EmailOctopus Black Friday Deals 2023 Save 50% Off Your First Three Months

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EmailOctopus Black Friday Deals/ Cyber Monday Sale 2023 Save 50% Off Your First Three Months 🔥

EmailOctopus Black Friday Deals

What is EmailOctopus ?

EmailOctopus is the low-cost email marketing platform providing essential features businesses and individual creators need to grow their mailing list. The easy-to use editor makes it possible for users to build both HTML rich emails as well as simple plain text ones, with a few clicks of the mouse! They also have automation tools that enable you set up autoresponders or drip campaigns so they can deliver tailored messages based on specific groups of subscribers (time sensitive offers).

Email marketing software emailoctopus reviews

EmailOctopus is the only tool for bounce handling that automatically cleans unsubscribes, bounces and complaints from lists. Its developer API allows deep integration into existing business websites with an easy way to maintain current subscriber information on MailChimp or Salesforce thanks to Zapier connections enabled by EmailOctopus team of developers who are experts across over 2K platforms including Facebook Messenger bots!

Features of EmailOctopus :

EmailOctopus has helped over 54,000 organisations deliver 12 billion emails. It’s for self-published authors and bloggers as well as charities to online stores with a collection of features that make email management easy – including a landing page builder so you can lean away from more complex WordPress coding toward an easier drag n’ drop process!

Emailoctopus reviews

Email marketing software may be incomplete without automation. It’s an essential component of all successful growth initiatives and EmailOctopus offers both automated campaigns, which are sent out after set time periods (think drip email examples), or workflows that can include multiple messages for segments within your database; they make distinction between these two types by calling them “campaigns” when sending one message at once versus an entire sequence depending on what you need done with this contact list – whether it’s getting closer than ever before via targeted messaging like CSMs do best!

EmailOctopus offers a suite of extralordinary features for email marketers. One feature is the ability to see every interaction your subscribers have had with you, which enables them not only be unsubscribed but also marked as spam or complained about in order to get an accurate count on how many were opened (and therefore potential customers). Reporting can even provide insights into what causes users open certain emails more than others – meaning if they don’t like that particular subject line then chances are someone else will probably do so too!

EmailOctopus Pricing Overview

EmailOctopus pricing is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is select the number of users that will be accessing your account, then choose an appropriate plan for each member in your organization. There’s also a free option available – perfect if one user on staff doesn’t require email access!

Doing business with EmailOCTOPUS couldn’t get easier than this: just pick how many people are allowed per inbox (usually 1-5), decide what level they should be at based off their role within the company or school administration area; next there’s only 2 choices left—paid version ($24/usermonth).

EmailOctopus is running a Black Friday Deal which gives customers a flat 50% on their annual plans.

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EmailOctopus automation tools make it easy for organizations to keep their audience engaged with blog posts or an introductory series that encourages customers into buying more to increase revenue. The solution includes responsive email marketing templates, which give users complete control over the look and feel of emails they send out in order attract new subscribers by looking professional while still being engaging enough so your existing list doesn’t get bored waiting on auto-responders!

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