Flywheel WordPress Hosting Review 2021 Should You BUY ?? Pros & Cons

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Managed WordPress hosting is trending on the market along with the Flywheel. There is no need to worry about anything we shall cover each and every important thing related to Managed WordPress hosting and Flywheel WordPress Hosting.

Flywheel: It’s a beautiful WordPress hosting and management for building the websites for clients.

The flywheel is actually built for designers and agencies. But here you will know about its importance and usages on your WordPress site.

Here you will know the typical features of the Flywheel hosting along with the unique features that it will offer the help which will save your time when you will be developing the WordPress websites.

The pros the Flywheel is that it puts many efforts into differentiating itself from the others. And by the ending of the post, you will have the price comparison of the Flywheel and other managed WordPress hosting.

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Flywheel WordPress Hosting Review 2021 Should You BUY ?

Features of the Flywheel Hosting:

Flywheel Hosting

Basically, Flywheel is the managed WordPress hosting and trust me it will provide you tons of features at a minimal cost. Some of the essential features:

  • The automatic Updates: Flywheel will automatically update the core WordPress software for you.
  • Free SSL certificate: It will offer you a free Let’sEncrypt SSL certificate overall its plans. And the process of installation is straightforward and simple just few clicks to install the whole setup.
  • Automatic Backups: The best of the Flywheel is that it will backup your site every night. You will not need any plugins for the backup process.
  • Secure staging sites: This one is the best and the helpful development features provided by the Flywheel. It will create a staging version of your site quickly.
  • Built-in Varnish Caching engine: It will utilize the server-side caching which will make your WordPress site. Due to this caching your site will load quickly without any use of the caching plugin.
  • WordPress Security: It will give limited login attempts along with the IP blocking and many more thing that will ensure your site security without using any third party security plugin.
  • Malware removal: If somehow something happens to your site then Flywheel will take care of it, and it will remove the entire obstacle from your website.
  • 24/7 expert support: Whenever you need help they will be there to help you out with any problem. They will help you via email, chat, and phone calls.

Unique Features of Flywheel:

As you know that Flywheel is primarily built for designers and agencies, it will give you many unique features that you will not get it from any other WordPress hosts.

Everyone has some specific requirement for anything, but you may not use it’s some of the advanced features. It will be beneficial for the designers and the agency workers with the clients.

  • Local by Flywheel:

Local by Flywheel Hosting

This local by Flywheel is the WordPress local development tool which is as similar to XAMPP. But this tool will entirely focus on the WordPress development.

You can use your own PHP, version and web server for signing for a new local WordPress site very quickly. The best part is that you need not be a Flywheel customer to take advantage of the Local by Flywheel. And this tool is entirely free to the public.

But if you are the customer then you can use the Connect to Flywheel features, and it will automatically take your site from the local environment to the flywheel server.  You can even go and reverse its functioning, and it will automatically create a local development version of the existing site on Flywheel’s server.

  • Blueprints:

This one is the best features of the Flywheel which is called Blueprints. The Blueprint is basically a pre-defined package of the themes, and the plugins after the creation of the Blueprints just go and use them as the foundation for the launching of the new WordPress sites.

Even you can create the “Blog Blueprint” that will include all the plugins that every blog need. For the launching of the new blog, you can use to create the site form that Blueprint.

  • Simple Workflows For Teams And Clients:

If you are the regular WordPress users, then the previous two features are helpful for you. Flywheel team and the features of this will be beneficial for you if you are running an agency that works with the client.

Some features including the things like:

  • Organization: You create the organization profile that will show your entire team because it will help in project management.
  • Billing transfer: You can transfer the billing for Flywheel to your client after finishing the working on the site.
  • Collaboration: You can now invite other team members to work on your projects without even sharing the password.

The Cost of Flywheel hosting:

The features that Flywheel is providing is best, and the pricing is a bit high. There are three primary plans on the list:

Flywheel Hosting Pricing


You can start with the tiny plan, but it lacks some of the advanced features. So if you want to get all the advanced features then choose the Personal plan an explore all the features.

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Over to you: Flywheel WordPress Hosting Review 2021 Should You BUY ?? Pros & Cons

Flywheel WordPress hosting is the best option available to built WordPress websites for the clients. It will provide tons of unique and exceptional features which will make your life easier.

If you are you a regular user of WordPress, then you should not go for the Flywheel hosting because it is primarily for building the websites for the clients. Do let me know if you are using the Flywheel hosting in the comment section. Share this article on all the trending social media platform.

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