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On June 2, 2015
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The Findxa is a new type of search engine designed to deliver only the most relevant and highest quality results based on a user’s search. Here is our review of Findxa

Everyone online is looking for great content. We digital marketers keep scurrying for quality and trending content as it helps us in trend watching and formulating our own content strategies. Online enthusiasts look for great content to hustle around and share good stuff. Keeping these motives in mind I started pounding Google in a bid to find tools which do just one thing: provide links to quality and trending content.

That is when I found Findxa!


It is a unique search engine through which you can find high quality content by using real-time topic suggestions. It claims to provide 100% high-quality content! That is a big claim. Therefore I was intrigued enough to test me.

In this review I will share my findings about Findxa and let you know how good it really is

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It does provide you with genuine quality search results when you type in a niche. This way you have instant search access to the best content on the web.

Let’s get down to the Pros and Cons about Findxa

Findxa Review


These guys manually add blogs, websites and magazines which have proven themselves as quality content providers. This way you get refined results and can be sure that you don’t receive plagiarised or rehashed content! I guess that is a big plus for us digital marketers.

Their idea is quite interesting. They believe that 80% of the best content on the internet comes from 20% of the websites. This is because most of the stuff is rehashed, plagiarised or spam! Hence, the Findxa crew manually shortlists that content which is completely genuine. I guess that’s cool.

On other way which Findxa helps us digital marketers and content strategists specially is its service of real time topic suggestions. This way you get to know what the best websites in the world are creating and sharing. This has helped me a lot personally. I am trend watcher myself and consult my clients on the kind of posts and content they should have on their blog. I advise them better and faster given that I get real time suggestions into what is really trending!

Advanced photo driven search is very cool!

This option helps me to scan through results faster by giving me a visual description at hand. Therefore, I am able to pinpoint my search to the most suitable result in no time! Results are easier to go through and you get a jist of the entire content in the matter of seconds. I like that.

Coupled with a minimal and clean interface, Findxa is a worthwhile tool to find great content

Findxa 2

More interesting features:

  • You can follow websites with your interests.
  • Your special interests are taken into consideration in search algorithms.
  • You can also indulge in hash tag search

There are also a couple of advantages for website owners:

Once you are successful in submitting your website to this forum you get dual advantages.

  1. Alternative source of high quality traffic

This is because people coming to Findxa are in search for quality content. Therefore, bounce rate is a bare minimum over their search results. There is no threat of spam, junk and other issues about your visibility.

  1. Free Branding

On Findxa each piece of content is given a professional icon. This way the visitors find it easy to track down your website and return to it in the easiest manner. The icon in itself establishes your brand and makes your business easily recognizable.

This way you get free advertising. I guess that is always welcome.


The only problem I found with Findxa that sometimes it can take time to load due to heavy traffic. I am sure the guys are working in this issue

All in all, I guess Findxa is a very good tool to find quality content and tap into what is genuinely trending on the net. Digital Marketers should use it to increase their branding and also formulate better content strategies.

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