Fetcher Review 2023 Is It #1 Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers ??

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Value for money
Ease of use


  • Easy to understand graphs showing sales and growth
  • Know Your Accurate Metrics
  • Today’s profit is easily visible on the dashboard
  • Ability to silo data to certain time frames to observe daily,
  • 93% of customers say Fetcher is essential for running their Amazon business
  • Inventory dashboard
  • Product promotion tracking and real costs


  • More pricing options needed
  • oes not combine data across marketplaces

Price:$ 39

Please remember that Fetcher is now shutting down and you will be redirected to Jungle Scout, which have all features of Fetcher. 

September 15, 2021: Fetcher closes for customers.

Are there alternative websites to Fetcher?

Jungle Scout’s platform has seller features to manage every aspect of your business. You can optimize listings, enhance your keyword strategy, track keyword performance over time, and more. Jungle Scout can help you grow your business with other features like Sales Analytics, Inventory Manager, and Review Automation.

Amazon Dealers are not past the ambit of the burden of offers charge. So, dealing with the business charge part of your Amazon Business is an extra weight and worry that you should be careful about. Except if you are a bookkeeper, dealing with the bookkeeping part of your Amazon business can be a test.

Here in this post, we have featured Fetcher Review 2023 that contains all the details insights about this amazing software.

The Fetcher Software is one of the products in the market today that offers Amazon vendors the arrangement in dealing with their business assessment and benefits all the more fastidiously and precisely.

Exactly how dependable Fetcher programming can be is something that each Amazon vendor has to know before they pay for a membership on its administrations. Read this Fetcher programming audit to enable you to improve knowledge about this item.

Fetcher Review 2023:  #1 Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers

What is Fetcher?

Fetcher is a platform developed to handle accounting and financial data for Amazon suppliers. In addition, it is the best way to find details about the health of your own company. Every Amazon marketer deserves a clear understanding of the finances of their company, which is why Fetcher was developed by Amazon merchants, software engineers and data fanatics to make it simpler and easier for users to use.

Fetcher Review- The best Of All Accounting Software

According to the developers of Fetcher

“Brand Analytics is a feature that provides useful insights to enable Brand Owners to make educated, strategic decisions about their product portfolio and marketing / publicity activities”


Fetcher Review- Working

The key highlights of the product are the collection of deals with information and some estimates relating to business accounting, such as benefits, discounts, fees, PPCs, other pay and costs arising from Amazon business operations. Through gathering pieces of information, you can boost your knowledge of your market so that you can settle for more skilfully researched monetary option.

Why is Fetcher Best?

It upgraded my everyday income by 140% by working Amazon Pay-per-click ads for only one of my ideal stock

The Pay per click created significantly more income, all the more so there was an obvious impact on BSR which multiplied regular item deals.

Fetcher Review- Why Fetcher?

The Amazon Paid to publicize is a clear undertaking to set up and also do with the fitting procedures – enable me to share the techniques I use to empower you to be fruitful

More on Fetcher

The month to month membership rate begins at $19 that spreads up to 2,500 requests for every month, $39 for up to 5,000 requests and $99 for boundless requests. This will give an Amazon dealer the chance to measure how much requests their business cooks every month and pay for the proper membership as indicated by their business needs. There is a FREE multi-month preliminary to test this product.

Fundamental Features of Fetcher: #1 Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers

Fetcher  is packed with some powerful features which you won’t easily find in any other similar program available in the market today. Critics and clients have acknowledged the performance and efficiency of the overall platform courtesy of reliable features and functionalities like:

  • Brand analysis on an ASIN basis
  • Charge per click with cost and sales analysis
  • Promotion of product monitoring and actual costs
  • Management of Amazon Fees
  • Refund monitoring with measurements and costs
  • Goods Price Sold monitoring and measurements
  • Proof of Income and Loss

 Fetcher Review- Metrics

Fetcher’s marketplace coverage

Fetcher has expanded a lot since it’s inception and breakthrough in the Amazon market. Today the company’s services cover the Amazon market in the following countries:

  1. The United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Spain
  4. Mexico
  5. Italy
  6. Australia
  7. Belgium
  8. America

And, therefore, Fetcher is not functional in Asia and Oceania (or Turkey).

Fetcher does not merge the countries at all, each country would have to be presented separately, and can be viewed using the country switch they have. Switching back and forth like this is difficult, particularly if you’re selling in a lot of markets. Although, there is no fee for additional market sectors.

Fetcher Review- Country Supported

Why Do You Need Fetcher?

Fetcher Review

Offering items on Amazon are more mind-boggling than it initially shows up. There are such a significant number of elements that impact your benefits, including item costs, charges, duties, discounts, and promoting. You require a far-reaching perspective of all your monetary information to truly see how well you’re doing.

A few merchants ask why they require Fetcher when they can turn upward investigation on Amazon itself. With regards to following your numbers on Amazon, you have a few choices. You can utilize the information provided by Amazon itself and make sense of everything utilizing spreadsheets. This can be to a great degree tedious and there’s dependably the peril of making mistakes in case you’re not experienced at this sort of undertaking. Power merchants may procure somebody to break down the numbers, yet the normal littler vender can’t stand to do this.

Another issue is that the assets gave by Amazon Seller Central, while valuable to a specific degree, don’t factor in certain basic measurements. For instance, in case you’re publicizing with PPC, you clearly need to know whether you’re influencing a benefit when you to factor in the cost of advertisements. Fetcher gives you a chance to do this so you recognize what you can stand to spend on advertisements. You likewise require exact information on item costs, promos, charges, and different costs to truly see how productive your battles are. Without every one of the information, you may have a doubtful perspective of your business.

Fetcher: An Indispensable Tool for Amazon Sellers

With a business, it’s basic to know your money related essentials. Web-based business organizations are surely no special case, however, this is precarious for some dealers. As noticed, this kind of business pulls in numerous individuals who aren’t familiar with computing complex monetary information.

This is a reasonable situation where what you don’t know can hurt you. For instance, in case you’re not clear about the amount you are spending on publicizing with respect to your benefits, you can have a mutilated perspective of the amount you’re truly making. Obviously, after some time you would, in the end, come to acknowledge it in the event that you were losing cash. The upside of Fetcher is that you can recognize this in a split second and modify as needs are.

Fetcher is a ground-breaking instrument that can help make your business more beneficial. When you can without much of a stretch access the majority of your monetary information, you can settle on better choices. You can scale up on gainful crusades and drop or alter ones that are losing cash.

It’s helpful whether you’re an accomplished Amazon merchant or you simply opened your first online store yesterday. Any individual who is offering on Amazon can profit by at any rate attempting Fetcher, which you can improve the situation free for an entire month.

Quick Links:

Their Beliefs:


They are neurotic about security. Your accreditations are scrambled utilizing OpenSSL AES 256-piece encryption (a similar level of encryption banks and governments utilize) and a mess more. Information honesty is the best need at Fetcher.

  • Precision

Amazon dealers rely upon us to convey their most basic measurements rapidly and effectively. Fetcher’s estimations are matched up with Amazon at regular intervals and are ensured to be precise.

  • Simple TO USE

Maintaining a business is extreme. That is the reason we have made Fetcher to a great degree simple to utilize. We don’t care for entangled programming.

The Pros

Here it is.

  1. Fetcher programming can make figuring of your business financials additional time productive, precise and advantageous.
  2. It is anything but difficult to utilize and you can get a moment access to your money related measurements to enable you to settle on quick business choices.
  3. The money related programming is exceptionally advantageous for good reasons. Regardless of whether you are an online merchant or not you are as yet subject to pay deals to impose which gets more entangled as your Amazon business extends and develops.The programming will consequently gather and concentrate information from your business exercises is a major accommodation as you don’t need to keep data in spreadsheets to decide your expense liabilities and benefits.


Utilizing the Fetcher programming is sans hazard as it offers a 30-day preliminary without the need of giving your Visa data. The cost is likewise sensible and the product gives choices as indicated by the business needs. Notwithstanding your membership you get a similar sort of bookkeeping and scientific administrations with the exception of on the quantity of the requests that it can screen and record for. One can likewise utilize various Amazon represent the product.

The Cons

Here comes the Cons.

  1. The interface of utilizing the application is basic yet in some cases may end up boggy with glitches as indicated by a few reports.
  2. The application is more centered around gainfulness that can help in your business assess yet does not account well for your misfortunes.
  3. There is input on the poor client benefit accommodated their clients particularly in getting a discount.
  4. It is likewise not clear how the product applies its algorithmic recipes to ascertain deals, benefits, and costs continuously. There is no chance to get off really deciding if the metric counts are solid and precise. The client needs to just depend on the precision rate guaranteed by Fetcher.

A quick glance of the Fetcher Dashboard!

  • The sales growth graph is very nice to have. It demonstrates the growth of the net revenue over a specified span of up to one year.

Fetcher Dashboard

  • Fetcher has a broad variety of preset date ranges and an option to choose your own time. The only downside is that the period chosen cannot be longer than one year.
  • It’s very easy to see a very valuable statistic i.e. Today ‘s Profit
  • Fetcher incorporates all non-order costs charged to Amazon, such as storage fees, disposal fees, labeling fees, etc. They ‘re mentioned under ‘Recurring Charges’

Profit & Sales

The product and sales profitability interface will show you the data related to your listings and their sales in 2 separate structures: graph and table breakdown. Of course, there’s a time scale selector in there.


You will see all your expenses at a glance, split into the costs of the purchase, re-shipping and other costs.


Returns and return rates online dashboard.

Product breakdown

Consumer detail, separated by ASIN.

P&L Statement

Profit and loss breakdown per expenses and revenue.

Revenue’s data:

  • Sales
  • Refunds
  • Reimbursements
  • Promos

Expenses’ data:

  • Cost of goods
  • Inbound shipping
  • Reshipping
  • Recurring fees (both for FBM and FBA)
  • Orders fees
  • PPC
  • Sales tax

What more does Fetcher offer? – ADDITIONAL FEATURES

  • They are highly security sensitive. The OpenSSL AES 256-bit (same level as the banks and governments that use it) encrypts your credentials and much more. The quality of data is Fetcher’s highest priority.
  • Amazon sellers rely on Fetcher for quick and correct delivery of their most important metrics. The calculations for Fetcher are accurate as they are correctly synced to with Amazon every 5 minutes.
  • It’s hard to run a business. Complicated software is not their favourite thing. That’s why it is incredibly easy to use Fetcher.

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“Before Fetcher, I was using spreadsheets and didn’t have a solid grasp on my Amazon business financials. It was tough with Seller Central and too time consuming to figure out myself. Fetcher is now the first and last stop in my daily routine. I can get all the numbers I need instantly.” – Scott Voelker, TheAmazingSeller.com


Michael S.

It used to be miserable pulling all these numbers out of seller central. Fetcher not only saves me tons of time but also helps me make better business decisions.

Addison B.

If you want to level up your Amazon business, you NEED Fetcher. It is like a compass to find your true north, and that is increasing profits. It has helped me tremendously.

Lauren T.

Wow! I was set up in less than 5 minutes and now I know how much money I’m really making. I didn’t realize Amazon was charging me a lot of these sneaky fees.

Fetcher Price List!

Start-up: $19 / month, up to 2,500 orders a month.

Business: $39 per month, up to 5,000 orders per month.

Enterprise: $99 a month, unlimited orders a month.

  • Service for 7 days a week
  • One-on-one on-boarding
  • Top quality Protection and Security
  • Connect unlimited central selling account

Fetcher Review- Pricing

You can begin off attempting Fetcher for 31 days at no charge. The way Fetcher is organized, you can start with the Startup design and update as your business develops. On the off chance that you join through this rebate offer given in our Fetcher review and you will likewise get half off the second month.

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Conclusion: Fetcher Review #1 Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers 2023

Concluding this Fetcher Review, we would like to share, some traders questioned why they wanted Fetcher  if they investigate on Amazon themselves. You have a few options on Amazon to suit your business that help with numbers. You can use the details offered by Amazon and use spreadsheets to make sense of anything.

That can be very boring and the chance of making mistakes is high if this company isn’t experienced with these ksind of data handling. Power dealers may get someone to break down the numbers, but the regular littler seller cannot afford to do so.

Another issue is that the Amazon Seller Core assets do not contribute in certain specific metrics, although they are of interest to a certain degree. If you advertise with PPC, for example, you obviously need to know whether you are contributing in terms of the cost of ads. Fetcher gives you an incentive to do so, so that you know what you can spend on advertising.

In order to really see how successful your fights are, you need precise details about item expense, discounts, charges and other costs. You may have a dubious view of your business without any information.

Fetcher will help you sell more and show you what works and what doesn’t. It restores hours of work, gets rid of dusty Excel files and lets you exit Seller Central. Fetcher customers save on an average of 14 hours a month by using the dashboard, benefit and loss statements and the product overview that are easily understandable.

The objective measurements are known because, contrary to the central seller, specific and precise market metrics are provided by the collection variables, promotions, prices and cost of goods from PPC.

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