students.

Money back policy

A 50 to 70 point increase in your score can really help you get into the college of your liking and the confidence that the company shows in its course is definitely worth giving a shot.

My Experience-

The money-back-guarantee will not be required if the teaching style works for you. If it does work for you, it can do wonders for you and figuring whether it does or it does not really help you. The focus remains on the teaching style and investing 3 months or 6 months of your life into the Economist to make your career is a really small price to pay.

The Economist GMAT Course Features

The economist GMAT features

The Economist has a variety of features that set it apart from other GMAT practise books. A score guarantee, algorithmic course design, graded essays, and mobile app access are among the most remarkable features.

Guaranteed Score Improvement

As part of its course offerings, The Economist offers a one-of-a-kind score enhancement guarantee. The improvement must be determined using either your highest score in the previous two years or a practice exam taken during your first week with the Economist in order to qualify. You must begin your program 10 weeks before your GMAT date, finish 90% of the course content, and use all of your instructor lectures and practise exams. Finally, you must submit your claim within 30 days of your subscription expiring.

Algorithmic Course Design

The economist GMAT features and pricing Best GMAT

One of the most difficult aspects of GMAT preparation is determining where to focus your efforts, especially since there are so many distinct question types and each one might cover anything from a year’s worth of material. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but the majority of the questions you get right during practice don’t really assist you. You would have gotten them right on the test, after all. Alternatively, it’s pointless to focus on questions that are genuinely difficult.

The middle ground—those topics that were just out of reach—is where you can make the most progress, and The Economist’s algorithm employs machine-learning techniques to help you maximise the time you spend studying.

Graded Essays

Another significant element of the Economist’s GMAT course is the option to obtain a graded essay. After you’ve finished and submitted your essay, an Economist tutor will mark it and provide you with thorough comments within 3 to 5 business days.

Additional Features

You can use a mobile app to access your GMAT prep program, which is available for both Apple and Android phones. The mobile app is a fantastic tool that allows you to effortlessly practice a few more questions while on the go.

You will receive digital access to The Economist magazine as well as a free copy of the Official GMAT Guide if you purchase one of The Economist’s plans.

Benefits of The Economist GMAT

The economist GMAT features and top pricing

The GMAT prep portal from The Economist creates a fantastic first impression. The introductory content is nice and easy to read, and it has a modern, engaging feel to it. First impressions will not let you down in this scenario.

Quality of Instruction

When you first enrol in The Economist’s GMAT prep program, you’ll be prompted to select an exam date and a target score. Even at this early stage, The Economist’s adaptive algorithms are calculating how much study time you’ll need each day to reach your objective.

The content for the introductory is well-presented. You begin by answering a series of warm-up questions. Midway through the portal, a time limitation is introduced to give you a sense of the test’s timing without putting you through the complete exam.

Interactive Format

The economist GMAT features and pricing Best GMAT course

The Economist will reveal the exam format after you’ve practised with several GMAT problems. You notice right once how interactive the platform’s content is. The explanations are well-written—even funny—and include helpful comparisons and metaphors, and you’ll be prompted to “react” to instructive prompts by selecting one of several feasible responses.

The content-based lessons maintain this appealing format. Following each concept, you will be prompted to complete a practice question. You can express your level of confidence in each answer option by sliding a slider over it—guessing, 100 percent confident, or somewhere in between—which is used to calibrate the difficulty of subsequent questions. When you obtain a bad response, you can read an explanation of why that choice didn’t work before trying again.

Lesson Details

In most sessions, you’ll be The economist GMAT features and pricingasked questions regarding your thought process during a “discussion” of the practise questions. Many of these conversations are made even more enjoyable by the excellent writing. The Economist’s emphasis on reflective, active learning really stood out to me.

Some lessons, however, are less comprehensive than others. Lessons on vocabulary and grammar, in particular, might be improved.

Ease of Use

The Economist’s user interface is simple and intuitive. Your daily goals and historical progress are displayed on the dashboard, which also contains a quick-start link to the next recommended session. You may access a comprehensive listing of The Economist’s material via the right sidebar if you wish to skip around between lessons or take a practise exam.

The Economist makes it incredibly easy to receive extra support right in the training portal. Along with each response explanation, a link to the Ask-a-Tutor tool is provided. When you use it, a pop-up box appears, allowing you to ask one of The Economist’s in-house GMAT experts for clarification or feedback.

Ask a Tutor Questions

While The Economist’s Ask-a-Tutor tool makes getting personalised help simple and convenient, live training is more limited. I was only able to find open times during business hours on weekdays when I looked for them. Keep in mind that availability varies according to demand, thus this is likely to vary on a weekly basis.

What do you actually learn from The Economist GMAT Course?

GMAT Tutor guided learning

The Economist GMAT Tutor  have a well broken-down understanding of the test and thus they know exactly what works for what kind of a student. They have structured the course on the basis of their understanding of the test which all of their students can agree to is quite thorough and is very reliable.

The Economist GMAT has broken the course into smaller sections, just like the test, to help you get better at each and every one of them. The Economist GMAT for sure focuses on the identification of your weak parts and improving on them but it ensures that your overall growth in the test as well.

This method of teaching is what helps you grow your score by over 50 points and is a methodology that has worked for the last few years for The Economist GMAT. This methodology helps The Economist GMAT get new students over and over every year.

Each section of the test is quite well organized and there is no point that you will feel that you are missing out on when you are going through the sessions or the other features that they are offering.

With any package, they offer a different quantum of the features. The basic features include access to the entire online course, free practice exams, Ask-a-Tutor questions, Live Sessions with the Tutors, Essay Marking, Practise Questions, and an Economist Digital subscription.

My Experience-

Personally, I feel that even for someone who has taken the test, Economist has a lot to offer not just in terms of the course but also in terms of the other features. These other features are a highlight of what The Economist GMAT has to offer.

The Economist has gone one step over the other websites for GMAT course prep to help the students that register with them for their online course and it can be seen through how thorough their AI system is.

Even if you are a beginner or someone who has taken the test before, there is something or the other that you can learn from the Economist. It is something that you should give a try.

The Economist GMAT Pricing Review-

The economist GMAT tutor Pricing

The pricing is a point that might make you reconsider the decision that you have previously made of choosing the Economist. The price is not exorbitantly high but it is something that definitely makes choosing this website harder than it should have been. In general, a comparison with the other GMAT course prep websites that offer similar tutoring services, the pricing is a bit on the premium side but The Economist GMAT also has a lot to offer.

And lest we forget the money-back guarantee that the subscription comes with. The biggest selling point might be the money-back guarantee. There are a few terms and conditions that come with the money-back guarantee but those are quite standard to the ones with other such offers.

The Economist has three different packages that the students can choose from. But before the students even have to choose a package, they can give The Economist GMAT and its teaching methodology a shot by availing its 7-day free trial.

Anyone can take the free trial and all it takes to avail it is to simply register on their website with an email. Once you take the trial, you will understand if the teaching style is compatible with you or not, and which are crucial in making the decision.

The 7-day free trial is a boon for the people who are on the fence when choosing whether to go with The Economist GMAT or not and it is most likely to convert you to buy their subscription for your GMAT prep.

The three packages that The Economist GMAT tutor offers are $539, $789 and $989. Each package offers all the features, including access to their mobile application but the number of times you can use a feature varies with each package that you choose.

The basic $539 package gets you to access to the full course online, 50 Ask-a-Tutor questions, free practice tests, 4 Essay markings, 4 One-on-One sessions with tutors, and over 5000 questions across all the sections.

When you upgrade to the $789 pack, you get all the above features plus 100 Ask a Tutor question, 5 practice tests, five essay markings, and six live sessions with the tutors. This upgrade might not make a lot of sense right now but it is something that can definitely come in handy.

The above two packages are the ones that take 3 months to complete like I have mentioned earlier and offer an increase in points by up to 50 points. The below package takes 6 months and offers a lot more features. It also offers a guarantee of increasing your points by 70.

The third and the most premium subscription comes in at $989. With all the above features, it also offers unlimited Ask Tutor questions to the student along with 8 live sessions, 6 essay markings, and 6 practice exams.

The third option might sound very expensive but if you have the money to spend or what to invest in quality learning, that is the subscription that you should go for. But if that is something that you cannot afford or are unwilling to invest that much, the other subscriptions can work for you too.

Some cool stats about US GMAT test takers:

GMAT Scores

Credits :

What it comes down to?

What it comes down to is how much you are looking to spend, does the teaching style of The Economist suit you and how serious you are about the test.

If you are a beginner, I would suggest that you invest the first six to nine months in understanding the basics of the test. Once you are past that, you can take one of the first two packages for your prep which can be enough for your overall preparation.

If you are someone who knows the basics of the test, I would suggest you go for the third package which gives you an edge over all the other competitors and brings you as close as possible to your dream college.

My Honest Review- Economist GMAT Review- Is it really worth the Effort?

Economist GMAT Tutor student's score MBA

I feel that the The Economist GMAT Tutor is one of the most solid offerings that the online GMAT tutoring world has to offer as of now. There quite a few competitors but no one comes as close as this one when it comes to the all-round growth of your test-taking skills.

There are a lot of features that the other platforms are years away from incorporating and that is something that not only gives the platform an edge but also to all its subscribers.

However, there is a catch. The teaching style. The teaching style is very unique and it can make or break the deal completely for you. This is where the free trial shows its importance. 7 days is enough for any student to understand if the teaching is compatible with them or not.

You should take the maximum advantage of this to understand your compatibility with the platform. Figure out if it works for you and if it does, congratulations on finding your partner for your adventure. If it doesn’t, your search for your test partner will go on.

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Economist GMAT Student Testimonials & Reviews

Economist GMAT Tutor student's score

680 GMAT score on my first try!

ExamPAL has been instrumental in my GMAT preparation. The lessons are very clear and I love how the course really focuses on teaching cognitive flexibility (which is what GMAT actually tests) and real test strategies vs simply teaching you the concepts. And should the online resources not be enough for you, their staff is always available to answer your specific questions. Their price point is also unbeatable given all they offer in the package, thus making all other expensive GMAT courses simply not worth it.

June 19th, 2020

Really efficient way to prep for GMAT

I have used both Manhattan Prep and ExamPaL, from my experience, I highly prefer ExamPal because 1) It is more efficient. The program is pre-structured and pre-scheduled, so I do not need to worry about making my schedule. Just following the pace makes the preparation smooth. 2) ExamPaL is comprehensive and personalised. The video and provided documents themselves covered all the content needed for GMAT, no need to read other books. Then you can see your strengths and weaknesses and adjust the way you tackle the problem based on the awareness of your performance. I wish that I had used ExamPal from the beginning. I believe that it will save me a lot of time that way.

March 23rd, 2020


An Exceptional Adaptive Resource for GMAT Candidates

I appreciate examPAL’s method of delivering core GMAT content that is simple, concise, and more importantly, adaptive to each individual’s level & need. As each practice question is answered, it learns your approaches to finding the solution and makes helpful suggestions on how to improve. So far, this experience has been exceptional; it’s interactive and personalised. examPAL has increased my confidence on this GMAT journey

January 7th, 2019

FAQs on The Economist GMAT Review

🔥What distinguishes Economist GMAT Tutor from other online courses?

Most online courses are essentially virtual textbooks that offer you with a fixed set of topics and questions regardless of your performance. GMAT Tutor is unique. Your experience is customized to your own background and abilities thanks to their adaptive learning technologies—like it's having your own private tutor. Our study programs also feature a number of unique tools to help you prepare for the test's special requirements, such as time management and essay writing.

🔥What is included with the Economist GMAT Tutor?

GMAT Instructor provides you with everything you'll need to prepare for the GMAT, including a virtual tutor who customises each session to your strengths and weaknesses, as well as live help anytime you need it. Here's a rundown of what each function does and how it can help you: Practice exams, One-on-one sessions, Essay markings, Ask-a-tutor messages.

🔥Is this a completely online course?

The self-study portion of the course, which includes the courses, practice examinations, and your progress graph and score estimation, is entirely online. You can also contact a professional instructor by using the Ask-a-tutor tool or scheduling one-on-one sessions with them.

🔥How many practise questions are included in the course?

Economist GMAT Tutor has over 3,000 practise questions in its database, and they're always adding more through rigorous research and development. This gives you the most up-to-date test preparation possible, allowing you to perform at your best.

🔥Does Economist GMAT Tutor cater to non-native English speakers' needs?

Even though the course is given in English, Economist GMAT Tutor's curriculum can help non-native English speakers thanks to adaptive technology. As you work, the course will detect your level of English language proficiency and adapt to your needs.

🔥What distinguishes Economist GMAT Tutor from in-person courses?

Unlike live courses, which deliver uniform lectures and demand students to keep up with the average student's pace, Economist GMAT Tutor provides you with totally personalised guidance. Their adaptive learning technology and premium curriculum help you get greater results in less time by allowing you to study at your own pace.

🔥When should I use the tutor sessions?

The tutor sessions that come as part of your Economist GMAT Tutor package can be an excellent method to gain personalised help. You can arrange tutor sessions directly from the GMAT Tutor dashboard, and they will take place using the built-in web conferencing interface. Simply choose any area covered thus far in which you require improvement and schedule a time that is convenient for you to schedule the 1:1 session. Remember to make your appointments ahead of time, as all sessions are in high demand.

🔥Can I change plans after I've signed up?

Yes, they are happy to help you upgrade your plan at any time for an additional fee. They can not offer downgrades to less-expensive plans, however. Please contact su[email protected] if you want to upgrade your plan.

🔥Is it possible to extend access to my course after it has expired?

They provide 3, 6, and 9-months renewals after your paid plan expires. There are no additional features provided, however whatever you haven't used before will be carried over (e.g. tutor sessions, Ask-a-tutor, practice exams). They'll send you instructions on how to extend your plan five days before it expires.

🔥What is the procedure for requesting a refund under the Score Guarantee?

A student who purchased a package and did not review at least 100 prep materials (i.e. questions, lessons, downloaded documents, etc.) included in the one week trial period is entitled to a full refund within one month of the date of payment.

The Economist GMAT Alternatives

1) Magoosh GMAT

Magoosh is a great GMAT prep provider with a helpful blog that offers a free 7-day trial. Magoosh GMAT comes with a number of assurances that promise higher test scores and more effective learning methods. They also offer specific study schedules that determine when is the optimal time for a student to start studying and when you are the most motivated. This information will assist the learner in navigating the assessment day more efficiently.

Magoosh GMAT Prep

$219 for a one-year subscription to either Math and IR preparation or Verbal and AWA help. The $249 premium plan includes multiple levels of video courses, practise problems and examinations, as well as email support and study schedules.

The Tutoring & Premium package provides 6 hours of tutoring, video chat, and flexible scheduling, as well as a guaranteed +50 total score. The cost is $799.  Check Out Magoosh SAT Review

2) Princeton Review GMAT

When you give your company a name like “Princeton,” people automatically think of the Ivy League. Beyond the headlines, these guys have 30 years of expertise helping over 3.5 million students get into their dream institution and thousands of students get into MBA programs all over the world through their Princeton GMAT classes.

When it comes to using speed and accuracy to improve test scores, they teach students to apply a Process of Elimination (POE) system. Prices and availability for GMAT tutoring sessions is determined by one’s location, timetable, and whether the sessions will be one-on-one or in small groups when studying for these tests.

The Princeton review

Their GMAT courses are available in three tiers: a “private” level with personalised, one-on-one attention, a “ultimate” package with live and/or online instruction, practise tests, and online office time to answer particular questions. The GMAT course also includes a “self-paced” component that includes practise resources, questions, videos, examinations, and personalised feedback on the essay portion of the exam.

3) Kaplan GMAT

Kaplan wants to give each student its all, and that it has gone to great lengths to do so.

Kaplan offers it everything, from assisting students in applying to various universities to actually assisting them in achieving their goals. It also recognises that in today’s society, where everything is so competitive, one must learn to think outside the box and be innovative.

Self-test is one of Kaplan’s best services because it allows students to take tests for themselves and analyse the results. This helps pupils improve their grades and achieve a good outcome on the actual exam.

Kaplan GMAT

Kaplan guarantees you won’t get bored in any of your classes. It brings you classes in the most engaging and enjoyable way possible! Interaction with the user through chat boxes and live sessions keeps them engaged and tuned in, allowing them to get more work done without being bothered.

The user’s productivity is increased as a result of these interactive sessions. While the session is going on, the interaction ensures that any doubts are resolved.

Read Magoosh Vs Kaplan

Kaplan  Vs The Princeton Review

Conclusion: Economist GMAT Reviews-Should you Buy It or Not?

The decision totally depends on you. Does The Economist GMAT work for you? That is the question that you need to ask yourself at the end of the trial. If you ask for my opinion, the creators of the platform have done a wonderful job when it comes to building it and creating the content.

The Economist GMAT is the best way to prepare for the GMAT. It is an online MBA program where students get access to everything they need to learn in a personalized way. From simple lessons, interactive courses and test simulations, their mission is to provide what you need to make your trip through the exam period as smooth as possible.

With The Economist GMAT, learn about all of the topics from multiple angles and practice with hundreds of question sets being implemented into their software. Their expert tutors are there with live support every day, ready to help students fill in all of those gaps between good studying and good results.

If you’re planning on taking the GMAT then it’s time for you to start practicing now!

The platform can go a long way into helping you in your career and they can make the platform a bit more intuitive as well so that it becomes easier for all the students to learn.

If you simply want my decision on this Economist GMAT Review, I say invest in your preparation with $1099 and take the best that the platform has to offer. Believe me when I tell you that it will not let you down when the day of the test and the day of the result comes.

So tell me, how much are you willing to invest in your future?

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61 User Reviews on Economist GMAT

  1. The Economist is hands down the best content for your GMAT prep. They offer guaranteed improvements to students scores in just 10 weeks time without sacrificing any of the amazing teachings you get with their courses, and it’s affordable no matter what your financial situation! There are few things out there that compare when it comes to rigorous studying that sticks easily in your head, The Economist will have you placed notch-ready.

  2. The process of studying for an important test is hard, always. I remember catching glimpses of my neighbours reading the newspaper or watching TV while I was wasting all my free time hitting keys on a laptop (don’t feel bad for me either, because now I’m actually doing well in life). The Economist GMAT has changed everything. All you need to do is talk to it! There’s usually someone there to answer your question and they’re just so helpful that everyone got through these lessons without blinking an eye about how boring it can be at first with this new concept. Watching your screen turning into bubbles as the conversation flows left and right is honestly magical though.

  3. The one-year subscription to The Economist GMAT is a life-changing investment!

    The ultimate video library allows you to meet the tutors, watch videos about the topics covered on the exam and get feedback from experts. And at any time during your journey with ‘The Economist GMAT,’ they’re there for live chat help too. I was really nervous when I began this journey – but now that it’s over, I can say without hesitation that taking on this challenge has changed my life.

  4. I read a lot of prep books (both before and after I took the GMAT) but found myself getting bogged down with math problems or feeling like I needed to take preps at all times. Reading a 500 page book on what types of words count as adverbs felt like torture, then when I did get time to study, my head was so full that I couldn’t study effectively. Economist offers class packages where they show you how each problem type is solved and helps you learn how to solve it yourself; this helped me stretch my studying inefficiencies while still improving my score. GMAT Economists also offer different assortments depending on your needs: 1-to-1 tutoring sessions for those who want more one on one.

  5. This service changed the way I prepare for the GMAT. I was a little sketched out by trying to get an online degree because of all the horror stories about taking courses from your computer and not really being at school with professors, but Economist has completely blown me away. They have live online classes that are as easy to take as any on-campus class you could attend, and they offer monthly subscription plans for anyone who wants unlimited access to their coursework including practice tests, thousands of questions, interactive lessons AND 1-to-1 tutoring sessions when needed. It’s honestly amazing how similar this experience is to going to college or higher education in person–I’ve never been more confident in myself academically!

  6. With over 100 hours of videos and tutorials alongside the personalized support of a tutor, this test prep course is there to guide you through at your own pace. No matter how you like to learn things, they’ve got you covered. They also offer live courses in New York City with top-ranked GMAT tutors out there.

  7. The Economist Gmat has proven to be a lot of help for me in a way like:
    -The Economist’s adaptive curriculum can really improve the efficiency of your GMAT prep regimen.
    -The user interface is stellar, and its accessible Ask-a-Tutor function makes getting personal help easy.

  8. I was really nervous about the GMAT but with Economist GMAT I felt like I was in good hands. The videos are engaging, interactive, and very well done. Their tutorial style is different from anything else out there continuing to be an established method since 2013 just because they know what works for them! It’s now 2018 so many things have changed yet their teaching methods haven’t which speaks volumes of their confidence in what they do best regardless if it strays away from being traditional.

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  17. I am someone who learns best with tactile learning, and I find that this teaching style works really well for me. My instructor is knowledgeable and often provides helpful tips outside of the content we’re studying which has been a huge help in my studying process. There is also a lot of 24-hour tutor support available, so if you have any particular questions or want detailed explanations to certain topics, they are eager to give it!

  18. I used the Economist GMAT to get me up to speed on so many topics, including math equations and how different types of sayings are translated into Latin. Having only taken one year of Latin in high school really hurt my score because I didn’t know any debatable terms. This was the perfect tool for brushing up on some vocabulary that I had forgotten since then!

  19. I’m a first-time MBA student and I was really nervous about taking the GMAT. My friend recommended this product to me as she had some great success with it, so I tried it out. Bookmarking my favourite modules and talking with Economist GMAT instructors on one-to-one sessions helped me narrow down what sections I needed to work on next. Ultimately, thanks to The Economist being able to cater their prep courses to your personalised needs, you have the opportunity for efficient studying without too much effort or stress.

  20. The Economist GMAT Tutor uses the latest tech available to help you find a way to overcome your weaknesses in the prep. The idea is to use tools like Artificial Intelligence to identify where you might fall short and on these areas of weakness, The company has tried very hard with trying to make things as simple as possible but it’s still hit or miss for some people depending on if they are actually benefiting from using it. Even though there are some shortcomings, this product is truly great. It may not be perfect but what does that matter when students can work towards their dream?

  21. I always had a love-hate relationship with the Economist’s writing and opinion. But I managed to get an 800+ on my GMAT so it goes without saying: their course is excellent!

    -The lectures were all well thought out, engaging, and creative. They also did a great job explaining different concepts in different ways until the information finally sunk in. It felt like they really cared about our success -I especially loved how I had personalized feedback on every graded question that I submitted -And then there was the customer service! Anytime we got confused or needed help, they responded right away and helped us figure things out; sometimes we would even shoot videos while we practised problems together via webcam (not creepy at all).

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  23. The Economist GMAT Tutor uses the latest tech available to help you find a way to overcome your weaknesses in the prep. The idea is to use tools like Artificial Intelligence to identify where you might fall short and on these areas of weakness to ensure that you give the test your best shot on the day of examination. I found that after my first session with this revolutionary AI system, I was able to message them and tell them about an error they had made in question two. After I told them, they quickly corrected it and gave me props for catching it! They took care of everything right away; we haven’t had any problems since then with their customer service team either!

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  45. The Economist GMAT offers comprehensive, effective teaching methods. The Economist’s user interface is simple and intuitive with clear goals for each lesson. Daily progress reports are conveniently displayed on the dashboard– perfect for frequent learning! If you need extra help or guidance, the Ask-a-Tutor tool gives instant access to tutors.

  46. The Economist GMAT courses are diverse and well-rounded with a range of content. I would recommend the following for beginners: A simple overview of “integers,” “operations” etc… The intermediate to advanced fundamentals course includes challenging algebra, word problems, trigonometry and more. Most importantly, look at your own weaknesses. If you struggle in probability on the quant areas then you should take a separate course that focuses solely on probablity!

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  50. This program offers a full range of tools for self-study and qualified instructors to efficiently guide you through the intricacies of the GMAT exam. The Economist helps break down topics with targeted exercises geared towards individual needs, prepare you for performance-based questions on test day by providing examples and explanations on how they work, and helps stay focused during preparation with articles from past publications as well as exclusive content such as explainers that cover some difficult concepts in more detail. This course is right for those looking to boost their score significantly or those who want help navigating difficult topics like statistics. With an average 5% boost per student, this course is ideal if you’re having trouble achieving your desired score–it’ll be hard to find anything better than these folks.

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  52. The Economist GMAT is the best way to prep for your GMAT. They offer students access to everything they need in a personalized and interactive manner. From simple lessons, interactive courses, practice question sets, to live expert tutors – their mission is make your exam period as smooth as possible. With The Economist GMAT general knowledge is learned from all angles and you’ll be ready with hundreds of questions being answered by their software experts on hand at all times for support.
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  54. The GMAT exam is a notoriously difficult test. Tougher than the SAT and the GRE, it really makes you think about what type of career path your university education could lead you to. That’s why The Economist and its team of experts are here for support. With an online program that includes over 10,000 practice questions, one-on-one tutoring sessions with your personal coach from The Economist editorial staff who can review basics or step into advanced concepts as needed…There is no better way to take on this test!

  55. The Economist GMAT Tutor offers innovative methods to help students identify weaknesses in their preparation that might affect the day of examination. The company uses technology like artificial intelligence to figure out where you might fall short and then challenges you on these areas of weakness so that you give your best shot on the test day. This software is quite intuitive but it’s also hit or miss depending on the student. Regardless, it has given its best effort to help students get ready for their examinations confidently.

  56. “The Economist GMAT is the best company for your GMAT prep needs. I used their app to practice with tons of questions, my favourite feature being how it highlighted which answers were correct or incorrect. The lessons are interactive, they helped me identify problem areas that I would never have figured out myself.”

  57. I did the GMAT at least three times before I used The Economist GMAT. The first time I did it, I failed to break 400 but after using this, my score shot up by 70 points and broke 590 (proud owner).

    The chat bubbles are unique because they take testing methods that weren’t accessible for people who were vision-impaired or didn’t speak English well. It was really helpful for me while also being engaging because of how fast-paced it was. The game-like interface made it easy for me to stay interested in what was happening while continuing to learn at an astounding pace. My tutors were able to pick out my weaknesses so quickly which helped tailor coursework accordingly.

  58. GMAT prep is never easy and comes with a high price tag. Considering I’m in the middle of graduate school, $200+ dollars per month was not an option for me. So when I found The Economist GMAT through word-of-mouth, I thought it would be worth giving it a try before shelling out tonnes of cash to cram for hours on end every day until the test date arrives.

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  60. the Economist goes to great lengths to combine the experience of an adaptive self-paced course with personal feedback opportunities from actual GMAT experts.
    In addition to tutoring access, the course’s 70+ score improvement guarantee is at the top of the competition and shows that The Economist’s confidence in its unique PAL system!

  61. The new Economist GMAT Tutor prep program is a great option for students who are looking to handle their GMAT preparation online, whether at-home or on-the-go. GMAT Tutor offers 3 separate price plans up to 6 full-length practice tests, and built-in access to tutors for live instruction and Q&A sessions, plus countless other features!!
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