15 Best FlexJob Alternatives 2023: 🔥#1 Pick

FlexJobs is a popular job search platform for remote and flexible jobs, but it’s not the only one. Below, we explore some of the best FlexJob alternatives available to those looking for remote or flexible positions.

Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, so be sure to read through each option before making your decision on which platform to use for your job search.

What is FlexJob?

The work-from-home and remote job searchers may access FlexJobs via a subscription-based job board. Every job ad is screened by this firm to ensure that it is legitimate before it is posted on their employment board.

They don’t accept any multilevel marketing pitches, jobs that appear too good to be true, or frauds of any kind.

Flexjob alternatives

Additionally, they provide their users with access to webinars, talent assessments, and virtual job fairs. Of course, it costs money since they invest so much time in providing their service.

You must pay if you wish to go through the remote job listings on FlexJobs. The good news is that you have a few choices.

15 Best FlexJob Alternatives 2023

1. Dribble:

A community of illustrators, web designers, graphic designers, and other creatives use the platform Dribble to share and promote their past and present creations.

Employers and businesses may use Dribble to quickly identify the best fit for their needs among the top software engineers, designers, and small studios around the globe.


Dribble has created successful matches between customers and freelancers based on more than 30,000 projects from some of the largest corporations globally.

All the while costing up to four times less than what it would cost to deal with a standard agency.

2. WFH.io:

Through its job platform, which is supposed to have a strong emphasis on remote digital and computer employment, WFH.io offers remote career options.

However, open employment in marketing, design, development, quality assurance, and system administration are listed on WFH.io.


The website is uncluttered, understated, and uncomplicated. WFH.io essentially functions as a jobs board with a lot of remote work options, and like its competitors, it makes the identical promise to watch over both employers and freelancers to clean the site of any potential frauds or other issues in their feeds.

3. Remotive:

For nomad job searchers, Remotive is a bimonthly publication that highlights the top remote positions. Additionally, there is a job board with positions broken down by job category, including marketing, sales, human resources, and customer support.

The concept that permeates Remotive’s blog and community board, where its users, known as Remotivers, encourage one another as a community and share remote jobs and productivity tricks, is that “you will never work alone.”


If you’re looking for remote employment, this is undoubtedly one of the greatest job sites to check out and sign up for!

4. Authentic Jobs:

With some of the biggest names under its belt, Authentic Work is particularly well-liked for creative remote jobs. The website for remote tasks is particularly tech-oriented, and many freelancer profiles include web designers and web developers.

A popular employment platform for designers and other creative workers is now called Authentic Jobs.

authentic jobs

The board, which promises exceptional work chances, provides independent contractors with simple navigation via its remote job board.

On this remote employment board, open positions are divided into categories based on Skills, Location, Levels, Company Type, and Compensation.

5. Working Nomads:

Working Nomads is a remote job platform that offers a handpicked list of jobs from home from businesses across the globe.

The site, which offers services in a variety of industries like marketing, design, sales, development, and many more, is updated daily and is often viewed by job searchers.

Both temporary projects and full-time work are available via the remote jobs and projects listed on the website.

Working Nomads

Working Nomads’ creators ensure that only trustworthy job postings are available for job searchers to pick from on their websites.

Working Nomad is one of the finest places to locate remote employment since it draws a lot of qualified remote job searchers, who make up the talent pool for businesses and recruiters.

6. Indeed:

One of today’s biggest, most effective online job platforms for remote jobs. In order to compile jobs and remote employment possibilities, Indeed gathers information from throughout the globe’s internet.

Job posts are categorized by things like industry or kind, pay, location, employer name, and degree of experience.


Engineering, education, real estate, even the arts, entertainment, and publishing are just a few of the many sectors that Indeed serves.

The list of more than 2,000 remote jobs listed on Indeed includes these and many more. Indeed, one of the leading remote work sites also has opportunities that are tailored to a certain area.

7. Hubstaff Talent:

Hubstaff Talent has succeeded in generating buzz in the nomad community. That implies that when a freelancer is employed, the employer pays the freelancer directly, in accordance with the terms of the contract they have signed.

The Hubstaff Talent is really simple to use and has a simplistic design. Jobs that are available remotely are classified by kind, experience level, full- or part-time status, and country.


Compared to older and larger competitors, Hubstaff Talent’s job postings are currently modest but have a lot of promise. I wouldn’t be shocked if Hubstaff Talent received more attention from the industry in the future.

8. Guru:

One of the goals and ideals held by the Guru team is work-life balance. Guru takes pride in having 1.5 million Gurus—the Hindu term for “teacher” or “sage”—who specialize in a variety of subjects on its roster.

The website provides a wide range of remote employment opportunities that can be searched by kind and category, salary range, location, and whether or not the firm providing the opportunity has a verified payment method.


Jobs in tech, such as IT, web and software development, sales and marketing, engineering, legal and financial positions, and design and multimedia positions, are all included on the list.

Guru, one of the larger platforms for remote job listings, offers services like daily job matches or job ideas to help users save time by avoiding the need to go through a large number of job advertisements.

9. Angellist:

Want to start a business? So, Angellist is where startups from across the globe meet. Joining Angellist as a job seeker indicates that you are particularly interested in working with a startup firm.

Angellist is dedicated to connecting job seekers with employers. If you come across a job posting, you may either choose “Apply” or “Interested.”


The startup will then be informed of this and have the choice of selecting “Interested” as well if they so desire or not. A “Match” is created, and an initial email from Angellist is sent to both the freelancer and startup if they are interested. 

10. Outsourcely:

Beyond connecting customers and businesses with remote labor, Outsourcely’s aim is far broader.

The technology utilized by Outsourcely was created to encourage remote workers to work full-time status and to provide companies and startups with a steady, flexible workforce, resulting in long-term success.

When employers hire freelancers, Outsourcely doesn’t charge commission fees. The company recruits and pays employees directly to the freelancer.


The tasks available on Outsourcely range from writing and content creation to multimedia design and sales.

One of the best remote employment sites for startups, Outsourcely’s website offers unique features including direct video and chat chatting between freelancers and employers, as well as real-time customer assistance.

11. Massive Travel Marketplace:

A global network of businesses and freelancers in the travel sector may be found on the Travel Massive Marketplace. As implied by the name, the task to be done here involves travel.

The Travel Massive Marketplace focuses on bringing its users to forums, conferences, and local events.

Listings for travel startups, video and film production, speaking engagements, call for beta testers, and other work opportunities may all be found on the jobs page.

massive travel marketplace

Freelancers looking for remote work may use the website for free, but employers must pay to advertise job openings.

The weekly email for Travel Massive Marketplace claims over 50,000 members and has a significant following, particularly within the travel sector.

12. Virtual Vocations:

With over 10,000 telecommuting jobs accessible on their website, Virtual Vocations now has one of the biggest databases for remote job advertising.

Additionally, via a rigorous screening procedure conducted by real people, Virtual Vocations guarantees that these work-from-home job leads are of the highest quality!

Virtual vocations

On Virtual Vocations, there are a variety of employment categories to choose from, including Business Services, Travel, Education, Information Technology, Accounting, and even Non-Profit.

The most sought-after employment category on Virtual Vocations is General or Virtual Assistants, which includes, among other things, Design, Copywriting, Social Media Management, and Administrative Tasks.

13. Fiverr:

The minimum purchase price for services on the freelancing marketplace Fiverr is $5. You must first establish a “Gig,” which is a description of the services you provide for $5, after creating an account on Fiverr.

You increase your chances of finding work on Fiverr if you can get a task, provide quality work, and gain a respectable rating from your customer. 


This is because other employers and potential clients may see your membership profile’s ratings. You may advance through the Fiverr tiers with good reviews, building your reputation along the way.

One of the platforms that connect businesses and freelancers from all around the globe is called Fiverr.

14. Freelancer.com:

Australia-based A somewhat different approach to the remote employment websites discussed here, Freelancer.com offers itself as a freelancer job market that allows customers and organizations to advertise remote tasks that freelancers may bid for.

Freelancer provides a free membership that allows users to submit bids for up to 8 assignments each month.


Paid membership plans, which range in price from $0.99 to $59.95, may be upgraded to get additional benefits, including larger bid limits, personalized profiles, daily withdrawal options, and the ability to bid on more expensive job postings.

15. Upwork:

Upwork is a worldwide freelancing marketplace that links companies to independent workers to generate work and communicate remotely. It’s possible that Upwork is one of the most well-known remote job websites.

One of the most well-known websites for remote employment is Upwork, which offers work on a vast array of topics. Upwork registration is free.

Upwork - Website For Freelance Content Writer

As a freelancer, Upwork gives you access to 60 connections each month. At least two connections are requested from you for any proposal or job application you submit.

Upwork refreshes your connections at the end of each month, giving you 60 new connections to utilize with your apps. The spectrum of tasks on Upwork includes anything from content writing to web design, video editing, research, and programming.

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Conclusion: FlexJob Alternatives 2023

Choosing a suitable job search platform is essential in finding the perfect position that fits your lifestyle.

With so many options available, like FlexJobs and other alternatives above, you can find the ideal match according to your preferences and qualifications.

Before settling on one platform, in particular, take time to evaluate each choice carefully and decide which one is best for you.

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