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EMPOWERgmat Review With Discount Coupon
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  • Access to all content
  • 6 different study plans
  • 100s of expert-led video coaching lessons
  • Free Month Score Cancel Guarantee
  • Quick EMPOWERgmat Advisor email support
  • $100 worth of Official Practice Exams
  • $100 worth of GMAT Club tests
  • Training videos can be accessed online, anytime, anywhere. Which makes learning super convenient
  • Easy 1 Button Cancel (Without having to call the support or mailing anyone)


  • You cannot ask your doubts since there are no live classes.

GMAT is usually the first step towards getting into the Worldclass Business and Management schools across the globe.

Over 10,000+ Business and management across the globe consider GMAT as an important admission criterion.

GMAT is an exam that lets you showcase the important skills.

GMAT exam typically consists of 4 Major Sections which includes:

  1. Quantitative Reasoning: It helps to measure your ability to analyze data and draw conclusions using logical reasoning skills.
  2. Analytical Writing Assessment/ Logical reasoning: Measures your ability to think critically and to communicate your ideas effectively.
  3. Integrated Reasoning: It helps to measure your ability to analyze data and evaluate information presented in various formats.
  4. Verbal Reasoning: It measures your ability to read and interpret the written material, to evaluate reasoning, and to correct written material to conform to standard written English.

Are you scared to appear for GMAT because of fear of failure?

Well, I read a quote by Abraham Lincoln which says, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax”

That’s the power of Preparing.

Being proactive and being prepared will always help you succeed in achieving your goals.

So, to clear GMAT it is very important to be prepared by following the right learning methods.

EMPOWERgmat is one of the best online learning platforms for GMAT I have come across.

Let’s know and understand more about EMPOWERgmat.

EMPOWERgmat Review 2020: Discount Coupon (Save Upto $251)

EMPOWERgmat Review - EMPOWERgmat Pricing plan

Save Upto $251 Now

In Depth EMPOWERgmat Review

EMPOWERgmat is an online course to prepare for the GMAT exam.

EMPOWERgmat Review - EMPOWERgmat

EMPOWERgmat is designed in such a way, it allows you to study at your own convenience while it also provides guidelines to ensure you are on track with your study progress.

Key features of EMPOWERgmat includes:

  • The curriculum is focussed on Result

EMPOWERgmat is a complete GMAT learning system traversing Foundational Math & Verbal Content to elite tactical training. It also allows you to learn anytime, anywhere.

EMPOWERgmat Course Resources

With EMPOWERgmat you can focus more on learning.

  • With EMPOWERgmat, You won’t be surprised on the Exam Day

The GMAT exam is not just an exam but also an event.

Once you clear it successfully, you come one step closer towards getting into your desired Business or Management School.

EMPOWERgmat is designed in such a way that you’re well prepared for everything on Test Day.

It goes in a systematic way.

You’ll be a successful test taker if you master the content provided by EMPOWERgmat.

  • EMPOWERgmat offers 6 Study Plans

 6 Study PlanEMPOWERgmat offers you 6 different plans for all levels.

You can choose the plan which best suits your requirements. Or in case if you’re still confused, don’t worry they have got your back, they will assist you.

Either you’re just starting your GMAT training, or another course let you down, choose the study plan that fits your specific needs.

Track your progress, as your GMAT expertise builds.

EMPOWERgmat helps you identify which training plan is best for you.

Let me show you how it works.

It’ll ask you a question:

Have you started studying the GMAT?

  •  No, not at all/Just a little bit
  • Yes, I’ve been self-prepping extensively, or have taken another GMAT prep course
  • Yes, I’ve already taken an official GMAT

I clicked on “No, Not at all/ Just a little bit”

You’ll be redirected to another question;

EMPOWERgmat Review - Practice Sets

I clicked on “No”

Then another question popped up. Which asked about “Target Score”

EMPOWERgmat Review - Target Score

Once I selected the “Target Score”. I was asked, “How much time do I have?”

EMPOWERgmat Review - FinishOnce I finished answering all the questions, a screen popped up with the recommendation:

EMPOWERgmat Review - Recommendation

  • Offers 100 Point Improvement Guarantee

There are 3 Major Perks which EMPOWERgmat offers:

  1. Guarantee Ranges
  2. Score Cancellation Guarantee
  3. An Awesome Bonus

You can improve your GMAT score, or you can get a full month’s refund back.

EMPOWERgmat Review -Score Improvement

Guarantee Ranges:

  • 100 Points: If Scored from 200-580
  • 70 Points: If Scored from 590-640
  • Improve your score: If Scored From 650+

Terms & Conditions for Claiming Refund:

1) Email Official Score Report

Email them a copy of your Official Score Report from a GMAC testing facility.

Email ID: [email protected] when you sign up.

2) Complete The Program

Complete all of the EMPOWERgmat lessons for the study plan you intend to follow, and you must complete at least 2 CAT Analyses.

3) The Guarantee

If your score doesn’t improve according to the scale mentioned above, you can mail them a copy of your new Official Score Report from a GMAC testing facility, and get a full month’s refund of $99.

Score Cancellation Guarantee

Thinking how to claim this?

Well, As per GMAT’s new score cancellation policies; you can cancel your score generation without leaving a record on your score report.

If you take EMPOWERgmat and complete all the lessons, and then decide to cancel your score, you need to send them a screen capture from within your MBA(dot)com account that shows your official test cancellation, and then they will give you a complimentary month of preparation.

Once you finish doing the above-mentioned task you can submit a guarantee request.

Proof of cancellation must be submitted within the first month after course deactivation.

acceptable proof of cancellation (any one of the following):

  • Enhanced Score Report (ESR)
  • Unofficial score printout from the test center
  • Screen capture of your cancellation form within your GMAT account at mba.com
  • Applicable to any canceled GMAT regardless of score

Are you thinking about the bonus now?

Well, here are the details of the bonus.

An Awesome Bonus

I read a quote which says, “Look in the mirror, that’s your competition”

And EMPOWERgmat firmly believes that. You’re your only competition.

You’ll be rewarded with a bonus if you beat yourself.

Yes, we aren’t joking.

If you beat your prior GMAT score by at least 100 points. EMPOWERgmat will pay for your 1 hour of professional admissions consulting.

Do you know how much it costs?  $250

Yes you’ll be rewarded with $250

Isn’t it an amazing way EMPOWERgmat has chosen to keep their students motivated?

  • Train With The Real Exam Practice

EMPOWERgmat Review - Official Practice Exam

Normally, learning platforms and trainers teach you the theoretical EMPOWERgmat provides you with 3 exam practice bundles.

Which helps you learn and practice efficiently.

To get these exam practice bundles EMPOWERgmat negotiated with the official GMAT test-writers to supply their students with at least three practice exam bundles.

  • The Mistake Tracker

 EMPOWERgmat - Mistake Tracker

You can always Strengthen What’s Working For you and  Fix What is not working.

The EMPOWERgmat Mistake Tracker will help you monitor your content and tactical progress, and help you work and improve in areas that need any improvement.

If you really want to succeed in GMAT then “Don’t Waste Your Time”

Doing endless practice randomly will Reinforce could waste time. Instead, target your right practice and improvement to train more efficiently.

Deep Insight: “The Mistake Tracker Tool” not only tallies your opportunities but also provides detailed advice areas of improvement.

What is in the course?

The most important part of the article is here, What’s in the course?

I am sure you must be curious to know, “What’s inside the box?”

So, let me help you by unboxing the Box (By telling you the Course Content)

EMPOWERgmat offers a course which is actually optimized on the “Real GMAT”

EMPOWERgmat is the first-ever“On Demand” GMAT prep course built on “The Official GMAT material”

You get the train With The Confidence of Real GMAC’s Practice Tests

EMPOWERgmat consists of the following content:

6 Real Practice Tests: The 3 Month Pack includes all 6 shorter, new format GMAT Official Practice Exams. It delivers a complete official practice test suite for the ultimate in realism, it is unmatched by any GMAT preparation course.

Actual Questions: GMAT Preparation practice Computer Adaptive tests use retired official GMAT questions.

Practice tests made by any other source are made on the basis of assumptions of GMAT questions.

But with EMPOWERgmat you get to know the real questions which will make you perfect for your GMAT exam.

Gmat - Practice Exam1

The 6 Official GMAT Practice Tests are included in your EMPOWERgmat membership, it helps to save you money and ensures their students have the highest quality tests.

Reliable Scoring

Knowing where you are standing, how far you’re from your goal, whether you’re going in the right direction, and how you’re progressing is crucial to your success.

With The Official GMAT Practice Tests, you will always have a track of your score by a reliable measurement of performance.

  • A Curriculum With Emphasis On Results:

The GMAT exam is not just a syllabus based exam.

But, It’s a measure of a set of skills and abilities.

EMPOWERgmat trains you to know how to beat the GMAT’s game.

EMPOWERgmat is a complete, created “on-demand” GMAT course thoroughly crafted with real resources by a team of GMAT ninjas.

  • Master The GMAT At Home With Highly-Structured Video Lessons

Every topic and every single question covered in this course is followed by an expert video breakdown.

You can know how to prepare for the GMAT with the course that’s like having a virtual tutor to train you how on the content and the tactics to tackle everything about the GMAT.

It helps you learn the most important tactics of GMAT which are:

  • The GMAT CAT Algorithm
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Problem Solving
  • Sentence Correction
  • Reading Comp
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Integrated Reasoning
  • AWA Essay

Why do we recommend EMPOWERgmat?

Well, We believe Right & Practical Learning goes a long way than just Theoretical learning.

EMPOWERgmatis the right platform to learn because of the Modus Operandi it has.

It helps you understand your needs, gives you plan, facilitates you with the “Real Practice Tests”

It is a reliable source of learning and has several positive reviews from across the globe on various sites by the people who actually used it and succeeded.

Pros & Cons of EMPOWERgmat

Pros of EMPOWERgmat

  • Real GMAT questions, which makes the practice more efficient
  • Training videos can be accessed online, anytime, anywhere. Which makes learning super convenient
  • Helps you track mistakes which will definitely help you improve

Cons of EMPOWERgmat

  • You cannot ask your doubts since there are no live classes.
  • Price is not affordable for everyone.
  • Since the recommendation tool is automated, there are chances of it being wrong.

Pricing EMPOWERgmat

EMPOWERgmat offers 2 Packages to choose from.

EMPOWERgmat Review - EMPOWERgmat Pricing planSave Upto $251 Now

First one costs you $99

It provides you with the following features:

  • Access to all content
  • Easy 1 Button Cancel (Without having to call the support or mailing anyone)
  • 100s of expert-led video coaching lessons
  • 1000s of interwoven questions
  • 6 different study plans
  • Quick EMPOWERgmat Advisor email support
  • 100 Point Guarantee
  • Free Month Score Cancel Guarantee

The second package costs you $349

It provides you with the following features:

  • Unlimited access to all the content
  • Automatica cancellation at the end of 3 months
  • 100s of expert-led video coaching lessons
  • 1000s of interwoven questions
  • 6 study plans
  • Quick EMPOWERgmat Advisor email support
  • 100 Point Guarantee
  • Free Month Score Cancel Guarantee
  • It also includes:
  • $100 worth of Official Practice Exams
  •  $100 worth of GMAT Club tests

Testimonials EMPOWERgmat

EmpoweRmat- TestimonialsQuick Links:

EMPOWERgmat Review Conclusion:

Clearing the GMAT exam can definitely change your life for all the good reasons.

You can get into your Favorite learning school, land into your favorite job.

Preparing for GMAT is not just learning from theories but it’s more like sharpening your skills.

There are so many different ways to prepare for GMAT, But choosing the right place to learn and apply is really important.

Sharpening your knife with the wrong tool will never help your knife get sharpened. It will simply waste your time. Right?

So preparing with wrong or inaccurate methods is wrong and time and money waste too.

Choose your learning platform wisely.

EMPOWERgmat offers Real GMAT questions, which makes the practice more efficient. Training videos can be accessed online, anytime, anywhere. This makes learning super convenient, Helps you track mistakes which will definitely help you improve, it also gives a One-Day free trial which helps you understand the course practically.

The only drawback which we feel with EMPOWERgmat is the lack of human touch and pricing.

But, if you can afford it you must go for it. It’s worth it.

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