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In just five and a half short years later, Elementor has more than 10 million active installs and counting. Yet, this is only part of the story. Beyond the numbers, Elementor has morphed into a movement within the web creation industry. More and more professionals are choosing Elementor, not only because it is a cutting-edge product, but for all that it stands for.

Elementor means open-source. Elementor means community. Elementor means empowerment. Elementor means opportunities for developers, designers, marketers, and businesses alike. Elementor means bringing together people from around the world to its events.

After a hugely successful half a decade, the story of Elementor keeps writing itself. One website at a time. The year is now 2022, the internet is growing, the web is evolving, and there is increasing demand for an all-encompassing machine. One that serves professionals across the board.

Elementor’s industry-wide platform democratizes the web creation world, resulting in a

new normal for Web Creators. With a shared purpose, shared vision, and shared mission in mind, everyone will speak the same language, technically, creatively, and commercially.

Elementor possesses a thriving economy around its product. A product that has revolutionized the WordPress ecosystem. As Elementor quickly approaches this critical mass, it exhibits clear signs of its long-term sustainability. Millions are using it, many are making a living from it, and creating services that elevate it further. Each participant multiplies Elementor’s brand and impact.

The strongest companies today aren’t creating products, nor are they simply offering services. They are fully integrated platforms. Amazon Web Services, Windows Azur, SAP Cloud, Oracle Cloud Platform, Google App Engine. Elementor is already moving towards becoming Software as a Service (SaaS) and the natural next step in its evolution is to a Platform as a Service (PaaS).

A platform is more than the sum of its parts. It is a powerful and cyclical network where the millionth user can positively impact the first ones and vice versa. As the number of users grows, so does the value of being part of the system.

With the latest official announcement of the Elementor Cloud Website, Elementor will now provide a single end-to-end solution that includes a code-free builder, first-class hosting, and the ability to connect a custom domain at no extra cost. Hosted using Google Cloud Platform, the package comes with a built-in free SSL from Cloudflare and offers a generous 100K monthly visits, 20GB of storage, and a bandwidth of 100GB. Web Creators also get access to all the benefits of Elementor Pro features, such as its drag-and-drop editor, pro widgets, kits, and templates.

Elementor Cloud Website is set to revolutionize how WordPress website projects are organized.  By streamlining their workflow, removing technical setup barriers, and simplifying hand-off to clients, Elementor now offers Web Creators a solution that lets them focus on what they do best: Create websites and design their future.

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