Everything You will need for a Awesome WordPress Blog: 5 Must Have Things

Blogs are all about expressing yourself and letting the whole world know about your outlook.

To gave shape to all these, you must take up the initiate to buy a domain and start building a website, which would be visually appealing to you readers and set you ahead of the curve. But web and graphic designing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So one should find a way of launching a blog without any complicated technicalities or major hassle. And this is the sole reason why WordPress has emerged to be so favorite amongst bloggers worldwide.

WordPress has an interactive user interface which makes uploading new posts easier, also they bring forth a series of helpful tools which aids in giving a significant edge to your website. So, lets dig in and find out in detail about all of the important aspects that you need to take care of, while sculpting your WordPress blog.

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WP essentials

These are the essential plugins and functions available for all WordPress websites. These plugins can do anything and everything for your website. From simple functionality like enhancing the aesthetics, these plugins can also be used to enhance SEO. There are a wide range of WordPress plugins available, which can be used for marketing your blog on leading social network platforms.

These plugins also gathers important feedback from your audience and lets you know how your blog is perceived by the common people. Most of these WP essential plugins are free but to exploit some advanced feature, you need to get the paid version of the plugin. Whatever may be the goal of your WordPress blog, these plugins are the dire need and one of the core requirements of you blog.

1. Start with a free course on basics of WordPress to set-up your blog or website on WordPress.

wordpress tutorial

Get the free course here

2. Now that you learnt the essentials of WordPress. Lets get started with the next much needed thing for your WP site. A privacy Policy!

Wp plugin

Download the WP Plugin here


WordPress themes opens door to a spectrum of vibrant forms of art for your WP blog. First impression does matter, so you should make sure that you blog is not dull and gloomy. It should be simple yet suave and have a characteristic of your own. Themes are often termed as a reflection of you own personality or taste, so while implementing themes you should select them judiciously.

But choosing the most eye candid theme is not the only parameter to which you should focus your attention too. The more detailed and diverse the nature of a theme, the  more the file size of your cascading style sheet. Hence a heavy theme would make your blog to load slowly on users’ devices. According to a survey, half of the web users abandon a site, if it doesn’t load within 2 seconds.

So you should maintain a delicate balance between blog aesthetics and loading time. Also, you should make sure that your theme doesn’t misbehave when you blog is accessed in high resolution displays or mobile devices. We have a perfect theme for you which will complement your blog or website pefectly!

Wp theme

Download this free professional theme here

Killer Content

Content is always the king. So to create a blog, you would require a motive or an idea to write about, which would be captivating and appealing to readers. It should have a smooth flow and the narration should be such that it strikes the right chords with your audience. It should be short and crisp while keeping your readers captivated.

The use of ornamental English should be as less as possible, after all you are writing for the common people, not the jury of a literature convention. After completing you content, at the last paragraph you should provide a slight hint, that there is more blog posts coming up. In this way you can make sure that they will circle back again to your blog. To save the day.

We are here with a fabulous copy which will help oyu in your content creation. Yes.. its free!

killer content

Download it here


Now that you’re laden with all the tools and materials required to make a good blog, you have to make sure that your audience is able to discover your blog with ease. This is when Search Engine Optimization comes into picture. Internet users around the globe, browse the internet for a topic of their need or interest. When the search engine discovers websites pertaining to the very topic, they display the websites one by one in the search result.

The topic users search for, is the keyword. The presence of the keyword and it’s precise number of occurrence, is known as keyword density and these two parameters determines your blog’s page ranking and likeliness for your blog to show up in search engine’s search result.

Thus SEO of your blog is of utmost importance, as it single-handedly determines the amount of traffic and popularity of your blog would grasp. Start planning SEO for your blog with this readymade free template you can use.

SEO planning template

Get this free SEO planning template here

Web Marketing Tools

There are a number of web marketing tools that you can use to let the world know about you blog. By web marketing you can ensure that your blog gets the optimum population penetration. Using Google Ad-world, you can advertise your blog in the search result page. Also you can make use of other fellow niche websites that share the same objectives as your blog.

In this way by backlinking your blog address to a niche website, you can generate a lot of traffic. But the most used and preferred web marketing strategy is social media marketing. Using social media, the likes of Facebook and Twitter you can create a fan page about you blog. All you need to do is publicize it among the 2 billion users of the social network. Simple yet savvy.

We have a collborated list of 59 web marketing tools that rule! Check them out today here

web marketing tools

Download this free list of 59 Web Marketing Tools

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