Take Advantage of ActiveCampaign’s New Designer to Maximize Your Email Marketing

Whether your company is a well-established one with 500 employees or it is a one-person operation, email marketing is quite beneficial. It also does an excellent job of communicating your message to every member of your audience and is versatile and adaptive as your business, audience, and tactics expand.

Due to our strong belief in email, we made the decision to invest in an entirely redesigned email designer. We’re happy to announce that it is now open to all users on a global basis! Prior to making ActiveCampaign’s email designer available to everyone, we’ve been gathering feedback from a select group of clients since January.

ActiveCampaign is designed expressly to support you in streamlining every aspect of your engagement strategy, from the very first moment a user sees your website through the final conversion. Users of ActiveCampaign anticipated that email engagement rates will rise by a staggering 108% this year when we polled them for the CXA Impact Report. We anticipate this to increase even more as a result of the new email designer!

Features of the ActiveCampaign Email Designer

We are excited for people to create outstanding emails using the new email designer, with which we are constantly adding functionality. For a current view of what’s still to come, look at the list below!

  • Conditional content: Deliver the appropriate content to the appropriate person based on that person’s demographic information and prior actions
  • Ecommerce product block: Based on a customer’s prior browsing or purchasing history, send product recommendations within your emails.
  • RSS Blocks: An excellent approach to automatically update your contacts on your most recent news and blog posts is by adding an RSS feed to your campaigns.
  • Predictive Content: Create a single email and distribute up to five variations to your audience; each recipient will receive the appropriate content based on prior clicks and engagement.
  • Split testing: By developing slightly different versions of a campaign and sending it to a select set of people, you can learn which email will work best for your audience. Then, you can send the one that performed the best to the rest of your audience.

The era of the one-size-fits-all strategy has long since passed

Take Advantage of ActiveCampaign's New Designer

Every firm out there seems to send out a tonne of promotional emails, and your company may be one of them. In fact, it’s predicted that over 300 billion emails will be written and received daily, illustrating the fierce struggle for attention. But how do you stand out from the sea of communications to connect with your intended audience? If you want to see any kind of meaningful interaction, you should start by providing each person the content they care about.

Building a 360-degree view of each encounter is the best approach to achieving it. It’s no longer sufficient to include someone’s first name in an email’s subject line or opening. You must be aware of their preferences, tendencies, and actions. From there, you may segment your emails to make sure every recipient receives the one that is appropriate for them. The intelligence of consumers is sometimes underestimated by brands. Don’t be yet another example of a corporate email that uses a one-size-fits-all strategy because they are aware of it.

Automation for the customer experience supports an email designer

We are aware that there are innumerable email service providers, just as there are countless emails sent every day by companies. ActiveCampaign new email designer differs from previous versions in that it is supported by customer experience automation (CXA).

Other services merely enable you to send bulk emails to various target segments. To improve customer experience, ActiveCampaign connects email campaigns with sales campaigns, automation, and even your website. No matter which channel they use, every contact is recorded throughout all interactions they have with your company, creating a 360-degree perspective.

You can segment your emails based on what you know about your audience by utilizing all the information. Consider the e-commerce companies that make use of ActiveCampaign. Revenue from recovered abandoned carts increased by an average of 70% in 2022, according to their research. Imagine how your own bottom line might be affected by targeted content and a well-designed email!

Better engagement is the result of hyper-personalized content and careful design

Let’s take a step back and concentrate on what people will notice about your emails right away: the design. Why does my email need to look a certain way if the content is so important to increasing interaction, you might be wondering. Both content and design are essential to performance because, very simply, they set you different from the myriad other firms vying for space. Your brand benefits from the appearance and feel of your emails since it conveys to your audience that your company is well-run and professional. Who could not adore that?

Take Advantage of ActiveCampaign's New Designer

Advanced personalization and logical design are combined in the new responsive email designer to create the best of both worlds. It enables you to create better emails in less time that your consumers will appreciate, resulting in business development. Everyone, from those sending their first email to those sending their 1000th, benefits from the entirely redesigned user interface.

Don’t worry if email design isn’t your strong suit. You can save time by using the more than 250 free pre-designed email templates provided by ActiveCampaign rather than creating emails from scratch. Yes, regardless of the plan tier you’re on, you get access to all of these templates, and the new email designer also lets you utilize them.

To enable emails that truly inspire action, we introduced cutting-edge capabilities like an HTML toggle, saved content blocks, and new block types in addition to an emphasis on usability. Additionally, you’ll witness a remarkable improvement in rendering and testing so that you can accurately predict what your recipient will view.

Take Advantage of ActiveCampaign's New Designer

Utilize the HTML toggle to create how you please

Every company is different, and every firm constructs emails differently. The toggle gives you the option to create and amend emails using HTML code in an effort to provide you as much customization as you can. The best thing is that the window appears next to the drag-and-drop email builder, allowing you to build out a full section or just a specific container of text. Now that real-time editing is available, you can see precisely what the recipient will see.

Save content that you frequently use in your emails

To build out emails more quickly, you can save entire sections or individual containers containing photos, text, buttons, and other elements using saved content blocks. Consider a company that frequently sells tickets to events. Instead of creating those fields from scratch each time, they might save a block of content with date, start time, link, and location fields as a template so they can just drag in that structure and change it as needed.

Believe in your email marketing system

The process of developing an effective marketing email involves more than just designing attractive emails. You may rest assured that the email you spent time designing and testing will, in fact, show up appropriately when the day is done. You can be confident that the way your email appears in the drag-and-drop builder is how it will appear in the inbox of your recipient because we improved both previewing and rendering while you are building.

All companies can benefit from email marketing

Any marketing strategy should still include email marketing because it is so effective. To maximize your engagement approach, ActiveCampaign gives you the ability to combine marketing automation with a variety of channels (such as your website, social media, etc.). However, one of the best platforms for connecting with your audience and getting noticeable results is email. It serves as the foundation not only of our platform but also of the marketing plans of our best-performing clients.

Email still has the highest return on investment (ROI) for every dollar invested. For the typical business, an investment of $1 in email marketing generates $44 in profit or a return on investment (ROI) of 4400%.

Consider using the top email designer for yourself

Are you prepared to create better emails while saving time? Start using ActiveCampaign’s new email designer to create either one-time email newsletters or automated campaigns right away!

Not yet a customer of ActiveCampaign? No issue – simply sign up for a free trial to begin using our new designer to create stunning emails!

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