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As a part of our BloggersIdeas interview series, today we have Danish Wadhwa an entrepreneur, a web development/hosting expert and the Founder, Managing Director & CEO of GetSetLive, India. Danish is skilled in the administration of Linux Servers & developing websites around WordPress. He is also proficient in developing new ideas & products, and excels in SEO Optimization. Academically, Danish is a Diploma holder in Cyber Law.

So lets get started with Danish.

Danish wadhwa interview getsetlive

First of all Danish thanks a lot for accepting my interview proposal. My readers are glad to have you here. Please tell us about yourself and your educational background ?

Thanks Jitendra for conducting an interview with me, I am more than happy to address BloggersIdeas readers on this well equipped blog which i too prefer to read most of the times.

I am not a born entrepreneur, I was taken to engineering school when i had no vision in life. Luckily I admitted to Lovely Professional University in IT trade which brings me across a very awesome gadget Name:Laptop and it was a life changing event for me in 2008.

What is the reason behind your success. Who introduce you to entrepreneurship?

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful”

Yes I consider myself successful today because I am doing what I always wanted to, as success is a never ending game so I want to play till it keeps me going. The only reason behind my success is consistent working with lot of patience and overcoming difficult tasks in every field.

I am hearing about this word “Entrepreneurship” since i even didn’t knew how to pronounce it. I started my Web Hosting business when I was in college, and i promoted it in all the possible ways I could. One of my high authority professor in university came to know about my marketing campaign and called me up to his office, surprisingly he liked  my work and said that you are a budding entrepreneur. Honestly I even didn’t knew about the word and i was already in entrepreneurs category  of University in 2008.

How did you make your first online income. How much time did it take to make money online?

I was forced to learn linux server administration as a curriculum in my college and it picked my interest in managing and further starting a web hosting business which lead me to become a reseller of domain names. With God’s grace I came across a customer who needed 250 domain names from me on one go and hosting as well. It happened within a week of my online promotional activities.

How do you share your success with your friends. What you suggest them about entrepreneurship?

Success is something one has to earn for himself, nobody will give it you for free. But yes i always welcome people who want to do something in life and try to help them to best of my knowledge and  experience.

What are the risks involved in entrepreneurship. Please tell us ?

Interesting question; I believe every entrepreneur should answer this question as this really helps people to learn from our real time experience. Recently I visited Lovely University, Punjab to motivate students about entrepreneurship and topic I discussed was “Entrepreneurship and its side effects” which you can read in my blog on my personal website with the video presentation.

What do you think about parental pressure for doing job. Most of the youth are forced for doing a useless jobs ?

I guess this seems to be a decreasing problem nowadays in India after the movies like 3 idiots, I really can’t say much on it as i have never been forced from my parents side. But I do believe  that parents are never wrong on their part, there might be possibilities of difference in opinion between two generations

What are your plans for the future? What’s the next move for your company and what can we expect to see in the near future?

So finally you asked the secret question 🙂 We have already figured out the next big thing in the world of online marketing is content. So we are investing a lot around content marketing and making the people more educated on internet so that when they grow we grow.

We all know content is the king of marketing but Blogging is Queen, so our next move it to invest more with Bloggers and make them more rich through our affiliate program.

How is your after being an entrepreneur ? How many hours you dedicate to your work ?

In early days, to settle as an entrepreneur is struggling but after you know the things you just need to be consistent and life after that is richer but not richest, so life goes where you take it.

In my recent studies and research I found that consistency is the key to growth, so I am consistent on both work and family side. Undoubtedly i spend more than 10+ Hrs on work but never on the stake of family because if my family is happy i am happy.

How you react when people  say negative about your brand. Does  it affect you?

Not very often I hear negative comments about my brand, but yes when I hear I spend all my energy to check where exactly I went wrong. Yes of course it affects me, as i am from service industry i love to see people satisfied.

How you survive competitors like  Godaddy as Getsetlive is in same business niche?

Loved this question the most, the big brands out in industry have lot of money to spend on advertisements. We being a small venture aims to provide customer value of their money by providing them the native support they want and build relations not customers.

I personally takes competition very positively because creating an entirely new market alone is quite difficult as well as expensive. I think competitor has already created a new market for you to capitalize and explore, making it easier for us to sell.

What is your strategy to   be different among the other competitors in market?

My simple strategy of life is that whatever life throws at you take it positively and I try my level best to make people more happy with our product I think this has already helped bring me to the eyes of big players.

I hope you enjoy this interview with powerful entrepreneur DanishIf you have any questions about this interview, please do ask in the comments below !

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