Review 2023 With Payment Gateway Services ( Pros & Cons)

Today, I decided to Review about, formally known as FoxyCart after hearing it several times during a conversation.

It is a new participant in the e-commerce payment area. It currently has no market share like big names Such as Shopify and Big Commerce, but It creating a niche with laser-guided precision. offers a unique approach to creating an e-commerce website. It’s not often that when I look at the shopping cart software, I’m impressed by a new approach, but that’s exactly what happened in this case.

Before rolling up my sleeves and working with the Cart, I called the FoxyCart management to introduce myself and tell them that I would add them to our blog.

In two minutes it became clear that this is a basket by developers, and for developers. And it’s refreshing. I knew it would be different at the end of my conversation, but I still did not know what to expect … So let’s get started with our Review.. Review Review 2023: Is It Worth Your Money ?? With Payment Gateway Services ( Pros & Cons) (Must Read Review)

Detailed Review is an intelligent system that sells products online. With this e-commerce platform, you can sell your products to any customer through a device or website. Review - Shopping Cart Platform

It has powerful features, including the Multi-Store Management feature, which allows you to run multiple online stores from a single control panel without paying extra. is a powerful application that does not lose its simplicity. This allows users to take full advantage of integration and dynamic features without being lost.

Overview of Benefits

Why These are some of the good reasons why you should opt for this e-commerce solution and no other solution in the market.

You have a simple platform with comprehensive features, tools, and features that help you quickly and easily set up your personalized e-commerce center. Review- Add To Cart

Save a lot of money with your cheap and personalized prices. Get products, downloads, subscriptions, coupons, bandwidth, shop manager, unlimited shipping and support options without spending a lot of money. offers a variety of tools and integration options that complement your preferred workflow and configuration.

Ultra customizable and flexible. Adjust it and make it work for you.

Sell everything from physical assets, digital downloads, donations, subscriptions and more.

The fastest and most effortless buying for customers means more sales and more profit.

TopNotch, security is compatible with PCI.

Overview of Features Review - Features

  • Physical Products
  • Downloadable Products
  • Product Categories
  • Custom Products and Options
  • Donations
  • Subscriptions
  • Cart
  • Automatic Template Catching
  • One-Page Checkout+
  • Custom Checkout Fields
  • Receipts
  • Transaction Emails
  • Guest and Account Checkout
  • Payment Gateways
  • Custom Subdomains
  • Alternate Payment Methods
  • Purchase Orders
  • Discounts
  • Unified Order Entry
  • Coupons
  • Shipping and Handling
  • Multi-Ship
  • Taxes
  • Internationalization
  • Integrate and Sync
  • Hosting and Security

How Does It Work?

FoxyCart does not have a product database. Instead, static HTML snippets are used on your site.

These very simple fragments or hypertext links contain basic product information sent to FoxyCart. It is a hyper-optimized modern shopping cart that lacks static HTML code.

HTML snippets can be placed anywhere on your site. Wherever you insert the code, the “Add to Cart” button appears on the page. Review- Sidebar

This means that can also be integrated into static websites directly into any website. There is really no installation. Just leave the code where the buttons should appear.

When a customer clicks on one of these “Add to Cart” buttons, the user is not removed from the site. Review- Adding Items To Cart

Instead, the user is presented with a modal window (a field with the content on the screen) with the contents of his basket. The user can still buy by closing this window and browsing the site. When you are ready to proceed, you can click on the payment button.

When the user presses the payment process, he begins the payment process of Foxy.iot. Here starts working as a remote-controlled shopping cart.

This will keep you in control of the user of your website for as long as possible. Since the last step (the credit card withdrawal step) is managed by, you do not need to touch the cardholder’s confidential information.

The part managed by is transparent from the perspective of appearance. We will examine it in more detail below.

The net result is that controls a locally-hosted car (and ultimately looks like a custom-built car) while sharing some of the benefits of a remote-controlled shopping cart.

Here are some of the external services that Foxy can integrate with: Review -Integration

  • Wix
  • Drupal
  • AWeber
  • WordPress
  • QuickBooks
  • Mad Mimi
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Amazon Web Services Pricing Plans:


STANDARD $20/month

ADVANCED $300/month

ENTERPRISE Contact vendor

Pay monthly or use an annual subscription with and save 15 to 25%. offers simple and unlimited packages. Review -Pricing Plans

In addition, you can use  for a free trial and for as long as you like.

  • Standard – $20/month or $15/month (yearly)
  • Advanced – $300/month or $250/month yearly
  • Enterprise – Contact for more details has two standard programs: Standard and Advanced. The standard program has a monthly cost of $ 15 and a transaction fee of 0.5% (maximum 15 cents).

Advanced is much more expensive at 250 USD / month and 0.5% (with a maximum of 5 cents per transaction). The advanced ones would only be suitable for traders whose trading volume is very important.

I’m always critical when shopping carts charge per transaction. In fact, the cost of software technology causes a monthly fee, but some software authors are involved in the transaction.

There is nothing wrong with that, but with increasing transaction volume, costs may increase. More importantly, other software providers charge no transaction fees and therefore incur only additional costs.

On the other side of this argument, has two valid points. First, depending on the program, transaction fees are a maximum of 5 or 15 cents per transaction. Second, is actually much cheaper compared to other standard cars with a fee-based payment model.

It offers features that most other vehicles do not offer (in terms of the unique implementation method), so transaction fees are likely to be easier to justify than comparing one hosting basket to a remote standard cost per transaction versus one. Certainly not a bad value, but a point of consideration.

Customer support supports you via e-mail and telephone. During my review, I had two cases where I needed help and followed the standard support channels.

The response time of the email was very fast (sent at night, answer dawned in the morning) and I could communicate with people immediately when I called. ) is not a big company and does not give the impression of an “anonymous e-mail support system”.

There were no pre-recorded answers, but the people I talked with seemed to be listening and had a personal interest in solving the problem.

This is a somewhat immaterial aspect of a business, but I do not underestimate it personally.

In fact, support for technology (especially technology that can improve your sales) should never be underestimated. In that sense, my support experience was reassuring.

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Conclusion: Review 2023 | Should You Go For It?? FoxyCart Payment Gateway Services ( Pros & Cons)

I noticed that is filling an empty area. It fills the gap between using a prepacked shopping cart solution like Big Commerce and creating your own shopping cart from scratch.

In the hands of a web developer, the question is not what can do, but what it can not do. For the simplest applications, the configuration is easier than for the simplest hosted shopping cart solution, because no software is installed, only the simple HTML code that sticks to your website.

At the other end of the line, it’s harder to configure than the most complicated hosted basket solution, and even most locally hosted cars, because it’s implemented and connected to its own existing technology infrastructure.

With other package solutions, you can not get this type of control. However, to do this you need to be able to comfortably pick up the sleeves and access the API. is not for everyone and certainly not the solution to all problems.

If Big Commerce or Shopify looks like a hammer and an e-commerce screwdriver (useful in almost all typical situations), is like a titanium drill … perfect for working in the right situation.

If you’re a developer fluent in HTML and especially if you want to stay in control, can be the e-commerce platform you’re looking for.

Now, You Get the full information about this amazing Product. Have you ever use this product before? Let us know in the comment section below.

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