Elementor vs Divi: In-depth Page Builder Comparison With Coupons 2021

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Do you want an easy way for building and customizing your WordPress website?  Are you looking for a reliable and perfect page builder for your WordPress Website? If yes! Then you are at right end. That is the time when drag and drop page builder WordPress Plugins comes in handy. Here in this post, we’ll compare the top-notch page builder- Elementor vs Divi. 

Why We Need A Page Builder for WordPress?

A page builder mainly allows you to create, edit along with customizing all of your website layout just without writing any single line of code. Most of the time when many WordPress beginners create a website, they basically find it difficult to change and customize the page layouts right on their websites.

Most of the time many premium WordPress themes come with different page layouts and sometimes it is really very hard to customize for one who is not having any prior knowledge of coding in (HTML / CSS).

So in order to skip these hectic and time-consuming tasks, we need a page builder like Elementor and Divi. You will be able to find many other page builder plugin right out there in the market but none of them can match the level of these two amazing page builder Elementor and Divi.

As these page builder can easily help you in customizing almost every component on your site just without writing a single line of code.  These components may be like anything just like adding a column, parallax background, content slider and many more amazing things.

Elementor vs Divi: The Detailed Comparison 2021

Both are the perfect and quality options that are available right out there in the market and you’re not going to go wrong with any of them. But here we are comparing best vs best so we’ll have to find something extraordinary in one of these page builder plugins.

As we have a limited budget, we can not use two-page builder right on one WordPress website. At last, we have to decide which page builder plugin suits us and is reliable to our requirements.

So which one you will be going to choose, when it comes to Elementor vs Divi, i think at this point we didn’t come to any conclusion. In order to help you in choosing these best vs best page builder plugin, we are going to discuss these amazing page builders: Elementor vs Divi. Just check out our in-depth comparison of Elementor vs Divi and then decide which is best for you.

Basics of Elementor and Divi

If we talk about Elementor, it is one of the best page builder plugins. Elementor is also compatible with any theme you are currently using on your site. Elementor gives a GUI for building a side just without having any coding knowledge or experience.

Elementor- Elementor vs Divi

But,  if you talk about Divi- it is both Page Builder again and also a WordPress theme. Divi is the product of Elegant Themes and first, they released Divi as a standalone theme. After some sometime they began addressing updating issues and then after that they released the Divi Page builder.  The best part is that this one is a page builder plugin that you can use with any of the themes you are using on your website and not only the Divi theme.

Divi Visual Page Builder- Elementor vs Divi

Here  with Divi page builder plugin you will also get access to Divi Theme  since you get both upon paying for a subscription and that is really fascinating you are getting a premium theme free along with a perfect Page builder plugin.

So we have got the basics of these two amazing page builder plugins and now we should start comparing their essential factors like User interface, Shortcodes, Pre Made Templates, Styling Options, the Third-party supports along with built-in tools and Price.

User Interface

The best part about these 2-page builder plugins is that both will allow you to drag and drop to make a website.  Here with the help of this page builder plugins, you can easily create a whole site just without writing a single line of code. Basically, the difference is the level of customization you will get with page builder plugins.

Here, Elementor Offers front editing as there you can add a new element and also edited and all of the changes will appear at that instant. Like if you will get what you will see out there.

But in case of Divi,  it has front-end and back-end editing as the back and editing will allow you to edit on a blank space just before implementing to see a result. And trust me if you want to do something new, then Divi is the page builder plugin is for you. Most of the people prefer the front-end editing but here you are also getting back-end editing option too. This really gives the freedom to switch right between back and forth.

The Divi Builder — Elementor vs Divi

Divi also supports text in-line editing and that truly indicates that you can easily edit the text right at the element rather than typing back in separate in the sidebar. Here, in this Elementor vs Divi comparison, Divi has got better user interface than Elementor.


The evolution of the shortcodes has been there in the industry since the invention of 2.5 several years back. Basically, shortcodes are the bits of code that will let you achieve the various task with the little time along with putting nearly no efforts. If we say in simple language a shortcode is equal to shortcut that will let you perform a task easily. With these shortcodes, you can do much more thing nearly no coding required.

Divi Page builder basically uses shortcodes that will really make your life easy. Right, when you move from Divi to another site builder then your new builder will not read the shortcodes that Divi has already utilized. When you will go with Divi, this page builder is for life and really trust me it has a sequence of shortcodes that you easily let you do your task easily.

The best part is that if you are currently using Divi can write on your WordPress website then you can still use these shortcodes. Here WordPress is supporting shortcodes when WordPress gets new version it is still supporting the shortcodes.

Shortcodes will really improve efficiency as you don’t have to repeat same lines of codes right for the repeating functions. It will also allow to markup that will make your WordPress site looks stunning and compared to the others. You can be able to add a text widget straight right into your header, trust me it is not easy to do this task. Without using the shortcodes here your site will look good but your site will that much efficient.

Here again, Divi dominates Elementor, in the case of shortcodes comparison. Moving on to the other comparison.

Price Comparison of Divi vs Elementor

Divi comes with two pricing plans as one gives yearly access while other gives lifetime access to the Divi Themes as well as the Divi Page builder plugins. Here are the pricing and features that you will get:

Divi Pricing- Elementor vs Divi

1) Yearly Access $89/year

  • Access  to all of the themes
  • Access To all of the plugins
  • Theme  updates
  • Premium  support
  •  Unlimited  website usage
  • Risk  free guarantee.

2) Lifetime Access for $249

  • LIfetime updates
  • One time Fees
  • Lifetime access  to all themes
  • Lifetime access  to all plugins
  • Lifetime  premium support
  • Unlimited website usage
  • Risk-Free Updates

Elementor basically has the three pricing options:

Elementor Pricing- Elementor vs Divi

1) $49 Personal Plan

  • For 1 site
  • All  Pro Features Included
  • 1 Year of updates & Support

2) $99 Business

  • For 3 Sites
  • All  Pro Features Included
  • 1 Year of updates & Support

3) $199 Unlimited

  • Unlimited sites
  • All  Pro Features Included
  • 1 Year of updates & Support

The best part is that Elementor comes with 30-day money back guarantee and here no questions will be asked.

Pre-Made Templates:

Another comparison that counts, basically both of these page builder plugin offers a wide range of templates that you can easily use if you really do n’t want to build a site from scratch. Here the basic thing is that Elementor has the advantage when you look at its library of templates.

But when you will the paid subscription for Divi then you will be able to unlock a wide range of pre-made templates. With Divi, you will be also getting new templates that are made by another user on weekly basis. Divi generally focuses on user-generated content that really makes it stronger and the best-connected community.

As we can see that, when it really comes to premade templates Divi has a slight advantage over the Elementor.

Third Party Integrations and Support:

If we talk about the third party support and integration both of the Divi and Elementor easily allows the integrations with third-party plugins along with PFP coding and also the CSS coding. But here Divi is a step further than Elementor as it has been in the industry since long.

The thing is that Divi came in early 2013 and rocked in the market with its services and features and gaining the traction over time. Here Elementor is still new to the users and also new to WordPress Market. That truly indicates that more themes and plugins are compatible with Divi.

If we talk about the stats here, Divi is currently having over more than 1.2 million WordPress sites built with Divi. That is why Divi is the best option you have got out there in the market. This really shows that how many people along with the professional developers love to use this amazing plugin called Divi in order to operate their site.

Elementor has not that much of options available. Basically, it is getting popular with Beaver Builder. It really doesn’t provide that much of third-party integrations and you may full third-party support after few years.

Elementor Integrations- Elementor vs Divi

Agan in the third-party integration and support Divi dominates Elementor. Now moving on to the next factor.

Built-In Tools

This is the most important factor of comparison is we are getting with these page builders. Divi mainly features in great built-in tools along with the special one called A/B split testing tool called Divi leads that is really the plus point of having Divi.

Basically, Divi let you check the different version of website and modules and with that, you can easily determine which version of your site is currently working better.  And you can also run both the version of your site and simple check which version is getting more conversions, engagement along with sales.

With the split test, you will be able to determine- how your design is performing like is it getting more conversion and profit or not just without spending too many resources. Divi also offers built-in tools called the Role Editor. With that graphical dashboard, you can easily edit how many users can actually log in and simply work on your website.

In built-in tools comparison of Elementor vs Divi, here Divi again take leads with its amazing built-in features.

Designs and Styling Options

Basically, if we talk about Elementor and Divi, Elementor is having elements and Divi is having modules. And here the terms are totally different but their functions are merely same and really these drag and drop tool will really help in making your site outstanding.

Elementor Page Builder for WordPress- Elementor vs Divi

The list of basic design tools that you will be getting with these two amazing page builder plugin is:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Headers
  • Buttons

Few amazing elements from Elementor include:

  • Testimonials
  • Portfolio Grid
  • Price Tables

Here Divi also supports these tools but it also has some of the unique modules that you will not be going to find it anywhere else:

  • WooCommerce Support
  • Email Opt-ins
  • Video Slider
  • Social Media Follow

Now you have got the list of styling options and support these page builder plugins provides, both of them basically supports the drag and drop widgets supports. As usual, Divi again dominates Elementor right with its amazing Divi Modules.

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EndNote: Elementor vs Divi

No doubt, Elementor, and Divi are the two best site builder plugins that are available out there in the market. You will get flexibility with these two site builder and you will also get all of the options that you may need in designing a stunning website.

So, here we are in conclusion section, now if i say which one is better in “Elementor vs Divi” then without having any second thought you will say Divi. Divi is affordable and is fully loaded with unique features that you may not get with another page builder plugins.

Feel free to tell us which page builder plugin is working best for you right in the comment section. Also, tell us which one you would like to go within Elementor vs Divi comparison. Do share this post on all trending social media platforms.

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