Finteza Review 2023: A Lit Analytics Tool For Webmasters

Google Analytics plays an important role in analyzing and understanding your traffic. But setting up and customizing Google Analytics is a little bit tricky and it needs constant knowledge, evaluation and time to get better results. 

Don’t worry, Finteza is here to help you.

In this post, I have featured Finteza Review that includes detailed insights of its features, pricing, set-up and more.

Let’s get started here.

Finteza Review

Finteza Review 2023: Should You Go For It? (MUST READ)

Detailed Review of Finteza

Finteza is a real-time and fully-featured Web Analytics software. This tool is designed to serve agencies, startups and eCommerce websites. Finteza provides end-to-end solutions to the problems regarding Google Analytics. 

Finteza Review- Best Web Analytic Tool

Finteza is developed by MetaQuotes Ltd. that contains high-quality developers and specialists from all over the globe with a diverse professional background. The company creates cutting edge solutions by combining the best experience from different industries with unique technologies.

Finteza provides some metrics that you’ll never find on Google Analytics. 

Benefits of Using Finteza

Traffic Quality 

Another essential metric you get from Finteza is the nature of traffic. The gigantic number you see on your traffic details, would they say they are genuine? This device will show you the genuine visitors who can take activities on your site and those that may be suspicious. 

Finteza Review- Traffic Quality

The green segment represents clean traffic, the yellow for visits from intermediaries and VPNs, while the red is for spammers and hackers. 

Audience Analysis

One of your crucial needs is to know your audience. To accomplish this, you need more insights into them. 

Finteza will give you details about where your site visitors originate from. You can see the nations, urban areas, and even the language of your visitors. 

You can also observe the gadgets and working systems utilized by your visitors. This is significant as you can guarantee your site has an extraordinary user experience for most of your clients. If you want to see the devices your visitors use, even models, you can see them. 

Knowing the organizations your guests work for can assist you with customizing your messages and offer to them. At the point when you click on “Organizations” underneath “Audience” at the sidebar, you’ll see this: 

You can tap on “IP” to see the IP address of those associations. 

Page Analytics

On second thought, many of your visitors land on certain pages. While a few pages pursue your visitors away. 

Finteza Review- Page Analytics

With this information, you can enhance these pages for changes. In like manner, you can research your leave pages. For what reason are guests skipping off these pages? This would prompt the essential changes. 

Advertisement Zones 

In case you’re an advertiser, you’ll love to perceive how your advertisements perform. Finteza can show you the presentation details like impressions, clicks, and CTR of your advertisement zones. 

Finteza Review- Advertisement Zones

Here, there’s a solitary advertisement zone. You can tap on the “+ Create advertisement zone” to include all the more advertisement zones on your site. 


For occasions you need to follow on your site, you can check how regularly these events happen. As a rule, these occasions speak to transformations or some significant exercises on your site. 

In case you’re thinking about what the little red and green rates mean, they speak to the rate increment or abatement compared with the past period. 


Another crucial metric you need to watch out for is your traffic sources. Where do your users originate from? At the point when you comprehend your wellsprings of visitors, you can concentrate your marketing endeavors on channels that carry visitors to your site. 

Finteza Review- Sources

You can tap on every one of the sources to get more insights concerning them. For example, in the event that you click on search, you’ll see the traffic examination of guests from web indexes and the number of site visits. 


How well your conversions are going? are you getting traffic from social media? In case you’re promoting on these channels, it’s anything but difficult to check whether you’re getting results from your endeavors. 

If your advertising stage gives these measurements, this can fill in as an approach to affirm those figures. You’ll see the conversion figures for each traffic channel, once you go down further.


The conversion funnel shows the means from having guests to your site, transforming them into leads, and supporting those leads until they become clients.

Finteza Review- Funnel

You can check your funnels and furthermore make new ones if you need more. 


In the event that you need to channel every one of these snippets of data dependent on a specific channel or quality, there are 4 choices accessible to you on Finteza. 

You’ll see that the separated measurements depend on suspicious traffic. You can also see the measure of suspicious traffic from every city. 


For your ad campaigns, you can get more insights about them when you click on “Campaigns” at the navigation bar. 

Once you click on a specific campaign, you’ll get significantly more insights concerning that campaign. 

At the point when you go down this page, you’ll see more insights regarding this campaign like operating systems, programs, platforms, countries, and language. You’ll additionally observe the performance of banners in the campaign. 

You might be wondering about a scenario where you need to keep these snippets of data for future reference. Finteza permits you to send out this information in CSV design.

How to Set Up Finteza

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Now register on Finteza by entering the website you want to track with your email and password.

Registration Process

Step 3: You receive a link on your email, just click on the link and you are good to go.

Confirmation Email

Step 4: In order to launch analytics, you can add Finteza HTML code into all pages of your website.

Add Finteza HTML Code

You will be able to customize the codes with several tracking features. You can track

  • Hash in the browser address bar
  • Clicks on external links
  • Exact time on the site
  • Proxy the script and requests

You can customize events, retargeting, goals, and ad zones in the additional customization section. There are also other CMS plugins available like Drupal, Joomla, PrestaShop and more. You will also find the guides for installing the Finteza analytics code if you are running a website on various platforms.

Note: If you are facing trouble with setting up the codes on your website then you might be unfamiliar with the technical side of blogging. Don’t worry because you will find the official plugin for integrating Finteza web analytics with WordPress websites. 

How to Increase Conversions Using Finteza

Conversion funnels are very important if you want to increase sales. Measuring funnel to find out weak points are even more important.

Finteza has features to create funnels on all pages so you can explore user behavior from different sources. With this process, you can find the zones that need your attention and more work. Using these criteria, you can build reports for studying your target audience.

Finteza also helps you track conversions not only by channels but also by separate ads and keywords.

If your visitors are coming from Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest then you might want to reduce costs while keeping the number of requests. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Set traffic with UTM parameters
  • Always check and analyze the conversion rates of each channel
  • Cancel inefficient campaigns, ad units, and keywords

If you want to test different funnels then Finteza will help you compare values using different criteria. At the same time, it will also calculate conversion rates and give suggestions for each stage.

Pricing Plan of Finteza 

Finteza includes 2 tools that are analytical service and advertising engine. In spite of the viewed pages, performed actions, and browsing session duration, the price for analytical tools is related to the number of unique users.

Finteza Review- Finteza Pricing Plan

As an example, if 100k people visited your website and viewed 500k pages. Another month again 100k unique people visited but the number of viewed pages has increased to 800k then bills for the two months will be equal because the number of unique users hasn’t changed.

Website and Application Analytics: $25/month

  • 100k unique user a month
  • Built-in bot detector
  • Event-based sales funnels
  • 15 audience data reports

Multi-Purpose Advertising Engine: $4/month

  • First 100k impressions are free
  • Bypass and ad blockers
  • Event-based retargeting
  • Multi-Channel attribution

Finteza offers a 1-month free trial period that is followed by a minimum fee of $12.5 for 50k unique users.

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Conclusion: Finteza Review 2023 

Web Analytics is very important and if you are not paying attention then you are definitely losing money. 

But if you are using Finteza then you are getting real-time web analytics, page views, ability to track the number of visitors, and events on your website. You are able to analyze everything in order to get more conversions.

Finteza offers a wide range of tools for conversions by optimizing sales funnel. You can also create, manage and improve marketing campaigns.

They are also offering a 30-day free trial. So why are you waiting? Give Finteza a try and increase your conversion.

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