Flowz Review 2023– Why Flowz Is The Best Project Management Tool For Startups & SMBs

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  • 24-hour turnaround time
  • One workspace to run your business
  • No per-user pricing
  • Easy interactions
  • Highly secure
  • Integrate with multiple apps
  • Video Conferencing


  • Need customer support improvement

Flowz is collaboration and communication software that helps you manage your projects and keep in touch with your team. You can store and access files via its drive, which facilitates collaboration and organization.

Price:$ 12.5

Are you a small business owner? Are you looking for project management software to help you manage your business at ease so that you can focus on PROFITS?

If you are the type who can function well only when things are properly organized and managed, then this article is for you. Why do I recommend Flowz as one of the best project management software for startups and SMB’s, let us find out in detail. 

Managing startups requires that you stay on top of the pulse of an organization that is only just getting off the ground. Roles switch, products change from MVP to final version as you implement agile/scrum methodologies, and it is vital that your organization is ready to scale at any moment.

Flowz was developed to help small businesses and startups. It is an all-in-one platform and allows unlimited users. Also, you won’t have to subscribe to multiple applications. It is built with the aim of removing restrictions on running a business from the path of SMB’s so they can focus on growth. Flowz provides 1000+ remote business services, a SaaS and 10+ software apps with the highest levels of data security.

You’ll enjoy the same service without HR headaches, freelancer hassles, or long-term contracts. Unbelievable right? Wondering how a single software can help you with all this so you can focus on the ROI? Read below to know more.

Let us start by knowing about Flowz more in detail:- 

What is Flowz?

flowz review

Apart from providing remote business services, Flowz is a collaboration and communication software that helps you manage your projects, carry out business administration and keep in touch with your team. You can store, share and access files via its drive, which facilitates collaboration and organization.

A business calendar is also provided by Flowz to provide a comprehensive view of the workload and tasks assigned to your team members and departments. It is possible to receive notifications for mentions in a discussion using Flowz’s team chat. You can even invite external people to a Talk group, such as partners, vendors, clients, etc, who are not a part of your Flowz cloud account.

Circles can be created with relevant team members in order to arrange group conversations. You can also use the call centre and e-sign apps. Additionally, audio and video conferencing can be used to connect with your team. Flowz also provides an application to facilitate the management of customer inquiries through a variety of communication channels, including emails, phone calls, and WhatsApp. Contacts can be saved and calls can be recorded.

Moreover, it generates reports that can be used to track incoming and outgoing communications and is also available as mobile applications.

Read on to learn more:

Project Management

project management tool

Planning, managing, and monitoring progress throughout your project is made easier with Flowz. Kanban boards provide an overview of the progress of tasks throughout a project.

Members can be assigned tasks and deadlines can be established. In the comments section, teams may provide instructions, send updates, and discuss tasks. Additionally, Flowz offers a calendar that can be used to schedule appointments and check the availability of your team.

Communication Tools

With Flowz, you can connect your customers and team in one place. For sending and receiving emails, you can sync your contacts and your email accounts.

By starting individual or group conversations in the team chat, you can improve internal communications. Outside participants can join using a unique link & could password protect the meeting link for further security. Your meetings and events can be enhanced with voice and video conferencing with Flowz.

Collaboration and Security

You can store, organize, and access documents using Flowz’s drive, which improves collaboration. These files can be shared with your team, signed, and you will be notified if any changes are made. Also, Flowz helps you protect your folders and shares with passwords. You can store your passwords in the vault and share them via QR code.

Why Flowz is the Best project management tool for startups & SMBs?

Manage your team’s progress with free project management software Flowz. You’ll be able to efficiently plan, manage, and track the work of your team with the help of Flowz.

Know how Flowz is the best project management tool for startups & SMBs


flowz review- features

Plan Work using Boards

Kanban-style task boards can be created privately or publicly. Tasks can be tracked and managed through lists and cards. Cards can be moved around the board by dragging them. This gives you a sense of accomplishment when you complete tasks. Makes it easy to prioritize what needs to be done first.

Accelerate your Project Progress

Set due dates for cards and assign users to them so that work gets done quickly. Linked conversations and boards are easily accessible. This makes you feel accomplished and productive after completing tasks. Helps to stay motivated to finish your workday on time

Simplify Collaborations

Comments can be used to add instructions, provide updates, or talk about project details. For a complete breakdown of activities, refer to the timeline. The comments are easy to read and understand.

You’ll be able to provide updates for your team without having to search through emails.  Comments will make it easier for you to keep track of everything that’s going on with the project.

Status quo at a Glance

See what’s happening on a project and what’s upcoming. Track progress toward goals. Get a clear overview of what’s happening and what you need to do next. Stay on top of your progress toward goals. You’ll always know where you stand with your projects.

Collaborate with Peers

Individuals, groups, and circles can view your boards. You can make them private if you wish. Track progress on a project with ease.

Manage your team’s workload more efficiently. Keep everyone in the loop at all times. Stay organized and productive, even when you’re not in the office.

Connect Projects

Make related tasks and projects easy to find by linking them together in the details section. For example, link cards and boards together.

It helps to keep your tasks and projects organized. Quickly find the project you need to work on. Your entire team will be more productive.

Unique Protection

You can protect your data with end-to-end encryption. Machine learning is used to detect suspicious logins and brute force detection. By automating security checks, vulnerability scans, malware scans, and warnings, we can improve security.

Link up with any Flowz App

Flowz Calendar, Talk, Drive, and other features are integrated into the free project management software. Let’s learn how integration with Drive helps you in project management:- 

flowz integrations

Flowz offers the simplest cloud storage for busy teams

Securely store, share, and access documents, videos, and images. No more clutter on your desktop.

An Innovative Office Suite

Create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with the built-in Office Suite. Create folders to organize files.

Collaborate on Files

Your coworkers should have access to your files and folders. Participate in real-time collaboration by adding comments to the document or starting a chat.

Highly Secure

Using a password and video authentication, you can protect your shared documents. Your files should be locked and expiry dates should be set so that users cannot edit them.

Unique Protection

Your data is protected with end-to-end encryption. Machine learning is used to detect suspicious logins and brute force detection. By automating security checks, vulnerability scans, malware scans, and warnings, improving your security.

Flowz offers sleek calendar management software

Sync with any calendar, make it public and track your busy schedule from one place.

Coordinate meeting schedules effortlessly

Share calendars with remote teams and let them slot in appointments based on your availability. No back and forth hassles. No time clashes. Structure and organize your events by categorizing them using different color codes. See your appointments by day, week, month, or a list.

Never miss an appointment again

Set up reminders and receive notifications via email or directly in the Flowz platform. Never miss a meeting ever.

Sync your Outlook and Google calendars

Integrate your Outlook and Google and track all your tasks and appointments from one place. No-fuss, no muss.

Keeping in touch with teams and vendors with free messaging software

From one place, you can chat, screenshare, and video conference. Safely.

Seamlessly collaborate with the people you work

Chat, video, or audio calls can be started instantly for individuals or groups. Documents, presentations, and anything you want to share can be shared on the screen. (Show the chat window only instead of the entire screen, using the image you created for this point)

Flexible and secure conversations

Talk with a member of your team, a group, or someone outside of your organization. Using a unique link, you can invite vendors and partners. There is no need to register.

Notifications and more

Get notified when someone mentions you in a chat. You can choose to hide or show chat conversations.

Pricing Plans

pricing plans

save big with flowz

Customer Review- Flowz

flowz customer review

Quick Links

FAQs for Flowz Review

🤟 Is there a limit to the number of boards?

There is no limit on the number of boards that can be created. View your boards as well as the boards shared with you on the same screen.

🙆 Can assigned resources move cards?

Yes. Resources have rights to edit, move or share cards as required.

🧏‍♂️ How secure is project information?

Flowz Deck is engineered from the ground up to be secure with the latest web protections and secure login technologies like Brute Force Protection and 2-factor authentication.

Takeaway- Flowz Review 2023

Thus, we have seen that Flowz has certain amazing features that will seamlessly help you organize and manage your business effectively.

Their mission at Flowz is to help small businesses realize their dreams. Small businesses can rely on them to grow and run their businesses as smoothly as possible without investing in additional resources or software.

The company is pleased to announce new call center services, as well as free access to customer support software designed to help businesses handle customer support more effectively.

All projects need to be completed quickly, reliably, and consistently for startups. By managing projects, tracking deadlines, and keeping an eye on your goals, a startup project management tool can assist you in achieving them. The Flowz solution promises all the features you need and even more. 

 Thus, sign up for Flowz right away and let your business flourish. 

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