Edureka Courses Review 2019: Should You Buy Their Courses( Pros & Cons)

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  • Live online courses, interactive classes with individual attention
  • Support ninjas at your command
  • Online Courses with an industry-relevant case study, each time, every time!
  • Industry-recognized certification
  • Lifetime access to reference material
  • Exclusive Learning manager
  • Latest Content: curriculum
  • Quality Instructors
  • Flexible Batch Timings


  • A Little Bit Expensive

Why choose Book- Learning when you have Edureka’s E- learning?





Live online courses, interactive classes with individual attention

High Course pricing

Support ninjas at your command

Online Courses with an industry-relevant case study, each time, every time!

Industry-recognized certification


Lifetime access to reference material

Exclusive Learning manager

Learning Redefined

Latest Content: curriculum

Quality Instructors

Flexible Batch Timings

Career Boost benefits

Timely Offers and Discounts

CSpecial privilege to existing Customers

Edureka Courses Review 2019: Should You Buy Their Courses( Pros & Cons)

When you look out for learning something new the biggest complication is to find the relevant content, and once you find the relevant content the new complication is learning that content.

Now the deciding fact here is to choose what will suit you the best and what will help you in growing. Answer to all these questions is Edureka. Also Check Edureka Discount Coupon Codes here.

When trying to learn something, lack of a devoted mentor means, questions that arise midway, will go refuted and your take away will be half-learned concepts. Even if you go for book learning or enroll in a physical classroom (which is old-school), the mentor guiding you may not be the best in the world; maybe best in that area.

Let’s be honest here, half-good is never good enough, especially when its career related.

This aimless learning is a universal trend. Majority of the people experience unstructured learning amidst chaos which neither benefits themselves nor, the company they are working for.

This prompted us to establish law and order (pun intended), and the resultant is Edureka’s training model. In this blog, I’ll tell you how we came up with Edureka’s pedagogy and the reason why this is what you need.

Edureka Courses Review- programme

This haphazard learning is a global trend. Majority of the people experience unstructured learning amidst chaos which neither benefits themselves nor, the company they are working for.

This prompted me to write about Edureka and Edureka’s training model. In this write-up, I’ll tell you why Edureka is the best, who can go for these tech certification courses, the top trending technologies, course benefits, USP, and discounts.

Edureka is a universal E-learning platform offering certification courses in 180+ trending technologies with live instructor-led training, 24*7 support and lifetime access to the course. (P.S. no hidden fees and one time buy).

What countries does Edureka serve?

Edureka is the globally accessible platform as said and thus helps a lot of people gain expertise and certification in various tech courses. The customer database includes customers from 120+ countries but most of them are from the USA, UK, India, Canada, France, and other European regions

Who can join Edureka?

Anybody who is thinking of making a mark in the IT Industry by gaining knowledge on technologies like Machine Learning Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, etc can choose the desired course from the wide varieties of courses. Graduate students who want to kickstart their career by gaining knowledge about a computer language can also go for a technology they like.

What benefits does the Customer get?

The best part about enrolling for Edureka Courses is that it’s totally hassling free and you only need to pay once for lifetime access. This would also make you eligible for free course upgradation.

What makes Edureka different from others?

Edureka Courses Review- programme benefits

Live Instructor-Led Training

Think of a virtual environment where you have an industry expert teaching you every nuance of a particular technology live! As a learner, you have the option of ticking your instructor, or even speaking with one, even while a live class is underway. While each Edureka class has many learners, with different levels of experience, each gets individual and personalized attention during and after every class. While you are part of a learning group, you also get individual attention from Edureka.

Online Courses with Real-time Projects and Industry Relevant Case Studies

The learning might be unfinished if you haven’t got your hands dirty on the tech that you’ve chosen to learn. Edureka ensures that each one of culminates in a live project with real-life data sets, giving you a sneak peek into what’s really in store, once you bag your dream job after your Edureka course Completion.

The support ninjas are happy to help if you get stuck but trust me when I say that you’ll look at yourself in a new light after completing the project(s). Edureka’s every project is co-created by industry experts and are constantly updated, making sure you stay relevant and up-to-date.

24*7 Support Ninjas

Signing up for online courses is like joining a gym. You are bound to get stuck at various points during your learning journey. Worry not, Edureka provides an entire army of qualified specialists at your disposal! From tech support to crisis management during live projects, Edureka’s support ninjas come to the rescue to ensure that you have a smooth and uninterrupted learning experience.

What’s more, a few of these ninjas are also available to you even after you complete your course with us, just in case you get reminiscent of our classes and wish to attend them again. It’s like ‘lifetime commitment.

Exclusive Learning Management System

Edureka Courses Review- exclusive lms

Think of an expert resource at your disposal for everything you need to know about your Edureka course– from batch timings to class reminders to course content to understand more about the Edureka way of learning. The moment you sign up, you’ll be allocated a dedicated learning manager who will take you through all this and more. Your learning manager will also help you measure your progress and help you out if you need to reschedule or re-attend a class.

Lifetime Access to the Course Content

Just in case you feel the need to read up additional material after your live class, your LMS (Learning Management System) has a catalog of reference material, including class recordings, project collateral and additional reading material aligned to every class and every course. Ideally, they recommend going through this reading material before taking classes.

Industry recognized Certification

edureka review- certification

This is the bonus you get for completing your course withEdureka! The Edureka Certificate is recognized worldwide and exhibits your competency in the tech you have chosen to master. But do remember that you get certified only upon successful completion of the course and the live project. Some of our certifications are provided to you in collaboration with the folks that have actually created the tech. What more can be asked for?

Peer Learning

This goes without saying that every Edureka class brings together technology enthusiasts and learners with different priorities and different takeaways from the class.

On one hand, you get to open your minds to a newer angle on the same technology, and on the other hand, you get access to a global learning community that continuously engages in fruitful discussions. Edureka forums are quite active, with more than 600,000 learners constantly discussing topics among themselves and solidifying their understanding of concepts.

Course Completion Rate

The main reason behind Edureka promoting instructor-led online training is because of complacency creeping into learners. Usually, self-paced (recorded) videos are not watched fully because of multiple distractions making it passive learning, and also because there are no interactions, the videos become boring and eventually learners drop out.

Edureka Courses Review- course completion rate

With an instructor-led session, not only will the sessions be more interesting, but you’ll also be able to clear doubts immediately, interact with other learners in the class and make friends for life.

These factors lead to a higher course completion rate. Edureka’s Live Classes boast an impressive 80% completion rate.

Edureka Pricing

Edureka Courses Review- pricing

With course pricing starting from $300 to $1000, edureka has a lot to offer to the learners. The course price might seem high to people and this they run special discounts every month which can help get off up to 30%.

Special Discounts and Coupons

This is something everybody looks for while getting something online. With Edureka’s special discounts and coupons, you can avail special discounts on the course fee and enjoy the courses at a lesser price. Once you buy a course and think of mastering the courses you can also avail discounts on the master courses.

Edureka’s Top ten Courses

With courses in more than 180+ trending technologies, these are a few technologies which have a high course completion rate

  1. DevOps Certification Course
  2. AWS Architect Certification Training
  3. Big Data & Hadoop Certification Training
  4. Python Programming Certification Training
  5. Mastering Python Certification Training
  6. Robotic Process Automation Training
  7. PMP Certification Exam Training
  8. Microsoft Azure Certification Training
  9. Blockchain Technology Certification Training
  10. Artificial Intelligence & Deep learning using Tenser flow

Course Description of a few Courses

Blockchain Certification Training: Blockchain Certification Training will provide an overview of the structure and mechanism of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Multichain Blockchain platforms. You will learn the importance of consensus in transactions and how transactions are stored on Blockchain.

You will learn to set up your own private Blockchain and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum. You will also learn to deploy the business network using Hyperledger Composer.

PMPCertification Exam Training: Project Management Professional (PMP)® is a global credential offered by PMI® Inc. PMP® Certification is a globally recognized, rigorous, education and/or professional experience, and examination-based credential program. It helps one understand the global language of Project Management and connect with Project Management Professionals. PMP® certified professionals earn a higher salary than those not certified. The course is in line with the latest edition of PMBOK.

Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning with Tensorflow:  Edureka’s Deep Learning inTensorFlow with Python Certification Training is curated by industry professionals as per the industry requirements & demands. You will master the concepts such as SoftMax function, Autoencoder Neural Networks, Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) and work with libraries like Keras&TFLearn. The course has been specially curated by industry experts with real-time case studies.

Data Science Course

Edureka Courses Review- data science

This data science course provides the knowledge and skills to become an experienced scientist. The course includes a number of Hadoop, R, and Machine Learning techniques that include the comprehensive study of data science.

Course for Company Data Analytics

Edureka Courses Review- data analytics

This 6-week course is designed for professionals who want to learn the “R” language for Analytics. He followed a hands-on learning approach to give you a real-time experience and make you think like an analyst. Our course not only covers basic concepts, but also advanced concepts such as data visualization, data mining, creation of R models, web analytics and more.

Machine learning Course

This course introduces you to the basics of machine learning and Mahout’s position in the Hadoop ecosystem. The course offers a combination of machine learning, a recommendation system and mahout in Hadoop and Amazon EMR.

Hadoop Administration Course

The Hadoop Cluster Administration Course at Edureka starts with the basic concepts of Apache Hadoop and Hadoop Cluster. It covers topics for implementing, managing, monitoring and securing a Hadoop cluster. You will learn how to configure node failure backup, diagnostic, and recovery options in a Hadoop cluster. There will be many practical, challenging, practical and focused exercises for the students. Software experts who are new to Hadoop can quickly learn how to manage clusters in technical sessions and labs.

At the end of this six-week Hadoop Cluster Management training, you will be ready to understand and solve the real issues that may arise while working in the Hadoop Cluster.

Android Development Course

Edureka Courses Review- android course

The 6-week Android development course is primarily for beginners and experienced programmers who want to learn how to create Android apps. The step-by-step video lessons come from Java Essentials for Android and include everything you need to develop professional Android apps. Chapter questionnaires and coding tasks after each session help to improve understanding.

Mastering Your Tech Skills

Everybody likes to be an expert in what they like, don’t they? When opting for a course and then getting hands on that course you can also opt for a masters course offered by Edureka. The master’s course offered by Edureka is created by industry experts who have years of industry experience. Mastering your skills is something which would give your career a great boost.

Special Discounts and Coupons

This is something everybody looks for while getting something online. With Edureka’s special discounts and coupons, you can avail special discounts on the course fee and enjoy the courses at a lesser price. Once you buy a course and think of mastering the courses you can also avail discounts on the master courses.

Still not convinced??? Do have a look at Edureka’s Courses and its benefits.

Edureka Courses Review- course features

Live Online Course

You can take courses anytime, anywhere, depending on your choice. Use Edureka‘s mobile app for Android and iOS to learn in no time.

The Higher Success Rate of Courses

Edureka’s learning platform, industry experts and support ninjas ensure that you attend the course with high success rates.

Permanent Access To The Learning Platform

Get lifelong access to all content, including exams and assignments. When the technology is updated, your content will be updated for free

Flexible Hours

You can choose from a variety of lots at your convenience. If you have an urgent task, you can reprogram your batch for later.

What Customer’s Say About Edureka

Venkata Rambhotla

Arun Unnikrishnan

Edureka is committed to training working IT professionals in upgrading their skills. Personally getting benefited with training from Edureka. Edureka has highly experienced trainers who are really supportive and one to one interaction. I personally recommend upgrading your skills which are trending in the market go for Edureka.

Arun Unnikrishnan

Akash Deshpande

Good experience with edureka.A training session is excellent so far. We have got a very good trainer (Mr.Saif) and the session is very interactive. He is always ready to clear all our doubts during the sessions. Coming to the course, it is well structured and the introduction part, storage, load balancers sessions are very clear to me. Edureka support team also always reachable for all kind of supports.


First and foremost the Course contents in Eureka Portal and Hands-on Labs that help me a lot to compete my AWS Solution architect Certifications. The best benefit I get the 24*4 support where I get a lot of question answers. Edureka hired the quality Trainers with the industries experts that really help. I have associated with Edureka for last 2 years with various training and they really help me to upgrade my knowledge and helped me improve my carrier.


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Conclusion: Edureka Courses Review 2019 (My Opinion)

Edureka is an Indian website whose goal is to make quality education accessible to everyone everywhere. The goal is to differentiate from big data to Android development by publishing high-quality and affordable IT and technology-related courses and to help professionals acquire new skills directly from experienced trainers. relevant in the industry.

With the help of experts available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, users will be advised throughout the day. Classes start at $ 108, which is a bit expensive, but when we talk about performance and quality, it’s still in their standards. In my opinion, you should give Edureka a chance and you will never be disappointed. What is your opinion and thoughts about Edureka? Let me know in the comments below.

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