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ExportYourStore is a multi-channel solution for sellers to use their primary store as a source of product information. They can export and sync products, new listings, and updates from any marketplace using full automation and advanced rules to customize listings and avoid overselling.

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  • Manage your SKUs effortlessly!
  • Integrate with leading eCommerce tools
  • Adjustable synchronization 
  • Smart dashboard
  • SKU Management
  • Rules system
  • Full variation support


  • A bit Expensive


Price: $ 29

ExportYourStore Review It is not easy to expand into multiple markets. You must learn the new platform’s requirements and policies, recreate your listings, map your data to various product attributes and categories, and maintain accurate stock levels and pricing.

All of the hassles of selling items on your own platform are multiplied by the number of fresh platforms you wish to sell on.

To manage all of this and keep things running smoothly and efficiently, you should use a multichannel integration tool that is compatible with numerous shopping platforms and marketplaces. and allows for easy synchronization of stock levels and product information across multiple sales channels. If you are looking for such a tool, then ExportYourStore is the solution for you.

ExportYourStore has developed export and sync options for a dozen major marketplaces over the last two years. Over thousands of sellers are now using it to sync their listings across multiple channels.

What is ExportYourStore?

ExportYourStore is a multi-channel solution for sellers to use their primary store as a source of product information.

They can export and sync products, new listings, and updates from any marketplace using full automation and advanced rules to customize listings and avoid overselling.

ExportYourStore Overview

ExportYourStore assists businesses in selling on 10 leading eCommerce platforms and social networks and shopping carts which include the following:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • Etsy
  • Facebook Shops
  • WooCommerce
  • Instagram
  • Ebid
  • Poshmark
  • Google Shopping

Sellers can choose a primary marketplace to serve as their information source and then automate the export and synchronization of products and updates to more than one target marketplace.

This platform is recommended for small and medium-sized businesses that want an automated system to export and synchronize products from their current sales platforms to other marketplaces.

What can you do with ExportYourStore?

With ExportYourStore, you can easily list, import, and export your items to the Amazon Marketplace while also managing your inventory. With minimal effort, the software exports all of your eBay items, descriptions, and key features.

Simply select which items you want to export to Amazon and then quickly review and edit item descriptions, key features, product codes, condition, price, and quantity.

The service includes product matching, an automatic process that determines whether the product is already in the Amazon catalog. The item title, description, and code (ISBN / UPC / EAN) are used to find a match.

Meanwhile, you can continue to manage your products on eBay (add new items, end items, change inventory quantities), and Amazon will automatically list and sync them.

Choose your source

You select the hub of your operation, which will control your products and inventory. For example, if you already manage your products on eBay, any changes to those products will be reflected in all connected channels.

Choose your source

List products

Reach out to new customers no matter where they shop by easily listing your source products on popular marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy.

Avoid Overselling

ExportYourStore automatically adjusts and syncs inventory whenever and wherever a sale occurs to avoid overselling products you no longer have.

Support multiple stores

Connect multiple stores to a variety of channels. Two eBay stores, for example, could be the source of one Etsy store, or vice versa.

Advanced rules

Create rules that will allow you to manipulate your listings and adjust data across multiple channels. You have complete control over which items are synced, as well as their descriptions and appearance. Create bulk actions based on your preferences, whether it’s handling times, price changes, or images – you have complete control.

Advanced rules

Fully optimized

Different markets necessitate different fields. ExportYourStore will optimize and populate any product fields that are missing. For example, the platform clears HTML on Amazon in accordance with its policies.

ExportYourStore will convert your prices to local currencies, and much more will be done in the background.

SKUs Management

Using multi-channel software necessitates the use of distinct and valid SKUs for each listing and variation. If your SKUs are no longer valid (empty, duplicated, or not unique). No need to worry, ExportYourStore has automated solutions for all scenarios.

One Dashboard Overview

You can view all of your listings across all of your channels from a single dashboard, complete with sales and order statistics.

Features & Functions

ExportYourStore is a feature-packed eCommerce marketing tool that brings to all the necessary tools and functions to effectively automate your listings and manage leading marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and more, all under one single platform. 

All controls under one hood!

ExportYourStore does not include a toolbox crammed with features that sellers may or may not use, or even understand. Instead, it is a lean system with a single goal in mind: to make multichannel sync and selling simple.

Easily automate your lists!

Fit your products perfectly to all of your stores without any manual effort. You can always create rules to manipulate the products on each channel based on specific conditions, allowing you to easily control and sell exactly how you want.

  • Full variation support
  • Rules system
  • SKU Management
  • Smart dashboard

The created listings are completely optimized for each target marketplace and are kept in sync in terms of stock levels, pricing, and other factors. You can export your listings manually or automatically, and all marketplaces support product variations.

Everything in this process happens mostly behind the hood. A seller can manage their listings from their original platform, and the system’s automation will handle the rest.

If you change the price of an item on your eBay store, it will be reflected on Amazon. It is even capable of creating new Amazon listings on its own.

Adjustable Synchronization 

The synchronization can be customized by defining advanced rules that allow you to control which items are synced, as well as their descriptions, appearance, and all other attributes.

The rules system gives sellers the ability to control and keep a check on everything they need for specific marketplaces or listings.

Overselling is avoided with automated control & syncing of the inventory. This happens when the last unit of a product is sold on one marketplace and an order for the same product is placed on another.

The second-order must be canceled, which will annoy the customer and harm your performance metrics. This is a common issue for multichannel sellers.

Manage your SKUs effortlessly!

ExportYourStore also creates distinct and manageable SKUs for each marketplace. Sellers can export listings, manage categories, view products, and also view metrics and data for the sales for every channel via a single dashboard.

Integrate with leading eCommerce Tools

ExportYourStore enables you to integrate with the world’s largest online marketplaces in order to simplify and automate product management across multiple marketplaces.

You can easily manage the items where you are accustomed to using these integrations. To keep all of your marketplaces in sync, the platform imports data from your chosen source on a regular basis.

ExportYourStore currently allows you to integrate with the following tools:


eBay sellers offer more product categories than any other marketplace. ExportYourStore’s best-in-class eBay integration provides sellers with the greatest amount of flexibility.


Amazon Sellers Tool

Amazon is the leading online marketplace in the United States, processing millions of dollars in orders for Sellbrite sellers each week. (Amazon in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe)

ExportYourStore Review - Amazon Sellers Tool

Etsy Listing Tool

Etsy is the world’s largest marketplace for handmade and vintage goods.


Shopify is a full-service commerce platform that allows you to launch, grow, and manage a business. ExportYourStore makes it incredibly simple to expand the reach of your store across multiple channels.

WooCommerce Listing Tool

WooCommerce is a fully customizable eCommerce platform built on WordPress, the software that powers 26% of the internet. ExportYourStore connects seamlessly to WooCommerce, allowing for simple multichannel expansion.

ExportYourStore Review - WooCommerce Listing Tool

Google shopping Listing Tool

ExportYourStore’s partnership with Google allows you to sell and advertise your products on the world’s most popular search engine.

Facebook Listing Tool

Create and sync products to Facebook Shops, then make them visible in places where your customers already spend time.

ExportYourStore Review - Facebook

Instagram Listing Tool

Sell directly to your customers where they spend their time.

eBid Listing Tool

eBid is a fixed-price online auction and marketplace where you can sell any type of product.



Poshmark is the leading online marketplace for buying and selling fashion. ExportYourStore is honored to have been the first third-party software to list and sync into Poshmark.

ExportYourStore Review - Poshmark Integration


Selling on Pinterest is the process of increasing eCommerce sales through the Pinterest social network.

Walmart (Rolling out soon)

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer, with over 80 million unique visitors to Walmart.com each month.

This combination of leading marketplaces, shopping carts, and social network platforms provides sellers with a portfolio of diverse potential sales options.

The addition of Walmart will provide even more opportunities for selling, and ExportYourStore intends to expand to more future marketplaces.

eBay Features

ExportYourStore connects you to eBay, the world’s leading eCommerce platform. You can import selected items from eBay to your digital store and enjoy all of the benefits of your own eCommerce platform without ever leaving eBay.

ExportYourStore offers a simple and easy-to-use integration that allows you to manage all of the items you import from eBay with ease.

It has never been easier to sell products online. With the right solution, you can take advantage of the abundance of items on existing commerce sites and launch your own business without having even one item in stock.

ExportYourStore is an eBay sync solution that will make it easier than ever to sync, sell, and manage your items.

With ExportYourStore, you can quickly integrate your site with eBay export listings and manage your inventory with little effort on your part.

You can efficiently monitor your sales and automate various processes across your platform, but your online store requires a smart and simple solution that allows you to manage your data with a single click.

Amazon Features

When it comes to Amazon, ExportYourStore really goes above and beyond, offering a full store setup service. When a seller approaches them with a new selling account, the ExportYourStore team builds their store from the ground up.

The process includes creating and populating listings, registering your brand, establishing rules, obtaining GTIN exemptions, and syncing listings and inventory with stores on other marketplaces.

Unlike many other solutions, ExportYourStore can create new Amazon ASINs and product pages, as opposed to connecting to existing ASINs. ExportYourStore is a part of the Amazon Partner Network.


How to Get Started?

You don’t need to do anything; simply connect your marketplaces and sync them with a single click. Set up your sales channels once to easily sync and sell across web stores and marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, and others.

It’s simple to get started with ExportYourStore. Sellers can test the application for free for a period of 7 days with ten listings.

You as a seller only need to do the following after signing up:

  • Connect your account to the system
  • Select your source marketplace
  • Choose your target marketplaces
  • Set rules to tailor your export (Optional)

The listings are then exported and synced by the system. Setup will take just a few minutes, after which the remaining process is automated. Behind the scenes, exporting a thousand listings from Amazon to eBay takes about 30 minutes.

ExportYourStore Review – Pricing

ExportYourStore offers two paid packages:

  1. “All the other Platforms”
  2. Amazon “Done-for-you”

The Pricing is based on the number of orders processed per month, but only those processed by ExportYourStore are counted; orders from the source marketplace are never charged. They also provide a free trial for the “All the other Platforms” package which costs $29.00 per month.

ExportYourStore Review Pricing

After the trial period expires, depending on there are a variety of paid plans available, starting at $29.00 per month. The Amazon-only “done for you” program works a little differently, with a monthly fee of $49.00.

Furthermore, you will also get 1% off all orders of products synced or exported By ExportYourStore.

The table below shows the pricing details currently offered By ExportYourStore for the “All the other Platforms” package.

No. of Products Price
Up to 100 products $29 per month
Up to 500 products $39 per month
Up to 1,000 products $49 per month
Up to 2,000 products $69 per month
Up to 5,000 products $99 per month
Up to 10,000 products $199 per month
Up to 30,000 products $399 per month


  • Supports all integrations except Amazon
  • Unlimited Products Export & Sync
  • Automatic import and export
  • Automatic orders sync
  • Automatic pricing sync
  • Automatic quantity sync
  • Automatic SKU Fixing
  • Custom rules configurations
  • Chat & Email support
  • Add $9.99 for each additional channel (“All the other Platforms” package)
  • +1% from Amazon sales (For “Done-For-You” Amazon Plan)

Customer Support

Due to the accuracy and reliability of the AI-powered automation, the majority of eCommerce sellers usually don’t face too many issues with aspects like exporting and syncing the listings.

If any issues are discovered, ExportYourStore collaborates with the platform and the seller to identify the source of the problem and resolve it as soon as possible.

When there is a problem with one of your product listings, ExportYourStore contacts Amazon on your behalf if you go for the Amazon “done for you” service. They are well-positioned to ensure the seller’s success as an Amazon partner.

ExportYourStore Review - support

ExportYourStore Vs Others

Since its establishment in 2015, ExportYourStore has successfully exported and listed over a million products to Amazon, eBay, and other leading marketplaces in a timely and accurate manner.

Their philosophy is to provide customers with the support and assistance they require in order to list many millions of additional products and successfully grow their eCommerce businesses.

While other solutions may have order management or logistics features, ExportYourStore specializes in creating optimized multichannel listings that a seller can manage from a single point – their preferred marketplace.

This source can also be changed at any time, and multiple sources can be selected if necessary.

Sellers avoid having to recreate product information in a separate piece of software that then integrates with multiple channels by using existing listings as the data source.

Instead, simply connect ExportYourStore to your primary sales channel, and it will create listings on each new marketplace automatically.

Why Should you use ExportYourStore?

ExportYourStore provides you with a number of adaptable tools that will allow you to tailor your listings to your specific needs and preferences.

With ExportYourStore, you can change your prices or offer discounts, change your titles, search keys, and descriptions to keep your SEO and marketing efforts fresh, and select which items will be synched based on your preferences.

The tool benefits sellers because of its simplicity and focuses on doing one thing well. It quickly generates high-quality listings in target marketplaces and gets sellers into multiple channels.

This provides sellers with greater reach, a larger audience, and increased sales – all while saving valuable time due to automation and syncing of multiple marketplace listings.

It allows a seller to focus on increasing sales rather than worrying about the technical aspects of multichannel selling.

ExportYourStore’s integration tools will allow you to sync all of your items and ensure that you never have duplicate listings, which are prohibited by eBay.

Simply list all of your items directly from eBay, and we will sync all of your changes to your digital store. This simple, smart, and efficient tool is a priceless time-saver that will allow you to focus on what’s important.

ExportYourStore is ideal for sellers and brands looking to expand to multiple channels, or for sellers and brands who are already on multiple channels and require a simple, fast, and more accurate listing solution. Sellers with at least 100 products will reap the greatest benefits.

The “done for you” Amazon store solution is ideal for eBay and other platform sellers looking to expand onto the world’s largest marketplace.

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Conclusion – ExportYourStore Review 2023

I’ve been using this fantastic service for over a year. This company automatically exports my eBay items to the Amazon platform, eliminating the need for me to list items twice. They also take care of syncing the items on a daily basis, which has been a huge help to me.

ExportYourStore makes it simple for sellers to expand beyond their primary marketplace and create optimized listings for each platform. Powerful automation, flexible integrations, and a “done for you” Amazon store service provide the sophistication that sellers require without overburdening the system.

ExportYourStore may be the lean, mean multichannel selling machine you’ve been looking for if you’re a seller with 100 or more products looking for an easy way to expand sales.

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