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As an Amazon seller, you know how important it is to get reviews from your customers. Reviews can help establish credibility, increase visibility and boost sales. But getting those reviews? That’s where FeedbackGenius comes in. 

With easy-to-use tools and powerful insights, FeedbackGenius can help you increase your Amazon review count quickly and easily. You can get a great deal on FeedbackGenius services using FeedbackGenius Coupon Codes. 

FeedbackGenius Coupon Codes

FeedbackGenius Coupon Codes 2024: How to Get the Best Discounts?

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What is FeedbackGenius? All You Need To Know Before Buying!

FeedbackGenius enables Amazon merchants to contact consumers who have purchased their products. The emails may be used as a follow-up to inquire about the customer’s happiness with the product service or buying process.

The ultimate purpose of inquiring about the customer’s experience is to determine if we are offering enough value for them to be willing to submit a review on their purchasing experience or the product itself.

This is the major method for obtaining reviews on the Amazon site since Amazon has outlawed all paid reviews. Without incentives, it is far more difficult to get client evaluations, and email feedback loops are the method of choice for most merchants.

This increases the likelihood of obtaining social proof that might persuade more customers to purchase your goods.

FeedbackGenius Coupon codes

FeedbackGenius connects to the Amazon Seller Central interface with an API. It needs that you link the program to your Amazon seller account so that it may examine incoming orders and send follow-up emails after a certain amount of time.

Setup for FeedbackGenius is straightforward and may be completed in a few simple steps. You must first register with Seller Labs and follow their instructions to provide them with API access.

Once the application is linked, you must develop a template for an email to be sent to the purchaser after a number of days. You may opt to use a template that has been utilized successfully by other businesses, or you may develop your own template from the start.

4 Best FeedbackGenius Features 2024

1. Create Positive Connections with Your Customers:

As an Amazon merchant, customer care is of the utmost importance. Positive customer service enables you to develop a brand with devoted consumers and a strong standing in the Amazon seller’s community.

These letters may also include a discount voucher for loyal consumers, which will encourage them to continue purchasing from you.

Feedback genius reviews

Creating these favorable relationships helps you to gain repeat consumers who will not only continue to buy your items but also promote them to others. These relationships cannot be assigned a monetary value.

Using a promo code for FeedbackGenius to buy the tool and utilize it to sell your Amazon items will save you time and money. As an Amazon merchant, Project FBA offers a code for everything you’ll need.

2. Detailed Analytics: 

Knowing what works and what doesn’t is one of the most important components of selling things on Amazon. FeedbackGenius provides comprehensive email analytics.

You can remain organized, connect with the appropriate buyers, and enhance your email open rates without having to learn complex programming or build a website.

Some specialized software and solutions can do and present these statistics for you, but they are not identical to or as exceptional as FeedbackGenius.

This implies that using all of the available tools might be costly, therefore you’ll need a discount code to save money when shopping. Check out our promotional codes and deals for FeedbackGenius to save money.

3. Get Access to Hundreds of Templates: 

It might be difficult to know what to include in an email requesting feedback without appearing insistent. These sorts of communications, which you may have gotten from other Amazon sellers who do not utilize FeedbackGenius, may be aggressive and riddled with mistakes.

Instead of encouraging you to provide feedback, these emails make you feel harassed.

FeedbackGenius includes hundreds of email templates for requesting feedback. These templates have been written and evaluated several times by writing professionals, so they are positive and encouraging without being insistent.

In addition to seller comments and product reviews, you may also include product details in these emails.

You can get free templates like this internet with little effort. The quality of these templates is not, however, guaranteed.

With our FeedbackGenius coupons, you’ll get access to expert-created templates that you can use to encourage consumers to provide product reviews. Use a Project FBA promo code to save!

4. Email Automation: 

FeedbackGenius enables you to automate the sending of emails depending on a suitable purchase timeframe.

For instance, if a consumer buys a product from your Amazon shop, they are unlikely to instantly provide feedback since they have not yet received or used the goods.

However, if you do not send the email promptly, you risk forgetting and losing the chance to get crucial product feedback.

Using FeedbackGenius to automate the emails to be sent on a suitable schedule gives them time to evaluate the product they bought.

Feedback Genius Review- Amazon Seller Feedback Software

For instance, if a customer purchases a product on the fifth of the month, you may configure FeedbackGenius to send a follow-up feedback reminder on the seventh.

Your automatic email reminds customers to provide feedback on the product and directs them back to the site while their thoughts are still fresh.

Again, acquiring software to utilize this tool might be costly, but we provide promotional codes for FeedbackGenius so you can take advantage of this offer. Utilize a discount coupon from our website to save a ton of cash!

FeedbackGenius Pricing

As with other similar solutions, the cost of your FeedbackGenius membership is proportional to your sales volume (or in other words, the volume of emails you need to send).

There is a free package that enables you to send up to 100 emails on a single marketplace. This is a wonderful opportunity to try out the software’s user interface and see whether it would be a good fit for your company.

It’s not worth much more than that, and even an FBA seller with a modest number of ASINs will want to upgrade to the next level ($20 per month for 1,000 emails).

FeedbackGenius Coupon codes- Pricing Plans

Thereafter, the prices are $40 for 3,000 emails, $80 for 10,000, and $250 per month for a large volume plan that includes over 60,000 emails.

If you like to utilize FeedbackGenius to help you sell on more markets, it will cost you an additional $10 per marketplace each month.

It’s worth emphasizing that you may save a lot of money overall by signing up for the Seller Labs Pro package, which includes all four Seller Labs products. However, this is clearly only a smart idea if you would benefit from all four, so compare them before signing up to choose which option is best for you.

FAQs On FeedbackGenius Coupon Codes 2024

👍 How Do I Use a Coupon Code?

Using a coupon code to save money on FeedbackGenius is easy! All you have to do is go to the website and select the plan that’s right for your business. When you’re ready to check out, enter your coupon code in the designated area at checkout. This will apply the discount or special offer associated with that code directly to your purchase!

👉 What Kind of Coupon Codes Can I Find?

At any given time, there are several different coupons available for use at FeedbackGenius. These include discounts on specific plans as well as promotional offers such as free trials or additional features included with certain plans. New coupons are frequently added so be sure to check back often for the best deals!

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Conclusion: FeedbackGenius Coupon Codes 2024

FeedbackGenius makes it quick and easy to get more reviews from your customers – while also monitoring negative comments before they hit the public eye. 

With powerful tools and helpful insights, Feedbackgenius helps make sure every customer leaves satisfied – leaving behind a positive review in the process! 

Getting started is easy – just select your plan and enter a coupon code at checkout for extra savings on your purchase! Don’t miss out – start using Feedbackgenius today!

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