[Facebook Live] Go Live on Facebook With Android / iOS | 4 Easy Steps

Facebook launched Facebook Live in 2015, as the name suggests it will let you live-stream video directly from your Android or iOS device. Initially, Facebook live was limited to celebrities only but now anyone can make their own live-stream.

For many people creating and streaming live content may sound like a challenge. But setting up live- steam within Facebook’s mobile app is a straightforward process. Now you can easily make your own live-stream with your mobile.

Facebook Live- Facebook Live BroadcastOnce you started live-stream on Facebook you can even see the total number of live viewers along with the name of friends who are watching your live broadcast.

Just after ending of the Facebook Live broadcast, the video will be automatically saved to your Facebook Timeline like a normal video. Here it’s up to you whether you want to delete the video or keep it on your timeline so that your friends can watch it later.

It may happen sometime, you may get trolled or simply don’t like a viewers comments during the time of Facebook Live broadcast. Here, in this case, you can go ahead and block that user from your broadcast. If you want to block any user just tap on their profile picture next to their comments and tap Block.

Live videos shared by your friends will be there right in your News Feed. If you want to receive notification when someone goes live and you follow them, just tap the Subscribe button while watching their live videos. Here in this guide, you will know how to Go Live on Facebook, so let’s start the guide here..

Steps to Go Live on Facebook | Facebook Live Broadcast

Step 1: The very first step in setting up a live-stream is just to launch the Facebook app. Right on the News Feed tab, just locate the Live Button just below the “What’s on your mind?” section in the top of your display.

Go Live on Facebook- Facebook Live BroadcastStep 2: Now, just tap on Live Button or “What’s on your mind” field at the top, here it will bring up the host of additional options including a Live Video button.

Go Live- Facebook Live BroadcastStep 3: If somehow this is your first live-streaming content on your Facebook, then, in this case, the app will ask you for your permission to use your device’s camera and microphone.

Here you will have to grant the permission, if you don’t do so you won’t be able to stream video from your device. After doing this, you will get brief introduction video just to see how this Facebook Live features actually work.

Keep Broadcasting- Facebook Live BroadcastStep 4: Once you have gone through the introduction video and all, now it’s time to get started. Here you need to describe your video at the bottom of your screen.

If you want to share your location with your friends, then geotag your location or you can tag other Facebook users in your Facebook Live Broadcast. You can add things here like your mood. As you can see Facebook provides many features in their app and all so, make use it.

Here you can adjust your Facebook Live broadcast privacy settings. In this section, you can choose who can view your video. If you want to check the live-stream recording then choose “Only Me” option. The “Only Me” option will restrict others to watch your Facebook Live broadcast.

Tap to Finish- Facebook Live BroadcastHere we go!  Right when everything is set up and you are all ready to go, just press the blue “Go Live” button, in the lower-right corner of the scene with the world. If you are limited then at least share it with your friends, family, and followers.

Once you are done, simply tap “Finish” just to end your Facebook Live Stream. Here Facebook automatically saves and publish your video on your profile page, as others can easily see the video, who have missed it.

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Here option is also there to manage your privacy settings to control over who can see that video if you don’t want it anymore remove it entirely.


EndNote: Go Live on Facebook | Facebook Live Broadcast

Now its super easy to go live on Facebook with this guide. Share your moments, Go Live on Facebook with your friends, family, and followers. I hope this post suits your purpose well. Share this post with your friends on Social Media Platforms.

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