FPTraffic Review 2023 | The Best Facebook Growth Hack Tool?

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Facebook is a social media site that not just helps us connect with friends and family, but it also helps in promoting your business or blog. 

These days, mostly every single person has started promoting their brand through Facebook. Marketing through this platform is quite simple. Facebook Pages are free of cost and it is quite easy to set it up. 

Once it is set up you can get started right away. You can create communities around a specific brand or an entity and create numerous ways to monetize the brand. 

However, this means that the pages have to be updated regularly with posts, in case the fan following has to be increased. Though handling just one Page on Facebook might seem simple, handling multiple pages could be quite stressful. 

This is where a tool like FPTraffic can be quite helpful. Read through the article to learn how FPTraffic can help you manage your Facebook page well.

FPTraffic Review 2023 | Is It Worth Trying?

 In-Depth FPTraffic Review

FPTraffic is one such tool that enables you to manage the Facebook pages posts and also monetize them. You can look out for videos, images, or even create your own content which matches the requirement of your Page and you can create posts. 

The description can be edited, URLs and affiliate links can be added to your post and the posts can be scheduled. This tool is great for multiple pages on Facebook as it offers you flexibility in scheduling multiple posts on the pages at any time. 


Your posts can even be scheduled for either days or weeks, well in advance. This can save you the hassle of handling the page and posts every single day.

FPTraffic also enables you to monetize the Facebook Pages through sites such as eBay, Amazon, and many more. You can use your page to post their products and you can begin as an affiliate and earn commissions.

Steps for Social Media Audience Growth

Once you join FPTraffic, social media audiences can grow in 3 simple steps.

FPTraffic - 3 Step

Step 1: A schedule has to be created where you can post to the audience each day

Step 2: You can upload the content to be posted or make use of FPTraffic Content Finder to identify posts that will be loved by the audience.

Step 3: Start engaging with the new audience and through organic posting, watch your audience grow.

Find and Schedule Content with a Click

When building up on the social media audience it is essential to find and post content consistently. This is a crucial part of any social media strategy to be successful.

Social Media Content Finder

FPTraffic has a proprietary Content Finder which can be used to locate content from billions of links, photos, and videos, so as to post it onto your different social media accounts.

FPTraffic - Schedule Content

Scheduled Posts

When you find the relevant posts and when you schedule a few posts, FPTraffic’s Scheduled Posts makes it easy to find and edit the posts. 

FPTraffic - Schedule Post

You can set a schedule and your content will be posted automatically by FPTraffic to your Facebook as well as Twitter accounts at the time you have pre-scheduled. Months of content can be scheduled and the rest will be taken care of by FPTraffic.

Manage All  Social Media Profiles Easily

The goal of FPTraffic lies in making management of all the social media profiles as easy as possible. At present, FPTraffic supports:

  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Pages
  • Twitter

New social media platforms will be added as and when they are available to FPTraffic. FPTraffic plans to add Pinterest very soon!

Management of Unlimited Profiles

The majority of the tools of social media management often charge incrementally depending on the number of social media accounts and pages managed by you.

FPTraffic - Stats


However, on FPTraffic, an unlimited number of Profiles can be managed for just $10 and no extra charges. Along with this, unlimited content can be scheduled on every single profile.

Social Media Content Tool

The core of FPTraffic is Content. We assist you in managing all your content for social media, identify new content, edit content, schedule content, and evaluate content. Let’s have a look into the Content Library wherein the content is managed.

Content Library

Every single content that gets added to the FPTraffic gets stored in the Content Library, and there isn’t any limit on the amount of content that can be added. Once you add any content to this library, you can check:

  • The number of times the content has got posted.
  • When was the content first posted?
  • When was the content posted most recently?
  • Whether the content is scheduled for posting again or not

In addition to this, any post history can be found easily inclusive of the profile, platform, description as well as date every single time a specific content got published through FPTraffic!

Content Finder

FPTraffic’s Content Finder is quite unique which makes finding and scheduling your content across numerous content sources an easy task. Currently, the content source list includes:

FPTraffic - Content

  • Reddit
  • Bing
  • Amazon
  • YouTube
  • Tumblr
  • Giphy
  • eBay
  • Flickr

We help you search through billions of content through all these sources in just a few seconds and help you find the content which is relevant for your audience on your social media platforms.

Edit Your Content

Editing content is quite easy through FPTraffic. Descriptions can be added easily to posts and Image Editor can be used to edit images quickly within the posts including:

  • Resizing
  • Filtering
  • Cropping
  • Drawing
  • Transforming (i.e. flipping or rotating)
  • Shapes
  • Adding text
  • Frames
  • Stickers

Most Efficient Social Media Scheduler

There are numerous options available when it comes to social media schedulers. However, FPTraffic has proven to be the most efficient in terms of scheduling the posts. Using FPTraffic, content for a month can be scheduled way in advance in just a few minutes.

FPTraffic Scheduler- How is it Different?

The primary focus of FPTraffic with regard to the scheduling tool is efficiency. We ensure the process is quick and easy. There are 2 tools which can be used to mass upload the content:

  • URL Scheduler, and 
  • Photo Uploader

(i) URL Scheduler

FPTraffic’s URL Scheduler enables mass scheduling of links as well as image URLs.

FPTraffic - Schedule URLs

  • Link URL – a website’s URL
  • Image URL – An image’s direct URL

About 500 links, as well as image URLs, can be uploaded at one go by using the URL scheduler of FPTraffic. 

The platform also detects automatically whether the URL being scheduled is an image or a  website link, a post which it gets scheduled to your Profile. 

When this tool gets merged with the Google Chrome extension, then this URL scheduler turns into a very efficient tool for mass scheduling.

(ii) Photo Uploader

If you have folders of images that need to be scheduled to your social media accounts or pages like Facebook Page, or Twitter, mass uploading of these images can be done to FPTraffic. Once this is done, they can be scheduled to the right profile using FPTraffic’s Photo Uploader in just seconds.

FPTraffic - Photo up loader

The images can be shifted to FPTraffic using the Drag-and-drop feature, and the rest is taken care of by FPTraffic. We permit uploading of 100 images in a single batch, however, many batches can be uploaded as the content amount to be scheduled does not have a limit. 

FPTraffic -Who Is It Best-Suited For?

FPTraffic is the ideal tool for anyone using Facebook pages for business. It is good for those who wish to increase the real traffic to their business websites. 

This tool enables them to reach a huge audience to promote the brand and also helps generate more ‘likes’. It is great for affiliates as well who wish to earn commissions via their Facebook pages, as they can monetize by way of adding affiliate links in their Facebook pages and monetize. 

People can improve their engagement with the audience and ensure the conversations keep flowing.

FPTraffic – Pricing and Membership

FPTraffic is priced at about 10$ a month. Through this, unlimited Facebook pages can be added and unlimited posts can be scheduled to your account. 

FPTraffic - Pricing Plan

There aren’t any extra registration fees and there are no subscription plans. In order to be a member, all you need is a Facebook account with a minimum of one Facebook page.

FPTraffic – Is it a Good Choice?

FPTraffic is worth trying. They offer a lot of features and it is quite affordable. There are a lot of guides and instructions which makes it quite easy even for newcomers to get a hang of the tool in just a few minutes. You can access a community of like-minded people and you can share your ideas as well on monetizing different Facebook pages.

Pros and Cons of FPTraffic


  • The tool is affordable and decently priced
  • It has a lot of Features
  • The tool has a very easy interface
  • It saves you a lot of time if you have multiple Facebook pages
  • Posts can always be recycled
  • You can schedule your posts weeks or days in advance
  • It supports affiliate marketing
  • It helps you to monetize from your posts


  • No search option is available from Google
  • You cannot change the Timezone


FPTraffic - Testimonials


👉🏻What are the social media platforms supported by FPTraffic?

At present, content can be scheduled and posted to Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, and Twitter accounts with the help of FPTraffic.

👉🏻How many posts could I schedule and is there a limit on social media profiles where content can be posted?

In contrast to the competitors, there is no limit on the number of social media profiles that can be connected to your account with FPTraffic. There is no limit on the number of posts that can be scheduled.

👉🏻Does FPtraffic offer any free trial?

Yes! All new members of FPTraffic get themselves a free trial for 2 weeks. This trial membership provides access to each and every feature on FPTraffic. You will not need any credit card or provide any payment information to avail of this offer. You just have to join FPTraffic i.e. connect your Facebook account, click on the button, and start your trial immediately.

👉🏻Can the subscription be canceled if I am unhappy with FPTraffic? Is there a refund offered?

Yes! The subscription can be canceled in case you aren’t happy with the FPTraffic membership. This can be done anytime. If you want a refund within the initial 30 days of use of FPTraffic, you just have to inform us and the money will be refunded back to you.

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Conclusion: FPTraffic Review 2023 | Is It Worth It? 

FPTraffic is definitely a very effective online tool available for Facebook marketing. You can create posts, manage, and schedule them in advance for multiple pages. 

This saves a lot of time and makes the process quick and hassle-free. It also supports affiliate marketing and helps you earn through this feature as well. FPTraffic has a lot of features and offers plenty of monetizing opportunities. This tool is a great option for all those who intend to improve their reach and presence on Facebook and even for those who aim at expanding their business.

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