10 Excellent WordPress Plugins for Effective Content Marketing

In This Post, We’ll Look At All The WordPress Plugins for Effective Content Marketing.

Content marketing plays a vital role in any online strategy, and most brands are utilizing WordPress for their blogs.

WordPress site is actually ruling in this trendy blogging world as more people a using WordPress in their regular works, and one of them is actually the content marketer.

Whether you as an individual owner or the company you’re attached with write attractive articles or blogs and update it regularly for your website, WordPress is always ready to assist you in crafting, managing and endorsing your content.

A lot of time is spent in planning a valuable content marketing strategy, so some remarkable plugins are compulsory, showering many advantages to gain great productivity.

It will be quite easy for the content marketers to use these plugins, thus saving time, and also making the contents completely optimized.

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Effective Content Marketing:

WordPress Plugins for Effective Content Marketing

1. WordPress SEO

Every blogger or website owner wants that the articles published would receive great viewers with huge traffic towards their site.

Google Search is considered as the biggest traffic resource for many bloggers, and WP SEO certainly is a brilliant plugin to assist you in gathering high traffic.

You can even improve your contents for executing exceptionally in search results. It approaches with customary SEO features, and a page analysis tool for rearranging the contents for common users and also for the search engines.

2. Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar

You might be facing trouble in setting the schedule for your posts, but you’ve no clue in arranging it properly how your posts should be scheduled and where you’ll put the gaps in your calendar.

Hence your problem will be resolved with the help of Editorial Calendar plugin that exhibits your complete scheduled posts in a handy calendar within your WP dashboard.

There won’t be any confusion for the visitors to go through your contents as per the dates they’re published.

3. W3 Total Cache

Speed plays a significant role whole determining search ranking of your website.

With the use of W3 Total Cache site, your website loading time will certainly perk up, and your audiences don’t have to wait for page loading. Make sure they should be satisfied by your quick loading of your web page.

For excessive website speed, you can utilize CDN service such as MaxCDN that executes greatly along with W3 Total Cache plugin. So you need to install this plugin and allow page caches, and see the results.

4. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is the most effectual method that will develop your email subscribers. With the help of this plugin, you can also produce effectual opts, like slide-ins, floating bars, exit-intent light-box popups, etc.

There’s a page-level targeting that lets you construct a better sectioned email lists of customers. You can download this plugin and use it effectively.

5. Captcha

Whenever you will visit any WordPress website, you will come across this Captcha plugin as this is extremely popular for the users.

Captcha needs blog commenters for answering any easy math equation to the web post. It will crop down on spam comments if available that puts off the loyal visitors from proper interaction.

This will also compose the comment verification very simple, rather than hard to read letter series.

6. Scribe

Scribe plugin is considered as magnificent for sustaining your contents that are constructed by common people at Copyblogger.

Your blog posts will be evaluated by Scribe so that the content supports with the rest of your content marketing approach.

You can simply maintain your voice as well as your topics reliable, mainly if you are having two or more writers for writing your blogs.

7. MyCurator

MuCurator plugin executes effortlessly in the milieu, thus bringing about a lineup of appealing and functional contents for you.

With the help of immense tools, you can swiftly curate the contents right on your website. MyCurator is presented as strong content curation software for you at commercial level.

This plugin applies a cloud procedure for implementing thorough article arrangement and AI Processing that would let you in training the MyCurator in order to come across unique articles for your website.

If you want to curate many distinct topics for numerous websites, monthly plans that are low priced are easily accessible, along with free 30-day testing.

8. XML Sitemap

Though it is just a platform plugin, but XML Sitemap is compulsory for any kind of website.

This plugin has the capacity to craft and update an XML-based sitemap automatically as this is actually an effectual and suitable means for the search engines in order to guide your website’s blog contents and web pages.

When a new blog post is launched by you, XML Sitemap will ping the Google at that moment for allowing them and making them aware that few fresh spider food is waiting.

9. Edit Flow

Edit Flow is believed to be an outstanding WordPress plugin that administers the editorial workflow. While preparing your content marketing strategy, a well-arranged editorial calendar plays a critical role.

Edit Flow lets you to allocate custom post status, deal with your editorial calendar, put down the editorial notes on the posts in evolution.

When you’re the absolute owner of your WP website, then you can continue to utilize the Edit Flow for developing your own workflow.

10. Floating Social Bar

Quick loading speed of your website can rank you higher. There’re several social media plugins that load excessive scripts which makes your site retard.

Here you can take the help of Floating Social Bar that will solve such problem by displaying a fake button along with actual count till any user acquires the mouse for sharing towards the social bar.

While the user gradually scrolls down for increasing your social shares, this plugin fixes to the top of the screen.

You can get other type of alternatives of this plugin such as DigDigg and Flare that are also functional plugin in enhancing your website’s loading time.               

Relying on your target and website, you should reflect on selecting the best suitable WordPress plugin. We hope the above WordPress plugins will help you superbly for elegant content marketing, and benefit you immensely!

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