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Increasing the market value of your business, exploring potential customer sectors and most importantly getting the word out there is vital if you are to increase your ventures. Considering the world of virtual business and digital community of clients, there is a constant need to keep on expanding your lines through systems that can help you gain access that is vital for people to understand your business or products and engage in a positive feedback. Hence once you have been able to capture the attention of possible customers and platforms that can advertise you, based on your unique resources, it is time to increase the venture and get noticed throughout. Digital marketing is thus the best medium of influencing a market with your brand and image.


Blogging today is one of the most influential ways through which you can market a product, get the word across to visitors and increase your chances of market profit. The other vital side of blogging includes the ability to construct a meaningful relationship with viewers and add a personalized creative touch to the idea or product that you are marketing. Standard blogging equals to attracting more customers, proper website worth, reflecting an image, increasing footfalls and most importantly climbing up the ladder of search engine rankings. Through all this, a marketer can get his product reviewed by a blogger and get featured on a post that holds value. This way there is successful reflection of the brand. Hence all in all, you are guaranteed a worthwhile place in the digital world with content of high qualitative nature. And GetReviewed is your answer to getting sponsored review and making connections with many influential bloggers around the bloggersphere. 

Why GetReviewed ?

GetReviewed for blogging and marketer needs

GetReviewed is a platform that brings forward marketers, bloggers and advertisers from everywhere to create a wholesome place that can engage in increasing the market value of certified brands, products through authorized bloggers and their reviews. This is a unique initiative that emulsifies the need of such professionals to involve them in work that is productive, positive and even revenue generating. Only the most premium quality blogs are carefully selected in order to maintain the high standards of services. Right from getting the most neutral and unbiased review for your product to be being featured on blogs that are most likely to get noticed by your targeted clientele and earning revenue by providing certified reviews, there is a lot that both bloggers and advertisers can gain from.

From the marketer’s point

If you are a marketer with a product at hand to be valued then you can get in touch with professionals and highly influential bloggers who will be ready to review your product. This enables you as a marketer or advertiser to get your brand linked to bloggers who are known across the industry for their standards. It is a competitive market when it comes to receiving a sponsored review link for your brand product. Considering that there is a diverse array of blogs, features, you are always going to come across something that is compatible with your product image.


  • Building your brand image can get easier if you are featured on review posts that are provided by premium bloggers.
  • Building a relationship with your potential customers and clients can get effortless.
  • Asking a blogger to provide a review is simple and cost effective.
  • The refund policy is decent enough. If your post is taken down before 14 days then you get a full payback for the particular concern.
  • Since GetReviewed hosts a lot of influential bloggers registered and to get in touch with them to increase your market value is an element that can help you a lot.

Therefore engaging on a market that is full of potential customers for a positive feedback will be easy for you to gain.

Get serious with blogging


If you are blogger then making money will be easy with this method. Several people feel that blogging as a professional does not allow any meaningful response, but GetReviewed provides a completely different line altogether. If you are a certified and influential blogger with a means to reach people throughout then you will be welcomed. Even with a big name and experience, it is often not easy to approach people such as advertisers and marketers in order to get an order for a sponsored review or post. But with this platform, such concerns can be sidelined.

  • Since there are a huge number of marketers involved in the scenario, you can comfortably find a service that you are secure in dealing with.
  • There is no payment required for a blogger. You can simply sign up for free.
  • Security of payment is high because PayPal is used in order to make transactions.
  • With the increasing number of blogs reviewed, you can earn a name for yourself and get as many sponsored blogs you want.
  • Getting to interact with marketers is easy and flexible.

Eligibility questions

For bloggers to get registered there needs to be high domain authority of the blog which needs to be minimum 25. The Alexa rank of the blog needs to be below the mark of 2000. The blog requires being active for at least 6 months during the process of sign up. Apart from these three rules, bloggers can come in for free and engage in a revenue generating feat. The reason why the rules are kept tight and stringent is to maintain the quality of services provided. Hence whether you are a marketer, advertiser or a blogger, there will hardly be a scene of disappointment because it will engage you to strive toward excellence with certified and sponsored help.

Help with GetReviewed

On an overall basis if you are interested to market your brand and product through bloggers and get an opportunity for premium and neutral reviews to increase market potential then GetReviewed is a quite possibly the appropriate platform to do so. If you have long found it tough to put your brand across the market and expose it positively then help from bloggers registered at this platform can be a huge aid. It will not only help to elevate your business agendas but also portray you in a form that will encourage people to visit your website more often and recognize your product or brand as worthwhile. Get help and get noticed.


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