EDD Sell Services Review 2023 | Best Platform To Sell Services Online?

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Ease of Setup


  • Sell Any Type of Service
  • Quick Order Management
  • Email Triggers for Orders
  • Add Reviews & Ratings
  • Free Trial On Yearly Plans
  • Ideal for Easy Digital Downloads Service Portals
  • Free Demo
  • Order Email Notification


  • No free trial with monthly plans.

For me, EDD Sell Services has proven to be the most convenient plugin. As a regular user of this plugin, I can say that all of its settings and features work smoothly.

Price:$ 59

If you want to start a service selling business online, EDD Sell Services is a smart solution for you as it allows selling services online right from your EDD store. Phone consultations, video editing, software installation, and direct support are all examples of services that you can sell, even if they end in the distribution of a digital file.

Many Easy Digital Downloads users sell WordPress plugins and themes and choose to offer installation services. Although the sale of a plugin or theme is instant and does not require the store owner to be involved in most cases. But, installation services require that special attention is given to the customer.

And, here comes the role of EDD Sell Services! EDD Sell Services is an amazing add-on for Easy Digital Downloads that adds a conversation section between customer and vendor with requirement submission from the customer after order.

It also provides a feature of product review where customers can give their reviews and ratings for the purchased services. You’ll have everything you need to succeed online with EDD Sell Services
In this review, we will be discussing the things to create an online service store with EDD Sell Services.

Bottom Line Upfront: EDD Sell Services is the most widely used WordPress plugin to sell services online. You can create a fiver-like website easily with a simple and easy setup of Easy digital downloads and EDD Sell Services on your WordPress-based website. The plugin is regularly updated with new features and it provides strong support to resolve all the problems on the go. and  Go to EDDsellservices.com for more information and to check the demo you can visit demos.EDDsellservices.com.

EDD Sell Services in Depth Review: About EDD Sell Services Features & Reviews

EDD Sell services review here will describe to you all the major features of the plugin. The right WordPress plugins might assist you in developing an online store by extending the functionality of your site.



If you are reading this, we consider that you’ve planned each and every step to create your online store. But,  just in case you’re still dreaming, here’s a checklist of things to think about before you start selling your services online through your WordPress account.

  • Think about your customers: The first thing that you’ve to think about is, which type of services you are going to offer. What will be your targeted audience? What are the things that will affect your online marketplace?


  • Create a WordPress website with Easy digital downloads: You’ll need to get a WordPress account up and running with Easy digital downloads if you don’t already have one. There’s a lot to think about, but it’s not overwhelming. If you need assistance getting started, There are a lot of blogs available over the Internet you can go through.


  • Creation of services pages: You’ll need to explain your services to consumers in order to sell them on your WordPress platform. Consider the objectives, goods, and services carefully. It’s possible that all you need is a single landing page. It’s also possible that you’ll need several informative pages. Whichever it is, you must first determine it before you can begin selling.

  • Asking about the customer’s requirements: Now! Just because you are selling services, Questions about the services from the customers are necessary. This step will definitely help the service provider to deliver the final products according to the customer’s requirements.


  • Conversation with the customers: When selling services online, Communication is something that is really very important. Sure, you have a phone number and an email address, but that’s not enough these days. Many consumers, particularly those who are suspicious of being sold to, are too busy to make a phone call. This is crucial if you want to market your services online.


  • Reviews: If you’re offering services, there’s no way to avoid it: testimonials must be included on the WordPress account. Social proof in the form of testimonials is undeniably strong. According to a new study, most of the peoples look for favorable feedback before making a purchase. So testimonials are needed if you want to please the vast majority of customers.


  • Mobile-Optimized Store
    Your EDD sell services store is mobile-friendly, allowing busy customers to find and learn about your company while also making and managing purchases from their smartphones.

Things you can do with EDD sell Services

Let’s get into it. As we said earlier, selling your services online with EDD Sell Services is 

Much easier than you think.

Now you can sell services just like products from your WordPress EDD Store. It Offers a dedicated conversation channel to vendors and customers for easy order fulfillment.

So! we are now going to discuss the features of the plugin.

  • Sell service as a product

EDD Sell Services allows vendors to sell services just like a product is sold. This plugin creates a new product type called “Services” to sell services which allow vendors to create a service from the product page itself.

Sell service as a product -EDD sell services REVIEW

  • Service requirements

Allows vendors to add service-related requirements or questions that he wants to be answered by the customer. The customer will be shown these questions after purchase which once answered will start the order.

Service Requirements- EDD Review

  • Vendor customer chat section

EDD Sell Services provides a dedicated conversation channel that allows both vendor and customer to communicate in real-time once the order has started. A dedicated conversation channel for each service sold and purchased.

vender customer -EDD Review

  • Order management section

Vendor and Customer can easily manage their services with the help of a dedicated manage order section provided by the plugin itself. It adds a manage order section for both parties to effectively manage their current and previous purchases.

EDD Orders list manage

  • Order email notifications

Both vendor and customer will receive email notifications after each order trigger such as Requirements Fulfilled, Order Started, Order In Process, and more. Furthermore, they will receive notifications for each conversation trigger.

EDD Sell services review-EDD Service order status

  • Service review and ratings

EDD Sell Services also allows vendors and customers to review each other once the final delivery has been made and received. customer can give his reviews for the service and the vendor can also give his review for the respective customer.


EDD Sell Services Review- EDD Sell services list

  • Services status widget

Easily track the status of the service with an engaging widget, This widget will update you about the status of your service.

Services status widget- EDD Review


  • Services you can sell with EDD

Being an Entrepreneur, you would like to offer your service from your own website. Now, with EDD, sell your professional services online easily
You can sell different types of services like programming and tech, digital marketing, video, and animation, writing and translation, music and audio, graphics, and design.

  • Add Support Agent

To fulfill all these needs Edd Sell Services providing functionality to add multiple support agents in order to manage your services.

These agents will manage the service as actual vendors do. They will receive all the notifications and Emails regarding the service, can reply to customer’s questions, update the delivery date send the final delivery and give a rate to the customer.

  • Set and customize the delivery date

An estimated delivery date can be set for service by the shop vendor, based upon the requirements. This way customers will be aware of the time span in which they are going to receive their delivery. Later this time can also be customized. 

EDD Sell Services Pricing

I’m guessing you’ve gone through the features and, after learning about its exceptional facilities, you’re curious about EDD Sell Services pricing. 

EDD pricing plans review


Single License:

This Single License comes at the cost of $59 per year.

Features – It comes with a single website, creation of services without any limitations, 7 days refund request, solid support.

5 Site license:

 This Single License comes at the cost of $129 per year.

Features – Can be used with 5 live sites, creation of services without any limitations, 7 days refund request, solid support.

Developer License:

It is the most popular subscription that comes at the cost of $229 per year.

Features – Can be used with unlimited WordPress installations, creation of services without any limitations, 7 days refund request, solid support.

EDD Sell Services Customer Reviews:


Conclusion: Is EDD Sell Services The Best Place To Sell? EDD Sell Service Review

Finally, we’ve reached the conclusion of this review. I hope you got a thorough and straightforward overview of EDD Sell Services, a powerful platform to sell services online.

Selling online can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle if you’re a service provider. It may also be more convenient for your customers, who may choose to schedule meetings, conduct business, and make payments at their leisure.

However, figuring out the best ways to list the offers, receive payments from customers, sell to the right audience, and so on can be difficult.


But with the right option like EDD Sell Services, it can be easy enough. EDD Sell Services is a great fit for service-based businesses. 

Let me share some of my personal thoughts after using this plugin! For me, EDD Sell Services has proven to be the most convenient plugin. As a regular user of this plugin, I can say that all of its settings and features work smoothly. There’s no denying that this plugin is the most popular platform to sell services in today’s market.

Is there anything else about this plugin that you’d like to know? If that’s the case, please let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to find the answers for you.

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