Review 2023 Is it the Best e-Signature Software?

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Companies are abandoning traditional paperwork in favor of more innovative ways to examine and sign papers as the globe changes to a remote and computerized workflow.

If you need to sign and return a lot of documents or get people to sign and return them, the best e-signature software can save you a lot of time and effort.

People sign the document directly on paper with a pen to show their cooperation in offline interactions. There are now a number of service providers who can assist you in signing contracts online using legally enforceable electronic signatures.

They also assist you throughout the process, such as securely delivering and preserving signed contracts. 

Are you looking for the best e-signature software to sign your documents?

Over the years, a number of e-signature applications have grown in popularity. Adobe Sign and DocuSign are two well-known examples, both of which cater to business owners wishing to expedite their paperwork.

These solutions, however, are not appropriate for all types of consumers looking for electronic signatures technologies. is a wonderful option for individual users who desire to pay simply for the number of documents signed.

This is a great alternative if you need a simple and fast, real mobile-friendly esignature solution with first-class API and integration possibilities.

What is

eSignatures-io-review is a simple e-signature app with a pay-as-you-go model that doesn’t require a monthly subscription. You just pay for the number of documents you actually send out. This is particularly useful for several businesses that are nearing the end of a contract with a client.

What can you do with

Although it is still possible, is not designed for sending out one-off contracts to single recipients. This software’s main function is to develop batch templates that automate the process of sending contracts multiple times to multiple clients at once. 

The ability to transmit contracts directly to cellphones through SMS or QR code, bulk sending, user administration, multilingual support, 2FA, white labeling, and audit trails are all attractive features. Zapier is also compatible with

What makes different? has created its own contract template editor that is text-based. Contracts sent through are thus responsive. As if it were a webpage. On whatever device, the text layout and font size are always optimal for signers.

It’s used in conjunction with “single-click” signing. That’s how they give the signers a fully mobile-friendly experience. It’s a significant distinction from the competition because, while PDF-based contracts can be opened on smartphones, they’re difficult to read and sign due to the need for a lot of zooming, etc.

It also stems from a text-based strategy. The system is specifically designed to make it simple to reuse and resend contracts to many signers.

The application has clever features that allow you to quickly and simply update any details before sending (e.g., price, terms, etc.) and collect information from signers. Signers will always see a tailored contract that looks professional (at competitors signers can see “stamps” on the PDF)

Features & Functions


  • SMS-only contracts

Send contracts to mobile phones via SMS and expect immediate responses.

  • Zapier integration

Connect with thousands of apps, like Salesforce, Dropbox, and more, to automate your workflow.

  • API integration

Integrating with an online signature platform has never been easier. A contract is sent with a single POST request.

  • Bulk sending

Copy and paste the list of signers from your Excel spreadsheet to transmit contracts in bulk.

  • Signer fields

Add Signer fields to your contacts so that your signers can type in information, such as checking a box or uploading files.

  • Placeholders

Use Placeholders to highlight the text in new contracts that you want to replace.

  • Embedded sign page

Embed the sign page into your website (API only)

  • Integromat

Create unique processes and link apps without coding, including your favorite cloud storage and CRM services.

  • User management

Manage your users and their access levels within the company

  • Privacy

When it comes to sending contracts to your clients, you can relax. They do not sell or trade any of your personal information. never sends marketing emails to your customers, and They never spam you.

  • Security

ISO 27001 is the company’s certification. This is the highest degree of global information security certification available today, ensuring that complies with the most demanding international security regulations.

  • Act compliant contracts are legally binding under the US UETA & ESIGN Act,  EU eIDAS (Electronic Signature only), Australian ET Act, Canadian UECA Act

  • Branding

Throughout the sign flow, your logo and company name is prominently displayed. Custom Google fonts and email domains are both available.

  • Fair pricing

Pay-as-you-go pricing allows you to go to market faster and allows you to grow up or down without being locked into a subscription plan.

  • Available in multiple languages currently supports over 20 international languages and the list is continuously growing. The tool currently supports languages like CZ, DA, EN-GB, DE, EN, ES, FR, ID, IT,  HR, HU, JA, NL, PT, RO, NO, PL, RS, SK, VI, SL, SV

  • Audit trail

Each document contains a detailed log of each party’s identity, email address, IP address, as well as the date and time of all activity.

  • Choose your data center

Select the most appropriate data center for storing your contract data: East (North Carolina), Central (Ontario), Asia Pacific (Sydney), and EU (Frankfurt or London) (London).

  • Two-factor identification

To give a more comprehensive signing process, use the built-in Email & SMS identification.

How much does cost?


You pay a flat rate of $0.49 per credit to utilize One contract can be sent out with a single credit. There are no monthly, setup, or API (Application Programming Interface) fees, and credits do not expire. Nonprofit groups are also eligible for a 40% discount. 

Salient features:

  • No monthly fees
  • No hidden fees
  • Unlimited features
  • Unlimited users
  • Integrations included (API, Zapier)

The best part is that many people may not want to sign up for a monthly membership, which is what most of the top e-signature software requires. However, with, you only pay for what you use.

Can I use for free?

You can sign up for a free account and test out the entire service in demo mode for as long as you want. In demo mode, they stamp “DEMO” on signed contracts to signify that they are just being used for testing purposes. If you like the service, you can add money to your account at any moment and start issuing real contracts for $0.49.

Are e-signature tools legal?

E-signature software allows you to sign documents online by simply clicking the “sign” button instead of taking a printout and signing it manually. In case you didn’t know, electronic signatures are legally enforceable. In reality, they function similarly to a physical signature. However, because online paper trails can be difficult to follow, holding people accountable can be challenging.

Why do we recommend

Electronic signature platforms are not all created equal. is one of these service providers, with an innovative approach and a few distinctive features that set them apart from the competition.

  • Simple, fast, and works smoothly

This program is extremely dependable in any contract. It is really quick and simple to use. All of these characteristics combine to make it operate flawlessly when used in tandem.

  • Mobile-friendly esignatures

Contracts sent through are thus responsive in the same way that a webpage is. The text arrangement and font size are ideal for signers using any device. As a result, the signers will have a totally mobile-friendly experience.

  • Ideal for template-based operation

They have cognitive qualities that allow them to quickly amend not only pre-set criteria (such as prices), but any term in the contract before sending it out and collecting information from the signers. 

  • Free trial in demo mode

The organization guarantees its top-notch quality not only by declaring it, but also by offering a free trial. You can create a free account and use the demo mode to try out the complete service for as long as you want. In demo mode, signed contracts are stamped with the word “DEMO” to indicate that they are just being used for testing reasons.

  • Pricing on a pay-as-you-go basis

On a timely basis, there are no lock-in subscription charges or anything like that. You can pay for the services whenever you choose, and there are no time limits. This will save any unused monetary resources that would have been used in a subscription-based model. It’s as simple as that: you pay $0.49 per contract sent.

  • All features in the price with no hidden fees

When it comes to the pricing of this product, there is complete transparency and honesty. There are no gimmicks here, and there are no hidden fees when you use the service.

  • Integration possibilities and intuitive API

It’s never been easier to integrate with an online signing platform. A single POST request is used to send a contract. This essentially saves you both time and money.

  • Privacy Policy and Security

Your personal information is never sold or traded by They also don’t spam your consumers by sending them marketing emails. They have the greatest level of security on global information assurance thanks to the ISO 27001 accreditation. They also offer two-factor authentication for added security.

Conclusion – Is worth it? is a very dependable and one of the most innovative electronic signature systems on the market today, ideal for startups, small and middle-size businesses, and entrepreneurs.

The application has a lot of useful features, integration possibilities, and is the signer experience is completely mobile-friendly. Creating bespoke contracts from templates, uploading Excel spreadsheets of recipients, and mass sending to many persons are all useful possibilities.

Other features include sending contracts to mobile phones through SMS, utilizing Zapier to link with thousands of apps like Salesforce and Dropbox, and using placeholders to mark the text you want to modify in new contracts. Overall, is well worth your time.

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