FANBOOM 3.0 Review & Discount: Is it Worth To Buy ?

Would you like to become a Facebook marketing guru instantaneously? If you think you can never figure it out, think again!

If you do not take advantage of the millions of people on the Facebook, you are wasting your time and missing on the numerous (could be thousands): happy users, profitable opportunities and successful partnerships.

Envisage the feeling of owning a marketing system of Facebook, which is so powerful that the most online marketing professionals would ask you for YOUR secret of success.

Do you think it is possible? Well, yes it is, as our friends Stuart Frank and Tom Murray have already achieved that for you.

What is FanBoom?


FanBoom is a premium Facebook marketing solution that enables online marketers, and business owners, to design the customized Facebook pages. These pages can attract more Facebook users, drive more engagements as well as yield more sales than any other process.

From competitions to f-commerce and branding to lead capture, FanBoom is packed with powerful features. It also offers complete design control so that you can get rid of template supported fan pages. Each FanBoom page uses some elements for its development, which are mentioned below:

FanBoom themes – Templates


A template is a collection of design tools that manages theme-based aids like background, fonts, spacing and color on the page. With the basic account of FanBoom, you get eight themes, whereas, with the FanBoom Pro account, you get a library of complete 67 themes.

Every theme in the package is great and completely editable. There is a powerful style editor provided that can be used to edit the themes based on your requirements. This solution gives you high versatility as it allows you to control every aspect of the page, to design the page as per your need and expectations. It is far better than any other Facebook page creator tool in the market.






 FanBoom Layouts

Creation of new layout is quick and easy with FanBoom Layouts.

Some layouts can be created from the scratch, or existing ones can be replicated. These layouts can be used to create individual pages quickly to get a different look for your home page, blog page, product page and about page, etc.


Standard FanBoom comes with seven basic modules:

  • Content module
  • Navigation menu module
  • Header module
  • Image module
  • HTML module
  • Footer module
  • Widget module

FanBoom Widgets

Widgets are smaller units similar to modules. These are the real creating blocks as FanBoom comes with an extensive categorization of the widgets. There are a large number of widgets such as simple articles widget, picture widget, customized menu, item list, event as well as auto-generated fundraising widgets in the FanBoom software.

It means that there is no limitation to your main content module. Many widgets can be added to your widget module as well as sidebars of other modules. This can really take your Facebook Page to another level of design.

FanBoom – Connect to Facebook in just a few seconds

Customizing a Facebook page may seem like a complicated process. Also, dealing with the technical aspect of designing a page consumes a great amount of time. If you can save this valuable time, you get more time to focus on your business.

Consider yourself lucky that you have a perfect solution to rely upon.

Using FanBoom, you can easily get connected to your Facebook Page that can save you, even more, time.

FanBoom – Attract more Fans

Are you expecting much more likes for your Facebook marketing solution, than what you have? Or you are not getting any new client or leads through the doors of this social website, as per your expectations?

Well, it is not difficult to turn it around. FanBoom can help you to make more fans from people who visit your page. These fans can be converted to leads, eager to buy your products or services.

Use the power of social media through Facebook and develop your business. Position your product branding and use the leads for the maximum output.

FanBoom Page Builder

Many people have marketing ideas related to Facebook, but it ‘s hard to put everything in place. Most of the Pages on Facebook are similar, which diminishes the interest of the user. In Actual, the user should like the idea of your page, not the design. But, this is the world of advertisement! Attention to every detail is important. The first impression is always crucial. And, here comes the role of the FanBoom.

It offers you inbuilt preset themes to select from, and also the combination possibilities of its layout module are enormous. After coordinating themes and layouts, add some of the widgets in the content module or the sidebar, as needed.

FanBoom – Customization Of Themes and Layouts

You can use the FanBoom style editor to tweak the elements of your page. You can change everything from background to content, fonts, widget area, etc., etc. access to CSS can also be provided by FanBoom, which can assist you to make any changes on your page. There are no boundaries to the imagination. For example, Fonts; FanBoom provides you with 500 Google Fonts that you can use on your page.

FanBoom – Button-On

Along with some Google Fonts, FanBoom comes with a button generator also. This feature can help you to add buttons and icons to your page to enhance its look and efficiency. All these buttons are compatible with the prominent browsers.

FanBoom Interactive Accordions, Slide sets, and Slideshows

A good Facebook marketing campaign should have a few slide options also. FanBoom provides you this facility as there are 17 different transition effects of opting from. These effects also include the Ken Burns Effect, which helps in making your content as well as images more prominent to attract the users.

Showcase boxes can also be created using the FanBoom. With the aid of which, you can preview a small content along with the headings, as a short message. You can also highlight the content in the style of a list, tabs bar, and tabs.

The Slide sets are very much similar to the slideshow; it just uses the different transition effects. Accordions also offer variations on your page. They can be used to fill the extra spaces on your page. They can be used to display content by clicking on their header.

When you combine all accordions, slide sets, and slideshows, it will give an enjoyable ride to your fans and users.


FanBoom – Connecting the FanBoom Built Pages to Facebook

After you have set up your Facebook pages through FanBoom, it is time that your fans and users, know about them too. In the drop down menu, the name of the tab can be added that is to be published on the Facebook page. You can also fix your image settings. A maximum of ten tabs can be added to the single Facebook page.

Use the Fangates for Effective Facebook Marketing

The f-commerce that I mentioned earlier comes in the picture under this section. We have three gates in Facebook, and these are Share-gate, Connect-gate, and Like-gate. They all serve the same purpose of bringing more users and hence, potential clients.

FanBoom Gate 1 – The Like-Gate

This gate seals the content of your page shut from the non-fans until they press the like button. If they want it, they will push the button, and you got a potential customer.

FanBoom Gate 2 – The Share-Gate

The aim of Share-gate is to increase your presence on the Facebook. If any fan shares a post on their wall on Facebook, they will have access to your content and also spread it amongst their friends.

FanBoom Gate 3 – The Connect-Gate

The third fangate is Connect-Gate. This gate is just like the share-gate, regarding sharing the message. However, it also catches the email id of the user, who shared your post. This also fulfills the need of your autoresponder list.

The FanBoom – Magic for Attracting More Users

After you have many users that have come via Fangates, it is time for some fun. With FanBoom, your competition can be set up. Also, entrants for your mailing list can be added for the marketing intentions.

You Can Blog on Facebook Now, Using FanBoom

The developer of FanBoom has equipped this Facebook-based marketing solution with an incredible function like the ability to create a blog, integrated with your Facebook page. It gives you a huge advantage. You only need people to like your Facebook account personalized page without worrying about the SEO.


FanBoom Facebook Store

Besides everything that we have discussed, FanBoom also provides you with a store builder system. You can design your store to some degree of course, and sell products from Facebook directly. The widgets are available along with CSS styles that are already preset for creating your store. The payment gateway for this will be PayPal. You can be an affiliate in case you do not have anything to sell. This will help you start a business like any other online store.

FanBoom Fundraising

You can also raise donations on your Facebook page by using the FanBoom. Two different fundraisers can be made on the page if you want to start collecting donations for whatever reason. After any user donates an amount, it will be charged via PayPal. You can also set rewards for your donors like a particular sum or a default message.

FanBoom – Countdown Timers for Adding Excitement to Your Facebook Page

Many people wait until the last minute to act. This is a normal characteristic in almost all people.  This psychological aspect can be used for a Facebook marketing plan. Countdown timers can be added to show your product launch dates, competitions, and offers by using FanBoom. This countdown increases the curiosity of users and hence, they join your page, so you get some potential clients again!

These timers usually come in two different styles and are customizable.

Why should you buy FanBoom 3.0?

After reading the above features, do you need more reasons to buy FanBoom 3.0?

FanBoom 3.0 is an only available application on the market that is based on WordPress. This will help you to build a complete site on the Facebook now. This includes pages with sidebars, header, footer and navigations.

Unlimited FanPages can have unlimited applications that can be created by using this marketing solution.

Many applications and tabs can be built using HTML or iframes or any other monthly service. But they are all time-consuming. On the other hand, FanBoom 3.0 saves time and money and gives you great results.

Some features to look for in FanBoom 3.0 are:

Fully Mobile Optimized – Right now, Facebook has MASSIVE users on mobile and the developers of FanBoom have realized this fact and updated it so that it works perfectly on any mobile device.

New Responsive Themes – 20 brilliant mobile friendly and fully responsive themes have been added by the developers to make sure all your campaigns look good on any screen your customers open your Facebook page on.





Price for FanBoom 3.0 Pro is $77, which is a one-time payment and get saved from the monthly payment schedule. Grab the opportunity right away!

Also, there is a 30-day guarantee money back guarantee. In case, you do not feel that the product is useful to you, there are no questions asked.





Tap on the best marketing solution for Facebook and multiply your earnings with this powerful solution.

For more information on FanBoom, please contact their marketing team.



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