Feedback Genius Review 2021 (Top 5 Features & Pricing) Is It Best Amazon Review Software ?

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Ease of use


  • Make Strategic Decisions
  • Improve Your Messaging Workflow
  • Purposefully grow your digital presence
  • Communicate with Buyers Internationally
  • Keyword Research & Optimization
  • Seller Labs helps you from optimizing your messaging strategy to sending automated product review templates
  • Fast, reliable and consistent, even when firing off thousands and thousands of emails per day


  • Better pricing options needed
  • Reporting does load very slowly on larger accounts

I think Feedback Genius is a great tool and provides a lot of help to sellers on Amazon. It can be used as part of Seller Labs Pro or by itself. Once you set it up, it will be easy to manage your feedback and reviews.

Price:$ 49

Looking for Feedback Genius Review I am here to help you today.

Want to be more involved in Amazon customer feedback?

Amazon has a great platform for customers to review products, and Feedback Genius can help you be better prepared by generating reviews from those who have already bought the product.

Most of the sellers on Amazon are worried about getting feedback from their buyers. Feedback Genius is a tool which enables them to get feedbacks from their buyers in a systematic manner.

The best part about the Feedback Genius is that it is automated and doesn’t require any human intervention. SOLVE: It provides solutions for a product review, feedback on seller performance, and also gives feedback on the general understanding and relevance of the product.

Bottom Line Upfront : 

Feedback Genius is an automatic tool which helps in providing better communication services between seller and buyer for Amazon customers. The primary benefits and features of this awesome tool include providing solutions for a product review, feedback, monitoring and many more.  I have used this tool and it is pretty awesome.

With the help of this tool, we can get review and feedback with the automated emails. You can easily automate the buyer-seller messages by using this remarkable tool. This tool has quite user-friendly interface and lots of sellers are using this tool.

The tool has helped me a lot as it enhanced my buying experience. The best part about this tool is that it increases the rate of getting feedback so that you can improve your product listing accordingly.

Feedback genius reviews

In this post, I have featured Feedback Genius Review 2021 that includes all the detailed insights about its pricing, functionality, features, pros & cons and more. Let’s get started here. 

Feedback Genius Review 2021 : Top Pros & Cons

What is Feedback Genius & How it can help you.

Feedback genius is a tool which automatically sends the messages to the buyers at right time. It sends the information which is based on FedEx, UPS, USPS and much more. So if you want to enhance your feedback or buying experience then you must us Feedback Genius.

Feedback Genius Review- Amazon Seller Feedback Software

The tool is beneficial for both the customer and seller. You will get the seller notifications and that’s how you know to respond to feedback on Amazon. It is quite a helpful tool because you will get a notification when you receive any review or feedback.  

Lots of people check the seller feedback and product review manually; this is quite tricky and time taking. But I have tried this tool and it has helped me a lot as it saves my time.

Seller Labs pro Feedback genius

With the help of this tool, I was automatically notified when someone shares any product review or any feedback. According to me, this product has been very much useful when you want automatic notification of people’s opinion about you and your product.

Ultimate Features of Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius is one of the most powerful tools that helped me a lot to make my customer happy. If you are trying to make your own brand then this tool will definitely help you. Lots of people are using this tool because this tool has got lots of interesting features. Just because of these features, this tool is more popular and effective.

I have enlisted some of the unique and exclusive features of this awesome tool. I have personally used this tool and observed these below-mentioned features:

Feedback Genius Review- Automate

Automated Messages:

These automated emails are more beneficial with sharing product information and product review. You don’t have to send a separate message as all the messages are automated.

Feedback Notifications:

This tool consists of seller feedback notifications which improve our seller reputation. You will get a notification when a buyer leaves any kind of feedback of your products. It will definitely enhance your selling experience.

Proven Templates:

The best part is that each account comes with a set of templates and each template has a specific goal. One more thing about these templates is that these templates are customizable.

seller labs template


Actionable Messages Analytics:

Each message has Click through, view open, unsubscribe and feedback rates. I personally used this information to optimize and iterate my emails that proved to be very helpful.


Working Procedure

Firstly, you have to sign up with a new account on Feedback Genius and then we have to hook up with our Amazon account. Further steps are quite easy and the site will guide straightforward towards next steps.  You have to complete the various steps and set up various things.

After completing these setups, you have to create an email series. Creating email series is quite secure with the help of easy to use the wizard.

  • The first page has an email editor along with the formatting text buttons. You can also do bonus attachment from this page. There are various variables like product review link and buyer name supported by Feedback Genius. These variables will help us to personalize our emails which are completely based on product and customers who purchase the product.

  • The second page has helped you to personalize how your mail will get sent out. This is one of the most important settings that you can use here. You should be very careful while setting your delivery settings. You will be given some triggers like shipped, confirmed, delivered, out for delivery, returned, positive feedback left, etc.

  • There are some other options that need to be specified like SKU and ASIN. If you want to use this on multiple products then you can have it with the help of this feature.  One more additional feature of Feedback Genius is that it contains advanced filters which will help you to target where your emails go. You can also filter your emails like instead of sending English emails to everyone; it will send them to US customers only.

seller labs test message

  • This tool also helps you to translate your email and send them to respective native customers. We can also skip emails of those customers who have left the feedback or those who have returned the product. With the help of this tool, we can customize our emails to repeat buyers and will increase your loyal members.

INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO: How to Auto-Forward from Gmail to the Blacklist (4 minutes)

Brand Integration

If you are willing to improve your brand and reputation, then you must use this powerful tool to send emails. This will definitely enhance your selling experience. If you have some loyal repeat buyers and their feedback has lots of potential for your business growth, then we should use this tool to automate the feedback emails. This tool helped me a lot and it worked in various ways.

Here I have mentioned some important points to enhance our seller-customer relationship or we can say to enhance our brand and reputation.

  • Effective Email Templates: There are some proven templates which will help you to request a review on the product. You can also ask for seller feedback with the help of these templates. I use them to share product information with these proven templates.


  • Automate Your Emails: If you want to improve your customer’s buying experience then you must use this tool as it will automate your emails. With the help of these automatic emails, we can easily solicit seller feedback and product reviews.


  • Build a Brand: Building a brand is not an easy task as it gets lots of experience and powerful connection between buyers and our product. Feedback Genius is a powerful tool which will make your seller and product relationship stronger. Their tailored emails are pretty much useful for better feedback and product review.

Feedback Genius Customer Reviews

feedback genius communication

Feedback Genius is made for those people who like to make their product a bigger brand by improving the buyer and seller relationship. The working principle is quite simple as it uses automated emails to present feedback and product review status.

Feedback Genius Review- Seller Reviews

  • Product review notifications help you to gain insights which are quite beneficial for improving your product-market fit. We can also make improvements which are based on a product review.
  • This also blacklists buyer which means that they never email an opted-out buyer again. It collects information from thousands of buyers and saves your time as well as messages.
  • It enhances the buying experience by adding a PDF. This PDF contains photos of our product and product instructions. The entire email body contains the PDF file and makes your mail more presentable.

Why do I need Amazon feedback software?

Automated feedback requests can save you time and help you get the feedback or review for your product in front of buyers at the right time. This helps your reputation on Amazon. Tools like FeedbackFive and Feedback Genius helps protect and enhance your reputation on Amazon with automated feedback requests, good customer service practices, and most importantly, positive reviews.

Product reviews tell how people think about your product. Reviews can help people know what to buy. They also make sales better, and the more reviews there are, the higher ranked your product will be on Amazon’s search algorithm.

Feedback Genius Pricing and Plans

There are a few things that you should know before using this awesome tool. Feedback Genius tool basically uses a pricing structure which means that it is a subscription-based service. The pricing structure is based on the number of mail that you send in a month. There are various structures ranged from low volume Amazon seller to high volume Amazon seller.

With the help of Essential Plan, you can send up to 100 emails for free. This plan is quite useful for those who want to try Feedback Genius. It also offers a 30-day free trial plan.

Feedback Genius Review- Pricing Plans

Otherwise, you may choose the other paid plan that might be very useful to you. These plans are mentioned below in the article:

  1. The Startup Plan having 1000 emails for $20 per month.
  2. The Growth Plan having 3000 emails for $40 per month.
  3. The Premium Plan having 10,000 emails for $80 per month.
  4. The Enterprise Plan having 60,000 emails for $250 per month.

These are different kinds of plans that people use according to the number of emails per month. You can choose any of the above-mentioned plans according to your need.

Quick Links:

Feedback Genius Alternatives :



AMZFinder іѕ a seller software with two functions: Feedback Request System and Review Management. Feedback Request System: will рut review requests аnd invoices automatically, helping the seller tо gеt more positive reviews. Review Management: it can monitor reviews, which is a great way to help sellers contact negative customer users аnd improve thе reputation of their store.

AMZFinder offers a lot of features. There are email templates, customizable email templates, order filter settings, and a blacklist feature. These features will help you match the right email template to the customer’s needs. That will make it easier for your customers to buy from you!

AMZFinder lets you import reviews and orders from Amazon. It will tell you when a customer is happy or unhappy with how your product works. You will also get an email if a customer has a question, or if someone writes a review that is good or bad for your business.


Feedback Express Amazon tool

Feedback Express makes getting feedback reviews easier. It is a way to manage the reviews that you get and also get more. It will make it easier for you to do things because it has a system that will do some work for you.

The cool thing about this Amazon tool is that it covers 10 Amazon Marketplaces: UK, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Canada, India and Australia. It also has a team of professionals who will help you translate the message into the buyer’s native language. You can choose when to send feedback requests (for example when the product arrives late). You can also exclude which products should not be a priority when looking out for feedback.

3) Feedback Five


Feedback Five is a tool that helps you get feedback on Amazon. You might need feedback for your products and services, but you should know that 90% of consumers do not give any feedback on Amazon. Feedback Five gives sellers the power to proactively solicit feedback from their customers, review neutral or negative reviews they have received, monitor trends, and even review the reviews of their products.

You can also see reviews for your own ASINs (and competitor ASINs), get alerts for new reviews, and automatically schedule sending the Amazon Request a Review message. You will also receive detailed analytics on how each of your campaigns are performing.

Conclusion: Feedback Genius Review 2021

Feedback Genius is a very useful tool for Amazon seller. Their automated emails save lots of time and efforts. We can build a better relationship among sellers and buyers with this tool. If you want to try the features for free then you can use the Essential Plan otherwise you can use any of the above-mentioned paid plans.

The best part about this tool is that it provides 30 Days Free Trial for you. Now you can easily get started with this tool and here you don’t have to worry about anything as you are getting a free chance to use this tool.

At the end of the day, all of these best Amazon selling tools have something in common. They take care of your reviews for you and don’t let you worry about them. So they can focus on other things like growth, marketing, product research, and scaling their businesses. Feedback Genius does this especially well and it earns a strong recommendation from us.

One thing is for sure, if you use Feedback Genius it means you will never have to waste time looking through feedback again. If you start small, the price points are easy to use.

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13 User Reviews on Feedback Genius

  1. Maybe it saves more time to keep in touch with the customer via email.

    I think the Startup Plan 20$ per month will be the best choice for me as a beginner but before going to premium I want its trial version to check its ability and performance.

    thanks to sharing

  2. The Feedback Genius is great software . Not all feedback tools are created equally and our team keeps everything running smoothly so you don’t have to do it all yourself. We provide detailed analytics so you can see your review growth- I saw my review count go up by about 10 per day after using this tool for two months.

  3. A cult favorite for feedback automation, the Feedback Genius helps you grow your reviews by creating messages and automation schedules. It’s an Amazon review software powerhouse that lets you take back ownership of your reputation in just one click with it’s user-friendly analytics tools that are designed to help keep track of your messages. Whether you have a handful or three thousand reviews, customization is simple with content provided via Communication Center.

  4. Feedback Genius has been the key to my success. I struggled for months on end trying to deal with how many reviews I had and then Feedback Genius came as a godsend. Now, with its automated templates and templates I am able to give my product five out of five stars! Thank you Feedback Genius for helping me take back control over my reputation with ease.

  5. “I’ve been using Feedback Genius for a few months now and I love it. It’s easy to use, has a reasonable pricing structure, and is well-supported by their team members. If you’re in the market for feedback software then I would highly recommend giving them a try.”

  6. Feedback Genius is one of the best platforms for marketing your company and receive feedback. You can get all the help you need from our algorithms that optimize customers’ experience to grow your reviews numbers like wildfire, unlike other methods such as spending money on ads or soliciting friends. With Feedback Genius, all-natural organic growth will be yours–meaning customer satisfaction could not get better! Plus it’s easy to set up too. What are you waiting for?

  7. This is one of those products that no seller should be without; it’s everything you need in order keep up with all your reviews and feedback and build customer loyalty. Without this product, which sets up updates automatically, there’s absolutely no way that sellers can be successful on Amazon or anywhere else.

  8. I was trying to grow my reviews, and it seemed pretty impossible. But soon I started using Feedback Genius. Reviews grew from single digits to over 3,000 reviews! It has helped me so much with the way people perceive my product, but more importantly for this business owner, it has had a huge impact on sales! The best part is that they come without any of the work! All you have to do is set up some templates, pick some dates for me to send them out automatically via email or text message – then sit back and let the machine run itself. Who says being an entrepreneur has to be hard? This product makes growing your review count fun too.

  9. Feedback Genius is the most convenient and user-friendly way to manage your Amazon review process. I’ve been using Feedback Genius for over a year now, and it’s made my life as an entrepreneur much easier. It can be tough dealing with customers who are always demanding attention, but without helping build their trust first, they’ll never buy from you again which will then kill your business. That’s why I should use Feedback Genius– not only does it help communicate with old customers and new prospects about my company, but after setting notifications to go out at certain intervals (customizable to any time interval), and giving feedback templates, automated sending schedules (set up to send messages every day or week depending on how often you want them sent), detailed analytics for

  10. Feedback Genius is worth every penny! I had barely any reviews before, and now I have over 3,000.

    Feedback Genius delivers insane results after giving free customer support day in and day out for years. Before Feedback Genius my review count was minuscule…after using it for 6 months, my customer review count has exploded to 2400+.

    The heat of my competition is getting tough in the market space–after they purchased this product, my sales dwindled by 60% in just 3 weeks!

  11. The best thing about Feedback Genius is that I don’t have to use it. It works automatically! Then, when people post positive reviews for my product, the Feedback Genius sends them a thank you. If someone has a complaint about my stuff, the feedback genius do all of my responses for me and then reminds that customer how GORGEOUS they are in ALL CAPS. Automation is LIT!!!

  12. I’ve been using Feedback Genius for a few years and I can’t remember what my life was like before it. The only thing that would make this review better is if you could award 10 stars to compete with the Uber rating system!

  13. “I use the Feedback Genius every day!”
    “It has helped me grow my reviews by automating customer feedback requests.”
    “The Feedback Genius is one of the best tools I’ve ever used because it saves me a lot of time and greatly improves my review count.”

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