Elementor: Revolutionizing The Web Creation Market, One Pixel At A Time

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We live in a digital economy. Life as we know it becomes more digital with every passing day. From how we do our shopping, to how we study, conduct business and even, to how we communicate with our loved ones. It all happens online. Websites are the backbone of this global digital economy.

You may think we are in the midst of an era, but we’re really only seeing the tip of the iceberg. The first website was launched in 1991. Today, there are approximately200 million active websites and counting. We’ve seen the growth of Content Management Systems (CMS) powering these websites, software that manages the creation and modification of digital content.

The CMS market today is valued at US$44 billion and is projected to grow over the coming years. 10 years ago there were tens of millions of websites, today there are over 200 million active websites.

We’re talking about an increase of nearly 2,000% within a short decade.

The internet has witnessed several evolutions. The 90s saw Web Developers acting as Web Creators, launching static HTML websites with sparkly GIFs. The dot-com boom saw the emergence of Content Creators using CMS platforms. With competition heating up, SEO and SEM soon popped up to drive traffic. Websites today are composed of a symphony of story, design, and user experience by multifaceted, multitalented, and multiskilled “Web Creators”, a term coined by Elementor and adopted by the industry. This is our shared economy.

However, competing interests and skill sets mean competing platforms. Professionals must navigate a sea of options, none of which serves them universally. Designers choose X, while developers prefer Y. Marketers rely on A, while Store Owners stick with B. Who serves them? A whopping 65.1% of active websites use WordPress.

Shopify is next at a distant 5.7%, followed by a few below 3%. Elementor owns over 7% of the market including 20% of all WordPress websites.

This puts Elementor ahead of every known CMS platform in the world not named WordPress. What’s more, 50% of all new WordPress websites are today built with Elementor.

Today’s market can be split into DIY solutions and DIFM tools and platforms. While the DIY side is dominated by Wix — a niche that makes up just US$7.2 billion of this market, the entire DIFM  is dominated by WordPress — a market valued at $300 billion. This red ocean has seen new entrants rise and fall with only WordPress standing firm as the leading CMS platform for a staggering 19 years now.

Websites must engage and convert in order to fulfill their purpose. We’ve moved from building websites and handing them over to actively managing, optimizing, customizing, personalizing, and maximizing the ROI of their clients. A Web Creator’s relationship with clients can last the lifetime of a business. We’re not talking weeks or months, we’re talking years and decades. Pushing for results leads to a constant demand for more features. This is the next step of the web’s evolution.

Elementor takes care of building these platforms so Web Creators can focus on building. Businesses. Economies. Industries. Societies. Families. Lives. Building the future.

The internet is growing. WordPress is dominating. And Elementor – is the future.

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