How Best to Use Forums for SEO {Link Building}

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is believed to be the new success mantra for any business enterprise. Any company or individual that wishes to get noticed by the online audiences must get itself listed among the top names in the listings of popular search engines. It is said that you must be seen to be sold.

This phrase is completely justified when it comes to Search engine optimization. Whenever one places any content online, like the company website, blog articles or sets up a forum, the sole purpose of the content is fulfilled only when more and more people visit the particular link and go through the content. This is where SEO has a great role to play.

Good SEO management is essential for the success of any business enterprise. Nowadays, people are always on the search for newer avenues to promote good SEO.

The latest way of increasing the efficiency of the SEO approach adopted is by appropriate Forum postings. When you create a forum, you wish to acquire the contribution and involvement of a large section of the population. Experts of the field state that forum postings often help a website get ranked at a much higher position while SEO.

How Best to Use Your Forums for SEO

Benefits of using various forums for SEO

Forums are a good way of presenting your opinions in an honest and positive manner to the audiences. Though the forum reaches out to a smaller niche section of the online population, forums can play a huge role in building the reputation of a company or an individual. Forums are communities with a large number of members who disseminate information that are of common interest to the entire group, thereby helping each other for niche problems.

This unique feature of forum is perhaps what makes it lucrative for SEO. The forum posts and comments help promote your website among others and establish your company as a responsible, knowledgeable and helpful service provider. This can help you achieve higher traffic rates as people are likely to visit your website more and go through your offers, products and services. Forum postings help in increasing,

  1. Transparency with the public
  2. Providing better customer service
  3. Customer loyalty & stickiness

Difference in content in forums

Typically, forums are a little different from other content online. Unlike other content, forums contain very little informational details. Rather, forums involve a great amount of individual opinion. Nevertheless, in order to make your forum a hit, you have to present the little content in an interesting manner so as to attract more and more viewers to your site. Many specialists in the field say that when it comes to forums, what matter more is the quality rather than the quantity of the content present.

Forum content is different from regular SEO articles though. A forum post is usually much shorter and hence quite precise and to the point, though you may come across a few in depth comments. The other major difference is the scope of interactivity in forum postings. So you get more than one perspective of an issue.

ATTENTION: Google Ranking Factors- SEO Checklist

Good content is often considered to a boon for a forum. Audiences are on the lookout for information when they search for a certain keyword. For the success of your forum, your focus should be on great content. Also, your forum should be easy to use and navigate for audiences.  Also, the presentation of the content plays a huge role in building on the appeal factor for your forum. You should include key attractive features like,

  • Credible content
  • Lively threads
  • Posts on vital topics
  • FAQs
  • Appropriate discussions
  • Great answers
  • Friendly debates

A forum also includes features like a good introduction highlighting on your purpose and a detailed company profile.

Creating a forum posting for the purpose of SEO

Creating a forum post is very easy. You need to choose a popular thread which has an authoritarian role to play when it comes to discussion communities. Here you simply need to create a profile for yourself. This is where you need to add in your website URL or your landing page that you wish to promote. You can now start giving your inputs on general discussions on a regular basis. You can also create new links and threads that discusses on important topics.

It could be on simple yet crucial issues or you can provide solutions to existing problems that are widespread. However, you must be careful to opt for only those problems or discussions that have not been discussed about in the forum so far. Only then will it be interesting to others.

You can also engage in conversation with other community members. Every time you make a comment or send in a posting in the forum, your forum nickname and other details will be displayed online. This enables others to know more about you, your business, your products and services.

The more the relevancy of your subject matter, the more higher will your website get ranked.  An increase in traffic is supposed to gradually lead to an increase in sales revenues.

Things to remember

A forum is generally a place where you can engage in social sharing of information in the form of texts, images and links. A forum is also the place where you can tell the world that you are an expert in a particular niche. Though the approach seems simple, one must not things lightly as it is likely to affect your reputation and business in the long run. Some important things to remember about forum postings include the following,

  1. Your information must be relevant and interesting. Only then will it help pull in greater traffic to your website.
  2. Ban the use of inappropriate language and grammatical errors to build trust and add authenticity to your company profile.
  3. Forum posts should be able to convince others that you are a dependable and reliable source of information and solution provider. This goes a long way in building your brand image online.

Many people engage in using their forums for good Search Engine Optimization themselves. However, you can also take the help of professionals of the field for efficient forum posting services.

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  1. amarthakur

    i was looking for participating if online forum for getting traffic for my website. Your blog really me.
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  2. Ryan

    All very good recommendations. I’ve been using forum posting as a way to build links for years. The real value though isn’t just in building links, but also driving relevant traffic. By posting on relevant forums in a professional, authoritative manner, I’ve been able to drive traffic and even generate leads from forum links in the past.

    It takes time though and most people that use forums only use them as a quick and easy way to spam some links to their site, when just putting in a little extra effort can provide far greater value.

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    Hello, is punbb a nice cms for forum SEO or not ?

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    Forums in my opinion are the underdogs in SEO. There true potential lies in generating relevant traffic and more importantly the leads. Sadly, this is something a lot of the marketing lads underestimate. Using it only to get a link back to your site is like using a canon to kill a fly, not to mention the collateral damage it brings. In my opinion, forums should be used genuinely to participate in constructive discussions and drive relevant traffic which would always have a higher chance of converting to leads, the links would come in naturally.

  6. Emanuel2222

    Forums help a lot when it comes to SEO rankings,They often have high Domain and Page Authority and if done correctly they can help bring Leads.(Keep in mind the forum needs for have relevance to your website’s products or services otherwise the chances of being banned are a lot higher.

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